STB Chapter 105: Driver

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No matter how unwilling an ability holder is, spring will still come.

Spring flowers bloomed, branches sprouted buds, and the duvet is replaced with a light windbreaker. The South warmed up very quickly.

Zhang YaoJIn didn’t even have time to worry about the emotional problems between the two S-class ability holders, he had to get back to work. The entire Red Dragon is upgraded to special alert mode as they paid close attention to the abnormal situation that occurred throughout the country.

After two weeks, Zhang YaoJin sighed at the report.

More than a dozen pavement collapsed. There are three cases of factory explosions, and the public was alarmed that their home was destroyed by a thief. There are countless cases where the store’s items were lost, but nothing was caught on security cameras.

With China’s vast territory, countless accidents happen every day, and no one’s paying attention to the big thing. However, the topic of “thief” is hotly debated. Because this is something that really happened around them. “Thief”, “martial arts master” and so on is the nickname of the mysterious person destroying homes.

Search online, and you’ll find that the footprints of the thief are all over the North and South. There are also a variety of interesting things. What kind of pet bite the neighbors, and why is it barking at strangers. The precious possessions that were lost were found in these people’s homes.

——every ability holder has an unnoticed condition for theft, but not everyone has a meticulous mind.

Even in supermarkets where people come and go, they took advantage of the Abandoned World to steal from them and their neighbors, and some did not even wear gloves. Red Dragon doesn’t catch fools like that.

There are still some who have the idea of robbing the bank, and jewelry stores. Such a massive amount of important cases belongs to their detection range. The shoe print and hair left on site will be extracted as evidence. They can’t see the process of theft, but they can check out the whereabouts of the stolen goods! Not to mention in big cities, Red Dragon and Black Abyss will be stationed in these areas, so in the Abandoned World, the culprit would be caught on the spot.

一solving the crime problem, while studying the latest monster trends.

A few new varieties had been added to the Abandoned World Monsters, the conceptual drawings were also modified to their actual appearance.

Except for the giant worm and spider, there are no other monsters not mentioned in the book 《Outcast》.

Kill powerful monsters, and you can obtain stray energy, this theory has been confirmed by Red Dragon. They also verified that those who awakened their abilities earlier are stronger than the later ones. If an ability holder dies, the ability holders near the corpse at that time will also get a little benefit.

This discovery chilled the Governments of all countries. No matter how much they control it, a large-scale ability holder battle will soon come……

Some struggled to survive, while some seemed to live in paradise.

At 6:30 in the morning, Old Cheng fed the birds in the small community park near the clinic.

The place where he lives and this small clinic is near the neighborhood that Jian Hua lived in. The mushroom that thrived also considered this place as its territory, so Old Cheng has a leisurely life. He hasn’t seen the shadow of a monster.

The original Old Cheng is also shocked by the Abandoned World, but after Red Dragon’s “compulsory education”, he understood. Different from other people’s trepidation, knowing Jian Hua for many years, Old Cheng directly used the mushroom as a green belt of fragrant camphor trees, its smell a kind of natural defense against mosquitos.
(T/N: Camphor trees are a class-A mosquito repellant. Basically, Old Cheng is treating the mushrooms as an S-class monster repellant.)

He was initially an elder, so his ears are a bit bad. Now with his ability, it was a happy and nerve-wracking thing.

He always accidentally heard whispers of someone, and he can hear who has a bad heart while walking on the road. He went up and reminded that person, but he was treated as a liar.

Today is the first day the clinic opened after the Spring Festival. When Old Cheng came, the diligent nurse is already cleaning up. Old Cheng smiled and handed over soy milk and a fritter, nagging and preaching, “You young people, not paying attention to your body……”

A honk from a car came from outside the clinic.

This alley is a bit narrow. If you meet people, even with the car parked to the side, it will still appear very congested.

Old Cheng didn’t care too much until he saw the familiar black car parked at the clinic door. He rubbed his eyes in surprise——he thought that after the change in Jian Hua’s identity, he wouldn’t be worried about living expenses. If he’s sick and injured, he can look for the medical resources of the country, what is he doing in this little clinic?

“You have breakfast, I will say hello.” Old Cheng stopped the nurse. He thought this might be related to the Abandoned World.

Jian Hua came down from the car, and the black car drove out of the alley, going to the parking spot.

“Boy, you have a driver now?” Old Cheng quipped.


Not only driver, but they’re also living together, the boss who pays his wages, and partner in Black Abyss!

The nurse is also an acquaintance of Jian Hua. She is very impressed with this handsome guy, and heard that he was a “stuntman in the entertainment industry”. She drank the soy milk and said with a smile, “Old Cheng was just talking about you!”

“Ah?” Old Cheng is at a loss.

“He always says ‘young people should pay attention to your body’ every time you come. He would even recite your medical history several times.”

“Am I wrong? In his line of work, if he didn’t eat and didn’t sleep, he had to go to the hospital a few times a year. With such poor condition, won’t the body just collapse?” Old Cheng picks up the morning paper, pointed with one finger, “Which celebrity do you watch? After being injured while filming, no matter how famous it is, it doesn’t matter. How much money you make is equal to the loss on your body. ”

The nurse quickly took over the morning paper, going along with Old Cheng’s intention, “What accidental injury, in this year’s Star Entertainment New Year’s Day shooting, a lot of celebrities were hurt in the chaos……it’s been said that Dean hasn’t appeared for more than a month. Gossip Weekly said that he might have been disfigured, and went to Korea for cosmetic treatment……”

Jian Hua’s eye twitched. He silently took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Li Fei, letting him wait in the parking lot. Don’t come in, the clinic nurse may be your fan.

——winter has passed, if Li Fei wore a hat and a scarf in the room, it would look strange.

“Sit down. Where are you uncomfortable this time?” Old Cheng got a disposable cup and went to the water dispenser to get some warm water, his attitude the same as usual.

This half year, Jian Hua’s life is overwhelming. He is not very close to outsiders, and he hadn’t talked to people about normal topics for a long time.

A small clinic for the elderly with mottled walls, where you can hear birdsong early in the morning. Everything is so peaceful.

“You kid, the last time you ran to my clinic……hmm, you took something, left some bills and a note.” Old Cheng didn’t use Abandoned World, this keyword in the past, “those iodine, bandages, and something else is not worth that much, I can give you the bill. But I’m counting on you to give me a lot of money, who knows when you’re going to get something and run again ah!”

Jian Hua doesn’t remember how much he left for Old Cheng.

After the two men sat down, Old Cheng talked, and he looked at Jian Hua again. Not fat nor thin, ruddy complexion, and not like an ill person.

“I always can’t get up when I go to sleep recently.”

“……you come with me. ”

Old Cheng took him to the back room of the clinic. In here, there are beds and some simple instruments. Old Cheng did not take a stethoscope, just closed the door and asked seriously, “How long can you generally sleep, when did it start?”

Because this area is underground and there are mushrooms, Jian Hua is not worried. He trusted the old man, and directly said his situation, “It started half a month ago, and gradually increased my sleep time. At first, it was 30 hours, later……when I’m awake this time, three days have passed.”

Seeing the situation is wrong, Li Fei suggested finding Red Dragon. Jian Hua hesitated and decided to visit Old Cheng first.

“Did you go to Africa?”

“……” Jian Hua felt somewhat inexplicable.

“There is an infectious disease caused by trypanosomes in Africa. When you get infected, you’ll sleep for two years and then die.” Old Cheng pinched the bridge of his nose, and changed his words, “But didn’t you have a devouring ability? You shouldn’t be afraid of bugs.”

Jian Hua heard that Red Dragon has been looking for Old Cheng, but he doesn’t know how much Red Dragon told him. Now it seems, he shouldn’t know about the giant worm and void matter.

The clock hanging on the wall ticked by. Old Cheng boiled a pot of hot water, and Jian Hua also finished talking about the changes in the Abandoned World as well as the accident he encountered half a month ago.

“I don’t feel hungry at all. Every day……my friend forced me to eat and tried to wake me up, but the effect is not big.” Jian Hua is anxious about this matter. He feels that he is changing in a weird direction.

Old Cheng frowned deeply. He gave a general check-up of Jian Hua, including body temperature and blood test. The result came out normal. There is no X-ray and B-ultrasound in the clinic. However, Old Cheng is an A-class sound ability holder, so after listening for a while, he felt that there was little chance of something wrong in Jian Hua’s body.

“Don’t worry, you can go to the hospital to check these things.” Old Cheng picks up a paper and pen to write, still sighing, “If the ability holders of all countries fight, you might as well go through rain and wind to make a living.”

After he finished speaking, he felt that his attitude is not right, so he hurried to comfort, “In my opinion, your body is very healthy, so don’t worry too much. Find the cause, and maybe it will be solved. Except for eating the monster, do you have any other clues?”

Jian Hua did not mention that the mushroom disappeared into the void.

“After you came back from the Northwest, have you been to the Abandoned World?”


“I suggest you wait for Red Dragon to say something……or try at a fixed point.” Old Cheng carefully analyzed, “If the problem is your devouring ability, it is too full and had affected yourself. After you enter the Abandoned World, the mushrooms will definitely react. Right, you slept for so long, did you sweat? Any dreams?”

Jian Hua nodded slowly, “A nightmare always repeats.“

“Ok, what kind of dream?” Old Cheng is planning to ask about the quality of his sleep and did not expect there is such a situation.

“A dark world, a bit like space. It takes a long time to see a source of light, but it was very far away. I don’t know why I can’t get close. Every time I feel like I’m lost in my dreams……”

“You don’t feel anything familiar at all?”

“……” There is, Li Fei’s breath.

Jian Hua can’t directly say it, so he changed to rhetoric, “My driver, he is a low-level ability holder. I can feel his strength when I am sleepy. It was very fuzzy, but this is the only way I can find my way back.”

“Really a driver, a true pathfinder.” Old Cheng nodded, not overthinking it.


Li Fei, after reading the text message, rolled down the window for a bit as he sat on the driver’s seat.

Jian Hua’s symptoms of lethargy are directly related to the fact that the mushrooms are running somewhere else. His magic eyes have never seen such a troublesome ability. Is the giant worm really a higher dimension biological creature? The place where Jian Hua is trapped is like space but in reality, is it the edge of the world?

Li Fei pushed his sunglasses down.

Even in the car, he still covers his face tightly. The sunglasses are not a luxury brand that speaks for themselves, but common supermarket goods. The same is true for the hat and scarf.

Converging his temper, and dressing up as an ordinary person——anyway, Jian Hua is not there.

When Li Fei thought deeply, he suddenly saw a man running towards him. He reached out and tried to open the door. Then he was bound by invisible hyphae and solidly fell on the ground.

The man desperately clutched the tires, whining, “Jian Hua, Jian Hua save me. Look at our many years of friendship. Red Dragon shut me for half a year, and I managed to escape. I have something important to tell you!”


Li Fei’s mobile phone flashed. At the same time, he saw someone sticking out his head in an alley behind Lu Zhao. He seemed to be the one who texted him as he quickly retracted to the shadows.

The information on the phone is: Sorry, Major Zhang wants to know the truth from this guy’s mouth.

Acting again? Li Fei has a terrible face. He felt like stepping on the gas pedal and going away.

But he can’t, because Jian Hua is still in the clinic. He’s not sure if this guy will go to Old Cheng.

“It’s about your life, Jian Hua, listen to me!” Lu Zhao struggled to reach the window.

Li Fei looked at him coldly, and Lu Zhao finally found that something is wrong. He is horrified, “You, who are you? Why are you so much like Jian Hua, and also driving Jian Hua’s car?”

The door opened. The mycelium on the seat is aware that the owner is not there, so they immediately swarmed, bundling up Lu Zhao. Li Fei used his power to bring the person in. Sitting while crossing his arms, he said, “I am his driver. Say your secret, otherwise, die here.”

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