STB Chapter 146: So Hungry

STB Chapter 145: Time Out
STB Chapter 147: Return

Rosemary’s mind went blank.

She’s not the only one who’s been stimulated. Not all A-class can look at homosexuals in an unjudging way. Some have contempt in their eyes and disgusted expressions. There are also people who want to hurl abuse.

Their brains might be confused, but the others are sober. They didn’t wait for these guys to talk and took the initiative to cover their mouths.

“Are you crazy? These two S-class of Black Abyss are originally nicknamed Devils. Do you think your life is too long that you want your own mycelium body bag?”

“……they should just go to hell.”

After muttering a few vulgar words, they turned their heads and yielded.

When the explosion occurred, everyone felt that they’d certainly die.

People who haven’t experienced it won’t understand that kind of fear. Experiencing the raging flames against the rising magma, some people have burnt hair, and some people were grazed by the blast, their skin swollen and scalded……no one gloated over the death of Red Scorpion. Instead, their hearts were full of remorse and resentment.

Regret in participating in the siege plan, and resentment at the giant spider world that opened a passage at that time. As powerful ability holders, not only did they let somebody stir up trouble and lord over them, he even dragged them to die together?

When they woke up from their coma and survived the blight, the shadow of death still shrouded their hearts, making them dispirited and listless. They didn’t even have the idea of “trying to see how good S-class is”. Their change is like they’re a new person.

How to live is what they care the most about.

The environment here is much worse than the Kabadusia Plateau. If the water ability holder in the group had an accident, everyone would die of thirst, and if the monsters didn’t come to attack them that time, they would starve to death.

Everyone looked at the blocked hole in the sky where mushrooms hung all the way down with mixed feelings.

It’s like the Tower of Babel in ancient times. Is their hope of “going home” and “surviving” up to these devouring mushrooms?

——In the Kabadusia Plateau, everyone had basically observed the strange, proliferating mushrooms. People who haven’t seen the void world can’t imagine the reason for this kind of phenomenon. They just thought the mushrooms wanted to grow and reach the sky.

Even the stupidest people guessed it too. The mushrooms, in addition to its devouring abilities, could also travel through space. This strange “mushroom tower” which looks the same as the plateau surface is the passageway.

Everyone turned their attention to the water ability holder from the Carribean island nation. Right now, this man has the most say, and even the Black Abyss members must respect the only water ability holder.

However, this person can only speak Spanish……

In fact, when he noticed his “extraordinary” status, this water ability holder has bright eyes, feeling that his chance had come. He thought a few ideas in his heart, but when he saw the mushroom tower, all these thoughts vanished.

The mushrooms aren’t very honest. With no food in the desert, they are very restless.

Fragrant reserve grains ah, they’re right in front of you……but the owner’s subconscious didn’t let them eat.

Endure again?

But I can’t stand it anymore! The mushrooms that blocked the hole and fought with worms in the void world can still get some nourishment, but the mushrooms that have fallen into the ground are listless and withered. Its caps shrunk, drying out like firewood.

In one day, everyone watched the mushroom “tree” shrunk by half.

The ability holders became even more uneasy.

They went to find the red-haired blue-eyed Johnson Brown, and inquire when they can get out of here or if this tower can still be used, but when they got close, the protagonist turned and ran away.


Who the hell is this timid little kid?!

Johnson is certainly not timid, he’s just avoiding trouble. He didn’t know what these people did before but he “cooperated” with Li Fei and Jian Hua to survive two times. Even if he didn’t quite put down his wariness against Li Fei and the mushrooms, but in front of strangers and the people he’d been with for a few days, he’d choose those two without hesitation ah.

The fact that the protagonist was kidnapped by the villains created a new wave of shock.

“How could that be?” Rosemary muttered to herself.

Someone in the back sneered. Why not? The Johnson in the original work is not too smart. He was used by the US Abilities Bureau and deceived to go round and round all day.

“Hulakan is still a child, how much brains can a child have?”

Rosemary glowered at the person who spoke. She’s only two years older than the protagonist, if Johnson is a child, then what is she?

Speculating that the US Abilities Bureau is in a state of limbo, the crowd recalled their immediate predicament.

Rosemary is the last of them to recover. When they regained their strength and ability, Geng Tian and Old Cheng no longer came. After that, they were divided into two groups with a bonfire as the boundary. They dare not pass and dare not talk which created a weird atmosphere.

Li Fei saw Old Cheng come over and tried to hold Jian Hua’s hand. He reluctantly changed position, so that Old Cheng can carefully observe Jian Hua’s face.

Thanks to Old Cheng’s unique ability, they wouldn’t need to go find a stethoscope.

Old Cheng isn’t young anymore. He pondered over his luck several times since he didn’t get infected.

“Heart rate is too slow, and there’s a decline in physical function, feed him something to eat.”

“……only water.” Li Fei is very unhappy, not to mention roasted mole rat meat, even the monster broth, Jian Hua hadn’t eaten a bite. There are mushrooms, so Jian Hua never had this problem.

The group of mole rats was caught two days ago. If the last few pieces of meat on the bonfire were finished, there’d be no food.

With nothing to eat, the mushrooms started to become abnormal, and the mycelium wrapped around Li Fei can’t help but absorb some of his abilities. If this energy can help Jian Hua make a speedy recovery, Li Fei wouldn’t care.

The problem is, the mushrooms just fill themselves. The mycelium recovered a little vitality, but Jian Hua still didn’t wake up. Li Fei wanted to fight or shake the mushroom stems, and force them to deliver the energy to Jian Hua.

“Tear the meat into smaller portions, and feed him as much as he can eat.”

Old Cheng quickly adapted. When he can’t find a job in his early years, he can’t even see meat, so being hungry all day is a common occurrence. It’s just that he’s too old now that not eating would be too much.

Geng Tian said with a stiff face, “Li-ge, you have to figure it out quickly. I can’t sleep when I lie down, I always feel that the mushrooms want to eat us all.”

“I heard that acupuncture has a way to wake people up from a coma, but I don’t really understand this. I don’t even have any drugs on hand……” Old Cheng shook his head and sighed.

Johnson squatted on top of the dunes to watch the sunset as a magnificent red dyed half the sky.

He’s deliberately a little far away from the mushrooms, and he also felt what Geng Tian felt. Those white, fat mushrooms are like demons who camouflaged themselves, smiling with kindness and dignity, but after turning around, there’s another face. Like those who abducted slum children and taught them to pickpocket or those who took them far away in the name of adoption, but no one’s ever seen those children again.

Johnson curled up into a ball while trying to sleep. There’s a knife made of bones inside his clothes. When he’s sitting down, it seems like he has no vigilance, but his emaciated body is actually stretched taut.

Only when there’s no one nearby would Johnson be quiet and in a daze.

He’d remember his uncle who’d been addicted to gambling, think of interesting books, the windmills on the riverside of his hometown, the cross at the top of the church building that gives relief goods every weekend. Occasionally, some pigeons stay nearby, and the sunset there is also very beautiful, it’s the best scenery in town.

If he can take Mr. Morenza there and see……

Johnson’s fingers clenched. With the hot sand filling his calloused hands, the protagonist is entirely unaware of this slight pain, his thoughts all on Federico: After we separated, are those drug dealers still chasing Federico? Did that building collapse? Did Mr. Morenza escape?

Johnson knew nothing.

Every time he thought about these problems, his head would hurt.

——I want to go home. Mr. Morenza’s house is very large and very warm, filled with the scent of coffee beans and chocolate.

Geng Tian also wanted to eat, it would be nice to have two steamed buns at this time. Being too hungry, his stomach growled uncontrollably.

Old Cheng thought about the mutton noodle soup made by his wife and thought of its taste. Even plain water would be a bit more flavourful.

Rosemary is also too hungry to stand up. She really wanted the last pieces of roasting meat over the bonfire, but reason told her, again and again, that the people of Black Belt would not give this ration to them.

Jian Hua vaguely wrinkled his eyebrows.

The mycelium began to stir. As if it suddenly got a signal, it scattered into a large net, treating everyone as fishes.

Rosemary fell on the yellow sand. She called out flames in horror, but only created a small fire since she hadn’t recovered. In the blink of an eye, it was swallowed by the mushrooms.

Johnson slipped all the way down the dunes. The mycelium behind him is like undulating waves, surging up and it looks like he’s surfing from a distance.

The hungry mushrooms revolted, who’d be stupid enough to not run and stand in the same place?

Johnson fell to the bottom of the dune and hurriedly used his abilities. The wind swept him forward to avoid, and with a quick look back, Johnson found out that everyone was swallowed up by the mushroom “wave”.

The white mycelium fluctuated on the dune, like a demon that opened its claws. Only when its full will it go back to its nest.


Johnson found that except for him who was being pursued, the mycelium in other directions reformed into mushrooms, wrapped its spoils and began to move to the hole.

Rosemary’s conspicuous blonde hair is exposed within the mushrooms, as she was tied up and taken mid-air.

Are they going to leave?

Johnson hesitated for two seconds, immediately turned around and met the ferocious waves of chasing mycelium.

The wind propelling him was taken back by the protagonist, but the remaining were greedily absorbed by the mycelium before stopping. Johnson felt like an insect who fell into a Venus flytrap, hot and stuffy, unable to move, and like he’ll be swallowed any time……

Soon, a familiar sense of dizziness hit.

Upside down, unable to breathe, and nothing in sight. When he tried to open his eyes, he’d see a kaleidoscopic change of patterns and scenes.

He also saw a huge hideous monster, long and narrow, and very ferocious.

Johnson didn’t know if this is an illusion or a real one. His hands and feet went cold, and his chest stuffy as if thrust by a knife. Soon, he fainted.

He saw part of the void world, while the A-class fell unconscious the moment they were brought into the hole by the mycelium.

——when they opened their eyes again, would they see death or their hometown?


Geng Tian woke up, his bald head sticking out since his head was burnt. He first thought of being under attack, so he struggled to stretch his arms out of the mycelium, knocking down that thing and punching it hard.

Geng Tian sucked in a breath as he was jabbed by a thorn in the monster’s carapace.

“What’s this?” The other A-class woke up one after another. There was an unlucky one who was bitten on the nose. They screamed, not understanding why they’re in the mushrooms, and that there’d actually be monsters that attacked the mycelium.

This monster has eight legs, a sturdy pair of large pincers, and a carapace full of sharp thorns with neurotoxin on it. The person poked would experience severe pain, and their skin soon showing red whip marks.

“Armored crab!” Rosemary almost fainted. What bad luck! There are only a few monsters in the world that aren’t afraid of the devouring mushrooms, glass snail and armored crab. How did they escape the desert and suffer from this disaster?

Also, they’re still hanging from a mushroom tree in different postures.

There seems to be a broad river, but the bridge was broken. Rosemary looked around, and just from seeing the countless red armored crabs rushing here, someone had closed their eyes in despair.

The devouring mushrooms can’t absorb those monsters with thick shells outside, and their abilities haven’t recovered.

But the mushrooms obeyed Jian Hua, so the reason they went to the void is consistent with the change in Geng Tian, Old Cheng, and Li Fei’s eyes.

The mushrooms began a large scale collapse, turning into a pothole, filling it with crabs then sealing it with mycelium. Whatever the crabs did, the mushroom cages constantly changed to accommodate.

Ten minutes later, there are only a few crabs left. It panicked and fled back to the river.

Jian Hua also woke up hungry. When he opened his eyes, he saw the mushrooms hanging a “basket” in front of him, packed with large and small red crabs and still pushing on the mycelium energetically.

Jian Hua: ……

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STB Chapter 145: Time Out
STB Chapter 147: Return

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