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When he heard about Lu Zhao’s death, Jian Hua’s expression didn’t change.

Until Li Fei talked about Lu Zhao’s death and the name of the suspect did Jian Hua wrinkle his brows.

“What is Lu Zhao’s value? Why would Huo Wei kill him?”

“……he wanted to get rid of all the people close to you.” Li Fei didn’t want to say this but still said it, hesitating for just a moment. In fact, Huo Wei’s eyes are very wrong every time he saw Jian Hua. Expressions can lie, and speech mannerism can be disguised, but it’s difficult to perfectly control the eyes.

In terms of acting, Huo Wei is at a very high level.

——just that he’s a little too hurried.

Strictly speaking, this can’t be blamed on Huo Wei. Who knew that when the original plot started, the Abandoned World’s events would be in fast forward mode. Didn’t it go forward too much? Initially, he could have joined Black Abyss and slowly be “promoted” while gaining trust to reach the top level. He’s not afraid of Jian Hua not showing up, after all, Li Fei would die sooner or later, and with Black Abyss understaffed, would he still be afraid of not reaching the boss?

With these steps disrupted, he can’t keep up, so he can only adapt. But he can’t catch up with the unexpected turn of events, and the plot had already turned a whole 180 degrees, running wild to an unknown direction.

The book transmigrators are sinking like stones one after the other and can’t even make a splash. It was their opponents in the original plot that threatened Jian Hua and Li Fei.

“Huo Wei ran?” Jian Hua asked.

“He won’t be able to hide for long.”

In fact, Li Fei still had bad news. The very ambitious Black Abyss member named Zhang Tao killed several C-class ability holders in the same way. Without these people, he can improve his influence on ordinary ability holders. Zhang Tao is most likely pitted by Huo Wei. If Abandoned World didn’t disappear early, the number of deaths would have increased by a little, and Lu Zhao’s death might not be counted on Huo Wei’s head.

“Just a group of grasshoppers before winter, after this, they won’t have any happy days.”

Li Fei and Jian Hua are on the highway where the ground on this side sunk. When Abandoned World ended, cars crashed into each other, thus, causing a blockage.

The order received by the local government and the military is to maintain normal social order. In addition to catching rioters and murderers, and repairing the power and water supply network, keeping the roads open is, of course, a part of it.

This road was less than ten kilometers from Haicheng and the very first on the list of unblocking roads. Old Cheng also wanted to go back to Huai City using this road.

At first, the “rescue team” brought by Red Dragon was dragging their feet, but soon ordinary people joined. The reconstruction work is much more convenient than in the Abandoned World since you can always find engineers and professionals to explore the terrain in the real world.

The ability holders hid from Li Fei.

The ordinary people noticed, but no one dared to approach Li Fei, only Jian Hua, Geng Tian, and several people from Black Abyss can. Later, when everyone felt it was very strange, their attention was quickly averted by the ability holders who lifted the collapsed rubble.

Someone took out their phone and started recording.

Unfortunately, there’s no signal; otherwise, they can send these videos online.

When they took pictures, it’s inevitable that some people swept their lens towards Jian Hua and the others.

Geng Tian habitually stepped forward to block Li Fei. In fact, they suffered repeated setbacks, and their clothes had long since disappeared. They’re now wearing a dark green striped camouflage uniform as “support” from Red Dragon base, and it almost looked like the military uniform that college students can get, but with a stronger fabric.

Initially, when they put on this kind of clothes, added with a few mud stains on the hems of trousers and shoes, they’re simply unrecognizable when the camera flashed. No matter how beautiful the foundation, it depends on the lighting and photographer, clothing is also essential. Even in some reality shows, the stars still had makeup on their faces. If such good looking people cut a sorry figure but always look beautiful, the praise should go to the makeup artist, photographer, and lighting staff.

Li Fei took the previous scene as a photo shoot.

Red Dragon needed confidence, and he also needed to “announce” that Black Abyss didn’t ruin his career, and that he still had the intention of forming a mysterious organization.

He didn’t tell this plan to Geng Tian, the more natural the bodyguard’s performance is, the more realistic the effect.

With no lights and no makeup artist, Li Fei relied on his own foundation——don’t directly face the camera or show the back, even if he’s only wearing ill-fitting camouflages, he is different and stands out from the crowd.

Jian Hua didn’t have this kind of skill where any angle made him look like a male god……this is not something that can be done just by having a good foundation.

Li Fei glanced at Jian Hua with a smile: How long do you think until I get discovered?

Jian Hua had no expression as he unscrewed a bottle of mineral water, his mood very subtle. There’s always the illusion that Li Fei released hormones invisible to people, and this is targeted initially at Jian Hua. From being the center to being the bystander, Jian Hua’s feelings are particularly evident.

The army brought sniffer dogs, and in that group of highly capable and formidable squad squatted a short-legged corgi.

For it to change to another temporary owner, TuanTuan had no particular opinions, because its owner knew Li Fei, so she happily handed over TuanTuan to Li Fei.

The last time it had this treatment is with Major Zhang. The little girl also took a group photo with Major Zhang having a straight face, and cold demeanor followed closely by a disgusted looking short-legged corgi.

Red Dragon urgently “deployed” TuanTuan. Their reason on the surface is that they’re worried that the two S-class would accidentally travel abroad, so they persuaded them to return to Red Dragon’s base in Haicheng. After all, there’s only one TuanTuan, and to protect Jian Hua and Li Fei, it can’t take care of Zhang YaoJin.

As for Johnson? The protagonist only wanted to know when he can return to the United States.

Haicheng, this name, Johnson had heard on TV. He knew that this is one of the best-known city in China. As long as social order is restored, there must be an international flight to the United States.

The protagonist came to their door, is Red Dragon willing to let him go?

The flights are canceled right now since the airport repair is in progress, so Red Dragon has a legitimate reason to stop Johnson. After that, it all depends on Zhang YaoJin’s ability.

“I always felt like we sold Johnson in exchange for that.” Jian Hua looked at the corgi, yawning while squatting on the edge of a stone.

“Worth it?”

“……saying that made me feel bad.” Jian Hua looked weird.

Li Fei put his hand on Jian Hua’s shoulder, one standing while the other sat by the roadside. Li Fei blocked the sight of the ability holders secretly peeping from the dark.

“Guess what they’re thinking?”

Jian Hua didn’t have to: “Guessing if I’m the real Devourer or a smokescreen you released.”

Li Fei laughed softly, this tacit understanding is one of the reasons why he’s so attracted to Jian Hua.

“If they’re smart, they should have known that Abandoned World is not far from completely disappearing.”

There’s no need to put out smokescreens, all ability holders would change back to ordinary people so who the devourer is would lose its value at that time.

“After the Corgi came, you’re in a better mood.”

Jian Hua didn’t like these hairy creatures or any pet that needs time to take care of since he didn’t have the patience. It’s enough to only look at it from a distance. At the same time, he discovered that after the Corgi came, the mycelium around Li Fei had been reduced a lot. The expulsion ability is really no joke, and the mushrooms didn’t like this dog very much.

“Because I found out that the people who would worry about your life and death is not only me.” Li Fei didn’t count on the help of Red Dragon, but this attitude is enough.

“I want to solve this problem, I want you to live safely, to return to your original life, become an ordinary person without power and with no complaints in life.”

Colonel Lu is keenly aware of this from the report.

If there’s no conflict, they can draw them in. That’s why there’s the corgi and also the pilot program towards a miniature energy director.

“To solve the overall problem, we were taken into consideration.”

Jian Hua, while listening, watched the crashed cars in the middle of the road and some deformed cars.

The rescue team’s abilities are not enough, so he arbitrarily “waved,” and the suspended tire was quickly returned to its original position. The crowd once again worked hard and discovered that the vehicles they couldn’t separate before were smoothly carried out of the pit.

The driver of the vehicle was rescued, and someone simply bandaged them.

Because the major hospitals in Haicheng are full, those with no serious injuries wouldn’t be sent to the hospital.

Quite a few vehicles are blocking the highway. Because the collapsed range is too broad and with paddy fields on both sides of the road, the cars can’t circumvent, and can only be divided into two sides and wait.

Passengers of a long-distance bus, truck drivers and others had gathered around to watch for a long time.

When the earth ability holders began to fill the pit, they yelled in surprise. There’s also a young man wandering around, trying to cross the cordon belt several times to get close to the pit and see what’s going on.

This behavior immediately caught Geng Tian’s attention.

The young man’s dyed hair is in contrast to the color of the trendy jacket and branded sneakers on his feet while carrying a bag. Dressed up like this, he looked like he gave in to those people in hair salons trying to sell you all kinds of products, the chatty hair stylist type.

“I just wanted to take a look, don’t be so fierce, ah!” The young man said to a soldier who stopped him.

A middle-aged woman pulled him from behind, snapping at him a few times.

The woman spoke in an accent, the machine gun type, and dressed very commonly and unremarkable.

Hearing this accent, Li Fei subconsciously glanced over there, and his expression showed subtle changes.

“What happened?” Jian Hua didn’t understand, it was just two ordinary people.

Li Fei looked for half a minute, determining that the person is the same as in the photo, then he turned his head and whispered, “My mother and her other son.”

“Coincidence?” Jian Hua is a little surprised.

Those two are obviously not from here since they’re carrying baggage. The woman was nervous as she clutched her own things. She had drawn eyebrows and also lost some makeup on her face, looking increasingly recognizable.

The young man really went for the Korean route, it’s just that the trendy clothes are obviously not suitable for his style since his skin is on the dark side. Jian Hua looked for a long time and found that this person is actually very handsome, just ruined by his own choice, and still deluded that he’s handsome and cool. He walked around with a proud face and a smirk on the corner of his mouth as if he’s in a TV school drama.

He was originally not ugly, but this smile is no different from a rascal, and more the kind of a street punk.

Jian Hua: ……

Don’t even say relatives and neighbors, even if Li Fei stood in front of them and unless one is a forensics expert who’d studied skulls for a long time or an authoritative genetics professor, they won’t recognize the blood relationship at a glance.

STB Chapter 150: Post-bellum
STB Chapter 152: Important

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