STB Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You

STB Chapter 131: Peer
STB Chapter 133: Trap

“What, they fell into the void and disappeared?” Zhang YaoJin stared at the person who came to report.

Are you kidding, Jian Hua and Li Fei had an accident? Back to the real world, how would he explain to Colonel Lu?

“What happened?”

“This……according to Geng Tian, they caught up with Dr. Mad in a small town. A group of giant spiders suddenly appeared, then a hole split the sky, and all three S-class ability holders are missing.”

The Red Dragon team member reporting understood the seriousness of the problem. The Ganzhou Highway Anomaly report is still circulating internally. The giant worm can drag ordinary people into the Abandoned World. Now, Li Fei and Jian Hua may be trapped in an unusual place.

When the Black Abyss ability holders left, they didn’t bring the Corgi, and S-class can’t solve the problem.

“Major, this happened a month ago. The people of Black Abyss turned the ruined town several times and waited for a few more days. There’s no clue, so Geng Tian sent people to tell the news to Haicheng.”

Major Zhang has a solemn look, “How many people know about it?”

“Transportation is inconvenient in the Abandoned World, and a long time has passed since the information arrived here. Currently, no one at the base knows, but near the site of the incident, Geng Tian may not be able to retrain those ability holders that are not from Black Abyss.”

In other words, they can’t conceal it.

Zhang YaoJin took a deep breath. He waved his hand with a headache, signaling the subordinate to leave the office.

He learned from Lu Zhao the ending of the “book.” In his heart, he does not want to see Jian Hua become the enemy of Red Dragon. How much damage an S-class ability holder can cause, they just have to look at Dr. Mad to know. But to end the Abandoned World, Red Dragon is destined to run counter with Black Abyss.

No, Black Abyss is nothing. This is not the book’s mysterious organization Black Abyss.

With no foundation, it won’t amount to anything.

The hard part is how to find a way out for Jian Hua, and to find a way to survive. The outcome of being banished along with the Abandoned World, even Zhang YaoJin felt guilty.

“Major, TuanTuan……”

Zhang YaoJin’s subordinate wanted to ask if he would like to dispatch the Corgi to save people when there was a sudden burst of noise outside the base.

With more and more people in the Red Dragon base, they became more strict. Naturally, there are crooked minded ability holders. They dare not directly face Red Dragon, but it’s common to incite or fuss with each other in private.

Especially this time when Abandoned World lasts too long. It’s been almost three months now, and many ability holders are desperate, thinking that they would stay in such a terrible place all their lives. The fear for the State machinery has also dropped to three points.

Bullets are always going to end it, but compared to military ability holders, of course, the number of civilian ability holders are more.

Fortunately, the general discipline is fine. They don’t let them take things from the city for no reason, especially valuables, and it’s not permitted to destroy buildings. In this hell where they should abide by the law, can some people endure it?

Black Abyss, led by Zhang Tao, has become tricky. They disapprove of “continuing to assist Red Dragon” just because Black Abyss has the backing of S-class ability holder. However, they dare not openly raise objections and don’t dare leave.

If you let them know what happened to Li Fei……

Zhang YaoJin frowned, ready to go out and see to it personally when the skinny man Zhao Wen came over, looking tense.

“Reporting to Major, four giant spiders appeared in front of the cafeteria building.”


“The void space trapped one of them. We killed the remaining three, but many ability holders didn’t listen to commands. There have been casualties at the scene, requesting Major to hurry and assist.”

Zhang YaoJin immediately went out.

The open space in front of the building is unrecognizable. It’s full of spider silk and hard to get rid off once it sticks. There’s even paralysis toxin when skin directly touched spider silk; many entangled ability holders have fallen, and it became a scene of chaos.

“Those below D-class retreat.”

“Attack the giant spider’s eyes. Burn the spider silk with fire!”

After a few calls, they managed to keep the situation under control. Major Zhang pulled out his gun, aimed at a giant spider chasing a Red Dragon member and quickly pulled the trigger.

The spider has crooked its body, and the bullet passed through a leg joint when it went forward.

This slowed its movement, letting the Red Dragon member in danger successfully escape.

The ice blade that Zhao Wen threw followed and hit the other two legs of the giant spider. The spider’s feet are sharp, and can easily pierce solid objects. Even standing on ice, it wouldn’t slip.

“Get rid of the spider silk first……”

Zhang YaoJin’s words have not finished yet when there’s a visible shaking phenomenon in front of their eyes.

“We’re going back!” Some yelled in surprise.

Red Dragon members are stunned. Isn’t it at least one year? How did Abandoned World end so soon?

Even Zhang YaoJin think so as he sucked a breath of cold air. The city is still in ruins; they haven’t cleaned up the rubble, and the collapsed bridged is still not cleared since the stones aren’t moved. Why are they going back to the real world!

The shaking appeared faster but ended soon.

The spider is still in place, not far away are the mushrooms, it seemed like nothing has changed.

“We……came back?” The ability holders looked around uncertainly. Their expression slowly became anxious as they desperately shook their heads, trying to convince themselves, “It’s certainly because it’s night. Here is the suburbs, so there are no people.”

Some people reached out and found that the second’s hand in their watch is still motionless.

In fact, when they saw the spider, they already have the answer in their hearts. They just don’t want to admit it.

Zhang YaoJin’s gaze fell on the bodies of the people wrapped in spider silk. If he’s not mistaken, there was no one there before.

The man heard a loud sound, looked up surprised, and a bunch of English spewed out of his mouth.

If he weren’t wrestling with the spider, everyone would be shocked.

“Take the people away.” Major Zhang ordered.

The Red Dragon member has not yet started, but this sorry looking man, the bearded man jerked himself to the side of the road, fiercely grabbed a piece of dried meat from someone else’s pocket, and hungrily gobbled it up.

Food is the most valuable thing in the Abandoned World. The robbed ability holder didn’t give up and furiously clenched his hands.

As a result, this punch did not hit the real thing, and stopped three feet in front of the “wild man’s” nose bridge, as if something invisible stopped it.

“Power field?” No wonder even if he’s wrapped in spider silk, he can still move freely and not affected by the toxin. It turned out the spider silk can’t directly touch this person.

If he has a “field,” he’s at least an A-class ability holder.

Zhang YaoJin quickly stopped his subordinates about to execute his order.

Not waiting, he did it himself. The man who finished the meat touched his stomach with oily hands, and gave a satisfied sigh, his excited eyes shining.

“He’s saying; it’s not an illusion, the meat is real.” Zhao Wen translates for Major Zhang.


Although there are survivors in the Abandoned World, most are like refugees. However, this man seemed to come out of an ancient forest, covered in mud with no shoes, and spider silk wrapped around his ragged clothes……this is not a refugee, he’s simply a savage.

Probably seeing the Red Dragon member holding a gun, the savage also pulled out a gun from his ragged clothing and watched them with vigilance.

This person is very strange, like a madman. Obviously, he’s a foreigner from the color of his eyes. And the only foreigner currently in China that is A-class and above seemed to be Dr. Mad……

Zhang YaoJin immediately used his ability. The gun in the hand of the savage made a strange noise. The trigger went off, and the muzzle bent. After a few seconds, the revolver along with several bullets fragmented.

The savage bowed in surprise, and shouted in English with a complicated look, “Metal control? I know, you are Zhang, Red Dragon’s Major Zhang, the Chinese ability holder.”

“You are standing here but don’t know where you are?”

“I don’t know……I was in a forest filled with spiders just a moment ago.” The savage hesitantly looked around. This style of architecture seemed only to be seen in East Asia.

“Is this China?” The savage is stunned.

Zhang YaoJin narrowed his eyes and did not speak. The Red Dragon member who came to serve as the translator told the savage that because the giant spider suddenly attacked, and also occupied the open space in front of the cafeteria, no one here has the time to eat and have dinner.

The savage did not say anything. He brushed up the sleeves that split into strips and joined the battlefield.

The whirlwind sent the spider directly into the sky, then heavily fell. The other spiders soon flew up. After a few trips, their legs are broken. The giant spiders screamed angrily.

The crowd swarmed, quickly knocking down all spider’s legs. They used clay at the part of the spider’s abdomen where silk came out.

“Wind system ability?”

Not Dr. Mad, this made Red Dragon members including Zhao Wen relieved.

Then they thought, a foreign A-class and above ability holder. Only two people can control the wind, one is the protagonist, and one is an Australian engineer of a wind power company named Rem.

The protagonist is only 14, so this bearded man’s identity is almost certain.

The A-class wind system ability holder Rem in the book is not convinced of Johnson’s ability. Because Australia is too remote, Rem’s story is very biased. Although he has the strength of an A-class, he did not participate in the War of Ability Holders. It was only when the ability holders of various countries initiated a meeting between them that Rem appeared as a representative of Australia.

Red Dragon has studied the book character’s data many times, but since it’s based on book transmigrators, no one has paid attention to the “other” A-class ability holders.

Seeing Rem skillfully deal with the spider, clap his hands and came over, Major Zhang finally recovered.

“You’re good. Welcome to China, do you……know me?”

“Heard people talk.” Rem reached out his hand, then found himself dirty and smelly. He was very embarrassed and shrink his arm back. His eyes lit up as he incoherently spoke up, “It’s terrible. When I thought my life could not be worse, God gave me a bigger joke. I mean……it’s very good that I finally returned to Earth!”

The translation is a bit confusing. He can understand the meaning, but how to combine it?

What is this exaggeration of finally coming back to Earth, a proverb?


Jian Hua went out of the forest. In the end, they didn’t see the scene outside the light. With his back against Li Fei, the two warily looked around.

After the fierce shaking all around, the surroundings became clear. They appeared on an old road. Sewers were flowing, walls are full of graffiti, and a corpse laid under a brick wall not far away.

Giant spiders are lying on the roof next to them. A skinny girl holding a water bottle in her hand, because of being scared, the kettle fell on the ground with a bang.

The girl with a large red T-shirt that covered up to her legs has a scared expression, but the pair of clear blue eyes are calm and beautiful.

Does the giant spider world also have a civilization, or did they return to the Abandoned World?

Li Fei was about to speak when he felt Jian Hua stop in front of him.

“Don’t.” Jian Hua’s voice is tinged with unusual rapidity, “She is a high-level ability holder. The power feedback meant she’s stronger than you and me.”

“……No, it’s a him.” Li Fei emphasized his gender in English.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, can it be hidden in the eyes of the Movie Emperor?

The author has something to say: 

Giant spider world: Thank you, please call me global transfer gate for any high-order ability holder

Ride conditions: A-class and above

Opening condition: The parallel universe must pass by earth~ lalala~

Arrival location: In front of random ability holders on Earth

STB Chapter 131: Peer
STB Chapter 133: Trap

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