STB Chapter 123: Cause of Death

STB Chapter 122: Twists and Turns
STB Chapter 124: Meeting

Various countries have received reports about the hallucination effect of the new drug. It was highly purified, and after overdose, it’ll cause many people to die. Others named the protagonist of such news “The Corpse Gnawing Case” and “The Cannibal Attack.”

When drug addiction occurs, the world in Federico’s eyes distorted. He would look at a key and see it as a cannibalistic squid. He would lose consciousness and lose his ability to think. He can’t even be called a “human,” only surviving through instinct, and wanting to scratch and bite as soon as he saw a moving object.

Johnson didn’t dare come near. He was also afraid of Federico’s injury, so he always used the wind to impede Federico’s actions.

He followed what Federico taught, picking monsters that have easily digestible meat, and boldly searched the bodies of their chasers. He found some food and water and tried it himself before going to Federico who is exhausted and half-conscious.

The basement space is small. Johnson curled up in a corner most of the time, lost in thought.

What Federico said the first time he drove him away is like cold water splashed to his face, making the teenager chilled.

——is people’s fate fixed?

Johnson drew a cross in his chest. He wanted to pray, but when he looked down and saw bloodstains on his unwashed palms, he stopped, hesitating.

God loved the world, but this world filled with monsters, isn’t it hell?

A person struggling to survive in hell, no matter how pious, would not get God’s mercy.

He pulled off the cheap silver-plated cross hanging around his neck and threw it into the darkness. This is what Katie gave him after coming to Massachusetts.

Johnson picked up the clothes he’s changed into and used the slightly clean cloth to wipe his palms carefully.

The basement only had Federico’s breathing.

Anyone who is a drug addict will not look good. Federico’s initially healthy body was destroyed in a few days. He is thin and pale. There are also self-harming wounds on his forehead, and with distorted facial muscles, the tall man is like an injured beast, fierce and ugly.

Since waking up that day, Federico’s addiction has occurred three more times.

He is getting weaker, but every time, the interval is getting longer. This is a good sign.

Federico, trapped by the wind ability, stopped struggling. Johnson peeled off the scales on the belly of a giant blue lizard and dug out a small piece of meat into a bowl. This piece of meat is white, with the inside a light red, tender like cheese, and even if you don’t chew, it’s easy to swallow.

“Mr. Morenza?”

Federico is groggy. He can’t speak, and can’t hear the sound outside.

Subconsciously, he thought he was going to die. He is acutely aware of the danger of the new drug. The purity is too high and directly destroys a person’s nervous and immune system. Even if you had extraordinary willpower and got through the drug addiction, the body won’t be able to hold it. There’s no possibility of withdrawal.

Abandoned World has no treatment for drugs, and there are no doctors around. Federico urged Johnson to leave on several occasions because he foresaw his death.

He felt like he was suffering under a hot pot. His throat issued a vague cry, then lost consciousness afterward, hoping that someone can slit his throat with a knife to end this torture.

Suddenly there was a cold piece of food in his burning mouth.

The sweet taste slowly penetrated, seeming to melt with the heat. There was no need to swallow as it naturally slid down the esophagus. Then another piece, bringing a strange coolness, seemed to have an analgesic effect. Soon after eating, Federico smoothly fell asleep.

Johnson silently calculated the intervals between Federico’s episodes. He listened to the sound of the wind, and after confirming their safety, he urged his ability to reduce part of the weight, raised Federico and ready to leave.

They have been in this basement for too long. Johnson is afraid of guns, and also fearful of those who carry heavy weapons, he wanted to live.


Haicheng, China. Red Dragon base canteen.

“In the dishes that the wounded had eaten for the past two days, there must be something to promote healing and to recover physical fitness.” The person talking is very excited. Attacked by monsters, most of the ability holders are trapped, and Abandoned World is likely to continue for another year. Except for the ammunition and drug reserves that the Red Dragon teams carry with them, the others are brought in by space ability holders, and very limited in number. If they can find monster meat that has the same effect as drugs, that would be great!

Zhang YaoJin carefully read the list from the kitchen.

There’re not many things, just a few monster corpses.

Abandoned World’s monsters have a food chain relationship, like a creature from another world, it may also be a living being in the past or future of the earth. Not all monsters are suitable as food. The corpse crows who eat rotten things are out of the question. There are already cases in which infected ability holders carry unknown viruses. However, the corpse crow was dissected but found no new pathogens. It seems that the moment the corpse return to the real world, some viruses transmitted from monsters to humans have disappeared.

The concept of space barrier seems to be more specific.

Destroying the existence of this barrier, for example, is the book transmigrators, and the giant hollow worm in the Ganzhou highway which received considerable attention from the country.

They verified the “ingredients” used by the cafeteria.

Some meat is tough, some very delicate, and there’s meat that tastes strange, but even if it doesn’t taste good, it’s used as seasoning.

Zhang YaoJin put this half-processed meat next to them. The base has hundreds of people, and only four or five have experienced the phenomenon of accelerated wound recovery. Except for those with a physical problem, everyone eats in the cafeteria. Why is there a different treatment?

“Which ingredients are small in number, and cooked less often?”

The Red Dragon members working in the kitchen racked their brains and made a list after half a day. All contain snake tails, blue lizard’s soft belly meat, and blue lizard’s heart.

Taking into account the impact of the cooking method, they also wrote how long it would cook in minutes. Everyone from water to fire system ability holders wrote on it. At first glance, you would think it’s a recipe. After the competent staff handed it to Major Zhang, they also marked which ones are “tasty” on the list. For example, the bloody frog meat is very delicate, the soft belly flesh of the blue lizard looks like Atlantic salmon, and so on……

Zhang YaoJin tried not to make a reaction.

The transmigrators have confirmed that the book didn’t detail any wonders about monster meat. Who would care about nourishment, and how long to cook meat without burning it? The book is a mystery novel, so there is no related description in the 《Outcast》.

Same with if you get poisoned, there’s nothing on the plot about anyone getting sick.

Not to mention Major Zhang, even those book transmigrators are secretly cursing the author, omitting the key points almost killed them.

Ignoring the delicious reviews in the “recipe,” he opted to verify it soon even with a skeptical opinion. A few days later, Zhang YaoJin received a conclusive report.


“Blue lizard’s soft belly meat?”

“It’s quite good. Red Dragon sent people to hunt blue lizard. For low-level ability holders, they can’t cope with this kind of monster.”

It runs fast, and the scales are very hard, so general attacks won’t work.

Things that are difficult for others is nothing when Li Fei is there. Go to the city, catch one and go back. Hopefully, this “drug substitute” can become popular, and can ease Jian Hua’s sleeping sickness.

Jian Hua looked at the bowl full of beautiful white, cherry-colored meat, and suspiciously picked up a piece to eat.

“How is it?”


Jian Hua took out another piece, then push the bowl to Li Fei, signaling him to eat.

Li Fei understood Jian Hua’s meaning after tasting it. Not to mention its efficacy, even if it’s no benefit, just the taste alone would make the blue lizard disappear in China!

One piece for me and one piece for you. After a few minutes, the bowl is empty.

Li Fei is still unsatisfied, almost wanting to go out and find another blue lizard. Fortunately, reason stopped him.

——there are too many things to do, how could he indulge in his appetite?

“Did I ever tell you Red Scorpion’s cause of death?”

“……Red Scorpion, the person who killed you along with the protagonist?” Jian Hua’s expression slightly changed.

Li Fei is a little surprised. He didn’t tell Jian Hua his own business.

“Even if you didn’t say it, I have other ways.” Jian Hua glanced at Li Fei.

The actor is not angry at all. He felt that Jian Hua being so calm and serene is particularly attractive.

Being in his lover’s protection circle, he would not care about the outside world. Assistant Lin often explains that this is because “love is blind.” People who are always in love have their IQs dropped, believing every word spoken by a loved one.

Even if you trust whatever you’re sweetheart said, you’re still blind? Li Fei smiled, love that affects the brain, is it so wrong?

Jian Hua is often sleeping, not at all asking about Black Abyss, but if he wants to know something, it’s useless for Li Fei to hide it.

“I’s guess who told you.” Li Fei is very interested.

Huo Wei? No, this person’s thoughts are weighty with a deep heart. Although his efforts are for personal gain, he may not necessarily be able to see Jian Hua.

Zhao Wen? According to Zhao Wen’s character, he should be evasive and suggest that Jian Hua ask Li Fei.

Major Zhang? Red Dragon’s Major Zhang is already busy with the Southeast and Northwest. Jian Hua will not go to him to personally ask this question, because if he mentions Li Fei’s death, he always thought about his own the ending in the book. What will happen to them and Red Dragon in the end, no one can say it’s okay. Words that are close to sensitive topics are taboo.

“Old Cheng?” Li Fei calmly said.

As an A-class ability holder, after Old Cheng got the information, he must have been warned to pay attention to the unique space ability of Red Scorpion. The countries don’t want their high-level ability holders to be felled by the “sudden water attack” like Flame Demon in the book.

Jian Hua has few people he trust, and even fewer people he can chat.

“If I ask someone, wouldn’t it expose that you hid it on purpose, and establish the fact that we had bad feelings?” Jian Hua thought of Zhang YaoJin’s feelings about their emotional relationship and felt a bit funny.

Li Fei’s eyes slightly changed. His voice hoarse, “Bad relationship, hmm?”

Jian Hua held back his dishonest hands. His look seriously reminded Li Fei to get back to the topic.

“Red Scorpion.”

“……He died in a hotel in China.”

Mentioning this matter, Li Fei doesn’t know whether to ridicule or sigh. He shook his head, “It should be the second day ‘I’ died. He ate a meal at a restaurant in China and suddenly died that evening.”

“Food poisoning?” Jian Hua is at a loss. Weapons can kill ability holders. Cutting the throat will also kill them, so poisoning can even count.

“No, Red Scorpion is allergic to peanuts. That restaurant is a small scale, and there are no peanut ingredients mentioned in the menu, but there are two dishes fried with peanut oil.”

This enemy has a “destiny” of being killed by Chinese food. The Movie Emperor also could not hold it, Li Fei endured for a long time and didn’t hold back. He turned his head and started laughing.

Jian Hua: ……

STB Chapter 122: Twists and Turns
STB Chapter 124: Meeting

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