STB Chapter 104: Water Delivery

STB Chapter 103: Night Talk
STB Chapter 105: Driver

Night patrol spotlights passed through the window and flickered in the room.

The hanging curtains were lifted a bit by a mushroom that grew arrogantly. There are glaring lights that appeared from time to time.

The devouring mushrooms are tightly distributed to every corner except the bed. Small mushrooms filled the gaps between the big ones with their caps squeezed together.

——in the eyes of someone, the whole room was covered with mushrooms and there are no lights.

In the pitch-black environment, a hot scene flashed by. Being surrounded by devouring mushrooms is a danger that oppressed the nerves. Sweat slides down the neck as violent breathing sounds filled the small space.

Li Fei couldn’t help but caress Jian Hua’s face, smoothing the frowning eyebrows.

Jian Hua’s expression seemed to change with his fingertips. He covered Jian Hua’s eyes and watched as Jian Hua looked weak. His open lips looked unusually soft. Li Fei couldn’t help but slide down his fingers, touching the opening and closing lips.

The hot breath sprayed on Li Fei’s hand.

The man under him was forced to make a strong inhaling sound, hoarse and sweet.

Li Fei, as if bewitched, bowed down and kissed Jian Hua. They exchanged breath. Because their strength is used in other places, this kiss is very light, and also very shallow.

Because somewhere is too deep, Li Fei hugged his lover’s waist as he can feel him struggling and avoiding it.

At the same time, Jian Hua can’t breathe. Instinct made him push the culprit that made him breathless. This seems to stimulate Li Fei. In the next second, he felt his soft tongue entangled by force, tyrannically pushed him back, and wantonly licked between his lips, not allowing him to avoid, nor leave him any breathing room.

This aggressive stance and possessive action……is also the treatment of his body.

The place pressured is not the same every time he hit. This is why Jian Hua can still maintain a bit of reason, but he is not sure if Li Fei is deliberately doing this.

He would initially not allow this, but Jian Hua is thankful. He does not want to feel that he is out of control.

Now that the sting has receded, it became a dull pain.

The force rubbed through the very edge, and the feeling of it sliding over didn’t even become uncomfortable as it scratched Jian Hua’s heart like cat’s claws. Because he wants to misbehave, he made his legs relax, not wanting to move at all.

The blending power “fields” became different.

The flame beast stepped on the enemy’s torso, tentatively biting, not light nor heavy. The dark behemoth snorted and shook its shoulder. The flame beast can’t stand still and slid down.

This doesn’t count as a setback, so the flame beast stood up.

It’s determined to conquer this enemy, the strongest opponent he has ever seen. It wanted to rip flesh and blood of the dark beast, to feel the joy of hot liquid flowing down its throat, and let the dark behemoth beg for mercy under its claws.

When the flame beast hanged its head and stuck to the enemy’s fur, it felt the blood flowing beneath it, and it was confused by the smell again.

——strong, it is the strongest temptation, the most potent aphrodisiac that stimulates its desire for conquest.

The dark beast was trampled from east to west, annoyed from constantly smelling that scent. It didn’t worry that this insufficient reserve grain really bites. If that guy dares to do this, its reserve grain career will end!

Directly swallow! (T/N: Let’s take a moment to laugh. Alright, let’s continue.)

It’s uncomfortable now, but the dark behemoth is lazy. Not even as a last resort, it doesn’t even want to open its mouth.

——delicious food should be kept and enjoyed. How can you eat it casually, that’s so wasteful!

The dark behemoth is tolerant. Being stepped on is quite a strange feeling.

And then it felt that the subject had an abnormal behavior, the dark beast’s heart is moved. It moved slightly, putting the rest of its body under the flame beast’s claws, reminding the impudent guy which place it should massage.

After the idle adjustment of position, although strenuous, it was very comfortable. No wonder host is so obsessed.

The dark behemoth yawned, becoming even more relaxed as it stretched its body, half asleep.

Jian Hua wrapped around Li Fei’s arm. He barely opened his eyes as spotlights shone from outside the window——in the dark space, he can only feel Li Fei. When the mushrooms quietly became transparent, Li Fei did not pay attention. Because under the magic eyes, the mushroom that hid is still in full view.

Li Fei thought that only he could see Jian Hua’s expression in the dark.

Jian Hua controlled his ability when Li Fei was distracted. He looked at Li Fei through the outside lights.

The forehead and body are covered in sweat, the muscles tightened, and below the flat abdomen is a mermaid line in straight, smooth lines. The things in the shadows are not clear and only showed a trace of the action, Even so, Jian Hua can still outline the object by feeling.

His crimson cheeks, protruding palm veins, half-closed eyes, and every drop of sweat flowing through his chest reflects a ray of light.

Li Fei sensed that he had failed to induce Jian Hua to come and cooperate. He longs for Jian Hua to understand what happiness is, and be more proactive. Love is originally a thing that requires a high degree of cooperation between two sides, no tacit understanding is different from a conscious physical dialogue.

This desire from his bones let Li Fei deliberately avoid the key areas.

Initially, Jian Hua found a rhythm, and the atmosphere is just right. Why did it suddenly stop? The force that barely propped up also disappeared. Is it because he’s hanging on his arm?

Li Fei opened his eyes. He saw Jian Hua looking at him in disappointment with his pupil unfocused.

——is the duration too long, or are you out of power?

Li Fei’s brain is a bit confused by the high heat. At this time, no can retain much thinking ability. Li Fei leaned down in the darkness, and gently changed position, lying on the bed with Jian Hua on the side.

The single bed is small. If they lie down side by side, they won’t be able to sleep.

But there is no risk of falling off the bed because the mushroom next to it covered more than the bedside. Occasionally, the mushroom will brush Li Fei’s back, like soft cushions, though not mashable.

Every time it hits the most comfortable place, the dark behemoth squints in satisfaction. It felt that the flame beast is a qualified reserve grain. Aside from its purpose as food, it’s not bad to play a different role.

The poor flame beast felt the body under its claws twitch, and the range is evident. The reaction to some areas is more prominent than others, and a hard push will make the dark beast issue a vague grunt like it was in pain. It thought that it’d found the enemy’s weakness! Without saying anything, it would crazily step on that spot, learning about the dark beast’s body, figuring out which are the “vital” parts, and physically holding down the “enemy” that is “trying to rebel”.

Finally, the flame beast whole body is lying on the dark behemoth, so tired it panted. The flames “field” that has always been in full swing is now calm.

The dark beast smacked its mouth, hesitated for a second, and in the end, did not take the opportunity to take the power of the flame beast. Because the other party is too thin to eat, and because this “battle” made it very lazy to fight it.

Turning over to get rid of the reserve grain, the dark behemoth is ready to sleep.

Noticing the phenomenon of the “fields” rejecting each other, although Li Fei has not yet calmed down, he immediately used his right elbow to prop up his body and got out of bed.

The room is full of mushrooms, making it inconvenient to move. The hyphae also reluctantly attached to Li Fei, as if trying to get a taste of him.

“Are you okay?” Li Fei tentatively touched Jian Hua’s forehead.

This small range of short time contact, the “field” would not react that much. The dark behemoth only closed its eyes.

Li Fei found that the heat in Jian Hua gradually receded and his breathing became steady, making him relieved.

“There’s a thermos in the corner, you move the mushrooms so I can get it.”

Jian Hua is groggy, and can’t make a sound, but he’s aware enough to understand.

This situation has also appeared in the past. When he was tired, his throat would be dry when lying down, and he just wants to drink water. He struggled with the idea. He felt that he should get up, hold the cup and drink. He thought he’d wake up but found himself still in bed and not moving.

Fortunately after having an ability, the idea is workable.

The mushroom squeezed to the side, making a clear road, and the thermos on the table flew over.

Li Fei relies on his eyesight, his hand quickly grabbed the thermos while using his power to disperse the force of Jian Hua’s ability.

“The water inside is cold, I’m going to pour it back.”

Jian Hua closed his eyes, listening to the movement in the room.

It’s still winter. Although the room has a radiator, and this building of the Red Dragon base also has heating, but the building is too old, so the room temperature is not that high. After a lot of sweating, the body will soon cool down.

There is a washbasin stand in the corner with an old red basin.

Li Fei has a headache. Every time he filmed a military type movie, he felt that the furnishings are always too patriotic and the daily necessities too old. The country argued that it’s for memory’s sake, to be prepared, and maintain the tradition, so no one doubts.

Book transmigrators told the truth. The author of this book is a foreigner, so the awareness of China is from movies. That’s why the place where Li Fei lives today is like this, and why the capital is filled with bicycles. This kind of thing is good or bad. The good thing is big cities won’t have traffic. The downside is all kinds of inconvenience.

There’s an electric kettle in Li Fei’s villa, also an electric water cup, and microwave oven.

There isn’t even a “heater” in here. The thermos is also old-fashioned, so it’s not very warm. If Red Dragon members want hot water, they will go to the water room.

The two bottles in the room were delivered this afternoon. Now is the middle of the night. Li Fei suspects that there is no hot water in the boiling room.

He poured some warm water, went to bed and lifted Jian Hua up. He let his lover lean on himself, waited for Jian Hua to finish drinking while worrying how to clean him.

Just then, the door was knocked very lightly.

Hearing no movement inside, the knocker stopped, seemingly hesitating.

Jian Hua opened his eyes and doubtfully looked at Li Fei. The latter does not understand what happened.

“……that, do you want hot water? Major Zhang told me to!” The voice outside the door sounded awkward, quickly selling out Zhang YaoJin.


In fact, they’re not living in the secret base of Red Dragon, but in a guest room!

No, Haicheng hotel service is not so thoughtful. They didn’t even call the front desk, they would proactive provide it.

Jian Hua’s face paled. He thought that in hindsight, the housing facilities of the army are simple, so the walls are basically not soundproof! Even if the hyphae blocked the window and even pasted a thick layer over the walls, if they switch to another place, they’ll be fine, but here it’s probably the difference between someone listening to the whole act and just hearing a few syllables.

“I didn’t expect.” Jian Hua is unable to admit it, his voice lost for words.

“I’m also careless.”

That is to say, if Li Fei can choose, he still won’t let go of such an excellent opportunity——where can he go find a second giant worm?

Li Fei puts on trousers ready to open the door. Jian Hua pulled him hard, “Put on a shirt and sweater too. No, directly wear a jacket!”


Li Fei’s jacket is a hooded sweatshirt, there’s no problem of doing the buttons, and the neckline is also very high.

Getting dressed after being advised, Li Fei finally found what was wrong.

“You can see?!”

“……” Jian Hua, who found himself revealing the truth, silently tilted his head.

Li Fei soon understood. The mushrooms became transparent. He suddenly had mixed feelings.

The Red Dragon team member squatting outside the door looked at the two hot water bottles near his foot: Do you still want it, give me an answer okay?

STB Chapter 103: Night Talk
STB Chapter 105: Driver

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