STB Chapter 134: Confrontation

STB Chapter 133: Trap
STB Chapter 135: Travelling

This prey——not much meat ah! What’s the use of fat if it’s so short?

The dark behemoth looked at the violent atmosphere around the raccoon and knocked its paw to its face, very dissatisfied. Looking back at its own reserve grain, it has supple limbs and a flexible stature……it’s better than the ferocious little thing on the other side.

The flame beast is aggressive by nature. It can’t beat its “partner,” and the other side doesn’t pay attention to it, so life is boring. Now that there’s a chance to fight, it’s even more excited than anyone else.

The raccoon’s sharp teeth and claws gave the flame beast an extremely dangerous feeling.

Evenly matched opponent……no, the opponent might be stronger than itself!

The flame beast is eager to try, and can’t wait to fight. It wanted to smell blood, whether its a wound on itself or a wound on the enemy, it would be exhilarating.

“Snap.” The dark behemoth raised its paw and slapped it to the forehead of its own reserve grain.


The flame beast is stunned. The raccoon is also stunned, looking at them with round eyes, trying to distinguish who is the enemy.

The “field” conflict inexplicably ended. The three S-class ability holders didn’t feel anything, but Federico Morenza experienced a pressure comparable to a storm. The sharp terrible breath just covered the whole room resulting in visible cracks on the walls and the floor. If Johnson is not in front of Federico, the people standing in the range of the colliding fields would have spurted blood, their whole body cut with a sharp edge, and suffered countless small wounds.

Johnson first looked at Jian Hua, then at Li Fei.

These days, among the people who want to chase him down, there are also people who want to catch him alive. Johnson knows a little about the “plot,” but he quickly adapted to this terrible fate. He even flexibly used other people’s “stereotypes” to camouflage and escape their search, like pretending to be impetuous for people to despise him.

——the Savior Johnson Brown has a good heart and willing to trust others.

Some people think that Johnson can be easily deceived like in the plot. He was entranced by beautiful, charming women, so he’s definitely easy to fool.

Actually, some people just want to be kind.

Johnson lived in a poor environment. He knows the taste of hunger better than anyone else, and he understood what is suffering, yet he is a reliable and honest person.

As a strong man, Hulakan will help others. But as a teenager who had to guard Federico while running, he has no leisure nor enough ability to be good-hearted.

Relief food is not adequately nutritious, so the teenager’s physical growth stopped. After entering the Abandoned World, whatever good stuff he found, the teenager would all give it to Federico. He didn’t even allow himself to eat a few bites.

As an 18-year-old rookie of National Abilities Agency, it’s natural to blush and be attracted when he saw a hot woman. As a 15-year-old teenager who can’t even fill his stomach, how is he in the mood to feel these things?

Even if there’s admiration in this area, it would be gone after two or three encounters with those beautiful babes with ulterior motives. Especially if they’re all the kind of people that don’t take him seriously. If they thought that they would be able to seduce him like before, they should know that teenagers also have a temper. Of course, Johnson would get mad.

As long as Federico is awake, he will tell Johnson about the little tricks that gangsters and drug dealers liked to play. At this time, he doesn’t care about teaching children bad things, living is more important than anything else.

After seeing many things, the heart of the teenager is no longer simple.

When he saw Li Fei and Jian Hua, the first thing that comes to mind is how to make these two powerful ability holders distrust each other and let Federico escape.

Li Fei is shocked.

There’s someone else where the teenager protagonist lived and was also singlemindedly protected by Johnson. The identity of this person is very doubtful.

Li Fei exchanged a puzzled look with Jian Hua. Through the light of the fireball, he looked at the frail man.

Federico, like all Westerners, have more in-depth features and his drug addiction episodes gradually reduced these days, so he recovered some color. Although he did not shave to hide his face, the nature of the man is hard to change. Li Fei saw at a glance that Federico is not an ordinary person.

Federico also looked different when standing. He relied on his voice to eat, but his face is also an important factor, so a superstar needs to put in much effort. If male gods aren’t good at doing that, how can they make the fans think that they’re a male god? Can every handsome male do it?

The model’s physique lesson left a deep imprint in Federico’s habits, so Li Fei saw through it at a glance.

Actor? Model? Singer? All are possible.

What surprised Li Fei the most is that he always thought this person is a bit familiar. In the end, he can’t remember. After all, the face of a foreigner is a bit hard to identify.

Jian Hua also examined the fourth person in the room and tried to guess the identity of the other party.

He can’t see Federico’s occupation, but regarding the unknown person next to the protagonist, there are only so many identities. A book transmigrator, the people sent by forces like the Holy Gate organization, or the members of the National Abilities Bureau that the US just established.

Among the strong characters mentioned in the book, the villain boss is considered one, and the protagonist is also considered one.

Is Johnson raised, abducted, or influenced……these are essential factors that cannot be ignored. They were previously separated by the Pacific Ocean, so even if Li Fei wanted to investigate, he can’t. Now that the opportunity is at their fingertips, of course, they had to confirm.

More and more mushrooms grew in the room, and Johnson’s face tightened.

He looked uneasily at the climbing mycelium. He really wanted to call out wind to blow it far away, or a bolt of lightning to remove the large mushroom cap covering the window……

“Breathe. Don’t be nervous.”

At this time, Federico is very calm, because he knew that fear is useless.

When he saw Johnson went red to his neck with his body slightly trembling from shock, his hand reached out and instructed the teenager.

A warm palm touched the back of the teenager’s neck, gliding along the spine to the heart. Johnson obediently took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled.

The damage to Johnson caused by school violence is deep. He was very nervous, and it looked like fear, but in fact, it’s a precursor to the danger of his uncontrollable strength that wanted to destroy everything.

It’s not surprising that when he encountered a strong enemy, it would inspire such a reaction. Johnson would get nervous because of inexplicable things, such as mustard sauce, a book that fell into the cesspit, a leaky basketball, or a completely closed room with no light……

Because his ability running out of control can also hurt Johnson, Federico took this very seriously. He tried to get Johnson to come out on his own every time, and get rid of the shadows of the past.

The mycelium spread to their feet. Honestly, Federico wanted to step back. Everyone who read the book knew that once they fall into the siege of devouring mushrooms, they should give up on life since it depends on Jian Hua’s mood.

Federico simply ignored this hyphae that wanted to climb up, and patted the boy’s shoulder:

“Relax, you can do it, no matter what happens.”

Johnson took a deep breath. The unusual color on his face faded, and his body no longer shook.

“Good boy.” Federico habitually touched the teenager’s messy red hair.

Johnson raised his chest. This time, he stared at Jian Hua and Li Fei with not so sharp eyes, then loudly said, “Who are you? This is mine and……my territory. I didn’t steal your food, I picked it up since you’re finished eating.”

Li Fei held his arms up. He thought that this scene is fascinating.

Seeing Li Fei did not answer, the teenager is a little angry. His beautiful eyes widened, but when he wanted to say something else, Federico made a gesture implying him to stop.

“They are Chinese, and may not understand what you just said,” Federico told Johnson.

“Chinese?” teenager is a little surprised.

This is the second time he heard Mr. Morenza say something with emphasis. Last time, Mr. Morenza warned him not to go to China in the future.

—and so, is this trouble knocking on the door?

Facing the protagonist’s puzzlement, resentment, and curious eyes, Jian Hua silently turned his head.

Bullying a child, he really can’t.

Initially, he thought that a 15-year-old boy in the US is almost like an adult man in his twenties. The result is that Johnson is like this. Is every Hero malnourished, but still have to carry such a heavy burden?

“Hello, it’s our first time meeting, Dean.”

Federico used the English name on Li Fei’s personal website to name him. His Chinese is excellent, with a typical foreign accent, but the words are relatively clear.

The protagonist who can’t understand the dialogue is surprised, so Mr. Morenza can speak Chinese.

Li Fei is quite surprised. Because English is included in Chinese exams, it’s not difficult to find someone who can speak a few words of English in China, but people who speak Chinese in the US are rare.

Federico actually learned it for his own sake. Before meeting Johnson, he made up his mind to stay away from the plot. According to the plot settings, the Black Abyss organization is mysterious and huge and was even able to reach the US. He is the only nephew of East Coast’s godfather Wolf Morenza. Although the relationship between Federico and his uncle is complicated and not too close, the ability holders are certainly not afraid of Wolf Morenza’s influence, so it’s not surprising to make him hostage.

If he can understand what the others are saying, his survival chance would increase.

So not only Chinese, Federico also learned some French, Latin and Greek.

Except for French, the others are superficial knowledge because it’s too hard to learn……Federico, a musical genius of two generations, is not a language genius.

“I don’t understand why you came to the United States. You see, this child’s situation is not good. Abandoned World’s development is very fast, and just from age, Johnson has already lost……”

Federico’s words do not convey well in Chinese, so he struggled to explain.

Countries have information that book transmigrators brought. Whether it’s the smell removal agent against corpse crows, to the energy field covering the entire Abandoned World at the ending, the manufacturing process has already accelerated.

The frequency of monsters in Abandoned World also illustrated this, so there is no decade of global chaos. The fate of this world can’t wait for the teenager to grow up, so he was robbed by people with ulterior motives. The teenage Johnson can’t compete with these ambitious people.

Whether a person’s attitude is sincere or showing off, Li Fei could clearly see.

“I am very surprised.” Li Fei’s English is really ordinary. He can only cope with general communication during travel abroad, and this is still after the results of Star Entertainment Media’s collective training for its artists.

Not to mention Jian Hua, he can’t even tell the name of the burger shop or the hotdog shop.

“Who are you?” Li Fei still felt that the person is familiar.

“I am……”

He didn’t finish talking when the three S-class ability holders turned around at the same time. One wall of the building collapsed.

The powerful field barriers blocked the gravel, making it float in midair.

After Jian Hua entered the building, he made the mushrooms outside transparent, so the attackers did not know that there were two more people here. They just sweeped their machine gun. As a result, the bullets are all suspended in midair.

“Be careful!”

“Mr. Morenza!”

Several bullets came from the windows. There’s also a very vicious and sharp diamond warhead that would automatically pop open when inserted into a human body.

This bullet was fired from a high-energy sniper gun. It’s reasonable to say that it’s swift, but it did not fly at the intended target at all. Instead, it curved and hit the wall.

The three glanced at each other in surprise. It became evident that superimposing different power fields are more effective.

STB Chapter 133: Trap
STB Chapter 135: Travelling

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