STB Chapter 110: Love Letter

STB Chapter 109: Demonstration
STB Chapter 111: Conditions

Geng Tian listened to the busy tone on his phone, face distorted.

He’s physically powerless. His hanging arm twitched slightly, and his face is a strange blue.

“Aiya, your boss is a frigid person. Except for giving orders, he has no other communication with you?”

Two fingers carried the mobile phone. The man who placed it to Geng Tian’s ear laughed strangely. His Chinese is very slippery, and there’s no awkward accent as a foreigner.

A tall figure wearing a grey sports jacket, and his face is the same as the video on the Internet, a large feather mask decorated with sequins on the top half, and a painted face on the lower half.

Because the call is over, the phone is back on the standby locked screen.

Dr. Mad didn’t force Geng Tian to unlock the phone. He opened the cellphone case, removed the sim card and jammed a small gadget that he brought. Soon the screen lit up, displaying “A new phone card has been inserted. You need a password to unlock.” A small English interface popped up at the bottom right of the screen and began a frenzied operation.

“Very effective gizmo. It can effectively prevent the phone card from issuing a warning to your mailbox telling you that it’s been replaced by a new card. I also added a cute little plug-in with unlimited password errors……” Dr. Mad crossed his arms, smiling and looking down on Geng Tian.

Here is an avenue full of pine trees.

Five minutes ago, when Geng Tian passed by here, two empty beer cans on the side of the road suddenly spewed out a dense fog. The dog walker, who happened to pass by, fell straight to the ground, and the dog has not moved at all.

Geng Tian closed his mouth and rushed out of the thick fog, but a vine came out and tied his feet.

Followed by the hyphae jumping out of the sewers, excitedly rushing towards the vine. However, the mushrooms also brought opposite effects, as they instinctively entangled Geng Tian, a delicious food resource.

Geng Tian has an ability that has violent properties, so he forcibly cut off the vines and mushrooms, and ran desperately——how long can he hold his breath? He’ll be in trouble if the mushrooms trap him——more hyphae rushed up, and eventually, when Geng Tian is sure that the fog wouldn’t float to his side, he took a breath of air. He wanted to face the enemy in the dark but suddenly fell.

When he tore the mushroom and vines, green liquid poured out. When the mushroom wrapped around Geng Tian, through skin contact, the liquid penetrated Geng Tian’s body.

Geng Tian felt his face go numb, and a sharp tingling sensation hit his brain through his facial nerves.

An ability holder needs conscious thought when attacking. When his mind can’t concentrate, and Geng Tian desperately fought against the pain like being burned, the road cracked because of his struggling movements.

Unfortunately, the more he struggled, the more the instinctual mushroom with no thinking ability wrapped around him.

The hyphae enjoyed the abilities of Geng Tian. After eating a few mouthfuls, they found out it was an acquaintance (reserve grain number two), so it stopped being a “pig teammate”.

Geng Tian has a splitting headache, and cold sweat soaked his clothes. He felt like fainting and like his teeth were being pulled for a long time. He struggled to look up and was surprised that a car on the side of the road entirely distorted by the powerful ability that he unconsciously released.

He can’t stand up, and his mind buzzed.

The house where Geng Tian lived is relatively remote. It’s only half an hour away from Red Dragon’s base in Haicheng, but very far from downtown Haicheng. This is a newly built community, so not many people moved in. You can hardly see anyone at this time, nearing nine o’clock in the evening.

After Geng Tian found that what happened on this road was unnoticed, he endured his headache and reached for his phone.

——there’s an emergency speed dial on his phone. After pressing, someone will know that he was attacked.

“A-class ability holder, the ‘Great Bear’……hello, we met for the first time.”

A man wearing an exaggerated mask slowly came. Below the mask is a face with blue and white paint, like a carnival clown.

This image is very similar to the video that Geng Tian just watched.

Anyone can imitate the mask and paint, but a suddenly appearing S-class ability holder can’t be faked. The hyphae quickly rushed over. The man slowly took out a pen-like thing, pressed down on the switch, and in the twinkling of an eye, the strong breath disappeared again.

The mycelium lost its target. The “prey” doesn’t fight back, so it lazily retreated.

Geng Tian was shocked. He knew that Red Dragon infiltrated the xx District 1 rescue team, and can’t find the attacker——after the massive vine attack, the mushrooms held up the collapsed building, and they should have also tied up everyone in that range. The mycelium being inert is dangerous, especially after eating. Ordinary people can still get away, but it would be difficult for high-order ability holders to escape the scene on time.

Just three hours later, Dr. Mad started his second attack?

There are countless thoughts in Geng Tian’s mind. He even suspected that someone betrayed him, but except for the Red Dragon and Li Fei, no one knew his address.

“Mr. Geng, you are my real prey tonight.”

Dr. Mad laughed strangely. He opened his arms, saying proudly, “Let me guess what you’re thinking about, who sold you out? No no, there’s no such person! All you ability holders, even if you got a strong power, are still so ignorant and shallow, despising science.”

Not waiting for Geng Tian’s reaction, he can’t wait to say, “Haicheng……oh, except for the capital of this country, it is the most prosperous city. My luck is so good! It only took 10 days to find two A-class ability holders! Praise that damn God. You know, I turned half of Italy upside down just to find a prey. ”

Dr. Mad wagged his finger. He wore ordinary linen gloves as he looked at Geng Tian’s distorted face with interest, “Your welcome to enjoy this unpleasant taste. When you rejected the anesthetic gas sprayed from the beer can, you chose hell, oh! Nerve palsy toxin, I injected it into a plant……my experiment three hours ago showed the characteristics of the mushrooms. Did you know? I like these cute little things. They are so passionate and has a good appetite. They ate the vines but aren’t affected by the toxins, look at this smooth body……aiya, they’ve become transparent.”

It seemed as if a bee is buzzing in his ear. Geng Tian feels that his facial muscles is out of control, his body doesn’t listen, and his head is also chaotic.

At this time, his cell phone rang. For Geng Tian, this is a unique ringtone.

Geng Tian wanted to remind Li Fei that Dr. Mad is not a real madman, the attack on xx District 1 is only an experiment of Dr. Mad……

Dr. Mad took out the mobile phone from Geng Tian’s pocket, and looked at the caller named as “boss”. A strange smile hung on his mouth as he whispered, “You are a smart person, you know what to do.”

The call was connected, and Geng Tian heard the familiar voice on the phone.

His tongue is a bit paralyzed, but vaguely said the words, “Boss, what’s the matter?”

The loudspeaker is turned on, so Dr. Mad also heard Li Fei’s voice.

Li Fei quickly and indifferently gave an order to Geng Tian, then hung up the phone. Dr. Mad exaggeratedly opened his mouth into an O, and then gave fake pity to Geng Tian. After that, he pulled out the sim card and prepared to crack the password.

Geng Tian leaned sideways on the ground. He has a holster on his right leg which cannot be found by Dr. Mad.

Dr. Mad doesn’t seem to have a professional’s habit of searching his captives. He looked at Geng Tian like appreciating art, maliciously waiting for the fear to appear in his eyes.

“……Chinese text is really troublesome. The number on caller screen doesn’t seem to be in Haicheng, lucky……where’s the fastest person to rescue you? When can they get here?” Dr. Mad shook his head with regret.

Geng Tian strived to stay awake. He bit the tip of his tongue, and blood filled his mouth.

The mangled car on the roadside suddenly flew up. Dr. Mad raised his hand, and Geng Tian, who endured his headache to attack, felt so empty. The car fell on the greenery more than ten meters away. The fuel tank leaked, and the wind blew the strong smell of gasoline.

Followed by the car exploding. The blast hit Geng Tian and made him roll. Dr. Mad also rolled on the ground laughing.

Geng Tian relied on his telekinesis to resist, and finally pulled out his gun. His hand is shaking badly; black spots appeared in front of his eyes, and the smoke makes him unable to breathe.

After the gunshot, Geng Tian lost consciousness.


Haicheng Military District Hospital.

Zhang YaoJin and another man walked out of the elevator in a hurry. Guan Ling immediately saluted him, followed and reported the situation, “There’s a burnt car wreck on the scene, some fragments of an unknown device, and also the pistol Geng Tian had for self-defense. Bullets and shells were found, but it did not hit the enemy. No suspects were found that could be Dr. Mad. According to the man who was caught up in the scene, he saw white gas come out of a beer can, and then went comatose.”

“How is Geng Tian?”

“Very bad. He has facial nerve necrosis. If the treatment is not timely, maybe some parts of the brain may be damaged. We suspect that the other person used a permeable neurotoxin. No residue has been found at the scene of the explosion.”

Zhang YaoJin’s brows wrinkled enough to kill a mosquito, “How did that madman get to Geng Tian? Once can be by accident, but twice in one night, he should have an instrument that can detect the energy of high-order ability holders.”

Haicheng is a bustling city with a population of 10 million. The number of ability holders registered by Red Dragon consisted of several folders. It’s not enough just having equipment, afraid that Dr. Mad’s gadget is only for detecting high-order ability holders.

“We also found a letter on the spot. We confirmed that Dr. Mad knew who the target was before he started.”

Guan Ling handed out the letter from the evidence bag, and also handed a pair of thin gloves to Major Zhang.

Zhang YaoJin turned and took the letter that looked like an invitation letter. There’s a line of words on the European outer seal. Major Zhang turned his head. The other man in military uniform behind him glanced at it and immediately translated, “It’s French, ‘To the beauty far away’.”

Major Zhang’s hands trembled.

He opened the outer cover, and inside is a computer printed Chinese text. The header says ‘To the gentleman who took my heart away’. It said it’s from ‘A Madman’. The content is even more unsightly. The whole thing is like plagiarism of 《Romeo and Juliet》’s confession paragraph. Barely translated, it probably means “How different are we, I came all the way to pursue you, and you let me down”.

“……who is he talking about?”

Guan Ling sympathetically glanced at the self-deceiving Major Zhang. To not offend the boss, she vaguely said, “Anyway, it’s not Geng Tian.”

Of course, how can a “suitor” pursue someone with facial nerve necrosis!

Geng Tian used to be Li Fei’s personal bodyguard, so it’s——

“It should be the Devourer!”

“I think so too. Take away the heartbeat or something refers to killing Jian Hua.”

Since those book transmigrators came, almost all high order ability holders knew how they died.

“For revenge, he’s attacking the Black Abyss?”

“But the Corgi didn’t provoke him!”

Zhang YaoJin loudly shouted, “Enough!”

Everyone stopped. Major Zhang shifted his lousy mood, and opened his mouth to ask, “What’s the current event between Li Fei and Jian Hua?”

“They are coming from Huai City. Geng Tian’s news of the accident was Li Fei first informing us. The location of the incident is not far from Haicheng Military District Control Zone. I suspect that Dr. Mad has been in China for a long time or he’s been to Haicheng, and have some understanding of this place.” Guan Ling then added, “TuanTuan is living in that community. There is a fixed point to the Abandoned World, and Geng Tian lives not far from our base. Dr. Mad founding them might really be coincidental.”

This speculation is the best case scenario. Otherwise, the problem is with the Red Dragon or Black Abyss.

“Major Zhang, this letter……” The Red Dragon member next to him consulted.

Zhang YaoJin felt a headache. He can’t imagine Jian Hua’s reaction after receiving this challenge letter (love letter). Oh, there’s also Li Fei.

STB Chapter 109: Demonstration
STB Chapter 111: Conditions

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