STB Chapter 147: Return

STB Chapter 146: So Hungry
STB Chapter 148: Deviation

The armored crabs were tied up by the mycelium, just as easily as hairy crabs were tied up by a rope.

Sitting in the mushroom encirclement, and facing the steaming crab——the shell of the armored crab is very thick, and flames licked the bottom, it’s not long before the blue crab meat became white——the A-class ability holders felt like they’re dreaming.

The carapace turned into a bowl, with no plates and no cutlery, they had to directly pull on the crab legs.

Armored crab legs with the shells removed are each the size of a fist and can be eaten raw, but except for Li Fei and Cheng Lao, the others are still recovering from illness, so eating cold food is just asking for death.

Jian Hua ate very slowly while Geng Tian over there rushed to use the meat to detoxify his hands. He devoured three pieces in one breath, while the other ability holders are still in a daze.

Most people don’t even know how to start eating this stuff.

Seeing someone ate the crab meat……it should be taken apart. King crab is a delicious dish, however, in the real world, such a small river crab are considered invasive organisms that can destroy the dam, so they’re terminated using drugs.

A government with a crab infestation problem did call on the public to eat these guys and even promoted recipes on TV and newspapers, but very few people responded. Because of the difference in water quality, the meat of these crabs didn’t taste good.

Now facing this food and despite their belly sounding like a drum, they didn’t put it in their mouth.

Johnson got close and learned how to eat it. After picking one and crushing an armored crab, he finally pulled out a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth.

The sweet smell permeated the whole place and drifted out a long way.

The weird dinner under the mushroom tree, which is beginning to become an unfathomable mystery, ended silently.

Rosemary’s both hands are breaking down a crab leg, still trying to find meat that can be eaten, when she suddenly noticed that the four people from Black Abyss approached the collapsed bridge.

Two cars that are empty shells are on the roadside. There are no seats inside, a big hole in the trunk, and the roof is also pierced by something.

Such a tragic situation made it easy for Li Fei to think of the giant worm attack in Ganzhou highway.

The hole would blow out strange winds and influence the real world, and the giant worm would wantonly devour any people passing by.

There’s a can of beer rolling in the corner of the compartment. Li Fei pointed with a finger and used telekinesis to put the beer in his hand. He wiped off the dust and found that the above are all foreign language that he can’t read.

“It’s like Germany’s special dark beer.” Geng Tian once again played the role of a professional bodyguard. He didn’t understand German, but when he worked for a former employer, he’d seen imported food and beverages. Sometimes, bodyguards even had to check the food sent by the Filipino maids.

“I have never seen this kind of packaging.”

Li Fei found that Geng Tian seemed to want to take a sip, so he threw the beer back into the car.

“You don’t know if it’s the reserve ration of an ability holder, or it’s originally in the car.”

What if the ability holders stole the car? Eating food that did not belong to the Abandoned World would make them suffer once they’re back in the real world. Although a can of beer is nothing, it’s best to avoid it.

Cheng Lao found half of a fashion magazine on the next car, the top covered with stains, and the text is the same as on the beer can.


“In fact, I also think this isn’t China.” Cheng Lao sighed.

Geng Tian looked up in surprise, “Why?”

“Armored crabs won’t have such a large group in China.”


It’s overflowing here, and just casual fishing would fill up 10 deep baskets.

A single armored crab is not difficult to catch. With the right tools, which ability holder can’t do it? In terms of taste and capture difficulty, armored crabs are very cost-effective.

Something delicious and easy to catch, can it exist in the Abandoned World?

Geng Tian looked at the palm that was injured, very speechless.

The atmosphere of Li Fei and Jian Hua are different. Jian Hua seemed to have recovered. Blessed with mushrooms, he can consume more energy than ordinary ability holders. Rosemary’s legs felt weak after recovering from illness even if the road is stable, but Jian Hua, who’d been lying down for a long time, only had stiff limbs and was soon fine after he moved for a bit.

“Go around and check it out?” Li Fei asked for advice from Jian Hua.

Jian Hua understood the meaning behind Li Fei’s unfinished words. He looked at the A-class ability holders among the mushroom bush, scrambling to peel the crab, and shook his head, “In the past, there was a giant worm in this hole. After being tempted by so many ability holders, only these armored crabs came in a short amount of time.”

The hard shell of the armored crabs and their habits of hiding in the water made it so that there are no monsters in the Abandoned World that prey on it. Originally in the《Outcast》, there have been two large-scale armored crab invasions in Europe.

The crabs dug holes in the Abandoned World to nest, and a dam suddenly collapsed in reality, flooding the villages on both sides and downstream. This also led to a nuclear leak, so this disaster had a profound impact.

“About two days later, I’ll try to control the mushroom again to find the way home.”

Jian Hua certainly won’t bring the group of A-class ability holders. If so many people came to China, Red Dragon would send someone to sit in and protest (make the most of it, to suppress these potential dangers, Jian Hua and Li Fei must contribute).

These abductions had occurred before, and because Jian Hua is not awake, he didn’t think that these mushrooms would be too greedy. It actually didn’t want to pass over this banquet to others and continually suppress the food to let them stay on the plate——the protagonist is like that, so what about the others?

“Don’t be so anxious. Let’s wait for your body to recover.” Li Fei gestured, and the remaining armored crabs went into the basket, “This much is enough for us to eat for a week.”

“Then return to the real world and never want to eat hairy crabs again?” Jian Hua raised an eyebrow.

Catching plenty of food to eat is happiness, but also misfortune.

Cheng Lao coughed dryly, walked by and said, “Crab meat is too cold, and we shouldn’t eat more.”

Geng Tian muttered a sentence, “Abandoned World’s armored crabs taste different from hairy crabs, just don’t eat raw.”

Cheng Lao pretended to be deaf and said with a severe expression, “Armored crab meat taste delicious too, but if we overeat, the tongue won’t be able to taste other flavors for a short time. After eating crab for seven days, we probably won’t taste anything for a month.”

This reason convinced the other three.

“Would you like to bring back a few to raise?” Geng Tian hasn’t given up yet.

“……this kind of thing, Red Dragon base must have thought of it earlier than we did.”

Geng Tian is relieved. The stab wound on his palm stung, how can he be happy without eating?

Two days later, they can see several small monsters on the riverside, black hairballs, mole rats and others. The monkeys are hiding in a building in the distant ruins, shouting at each other to communicate.

The look in the eyes of the high-level ability holders is as if they’re looking at pieces of walking meat.

They aren’t used to eating crabs. It tasted good, but it took a long time to get a small piece in their mouth. It’s also mixed with internal organs that should be discarded, so it can’t be called pleasant.

When the first person couldn’t help but sneak out and grab one, it soon led to a chain reaction.

“We can go now.” Jian Hua didn’t know that there was the protagonist’s “fiance” among the group. But he’s not familiar with the original work, so he only knew those who did remarkable things. In fact, people he didn’t know wouldn’t leave a mark in Jian Hua’s heart.

Not acquaintances and also had hostility, not rooting out this hidden danger is already good.

The bottom line is murder. Li Fei still didn’t want Jian Hua to cross that one. The mushrooms are subconsciously controlled by Jian Hua, so if he crossed that line, the movements of the devouring mushrooms would be hard to predict.

“What are the odds?”

“Fifty percent. There are only a few holes, and we have already gone through three.” Jian Hua closed his eyes, recalling the scene of the void world in his mind, and presumably deciding on the course.

Geng Tian gestured toward Johnson. The protagonist didn’t hesitate to run over——with no Mr. Morenza in this place, he didn’t want to stay.

Li Fei’s unhappy eyes swept over Johnson but still refrained.

It’s a wise choice to put the Hero, this unstable factor, under their eyes.

Biting on a barbecue, the A-class ability holders who cut pieces of meat heard the abnormal sound and ran back. They found that the mushroom blocking the hole has changed. They hadn’t had time to scream when large groups of mushrooms went inside the hole, and a huge worm slowly stretched out.

“What is this?”

“No, run!”

Rosemary panicked and fled. She found that the giant worm fought with the remaining mushrooms.

Their battle is very intense. The mushrooms didn’t care for the armored crabs in the “cage” so it dismantled the mycelium cage and concentrated on attacking the giant worm, bent on maintaining itself on this turf.

The armored crabs that escaped are not in the mood to attack those A-class ability holders.

The sky shook from the battle. When the mushroom completely dominated the worm, it evicted the giant worm again. A day and a night had already passed. This river is entirely unrecognizable. There’s a deep canal on each side where the giant worm rolled around, and even the riverbed looked plowed.

Reblocking the hole, the mushroom once again proliferated with satisfaction. The river became a pond separated by mushrooms, and inside is the place where the armored crabs lived.

Discovering that Li Fei and the others left the A-class, some people are anxious and cursed, while some people are happy at finally getting out of the devil’s grasp, as they excitedly went to the town.

Discovering that Johnson was also taken away by Jian Hua, Rosemary’s head is in a mess with one thought following another thought. She first felt that the Black Abyss isn’t doing anything since they’re controlling the protagonist, but she didn’t think that there’s anything worth monitoring over this Johnson who is a “person who doesn’t match the real ” one. Maybe Black Abyss just want to make life difficult for the US Abilities Bureau.

As an A-class ability holder, Rosemary would definitely join the Abilities Bureau and wanted to report this series of events to the country in the future. Rosemary felt a headache coming.

There’s still a ridiculous idea in her heart: The homosexual Devourer didn’t want to let go of the teenager Johnson.

Rosemary was stunned by this very repulsive conjecture. She didn’t want to continue thinking about this possibility.

In the void world, Jian Hua controlled the mushroom to bypass a giant worm fight when he felt a subtle change.

The spider world has disappeared, it no longer overlapped Earth.

——maybe that volcanic eruption was part of a significant crustal movement in that world, and these volcanic earthquakes released tremendous energy, pushing away from their world in the void.

Giant spider world moved, so the area where space is unstable immediately improved. The few holes are gradually closing, and this stimulated the giant worms. The giant worms who lost their turf wanted to bite other “people” to pieces.

Jian Hua managed to find the exact location of the hole leading to a small town in Jiangnan, China. The bad news is that this hole is also closing.

The mycelium touched the sleeping passengers one by one. Jian Hua knew he had no time to hesitate, so he took a deep breath, and let the mushroom squeeze into the crack.

STB Chapter 146: So Hungry
STB Chapter 148: Deviation

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