STB Chapter 135: Travelling

STB Chapter 134: Confrontation
STB Chapter 136: Burrow

The grinning gunman ability holders waited for the dust to settle and reveal their figures.

What S-class, it’s just a kid who hasn’t grown up yet. No matter how powerful, he’s still flesh and blood. Those “ferocious” special bullets can even kill a beast.

The US has established the National Abilities Bureau, and they heard that they were looking for a little kid named Johnson.

Abandoned World’s battles have intensified, and the borders have become useless. In the past, you’d need to go through a lot of inspections to get in, but now, it’s just an empty guard house surrounded by walls.

For religious terrorists, gangsters, and South American drug lords, this is simply a dream come true.

Even more incredible is, all the destruction would “affect” reality.

They could “remove” the unsightly barriers, reach out to the oil-rich East Coast of the US, and bypass the fierce Wolf Morenza. Now the US government wanted to stop them in the Abandoned World? Don’t even think about it!

South American drug lords built a full chain of interests on bloodstained banknotes and had a tacit understanding with all parties, but when “doomsday” began, these are all bullshit.

What’s more, the drug lords, these big shots who only talk big aren’t even qualified to enter the Abandoned World. The people who initially obeyed orders, after being “wild” in the Abandoned World for so long, even the most loyal middle and senior subordinates began having ideas. They became more determined to wait until they returned to reality and immediately get rid of the boss.

These people, who’re willing to betray their own boss and want to control the other forces that were involved in the drug organization, would hesitate to confront the government? Consider the big picture? What situation? What benefits would they have if they don’t survive?

Don’t like someone, then beat them, kill if there’s a threat, what’s the use of talking.

The American Abilities Bureau is looking for an S-class Johnson, a clear indication that he’s important, so they found him unsightly. They heard that the nephew of old Wolf Morenza was with this kid. Such good luck, they can settle the two in one stroke.

“Wait, if Federico Morenza is not dead, just cut his legs off then take him away. We can feed him enough to survive. After returning to reality, we can find that old Wolf and extort a sum.”

The mob thought of going to the East Coast owned by the Morenza, very proud of themselves.

The East Coast gangs are all petty, hopeless guys in their eyes. After all, such a good site is in the hands of Wolf Morenza, making people envious.

They don’t usually want to cross the border since the area is too far apart and the US government is not dead yet. If they wanted to go to the East Coast, the only way is through smuggling, but there’s no freedom like in South America there.

Bottom line is it’s unfair. These guys remembered that if they wanted to make money, they had to kill, grab others’ supplies and fight to secure some turf. Why can Morenza just sit at home to collect money? They’re the same gangsters, but even if he got caught by the government, he wouldn’t even be sentenced to the death penalty. Here, there’d be shooting with the army every year.

Wolf Morenza also didn’t give their people a place to peddle drugs outside the underground black streets.

People thought about others according to their own logic. Wolf not letting them earn money is undoubtedly for him to earn more. The truth doesn’t matter. They just had to find them and get the goods, but the results are not like that. A few drug lords almost fought over who did it. They felt that the other side is just reluctant to admit it and were sulking, and not willing to share. After that, they sent people to stare at the other’s shipping channels.

After being tossed around for three to five months, everyone was angered by the goods disappearing, again and again, so they gathered together. No one admitted since they really didn’t give the order!

That is how Morenza himself found a place to secretly grew opium, and even using the big Canadian groups to circulate the goods over there. No matter what, he didn’t let the others get a big piece of fat, so Wolf immediately went to the blacklist of South American drug lords. Almost every year, they’d sent shooters to kill this guy.

A divided, chaotic East Coast underworld is, of course, more beneficial to them.

Some people wanted to do something to Wolf’s nephew, but Federico is a superstar. First of all, the security forces around him are tight. Secondly, Wolf doesn’t meet much with his nephew. Deciding that kidnapping is not going to work, they thought of killing Federico just to vent their anger although it wouldn’t solve the problem.

This is not a nameless insignificant person who died so his death would occupy the social news. It’s not good to be in such a big mess.

As for now——

“How can he still be alive, just kill him directly, then throw the body into Wolf’s spa villa.”

“Too far, who’ll carry the corpse while running, you?”

The thugs laughed. Those who held the sniper rifles felt something wrong. They didn’t hear the familiar screams, and the sound of the bullets exploding is not right.

It’s reasonable to say that the room is not big and since an earth system ability holder opened one of the walls, the places to escape to are also limited. They only saw their figures using the shadows, but there should at least be one bullet that hit the target.

Waiting for the smoke to slightly spread, they felt something’s wrong.

It seemed like their figures hadn’t moved in place……


The machine gun bullets failed to even reach the “field” before being blocked by a huge mushroom cap.

Bullets with high-speed momentum hit the hyphae, and there was a bright spark. If it were a real mushroom, it’d get burnt, but the mushrooms only squirmed, then “swallowed” the bullet in one bite.

“Wh, what is this?”

Everyone was shocked. The three walls of the room are gone, becoming one with the second floor. The collapse of the wall should have resulted in a chain reaction and made the building tilt, but now, a massive swarm of grey mushrooms acted as load bearing walls and barriers.

Johnson looked enviously at Jian Hua.

If he also had this ability, he didn’t have to escape while carrying the comatose Mr. Morenza.

The building collapsed too fast. Fortunately, Federico is sober, so they hid in the space and luckily escaped. However, his space became filled with the falling stones and broken bricks, so if they used the space, they’d immediately be killed. In the end, they had to rely on their hands and ability to remove the debris.

Li Fei found the position of a sniper at random. He directly turned that side into a sea of fire, not bothering to see if he can reach them or not.

With the heat wave, the temperature quickly rose.

The ability holders who heard the gunshots in the distance had already run. Some courageously stretched their heads to look, but they can’t see the mushrooms, only the flames. The range of the fire indicated that there’s a high-order ability holder, so they all shrank back.

The attackers were caught off-guard and ran away.

Anyway, they’re just the first wave of people, so it’s nothing if they ran. To deal with Johnson’s bizarre whirlwind of murder, they already made preparations.


A huge cannon sounded out. Not to mention the three S-class, even Federico felt it, and urgently expanded the space.

“Use your full strength to stop it.” Jian Hua said as he glanced at the teenage protagonist.

Johnson broke free of Federico’s hand and shook his head.

——space is just a different system of power. If it encountered a tremendous force, it would be damaged and possibly broken.

Others just heard the sound, but they felt its terrible power. Li Fei saw the source with his magic eyes: More than a thousand meters away from here, a big vehicle camouflaged against a pile of debris, slowly moved.

“What the hell.”

It’s really a tank.

It’s definitely brought in by a high-order space ability holder, estimated to be about B-class.

The power of the tank is almost like a missile. This tank might not be an advanced model, but if used against ability holders, it should be enough.

Tanks are designed not to be affected by lightning. The hurricane can move the vehicle but trying to put a 20-ton tank in the sky, even if the protagonist ate spinach, he won’t be able to do it. (T/N: In case you didn’t know, it’s a reference to Popeye. You know, the sailorman who gets stronger every time he ate spinach?)

There’s no time to complain as the shell razed the entire building to the ground.

Mushrooms rushed out, row after row creating a shield. The mycelium quickly pulled out to cover the surface of the building, but even though they’re fast enough, the shells are even faster.

The flame beast, which had been staring at the raccoon, shook its eyes, jumping behind the dark behemoth.

——it felt something powerful, with enough force to take its life.

The dark behemoth stood up. For the first time, it moved its body entirely out of the darkness. It looked like the flame beast, something with the characteristics of a beast, but unlike any specific animal. The difference is that the dark beast’s body and claws are like large predators such as lions, while the flame beast’s body shape is like a leopard’s.

The dark beast’s eyes are blood red as it let out a roar of anger.

The predator quickly received the same kind of recognition when the crisis arrived. The flame beast didn’t want to, but it expanded the intensity of the “field” from behind.

Two beasts at the same time, disgruntedly looked at the raccoon next to them desperately waving its claws to support its own “field.”

The chubby raccoon quickly realized that it couldn’t stop the attack. Once its host dies, it will also disappear. It immediately put aside its prejudice, not caring about the provocation of the two big guys next door, and went near the dark behemoth. It actively fused its “field” to theirs and formed a new “field.”

The three powers joined together are bound to be divided. It’s not so easy to fuse.

What made the chubby raccoon depressed is, these two big guys! Are cheaters!!

The flame beast blended its power with the dark behemoth which quickly condensed into one (it has experience, so they’re used to it). What can the displaced chubby raccoon say as all its power is handed over? It can’t endure and naturally lost to the “dominant power.”

The dark beast’s eyes became fierce. The abundance of power made it excited.

Jian Hua had never felt his body filled with so much power (the stuffed mushrooms don’t bother to come home). He doubted himself and waved his hand; he can even tear out a space crack.

All four people clearly saw the shells that came flying.

The effect of the fused “fields” appeared, the shells began to deviate from the target slowly.

Only, this is not enough. If it hit somewhere in the building, the effect would still kill them.

No matter how big the extent of the fields, it’s impossible to cover the entire building.

The shells flew more and more slowly, and the people outside saw this strange sight. There’s a problem with their foolproof plan, so they’re shocked.

The mushrooms had time, so it immediately stacked together. The mycelium desperately grew, their posture as if trying to wrap around the shells. Whether this whimsical method can be implemented is not known. Because of this situation, another round was fired.

The pressure of the “field” became too high. Johnson can’t help but fall to the ground. He tightly clenched his teeth, persevering in this awkward position.

The other two are not much better; Li Fei struggled to stand up several times. In the end, he can only support himself with one hand, so he doesn’t fall as blue veins appeared on the back of his hand, and his forehead became full of sweat.

Jian Hua has mushrooms propping him up, so the mushrooms absorbed the shock and transferred to the walls and floor.

The building began to shake.

No, if it goes on like this, even if the shells have not completely fallen, the building would collapse first.

Jian Hua concentrated on thinking about the void world, that dark space. Sweat freely flowed and soaked his eyes as he experienced bursts of pain. There was also the slight sound of bones creaking from the unbearable load.

His consciousness gradually blurred.

Suddenly, the surrounding scenery shook.

This time, it’s tremendous. The people stood very stable but seeing the surrounding scene blur made their hearts jump. They thought that they’re returning to the real world. Federico is anxious and helpless. Seeing that the three people in front of him are semi-conscious with two shells suspended midair without falling……

The shaking had not stopped when a person suddenly appeared in midair.

He was unlucky to be caught in the middle of the “fields” and shell. As a high-order ability holder, this person also has a “field.”

When another “field” suddenly appeared, the balance instantly broke, and the shells directly exploded on the surface of the “fields.” The building was turned into ruins in the sea of fire, and the fused “fields” rejected each other, instantly disappearing without a trace.

Mycelium wrapped its owner and reserve grain and quickly sprang to the “space crack” that has not completely closed.

Thinking about it, it also brought the new reserve grain.

Federico watched as Johnson was “abducted” by the mushrooms. The hyphae sucked his abilities without mercy, so the space that he quickly opened collapsed. Finally, relying on the tall mushroom umbrellas, he escaped being buried alive by the collapsed building.

Cough cough.”

When Federico climbed out of the rubble, he found the surroundings a mess. The abnormal explosion caught most of the people who attacked them since the explosion caused by the power fields are ten times more powerful than the shells.

“Mr. Morenza.”

A voice sounded out, and Federico became alert. Then he saw the bodyguards around his uncle. There are two or three confidants of Wolf, and they rushed over in a panic while exchanging fire with the surviving mob.

The “fields” mostly blocked the impact of the explosion, so Federico suffered only minor injuries, but the withdrawal symptoms of the drug addiction hurt his body too much that it’s already a great effort to support it.

The fact that Johnson was taken away by the Devourer made him anxious. At this moment, he can’t support it any longer and fainted.

The mushrooms on the other side is not faring well. The giant spider world is just a touch away. But when it escaped, the mushrooms can’t catch up and missed it by a long distance. Except for its host, the grain reserves won’t live much longer in the void world.

Not to mention, with such a “delicious” reserve grain, there are already several worms on the edge of the world that raised their heads, and greedily rushed over here.

Will, not, give!

It’s all mine! The mushrooms, with its host and reserve grains, angrily plunged into a hole excavated by a worm.

With a pile of mushrooms falling from the sky, Li Fei, Jian Hua, and Johnson returned to Earth once again in a coma……

The author has something to say:

Ah, those below A-class can’t survive in the void world, and may not come back from the giant spider world, so……en, it’s good to recuperate

You know, the one that came in the middle…who the hell is that = =

STB Chapter 134: Confrontation
STB Chapter 136: Burrow

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