STB Chapter 109: Demonstration

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8:00 pm, Northern time, Haicheng xx District 1 Community incident reached the top in the internet search. Almost everyone is talking about this topic; then a mysterious video appeared on a foreign video website.

At 8:30, the video clicks made it on the homepage of that website; soon it was forwarded to a domestic social networking site.

——someone claimed responsibility for the Chinese Haicheng xx District 1 incident.

The video was taken in a basement like room. The wall is painted red with Nietzsche’s famous saying “God is dead”, and hanged beside it are replicas of Monet’s famous paintings of sunflowers. The quality is inferior, and some frames have obvious visible adhesive traces that cannot be washed off.

Someone dressed in Venice carnival costume, a man with a sequined feather mask, standing on an old wooden box, opened his hands to the camera.

The sound in the video is electronically synthesized, and he spoke in English.

Half an hour later, a Chinese translator watching the video added a translation.

“All the people who enjoy the sun, I declare the era of terror is coming!”

“Go hug your loved ones, your friends, and your little sweethearts……”

The man on the video is like a clown, appearing very intoxicated. The lower half of his face is painted making his muscle texture more pronounced, and the corners of the mouth more full. He picked up a poor quality plastic doll, and exagerratedly poked the doll’s cheek, the result is that he put too much force, and the doll’s arm fell off.

“Seriously, tell those people, because they will be like this soon!”

The man showed the broken doll, then maliciously took out tomato juice and squeezed it on the dirty clothes of the toy.

“Or like this……oh, really unfortunate.”

The man’s hand loosened, and the doll fell to the ground, its head broken. He is like a theater actor, painfully and exaggeratedly beating his chest, and appearing sad for the “dead” doll.

The people who are nervously watching the video almost want to swear, they thought that they’re cheated, this is a video of a madman. They pulled to see the comments below and found that the most liked comment is on top: “Persevere in watching it, and you’ll be scared into a cold sweat. Where is this madman? Does he have superpowers?”

The man in the video took three minutes to earn the viewer’s dislike. After patiently challenging their bottom line to the utmost limit, he raised the cloak from his carnival dress. Several vines climbed out of his sleeves, swelling up to a rate visible to the naked eye.

Meaningless exclamations sounded out during this period, and a barrage of question marks occupied the entire video. Many people, to balance the picture with the translation, can only switch to other sites with subtitles.

“Magic, a cover-up, witchcraft? No no, This is just a little trick!” The man controlled his smile, showing an exaggerated clown-like expression.

Li Fei had his laptop on the table of the living room, his arms crossed as he watched the man’s poor performance in the video.

“Stop.” Li Fei subconsciously said, then found that it wasn’t Assistant Lin but Jian Hua beside him. He hurried to pick up the mouse, but Jian Hua is a step faster. He accurately pressed the pause button, then pulled down the progress bar, and let this scene play again. Finally, at the stage where Li Fei said stop, he clicked the left mouse button.

“The audio is not compatible with the movement of his lips.”

Now that TV and movies use dubbing, some films are not made well, and these situations often occur, it’s just that the audience can’t see it.

Since the sound is not from the person in the video, there’s no point in analyzing his speech habits, because the e-reader might have read the words after entering a software.

——no sound was recorded at all when shooting the video. The sound they hear now is another soundtrack added after the video clip.

The footsteps of the man jumping down, the sound of the doll falling, and even the man in the video is most likely made by an actor or a singer to be able to lipsynch that well because Li Fei didn’t see the problem until after the fourth minute.

“This guy has a performance personality disorder.” Li Fei pinched his eyebrows, “To see two scum like acting in one day, my eyes hurt.”

Jian Hua has a different opinion. He doubtfully said, “Isn’t this fine?”

A theater play is supposed to be performed exaggeratedly. Not to mention in front of a doll, even if they’re facing a broom, they must be able to cry. It’s best for the audience to see this kind of emotion outside the distance of ten meters.

Li Fei said with no expression, “He did it many times. This video is probably the most successful one.”


Just like a singer, he practiced it until the way his mouth moves became familiar?

Jian Hua silently clicked the mouse to let the video continue. The man exaggeratedly showed a building made with Lego blocks be “attacked” by the vines, while expressively weeping, “What a pity, look! I am kind enough to remind you, but no one cared about my video, so you can only see the big event!”

Then he talked about the video he had sent. He gave a “warning”, but no one clicked at all, so he did not hesitate to choose China because he was “ignored”.

“Wait, China?” Jian Hua was sure that he heard that word.

“……if the incident in Haicheng did not happen, and he did not use that tag label, the video posted on the Chinese website will sink to the bottom!” Li Fei seriously said. Even Star Entertainment Media has to pay to advertise, and their posts on foreign websites only have a few hundred thousand hits. Some sites don’t have a lot of new videos every day, so they’re always noticed, but China!

Jian Hua is speechless.

The man in the video began preaching again. He solemnly said to the camera: Lamb, you have been blinded. Let the government that has collected your taxes come out to announce the truth! Go to the bank and take out a deposit, buy enough food, buy guns, be ready for the coming end of the world.

“Come to the carnival! Kill the one you hated the most, kill the person you love, because——” the man smiled distortedly, closing the lens, “you might die tomorrow.”

The video ended, and the replay option appeared.

Jian Hua did not hesitate to turn off the video. He didn’t want to see it again.

“Sure enough, he’s a madman.”

That attitude of wanting the world in chaos almost jumped out of the screen.

Not to mention Red Dragon, even Jian Hua wants to delete this video, because there are a lot of people with bad brains. Dr. Mad’s video looks like a ridiculous drama, but after one part happened, how many people can calm down?

“Red Dragon hasn’t started yet?” With the harmony of the Chinese network, it’s strange for it not to blow up.

“Panic has begun. Deleting it now is counterproductive.”

Because the public has a “simple” point of view if they feel that the truth is being concealed, the more you don’t let them speak about it, the more suspicious they are that it’s true.

“If they block all these videos, this guy might become even crazier and attack more locations ‘to let people know the truth’.” Li Fei began to issue instructions to important members of Black Abyss.

Jian Hua frowned, “……you just said, what was wrong with this guy?”

“Performance personality disorder, self-centered, think of the things that their brain made up as facts, has rich and exaggerated emotional expressions, basically a person with little or no sense of reason or logic.” Li Fei thought about it, then suddenly found that Lu Zhao and most of the book transmigrators are quite in line with this disease.

But the difference between being born with this disease and transmigrating into a book is quite big.

A person like Dr. Mad will retaliate against society since no one paid attention to his best performance.

“The information collected by Red Dragon does not mention that he’s sick?” Jian Hua is a little surprised.

Li Fei paused, then answered, “Probably since he’s too profiled.”

“Ah?” Jian Hua didn’t understand.

“In movies, games, and novels, isn’t there always such a villain? If you mention a villain, it’s actually to give the audience a clue and explain the plot. They will stand in front of the protagonist, tell about their plan, explain their grand goals, and finally mocked the protagonist……”

Then get killed by the protagonist with their counterattack.

Jian Hua silently added, glad that he’s not such a villain.

“There are too many cases like Dr. Mad, and everyone is very used to this kind of noisy, illogical villain, so they have not considered……I doubt even the author, Nania Kaia, did not think about the personality disorder of Dr. Mad.”

It’s not that they’re villains, they’re just sick!

“For the sake of rationality, will the world evolve itself to complement them?” Jian Hua talked to himself.

“Think about the good things, at least we live in a very logical world. If you are against the protagonist, all your IQ will be reduced, this is terrible. ”

Li Fei, although joking, Jian Hua still feels unwell.

——the consequences of being in too many movies is showing, especially this kind of romantic campus idol drama.

“I’m going to be happy.” Jian Hua said with a straight face. He can’t imagine that he is the protagonist, nor the villain with the negative IQ.


Jian Hua turned his head. Li Fei didn’t have a smile as he solemnly said, “If that’s the case, you don’t have to be sad.” Because you don’t realize the fact that you don’t have a brain at all.

Jian Hua glanced at him.

Li Fei cleverly dropped this topic and went back to business.

“Haicheng has a Martial Law. Red Dragon will investigate all foreigners who came to Haicheng during this time……this is a massive project.”

“Are there clues in the video?”

The Venitian clothing, the inferior copy of Monet Sunflower, the doll……

Li Fei didn’t lift his head, “As long as he’s not stupid, the words in the video should all be fake. This video shouldn’t be recorded after he attacked Haicheng, but already prepared. According to the usual thinking of terrorists, recording a video in advance is normal. And since they’re doing it in advance, why not earlier? His illness got worse by the strange incidents he suffered for ten years in the book. Since he’s still full of emotion that time, his reality is already distorted.”

The video may have been recorded before coming to China, and the same is true with the clues.

“He won’t stop, because he wants the eyes of the world to focus on him.”

Li Fei brought out a map, staring at the location of that neighborhood, thinking deeply, “The only thing that makes me wonder is that people like him should pick the most famous attractions and landmarks since this is more sensational! Why did he attack this neighborhood?”

“A high-order ability holder lived there?”

“Possible……Red Dragon’s energy detectors can be manufactured in many countries. If Dr. Mad can also make it, then he’s trying to hunt high-order ability holders. Not everyone is like you and me, with hyphae that can hide energy fluctuations.”

Different from the mushrooms hiding in Haicheng’s sewers, the area near Jian Hua’s home is completely engulfed in mushrooms. Old Cheng can also benefit from them.

They don’t have to worry about Red Dragon’s Major Zhang, then——

Li Fei opened the secret URL to exchange messages with Red Dragon. Three minutes later, his face is ugly as he told Jian Hua, “Corgi’s home is in that neighborhood.”


If changed to another A-level ability holder, Jian Hua is not so nervous, but the existence of Corgi is very special and also involved in his future life and death problems.

“It should be a coincidence. There is no Corgi in the original book. Dr. Mad perhaps used the detector to search for A-level ability holders……” Li Fei picked up the phone and dialed to make a phone call.

“Boss, what’s the matter?”

Li Fei’s expression slightly changed. He said to the phone, “Red Dragon might have to increase the intensity of their search, let our people hide.” Not waiting for him to answer, he hung up, took out the battery and sim card and tossed it to the side.

Jian Hua realized something’s wrong, “Geng Tian had an accident?”

“He never called me boss.” Li Fei’s expression is ugly. Dr. Mad’s action is too fast.

STB Chapter 108: News
STB Chapter 110: Love Letter

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