STB Chapter 122: Twists and Turns

STB Chapter 121: Comfort
STB Chapter 123: Cause of Death

The bullet hit the wall as the smell of smoke filled the whole street.

Johnson shrunk behind a refrigerator. The teenager’s face is covered with black and gray stains. He wore very old clothes——a pink coat with a woolen fabric skirt, and there is also a hairpin on his head.

He closed his eyes and rapidly breathed, looking very afraid with the body also shivering slightly.

When it became quiet, Johnson still shrunk there, the skirt exposed from the back of the refrigerator.

The sound of leather boots on rubble went closer and closer. Suddenly, the refrigerator that Johnson leaned in flew up, and he awkwardly fell on the ground, screaming in fear.

“Aha, look what I found, a little pussycat.”

Johnson’s reddish-brown hair stayed ear-length. He is skinny because of malnutrition. His hair covered part of his cheek, making his face only the size of a palm, with a mess of dust, blue eyes wet, and full of fear.

A rough hand held “her” shoulders, lifting Johnson.

He struggled like a girl, kicking and hand reaching out trying to scratch.

A gun pointed at his chest. The other side maliciously used the steaming muzzle to go through the clothes and the “girl’s” slightly curvy chest. The soft depression made the thug very satisfied.

“Little wildcat’s scared, aren’t you! Want to scream and shout for your parents, your driver, your bodyguard?”

Johnson’s clothes are from famous brands. He also put on himself a little platinum brooch and a string of pearl necklaces. Now the clasp has been rudely smashed down, making a small hole in the clothes.

At close range, Johnson saw the gunman’s hideous face and bald head.

He looks somewhat familiar, like he saw him on TV, on an arrest warrant……

Finding that the “girl” identified him, the thug became even more excited. He licked his lips, imagining the girl in his hand screaming and crying.

“You guys who grew up sitting in a pile of dollars, drinking red wine, driving sports car, going out as a teenager and hooking up with women. Your parents have money, so no matter what mistakes you make they’ll bear it for you. Everyone else is garbage……pussycat; you’re going to be a junk carnival toy very soon!”

Johnson paled, he was strangled in the neck and dragged out all the way.

A dead body lied on the side of the road. Constant screams came out of the rubble.

The wanted man whistled, bringing his “trophy” to the intersection. There are dozens of heavily armed ability holders here, both men and women, wearing combat boots and holding submachine guns.

“Who told you to bring people out, kill it.”

“I’ll kill it after playing.” The thug touched Johnson’s chest with his hand while he bargained with his companions.

“You need to figure out what we’re doing. An S-class ability holder is hiding in this block……”

The speaker was a woman. She was furious as she looked at Johnson.

The “girl” was humiliated under the thug’s hand, sobbing in fear, and looking very pitiful.

Many people are interested in “her,” and there’s a man who even whistled.

“Finish your business soon. The little pussycat can’t wait.”

A trace of sarcasm passed through the woman’s eyes: These people don’t know what an S-class ability holder means, but this is also good. Anyway, they’re all desperate people who can be bought with drugs and money.

The woman made a gesture. Someone immediately pulled a person who was tied back with a rope from the back of the car.

“Are the snipers ready?”

“Yes, all in place.”

“Anaesthesia bomb?”

“Enough for an elephant to fall asleep. If our Savior can’t survive and suddenly die, he’s unlucky!”

The hostage was dragged to the front. Several guns pointed at his vulnerable parts. A dirty towel blocked his mouth, and there are traces of being beaten from the marks on his limbs, dilated pupils, and black lips.

“How much was injected? Do you want to kill him?”

“The amount is for an addict. Who knows that our big star didn’t even try marijuana? After injecting the new purified drug, his body reacted so much……”

“All right! We have to control the target for a long time, if he died too early, we don’t live anymore. The information on S-class ability holders that our boss bought from the Holy Gate organization is precious. This little Mr. Morenza must live to return to the real world. Then we can extort enough benefits from Wolf Morenza.”

“No, Federico Morenza can’t leave here alive. If you guys came to America, kill him and ran, that old Wolf would definitely make trouble! Offend the godfather, and we can’t live on the entire East Coast!”

The thug who grabbed Johnson’s shoulder also growled, “Because this is the Abandoned World, we agreed to this business. Otherwise, even if you give me tens of thousands of dollars, I wouldn’t dare find trouble with Mr. Morenza’s nephew!”

Facing the infighting, the woman held her arms up, saying with disdain,  “Wolf Morenza is just an ordinary person. He didn’t have any abilities, but we already have a powerful force. We’re God’s chosen men, and you’re still afraid of an old-fashioned godfather who should have stepped down long ago?”

“****, do you know how many people are working for the Morenza family?” Someone screamed, “You Mexican corn men, why would the Holy Gate organization sell this information to you? Because they don’t want to offend Mr. Morenza! Even if the person is killed. if you boil it down, you can’t buy anymore arms in the East Coast. All hotel, resorts, and motel attendants will receive your wanted photos overnight, and you can’t enter the black market, can’t enter the casino, and even the prostitutes on the streets will betray you! I can still hang out with the FBI, but Wolf Morenza will kill people. The only way to escape is to go to the western farms!”

“You can leave the US.” The woman said coldly.

Facing a large number of guns, the people with bald head shut up.

One side is thinking about giving a lesson to this group of Mexican drug dealers, while the other side sneered and tried to control Johnson Brown. The teenager’s anger wanted to vent and let these group of people see God.

The woman retreated to the rear, taking the hostage and picking up the loudspeaker, shouting at the ruined neighborhood.

First, coerce the teenage boy then use the hostage and scaring him for a few words is enough.

The information bought from the Holy Gate organization said that Federico Morenza saved a homeless teenage boy. The aura of the superstar is easy for teenagers to worship. Plus Federico has money, even if he fell into the Abandoned World, his uncle’s men will still help him hide.

——however, not everyone is loyal to Mr. Morenza. Even the most loyal, half a month after Abandoned World began, the inventory of those drug addicts are gone. With nowhere to buy and in the face of drugs, they did not hesitate to betray Federico.

Federico, who is looking for food, did not come back, so the teenager must be in a hurry to save his savior.

The woman’s face just showed a smile, when she suddenly felt a cold chill on her back.


A black whirlwind blew everyone down. Submachine guns fired indiscriminately, and people can’t even open their eyes.

The wind formed a shield around Federico. All the bullets shifted direction. It allowed for precise control at close range, and before everyone reacted, Johnson ran over and put Federico’s arm over his shoulder.

After using his wind ability to help reduce the weight, Johnson turned his head. He hesitated for less than ten seconds and finally waved his hand. Several lightning bolts landed inside the whirlwind.

The metal barrels are conductive. There were screams and burnt smell on the wind.

Johnson quickly ran away.

The wind wiped out the black ash on his face. Johnson’s expressions are tight, still scared and slightly trembling, but his expression is firm.

The wind passed the small sounds from the distance to his ears. Johnson heard the woman yelling angrily and proudly, warning him that Federico Morenza will be addicted to the drugs two hours later. This new type of drugs is the only one in their hands.

Johnson did not look back.

Years of hardship let Johnson know that once you succumbed to those drug dealers, those people at casinos and those who coerce you, you’ll only fall into the darker abyss until you can no longer escape.

Johnson had a gambler uncle, and a lot of people tried to trick him to steal and rob. Boys like the former him, may have embarked on this road, and eventually sent to jail. After the adults eat and drink with the money stolen, they’ll go to the next poor child.

Leaving the thugs far behind, and confirming the safety around him, Johnson chose a basement.

Federico is not shot. His injury just looked severe. It should be from a baseball bat or other hard object. Johnson has experience while caring for his gambling uncle. He quickly handled the injuries, but what about the drugs……

Johnson is restless.

He certainly knew that people who use drugs couldn’t see anything else when in front of drugs.

From the thug’s dialogue, Johnson heard that everything is because of him. Doubt bred in the heart of the teenager, and he began to suspect that female teacher Katie and lawyer Charlie, but Mr. Morenza……

At this time Federico woke up. He instinctively wanted to stand up, but after seeing Johnson’s panicked face and their surroundings, he slowly laid down. He had a splitting headache, and butterflies in his stomach. His coma made him unable to consciously control his body, but Federico knew what happened to him after he was attacked.


“Mr. Morenza……”

“Remember my words, your name is Hulakan, and your future involves the fate of many people.” Federico tried to make his voice clearer. He used the most simple sentences to tell that this world is a book, and what the main character Johnson Brown will encounter.

He did not evaluate the book Johnson’s life, nor judge the Savior’s choice, and even advice that he doesn’t trust anyone’s opinion.

“This is what you should know.”

After struggling with these words, Federico saw black spots. He urged Johnson to leave, warning him, “The new drug’s hallucination effect is becoming more obvious. I will not be myself, and there’ll be monsters everywhere, you must leave!”

Johnson was blurred to his unfocused gaze, but his stern expression made him tremble in fright.

A large group of monsters attracted to high-level ability holders was gathered outside the basement.

Johnson heard the roars. When he turned and ran out, Federico is relieved. He is lied down on the cold, damp floor, and suddenly felt like he was back before he crossed over.

In that dilapidated house, gravely ill, a singer who can only create but doesn’t have the ideal voice, residing in a small bar, orphaned, can’t find a way out, and impoverished.

The first time he heard a question in his dream asking him if he wanted to transmigrate, he refused since although he can’t eat much, he had hope. He had a healthy body, and he felt it was absurd to cross to the world of 《Outcast》. The following year, that voice appeared again.

This time, he was suffering from illness, and the person who snatched his score began a nationwide tour. He heard the voice again when he was about to die. He was conscious and wanted to live, so he agreed after hesitating.

He blinked and found himself to be a seven-year-old boy with a gunshot in his body. Covered in blood, the man who was crying with the child in his arms looked at him in amazement. He didn’t have time to say anything before he fainted because of his injuries……

Wolf’s enemies shot his family in retaliation, and the only one who survived is Wolf Morenza’s nephew.

No, his nephew has long since died.

How similar, it is also a basement.

Federico doesn’t understand why he was born again in the boy’s body. The fatal wound soon healed, and the boy’s uncle looked after him for more than a month because of his injuries.

A real child, of course, can’t take care of the wounded and would have waited for aid.

Wolf’s nephew is dead. He is just a substitute for this body to live. Wolf made his fortune in a few years, but Federico didn’t ask him to do anything, only tasking him to bring home food.

And then he left Wolf Morenza early because no matter who, you won’t be happy to see a thief, and now this stolen life is coming to an end.

His whole body seemed to have worms crawling inside, letting Federico know that the drug addiction has started.

He twisted and rolled, making a terrible scream, scratching the ground with his nails, and using his head to bang against the wall. It is a struggle of willpower. Amidst the pain of dying, he’s forgotten the last 20 years, as if going on top of high tide.

Unconscious, wake up, then lose consciousness, over and over again.

When Federico is conscious again, he felt that someone is feeding him water. He opened his eyes and found a shocked teenager jumped back a couple of meters like a cat and hid in the corner, quietly looking at him, as if afraid that he would go crazy again.


Didn’t you leave?

The corner of Federico’s mouth twitched. Johnson approached him cautiously, and looked surprised, “Mr. Morenza, you’re awake?”

“Those people?” Just a few words, but Federico felt it was very difficult.

Johnson got up all of a sudden, and almost buried his head to his chest, “D……dead.”


Johnson nodded in a panic. Those people followed the traces of monsters and chased them. He could not leave with Federico, but he did not dare distract the monsters and leave Federico here.

Federico is a little lost. Abandoned World is so dangerous, but the protagonist Johnson will one day be named the god of hurricane and thunderstorms. Of course, killing people is inevitable, but knowing it and seeing it is two different things.

“I, next time I……”

“Good boy, you are very smart,” Federico remembered the clothes that Johnson used to rescue him.

As an orphan himself, he’s eager to receive praise but never did. His blood-stained palm touched the boy’s dirty face, and Federico sighed in his heart.

Johnson suddenly cheered up. He took a white bra and went to showed it to Federico.

“I saw this show called Magical Gathering in the TV about shopping that Katie watched. The model is a man and got an A bust after wearing it. There is a store in a neighborhood. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to wear it. Sure enough, I wasn’t found out.”


STB Chapter 121: Comfort
STB Chapter 123: Cause of Death

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