STB Chapter 133: Trap

STB Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You
STB Chapter 134: Confrontation

Jian Hua heard and stared blankly as he carefully looked at the “girl.”

It feels like a girl because he has long hair, all hanging on the side of the face. The bangs hid some of the eyes, and he used a worn pink hairpin to hold it. He is wearing large clothes that don’t fit perfectly, was small and thin, and acted as if wanting to run at any time.

After Li Fei revealed his gender, the “girl” was startled. He stepped back two steps, and his expression turned wary.

Through Jian Hua’s power feedback, this spot is bright and dazzling. Its owner doesn’t know how to cover up his strength, flashing like a star in the night.

This feels far more powerful than Dr. Mad……

Johnson Brown, codename Hulakan, the God of lightning and hurricane, double system S-class ability holder.

Jian Hua couldn’t help but look around, hoping to find another teenager or something near the ruins. However, apart from the giant spider and corpses, only three of them are living.

The thin young boy in front of his eyes seemed to be probing with an equally powerful field.

Scared at facing the “strong enemy,” Jian Hua and Li Fei are wise not to talk to Johnson.

——the sudden appearance of two strangers blurted out his gender, this experience is terrible.

After half a minute of stalemate, the teenager slowly retreated. His skinny arms and legs are taut, like a little panther. When he found that the “enemy” did not chase, he quickly fled into the distance.

The hyphae reluctantly didn’t chase, forcibly controlled by Jian Hua to bundle up the spider next to him.

Bright sky, not night.

The ruins still have remaining buildings, and looked dilapidated, like the slums seen on TV, coupled with the teenager who just ran away……

“We went abroad?”

“Should be.” Jian Hua determined because there are no traces of mushrooms here.

When the giant spider world coincided with the Abandoned World, it can send them to another country on the other side of the ocean. This is unexpected, but no matter what, it’s always a good thing to be back on Earth.

There’s no food in the forest and no water, Li Fei also did not eat for almost a day.

The priority is not to be truthful with the teenager protagonist but to look for food.

This for high-order ability holders who naturally attract monsters is not so difficult.

Half an hour later, they managed to cook a broth in a broken pot. The meat is from a python. This monster has thick scales, and the meat is very tender. It was a few meters long but burned by Li Fei beyond recognition. Only two sections as wide as the palm survived, and just washed it and put it in the pot.

The power is too strong, and he can’t even grasp the heat for barbecue, but boiling the broth is barely passable. This craft was developed after Li Fei burned through a dozen pots. With the ingredients mainly the python and water, even if the soup is a little burnt, he took a bite and went motionless.

Jian Hua doesn’t have to eat. The food was terrible, and he really couldn’t look at it.

A person who eats alone is always lonely.

If one person only ate, it will be bad if he doesn’t finish. Since it won’t take long before the prey was caught, faced with this pot of broth, Jian Hua will still eat some.

Python meat is good with everything, but it doesn’t taste anything, and they can’t find any seasoning in a hurry.

There’s no taste, so Jian Hua’s interest in eating waned. He suddenly went alert, looked up and saw a head emerge from the distant wall.


The python broth is very fragrant. Jian Hua can tell that he thought this is part of a “smells very nice, but can’t eat” top food list. He didn’t expect they could rely on it to “trap” the protagonist.

Knowing the original story, and not being interested in Johnson is false. No one likes a person destined to kill you. If Johnson is a normal adult, and Li Fei is not there, Jian Hua wanted to punch the other in the face.

However, his height only reached 1.4 meters, a teenager who could be a junior high school student in China. The way this is going, he won’t be able to punch him.

“Isn’t he fifteen?” Jian Hua turned his head, puzzled and asked Li Fei.

“Perhaps there are other reasons.”

Poseidon is dead, not getting the identity of being an heir to a consortium like in the book. The book transmigrators around Johnson Brown is even more rampant. During Johnson’s growth, they can’t even point out what went wrong.

“That’s not right, Abandoned World’s monsters, except for the meat of the blue lizard that would accelerate wound healing, didn’t they found out that some other monster meat can promote bone growth after eating?”

He heard that the Red Dragon base directly classified it as a drug for treating trauma and bone injury.

“High order ability holders would attract all monsters so hasn’t he eaten one?”

“Can’t cook?” Li Fei proposed a reasonable guess.

If he called out a ray of thunder, the food would be burnt entirely, how can he eat.

“There isn’t even a fire system ability holder around him?” Jian Hua thought that book transmigrators should have found the protagonist, or be picked up by the American Abilities Bureau. This is the Savior, and may also be the anchor of this world. Anyone can die except for Johnson.

Li Fei thought about it, and quickly found the key to the problem, “Even you think he’s a girl……this is probably a disguise to avoid tracking.”

Somehow they came abroad, and also met the protagonist. If they didn’t do anything, they’d be sorry since this is simply a godsend.

——can’t directly kill him. If the child is provoked, two S-class ability holders may not be able to solve Johnson without any damage.

The actor revealed a meaningful smile, “First look at the living conditions of our Savior.”

They left the ruins and hid their energy traces with hyphae.

Because they perceived the presence of a strong enemy, the Flame Beast and the Dark Behemoth became restless. The dark behemoth changed from an idle crouching state to a ready to attack posture, eyeing and drooling over that presence.

Delicious ah. It’s the first time it had seen such a delicacy in its life. It’s better than the domesticated reserve grain.

When the behemoth saw the flame beast stand up, it angrily and excitedly looked over——otherwise, throw this guy out as bait? Don’t want to throw out the reserve grain over new food!

In reality, the two men used the broth to lead the protagonist. They held their breath and watched in silence for the reaction of the teenager.

Johnson quickly approached the pot and hesitated. He turned around, grabbed a mole rat, and came back. The mouse as big as a cat, dizzy because of the wind, had Johnson forcibly pour the broth into its mouth.

He waited for a few minutes and found that the rat didn’t have any adverse reactions. The teenager was relieved and poured the broth into the jug that he brought.

Along the way, Johnson looked left and right, very alert.

If they want to track him, it’s hard not to be found. Fortunately, Jian Hua has a power feedback sensor, so they don’t need to hide and seek behind him. Johnson’s power is too conspicuous. In fact, even in a gathering area of ability holders, the light spot that represented him would not be confused with anyone.

Li Fei found one thing, here doesn’t seem to be the US.

Iron fence, run-down buildings, robberies everywhere on the street, there’s also the very obvious pointed straw hat.

“It seemed to be the border between Mexico and US.”

The identity of ability holders are complex, but with the chaos, the place where Johnson hid is a school.

When he came back with the broth, Federico just woke up. He leaned against a shabby desk chair. Except for the whole person losing a circle, his mental state is excellent as he flipped over a map.

Once the jug is opened, Federico smelled the broth and was somewhat surprised.

“Where did it come from?”

They haven’t had a good meal in three months. Not to mention soup, the fire ability holders who can cook are asking for a price. Federico has risked getting prey after his body improved. The result is that the other party saw him alone, and even if he doesn’t want to, they directly turned and robbed him.

It’s even more impossible for Johnson to come out. To avoid the tracking of Holy Gate organization and drug dealers, Johnson sometimes pretended to be a polio patient with a crooked walk, and sometimes like this, making people misunderstand his gender.

Being a child is a weakness in itself, and also unremarkable, but it should solve the people with malicious intent.

Some people just saw a girl and had evil thoughts, while some had the idea of eating people like Red Scorpion……these can’t catch prey but put their eyes on the same kind that doesn’t look vicious. They want to fight but don’t have the skills, yet mess around with food.

Federico is not worried Johnson will be fooled, he was worried about what food Johnson had snatched back.

“There were two powerful ability holders.” Johnson still remembers the strange sight of the two suddenly appearing in the ruins. He hesitated to ask, “Are there more space ability holders except for Red Scorpion?”

Federico heard the name, and immediately wary, asked what happened.

To let Johnson feel that those ability holders are “strong,” this is not a joke.

“They have black hair, black eyes……”

“Don’t talk.” Federico suddenly covered the boy’s mouth, pale and looking at the swaying little mushroom at the corner.

They lived in the classroom for two days but didn’t see anything like this before.

“Can you see anything on the wall?” Federico looked at the mottled grey wall.

As a powerful ability holder, the teenager felt it more acutely and nodded, “There is some white silk, like spider silk, fluttering in the wind……that’s not right, there’s no wind!

The teenager is suddenly wide-eyed and stood in front of Federico, “Mr. Morenza, quickly enter the space.”

Every time they’re in danger, the main reason why they’re lucky enough to survive is by relying on Federico’s space. If they can’t beat it, then they hid. Not only the monster can’t find it, but the ability holders also can’t do anything.

Usually, Johnson stays outside to deal with the enemy; the weak Federico took the initiative to enter the space not to drag his hind legs. But this time, Federico uncharacteristically shook his head with a wry smile, telling to Johnson, “Too late.”

If it’s the two people he knew——

The Flame Demon has magic eyes, and the mycelium could cover the space and devour the ability within it. It’s useless to hide.

More and more mushrooms grew along the walls. In an instant, the window is blocked by a huge cap, and the room went dark. Johnson firmly pulled on Federico’s cuffs. He felt that he didn’t want to see any mushrooms on his table all his life.

“They’re coming.” Johnson gently gasped.

The sound of fingers snapping came from the darkness.

A fireball that popped up overhead illuminated the room. Two figures stood at the door, their body entangled with swimming mycelium, and mushroom caps erected like umbrellas over their heads.

The teenager nervously moved.

This is the nearest they’ve been, and he first sensed the power field.

The flame beast and dark behemoth looked at the “prey” unkindly: A chubby American raccoon angrily bared its teeth at them.

The author has something to say: 

Although he looks cute on the surface, it’s very ferocious, and can destroy something. The teeth can also bite small animals (including domestic pets)……it’s very difficult to deal with

STB Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You
STB Chapter 134: Confrontation

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