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STB Chapter 123: Cause of Death
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With the benefits of the blue lizard, Geng Tian finally recovered.

When he tried pulling on his face muscles, he can show a stiff expression. It is much better than the slanting eye caused by severe facial paralysis. Abandoned World has no advanced instruments to check the brain, but after observing his movements and reactions, the brain damage they were most worried about has not appeared for the time being.

Geng Tian’s awake. It’s a significant event for Red Dragon and Black Abyss.

Not to mention the combat powers of an A-class ability holder, it’s also because before Geng Tian became injured and unconscious, he was in close contact with Dr. Mad. In the search for this dangerous element, Geng Tian’s memories are crucial.

“He’s the same as in the video, wearing those exaggerated clothes, and not very young. I estimate he’s about 40 years old.”

Geng Tian’s occupation is a bodyguard. He has seen people in many shapes, just that he didn’t go abroad very much. The difference between the habits of China’s wealthy class and international so-called high society is still quite significant.

Geng Tian sat on a round table. On his left side are four or five people from Black Abyss, including Jian Hua and Li Fei. There’s also Old Cheng. On his right is Red Dragon’s Major Zhang, Guan Ling, as well as several criminal forensics investigators, and personnel studying criminal psychology.

They aren’t the most professional personnel among Red Dragon, but to sit here, they must be ability holders first of all.

They are responsible for asking questions. The questions that Li Fei thought of are already listed, so Li Fei can sit there and immerse in thinking.

“Dr. Mad’s costume and mask, is it the same as in the video?”

“……not the same one, a little different.” Geng Tian thought back for half a minute before answering. He engaged in security work, so he’s also concerned about the details.

“But at first glance, it’s basically the same?”

“It’s like this, I don’t know much about carnival costumes, so with that obvious color and dress up, even if the difference is great, I will subconsciously think of Dr. Mad.”

Zhang YaoJin turned his head to the side to see the recorder draw a small fork behind “paranoid tendencies of criminals.”

Three spaces are waiting to be filled in later. It corresponds to the characteristics of a serial killer. Many such criminals will insist on using the same thing, even if not, the traces left are completely similar.

Now the piece of paper is filled less than half. The result is not optimistic.

In addition to the apparent desire of Dr. Mad to perform and anti-social tendencies, the other behavioral characteristics are not obvious.

“Caucasian, age is about 35 to 50, real personality may be in contrast with everyday performance, even a huge contrast, because personality is not suddenly formed. His friends and family should know his faults, but……not much is known about this. Dr. Mad may be single, unmarried, long-term separated, or divorced.”

Because no one could guess the true identity of Dr. Mad based on the book, and no one came out to expose him.

The premise is that the book is logically reliable……

The book transmigrators can’t wait to drag and beat the author, in fact, Red Dragon also wanted to do so.

Guan Ling hesitated before saying, “Even people who are engaged in scientific research are usually mad, so even if he’s weird and incomprehensible, no one will be surprised, right?”

“He is not necessarily a scientist. Many people study paralytic toxins through their work, such as the drug research and development department, cosmetics factory, zoo, and botanical garden staff. There are also many private research institutions abroad, and there’s no way to check.”

“The situation now is different from the book. There have been no mass casualties in the real world, so if a person suddenly disappeared, or traveled to the East, it will always attract attention. The idea of being single is fascinating. I think I can add another one, a researcher who lost his job or resigned in the last six months.” Li Fei overlapped his hands, his mouth slightly raised.

Some clues won’t work. If the government want to investigate, they have to at least wait until the end of the Abandoned World.

However, a year later……what will happen to reality is difficult to predict.

Some corrupt governments may fall directly. If the gangs became too big, conflict and war would break out. Some countries will split, and some states will be paralyzed. The North is not optimistic about the world situation.

“He mentioned Italy.” Geng Tian said in a skeptical tone, “He said that he traveled halfway through Italy to find a prey. Haicheng’s high-order abilities are many since he easily encountered two A-class.”

“Usually, the information intentionally revealed are fake, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that his brain pumped it out.” The Red Dragon member responsible for recording saw the atmosphere dull, so he casually joked.

Geng Tian does feel that the casual rhetoric about Italy is false information. He clenched his fist.

He can handle Dr. Mad’s plants although the other party is S-class. But the other party didn’t rely on strength to win and instead put trap after trap.

“Dr. Mad should have a series of follow up plans. He doesn’t want his plans to go down the drain when he suddenly entered the Abandoned World.”

Everyone shares this idea of Red Dragon.

Guan Ling quietly said, “He may not be a real madman. Geng Tian felt that his actions are planned. The concentrated attack in Haicheng to test the effect of mushrooms on vines, then going to Geng Tian. Dr. Mad admitted that he put toxins on his vines. Even if not absorbed by the hyphae, it will still harm other people within the scope of the attack. The challenge letter is a cover. It’s to experiment on A-class ability holders.”

Jian Hua did not take that disgusting “love letter” to heart at all. There is no objection to Dr. Mad’s attempt to cover up the motives of his attack.

Li Fei does not think so. He mentioned one thing, “If no one knows who Dr. Mad is, how did he know his cause of death?”

The words are a little confusing, but the meaning is clear.

The book transmigrators told the “destiny” of the book characters. Dr. Mad is different from other characters in the book. Li Fei’s identity is exposed, and Jian Hua has his name and personality to prove his identity. Not to mention the protagonist, even Red Scorpion who is not officially named, has a description of his appearance, color, and eyes. Before the emergence of Abandoned World, he’s a notorious tyrant——even if a book transmigrator came to Dr. Mad’s side, how would he recognize him?

“Have you found the basement where he recorded the video, or the carnival costume, and carnival effects?”

Li Fei proposed one by one. H also threw out the discovery he found online about Dr. Mad’s secret account with the seemingly dull painting video: Drawing a large constellation in the sky above seawater, and a cross in the sea.

“He knows Geng Tian’s nickname, and know how he died. He also knew the death of Poseidon through some other channel……”

“What, Poseidon died?” Guan Ling blurted.

Several Red Dragon members also looked up. Zhang YaoJin’s expression became complicated.

News of the death of Poseidon is information handed over from Russia. The truth has not yet been confirmed, because the book mentioned that Poseidon is an “heir to a consortium.” However, no one with such status died. Greece has indeed had two abnormal tsunamis, and they discovered signs of activity from the Holy Gate organization there which is very suspicious.

“Did Europe found their S-class ability holder?”


This is not a secret, because many countries in Europe is not united. Some countries suspected that they’d found Poseidon but wouldn’t say it, so they expedited and protested through the tacit diplomatic channels of the world.

Zhang YaoJin rubbed his eyebrows, wearily saying, “News from the North said that there’s a seventy percent chance that Poseidon might have died.”

Everyone looked at him, waiting for substantial evidence to back up this speculation.

“Taking inspiration from book transmigrators, if someone came very early with ten to twenty years to prepare……” Zhang YaoJin’s eyes fell on Jian Hua. The latter quickly thought of Lu Zhao.

——this is not a pleasant experience.

Jian Hua’s mouth pulled at the corners. The undisguised little expression showed his displeasure.

“In the US, someone instigated the forces of the underworld to toss out the Holy Gate organization. They are very concerned about the power balance since they’ve penetrated to all walks of life. As they’re so close to obtaining victory over the plot, it’s not surprising that they’re so bothered.”

Changed to China, there are illegal meetings, illegal possession of firearms, and cold mainstream society atheism. There is no elite school to divide which are the elites……many organizations don’t even have decent personnel. With no foundation established, they still hope to have the backing of US’ underworld?

Even if they established an organization, won’t it be swallowed up by Black Abyss?

“To establish power, they would find and influence the main characters. This intention is obvious. Most book transmigrators have done so.” Major Zhang nodded and said, “All of you here, although high-order abilities with power in your identities, you’re not one of them.”

Including Zhang YaoJin himself.

He is the Major of Secret Service Department Red Dragon. His subordinates are not loyal to him but loyal to the country.

Besides if they want to find, be close, and influence Zhang YaoJin, this difficulty is on the level of a spymaster.

Everyone looked at Li Fei: Even an international actor can’t rely on his fans to survive in the Abandoned World.

Li Fei smiled, spreading his hands, “Indeed, but Poseidon is different. He is a billionaire, heir to a consortium and has a net worth of tens of billions. A celebrity has money, but the money in my hands did not matter much. Business people who master and can influence the European economy are different. Money can affect elections, can invest in politics, and can hire the best mercenaries.”

What an envious power.

Jian Hua had a faint guess, just as he heard Major Zhang say, “After the tsunami in Greece, there are several young men with distinguished lineage who died while on vacation. They are not heirs to a huge family business, but the brothers that are still alive are.”

“Ah!” Guan Ling reacted. Having had years to plan, they would have “plotted” to be within Poseidon’s close circle. Poseidon was originally the heir to the family, but now he lost to his brother. Because of the change in identity, even the news of being dead cannot be confirmed.

“Who ruined him, and who betrayed him, these are meaningless. An S-class ability holder died, so the pattern of Abandoned World has changed.” Major Zhang talked to himself.

Li Fei said with arms crossed, “Exactly, we are leaving Haicheng.”

Geng Tian was taken aback. The other Red Dragon members looked at each other.

Zhang YaoJin is not surprised. Haicheng’s monsters have gradually been cleared by the ability holders, recovering more than half of the city in three months, but the crisis won’t disappear with the monsters. If Black Abyss wants to develop, it’s more advantageous to go to more places with monsters.

“North, or South?”

“South. We’ll divide into two groups, try to find Dr. Mad, and get rid of him.”

STB Chapter 123: Cause of Death
STB Chapter 125: Clue

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