STB Chapter 150: Post-bellum

STB Chapter 149: Garrison Field
STB Chapter 151: Disparity

Later, people called this the doomsday in the history of human civilization.

Pavements collapsed, bridges damaged, buildings collapsed……and serial explosions. The camera lens casually swept over the ruins and corpses with people’s faces twisted in fear. Many famous cultural landscapes were destroyed. There are also leaks in nuclear power plants in some countries, and the presidential palace had become ruins.

With the power outage and no water, many places have no signal to communicate outside.

After the panic, chaos slowly emerged. Many people rushed to grab food and water in supermarkets that hadn’t completely collapsed, and some people were running on the streets screaming its Doomsday.

People with long-standing grievances brandished a knife to each other, and even strangers started doing it too. People everywhere committed a crime.

These guys chased people to hack them, and murder went on the rise. They completely lost reason, even if the person who was cut fell under their knife and went completely silent, they’d still madly swing their arms. They’d forget they’re humans and forgot that the one they’re cutting is a person. It was literally hell.

Some remote towns and villages around the world had not been affected. The more civilized and highly developed the area is, the worse the tragedy they experienced.

When the army entered the city, they met a scene full of desolation. The mobs dropped their weapons and fled into the ruins. After the people hiding repeatedly confirmed that they’re safe, they came out and burst out crying.

For China, all ability holders entered the Abandoned World at two or three o’clock in the morning, so the disaster occurred more than one hour after this. Because people are still asleep and also because they didn’t understand what happened, there were heavy casualties. Survivors run out of their houses, trembling and waiting for the dawn. The chaos came at noon the next day.

On the place where Li Fei and Jian Hua had a head-on encounter with Dr. Mad, the small town disappeared altogether because it was burnt to the ground in the Abandoned World. The scene was cleared by the Black Abyss (to find someone), but no one is buried under the rubble. The villagers stupidly sat on the ground, choked half to death by the dust, and found that the valuables at home were gone. Shocked and angry, they went out and saw each other——“the whole town was taken away by the Fire God”.

When the county police and the army came, everyone in town is kneeling and engaging in superstitious rituals.

Haicheng is the beneficiary of Red Dragon’s City Redevelopment Project. However, in the face of such a disaster, Red Dragon didn’t count how many survived, but focused on the death list.

Assistant Lin is lying in the hospital that night. For him, a man named Huo Wei suddenly came out of nowhere, telling him that Li Fei has a secret identity of a high-order ability holder. Assistant Lin has been too scared to sleep. He was still in a daze come dawn when everything went black in front of him, the hospital seemed to have lost power.

The backup generator successfully worked, and the instruments lighted up again. The inpatient area suddenly became noisy.

Only emergency lights illuminated the corridor, and the family members who stayed overnight anxiously looked over, looking for the person in charge of the hospital at night. The result was that when they went to the elevator, what they saw stunned them silly.

A good hospital elevator suddenly became a wooden slide, curving all the way down. The elevator doors were also removed, revealing a black hole. There was no light inside, so they can’t see the situation.

“A, anyone there?”

A cry soon came, “Yes!”

“What happened……what happened?”

“I don’t know, we’re on the sixth floor.”

Then voices came one after another telling which floor they’re in.

“I’m the security guard on the first floor, are the patients above okay? Are there problems with the electricity?”

This strange “slide” can’t be used to get down, so people turned to the fire exit. They found that there’s no problem with the stairs, and quickly went down to see the situation.

On the third floor, the stairs began to change with some of the concrete floor missing. The further they went down, the stranger it became until the second floor. They discovered that one of the walls had been “renovated”.

The uneven wall is like patched clothes, the glass window all but disappeared, and vines turned into a wooden railing. The second floor of the inpatient department is the examination room and accounting office, so there’s no one at night.

The site was not cleaned up too cleanly since there are still glass shards on the corner and walls.

The flowerbeds outside looked as if trampled by a huge monster. Looking at the traces, it’s as if something crashed on the outer wall of the hospital. The signs of fighting on the second floor spread and damaged the corridors, then led to the elevator, causing holes to appear in the elevator shaft. It can’t be used, so those on the first floor can’t go up.

Who has such destructive power?

Also, who patched up these places unnoticed?

Everyone who saw it with their own eyes gossiped. Assistant Lin is lying there, his eyes staring straight ahead. He’s afraid that this matter is related to that so-called Black Abyss, and, doesn’t that involve Li Fei?

His brain was in a mess all night as electricity came back in a few hours.

When the TV is turned on, it’s like bombing a hornet’s nest. Each station is covering a disaster scene report, Assistant Lin couldn’t help but lean forward, looking at the TV by the stairs.

Several countries around the world responded as quickly as possible and answered the people’s questions about this. They described the cause and sequence of the events with a series of terms that ordinary people can’t understand at all. The conclusion is that there’s a hole in the universe that the science of today can’t detect. It caused chaos between two adjacent space, creating a big earthquake in space. At present, this astronomical disaster headed towards Earth, and Earth got rid of its influence an hour ago.

The series of unusual events that occurred before were highlighted and became the precursor.

People who heard that was at a loss and searched online. They found that there are different opinions, and many people didn’t believe this story, asking the country to explain how the “ability holders” appeared.

Assistant Lin suddenly saw the news: The army and enthusiastic volunteers entered the severely affected areas of Haicheng.

There are a set of photos and also a short video, it passed by Li Fei’s figure among a group of people excavating ruins, trying to rescue the trapped people. Li Fei wore very inconspicuous clothes, and the video only showed half his face, but how can Assistant Lin not recognize him?

It’s really the ancestor! Why would he join the rescue team?

Assistant Lin turned around and found that Jian Hua is in the corner of one of the photos. Assistant Lin’s eyes twitched.

Zhang YaoJin over there received a call from the Capital. Colonel Lu is satisfied with the restoration of Haicheng since there were no large-scale casualties in the two urban areas. He instructed Red Dragon to cooperate with the local army and return it to normal order as soon as possible.

“Bringing Li Fei to the rescue teams is a good idea……take a few shots with Geng Tian next time.”

Geng Tian, as Li Fei’s bodyguard, has been photographed many times by the media, so those ambitious people should recognize him.

“If the S-class stand on the side of the country, next time we talk with the United States and meet with relevant people in Europe, we’ll have the advantage.”

We have two S-class in our territory, and also had a good relationship with them. Our waist and back would be firmer than the others.

Zhang YaoJin hesitated, then asked if Colonel Lu read the recent report he gave him.

The answer is, of course, no. Today the whole world is in chaos, so which country is not worried? Colonel Lu even wanted to make 10 copies of himself. Making this call to Zhang YaoJin is already time squeezed from his busy schedule. That report was marked as super confidential, so he can’t let the secretary read the report.

The content of the report is the ending of the original work based on Lu Zhao’s confession, and related Jian Hua’s “death”.

If they don’t solve this problem, Black Abyss and Red Dragon wouldn’t be able to cooperate, and Li Fei……is Li Fei’s position still need to be said?

“We can’t let other countries see such a joke.”

Showing off domestically solved the problem of high-order ability holders in China. The behind the scenes bosses, Li Fei, and Jian Hua, would tear them apart, so they can’t afford to lose his face.

Colonel Lu heavily punched the table, “Where is this Lu Zhao, find a way to send him back here!”

“Lu Zhao is dead.”

“What? What’s going on, did he encounter danger in the Abandoned World?”

“No!” Zhang YaoJin made a grim smile, “He ate something he shouldn’t have eaten. After returning to reality, he died.”


“This is murder, someone deliberately mixed prohibited foods on their carry-ons and deceived Lu Zhao. After accumulating, it eventually led to the death of Lu Zhao. Originally, there are still eight months until the end of the Abandoned World, so the murderer only needed to reduce his dealings with Lu Zhao, making the suspect not so obvious.”

When Major Zhang received this report today, he was in a very bad mood. In addition to Lu Zhao, several C-class and above ability holders from Red Dragon base suddenly died, and the cause of death is precisely the same.

Half of these people are from Black Abyss while the other half are ordinary ability holders. There’re also people of prestige and power——just looking at the identity of these people, he can guess who the culprit is.

“Li Fei and Jian Hua met Dr. Mad in the Abandoned World, then disappeared together. Some people in Black Abyss have ill intentions, and these things are what they did driven by their ambition.” Zhang YaoJin already suspected someone.

“Resolve these things as soon as possible, as for Jian Hua’s problem……, let’s discuss it again.”

In the Capital, Colonel Lu pulled out the confidential report and hurriedly read it. He felt a headache coming. The devouring ability actually ended up Jian Hua’s cause of death in the ending.

To end the Abandoned World and the devastation to the real world, the leaders of all countries worried about solving this problem from the root cause. If American scientists also learned the original ending from transmigrators, they would have started studying how to make a global shield to block everyone’s abilities.

If this plan is announced, the countries would undoubtedly come up with manpower and resources to support it.

“Let the Academy first study a miniature energy shield. Notify Zhang YaoJin to let Jian Hua carry the dog called TuanTuan and try going near the instrument.” Colonel Lu finally decided. According to Zhang YaoJin’s report, the corgi’s expulsion ability has repeatedly made meritorious deeds, so this is to keep Jian Hua from being dragged to the Abandoned World by his own mushrooms.

If it didn’t work, they have to think of another way. How could a living person be dragged by the mushrooms?

At this time, Colonel Lu still didn’t know that at the Global Security Summit half a month later, the United States would directly ask him for Hulakan who was abducted by Flame Demon and Devourer.

STB Chapter 149: Garrison Field
STB Chapter 151: Disparity

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