STB Chapter 149: Garrison Field

STB Chapter 148: Deviation
STB Chapter 150: Post-bellum

It was Johnson himself who chose to follow them.

No, the mushroom’s the one who committed the crime of kidnapping in the first place.

Jian Hua wanted to blame the mushrooms when his expression subtly changed. He stopped when he suddenly felt the ground violently shake. The fatigue of the space travel made him unable to stand, so Jian Hua leaned on the wall with one hand and slowly sat beside Li Fei.

Because this situation happened before, Zhang YaoJin’s first reaction is that the missing Dr. Mad is about to come out. He once again vigilantly raised the gun, but then felt the corgi in his arms wiggling. It seemed to want to go down.

“No, it’s dangerous.”

Zhang YaoJin is a soldier, so the corgi can’t break free with its strength.

TuanTuan is very angry, thinking that its temporary owner forgot that it just woke up and that it hadn’t had its morning walk. It needs to resolve that thing ah!

The group of Red Dragon members nearby went on alert, but seeing the corgi’s round ass swaying in the Major’s arms made them desperately held back a laugh.

The wiggling lasted for about half a minute, but nothing happened.

Zhang YaoJin suspiciously looked around. He suddenly heard a sound that shouldn’t have appeared: the sound of rain falling on the ground and the rustling leaves.

Abandoned World disappeared?

The crowd was astonished. They’re back? Isn’t there still eight months?

“Not good! Call everyone back to base, open communications, get ready to contact the Capital!”

Zhang YaoJin put down TuanTuan. The fat corgi’s feet pedaled as it quickly rushed out.

The mycelium reluctantly let it go, but it’s not that easy for the Red Dragon members to go out. The mushrooms tied their hands and feet and stopped them in the middle of the hallway, putting on the posture of “don’t go as soon as we met”. Major Zhang no longer have the corgi’s “protection” so he can’t get out at all, and can only turn towards Jian Hua.

The result is that when he looked back, he met several pairs of eyes.


Johnson blankly looked around. The buildings of the Red Dragon base has a style from decades ago. It also had banners and clip arts posted on its walls, making him realize that this is not the United States.

The protagonist who didn’t succeed in going home is very disappointed, but this is not the first time, so he didn’t show any changes. He saw Zhang YaoJin wearing a military uniform and tilted his head at how seriously they looked at him.

Li Fei held Jian Hua with an arm. He had seen the fine raindrops outside the window.

Not to mention Geng Tian and Old Cheng; they have finally returned to Red Dragon Base, but they didn’t have enough time to be happy.

“What is going on?” Zhang YaoJin asked.

Li Fei remembered the volcano erupting in the giant spider world, and vaguely saw the changes in the void world. When these two are linked together, he came to a conclusion similar to Jian Hua.

“The spider world wouldn’t appear again. It also affected the spatial stability of the entire Abandoned World, so we’re back in the real world in advance. ”

Zhang YaoJin heard this and felt that good news and bad news came together.

Abandoned World is over, but Red Dragon hadn’t completed the restoration of Haicheng and the surrounding areas.

Jian Hua struggled to control the mycelium. The mushrooms reluctantly let go of people, and the Red Dragon members are too anxious to get angry as they all rushed out. Only a few people who ended their “long-distance travel” sat on the ground and slowly recovered their strength.

A few minutes later, Guan Ling came over. Zhang YaoJin is busy, but he didn’t forget to have someone take care of the people here.

Guan Ling is a B-class space ability holder, so she has the strong aura of a high order ability holder, but it’s not like that pervert Red Scorpion. Johnson immediately noticed her, and only thought that Guan Ling looked very kind.

Geng Tian escorted Old Cheng, and Jian Hua has Li Fei to take care of him, so Guan Ling naturally took over and comforted Johnson.

There are a lot of ability holders in Red Dragon base, but the core area is where Major Zhang works. There are no outsiders here, so there are plenty of empty rooms.

When they turned on the TV, several stations have no signal (estimate the TV station’s building has a problem). The remaining ones are also in a mess with the hosts screaming “on latest news” as they showed the city beyond recognition. Some places caught fire and exploded, and some areas have become ruins while people ran everywhere in a panic.

These reporters were supposed to be shooting variety shows on the street or doing other interviews, but then these incidents happened. They immediately changed their focus and started reporting this sudden tragedy.

Because it’s night and the camera is swinging around, the scenes are almost a blur, and they can only hear crying.

Old Cheng sighed heavily while Geng Tian vigorously rubbed his palms on the ground.

Johnson stared blankly at the screen. After recovering, he shook Geng Tian’s arm, anxiously saying that he wants to go home and go back to the United States.

“The whole world is in chaos, I’m afraid the airport has been destroyed. Don’t even mention the US, even the trains might not work.”

At this time, everyone heard the noise from outside.

Guan Ling opened the window to look. It turned out that Red Dragon is forcing all ability holders to participate in rescue missions and immediately set out to Haicheng, causing dissatisfaction to most ability holders.

“We finally came back. We didn’t eat or drink for so long, who doesn’t give Laozi a good night’s sleep and eat a good meal! Who wants to be beaten up by this Laozi!”

“Firefighters? Policemen? What about the army? This is not the Abandoned World, there are plenty of people here! We’re not under the country’s secure employment!”

“Is it a crime to have an ability? Why won’t you let us go?”

“We just came to this base since it’s secure and so we could hide. When we ate something in the cafeteria, didn’t we hunt every day to earn enough points for that? We just borrowed a roof at most so when did we become small pawns that you can just order around? You are soldiers, isn’t your duty to protect us?”

Guan Ling had a vein in her forehead. She was not a good-tempered person. If Guan Ling had a soft nature, she’d be rehabilitated by her son-is-the-most-precious parents at home, and wouldn’t have drifted to the North.

“Borrow a roof! Why don’t they simply say they’re borrowing the mushrooms! Mushrooms are everywhere in the nearby city, so it’s also very safe, why don’t they go there? If they can catch prey every day, why aren’t they self-sufficient?”

Of course, because no one in the Red Dragon base would rob them, and no one would kill someone for a piece of meat. There are also fire and water ability holders here. Red Dragon base also cultivated their own bean sprouts and raised armored crabs on a pond. They can also change the meat to the blue lizard if they’re injured. Even if there are more than a hundred monkey corpses outside, who’s willing to exchange it with blue monitor lizard?

“Don’t rush to get angry, someone took the opportunity to make trouble.” Li Fei listened for a while and found that a few people were particularly loud and vaguely had the intent of guiding the crowd’s emotions.

“No hurry. If it goes on like this and there’s conflict, Red Dragon can fire warning shots, but……” Geng Tian didn’t finish, but his meaning is very clear. These are not ordinary people who’d panic when they hear gunshots. Once you anger guys with these brain, they’d use their ability without hesitation.

“Or let them go.” Old Cheng worried.

Jian Hua suddenly said, “We can’t let them go.”

Discovering that Jian Hua is better, everyone is delighted. They can return to Red Dragon base by relying on Jian Hua’s ability, otherwise, even if the Abandoned World ended, everyone would still be in a foreign country. The worst case is the desert with a temperature of more than 50 degrees during the day and below zero at night. Even a group of high-order ability holders won’t necessarily get out.

Li Fei didn’t want Jian Hua to make an effort to speak, so he simply replaced him, “If these ability holders went home, even if they saw someone robbing a store on the way, would they be affected? They were restricted before, and under Red Dragon’s supervision, it’s also useless to have jewelry and bank notes in the Abandoned World, so they didn’t do it, but what about now?”

Not to mention that some people had already hidden some valuables outside the base. Abandoned World suddenly ended, so they can’t wait to get these things out.

Even the ability holders who did nothing, when the government relief supplies came, are they content to stand in line even if they have an ability? During national disasters, the supplies won’t be enough, so it can only be issued to some places first, and even then, it’s not enough for every household. There are no monsters in the real world, and when ability holders didn’t have enough to eat, would everyone care about the overall picture?

Old Cheng also knew it, but he had a reason, “Ai, but I’m also anxious to go home and see my wife.”

“Of course there are good ability holders like Old Cheng, but if they were incited, it’d be difficult.”

The more Guan Ling listened, the more anxious she is.

Jian Hua did not speak. There is Li Fei, so he didn’t need to speak at all——Li Fei not only said what he meant, but it’s even more thorough than his.

“It happened too suddenly.”

Red Dragon is not prepared at all. Initially there are still eight months left, and through their planned rehabilitation, it’s enough to control most ability holders——the scope of repair would gradually expand, and their numbers would naturally disperse. If they worked together for a long time and developed feelings, it’d not be so easy to be incited.

Guan Ling’s eyes couldn’t help but drift toward Li Fei. Now is the best time for Li Fei and Jian Hua to make a move and nothing is better than this catastrophic moment.

Li Fei knew this better than Guan Ling, but Jian Hua still has the image of a villain. Even if he sided with the country or other countries, unless they wanted Abandoned World to never end, that device would still be invented.

——how is that possible?

“Woof woof!”

The corgi patrolled its own territory after solving its physiological problems. It twisted its hips, ready for breakfast, but it turned out that the road was blocked with a noisy group of people.

His own owner is guarded by a Red Dragon team, but the little girl is scared enough to cry.

The corgi is angry. It jumped over and barked furiously. The ability holders involuntarily made a path. Those ill-intentioned people wanted to start, but how come their “abilities” can’t reach the corgi’s body? Some people even paled, almost couldn’t breathe and hurried to hide.

TuanTuan’s expulsion ability is mainly for forces that didn’t belong in this world.

This includes abilities, Abandoned World’s monsters, and even the soul of book transmigrators.

“Woof!” The corgi fiercely stepped on the ground, its head looking around. Want to make trouble? Did it say you can?

It walked while threatening barks issued from its throat as it swaggered toward its owner. It rubbed its body and licked to comfort the little girl. The girl hurriedly hugged the corgi with trembling arms.

The corgi is hungry, but it docilely played with its owner. It turned around and at the same time, showed a dissatisfied look at Zhang YaoJin.

Major Zhang: ……

Zhang Tao’s eyes flashed among the crowd. As a member of Black Abyss, he is very ambitious. Today’s situation is what he planned with several other people, but seeing a strange dog restrain everyone’s abilities, Zhang Tao is so angry that his head hurt. He had seen this dog and heard that it’s a pet of Red Dragon from an insider, but although he can’t figure out how a dog can enter the Abandoned World, he thought that perhaps the Abandoned World had monsters that looked like a dog.

This dog is not the same as military dogs, and very unlike the aggressive breed of Tibetan mastiffs which would make everyone wary, but what can this short-legged corgi do? No one even took it to heart.

Who would have thought that the dog is Red Dragon’s secret weapon?

The crowd ate such a suffocating loss, who can be convinced? They were only quiet for a while, and started to quarrel again——can’t use their ability, but they can still move our mouths ah!

But there’s the strange corgi in the garrison field, so the tension from the previous conflict disappeared.

Over here, Jian Hua deeply breathed then immediately moved his ability. The mushrooms in the ground, influenced by Jian Hua’s consciousness, swarmed the crowd and one person after another had a mycelium mask pasted on them.

The mushrooms are treated as if explosives were strapped to them. If the mycelium drilled into their clothes, it wouldn’t take much effort to kill that person. Everyone paled and trembled in fear.

The Devourer didn’t show up, but this kind of “threat” is more useful than the masks pasted on their mouths.

Old Cheng, Geng Tian, Li Fei plus Red Dragon’s Guan Ling, four people walked out of the building, not saying anything, but seeing Li Fei’s face is enough.

Since the Black Abyss is standing on the side of the Red Dragon, no one dared to go against the two S-class and two A-class (not counting corgi). There are book transmigrators who’d told the secret, so the ability holders knew that Li Fei is not a good person, after all, he’d long been known as hostile, and a murderer before the Devourer even said hello.

“If your home is in Haicheng, we’ll send you in with a team downtown. You can rescue your loved ones, but you must obey our arrangement.” Zhang YaoJin finally had the opportunity to speak. He appropriately “threatened” with the following words, “Information about all of you are in the hands of Red Dragon. If you want to flee in the chaos, unless you go to the mountains or fly over the Pacific Ocean……you figure it out by yourself.”


Laozi – I, your father (in anger or out of contempt)

Secure employment – lit. iron rice bowl

STB Chapter 148: Deviation
STB Chapter 150: Post-bellum

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