STB Chapter 154: Escape Route

STB Chapter 153: Mission
STB Chapter 155: Blackmail

The Australian A-class wind ability holder had a motive.

He can’t go to confidential places, so he ran to the downtown area. It just so happened that he met a couple of brainless guys trying to steal guns——Rem went to watch the excitement. As a result, the development of events surprised him.

Zhang YaoJin coming today are those guys’ bad luck.

Major Zhang’s eyes appeared anxious, revealing concern and anger towards the young woman becoming a hostage. This seemed like an excellent opportunity, ah!

Rem immediately went through the crowd. He didn’t have any bad intentions, he just wanted to get valuable information, and maybe add a little trouble for the Chinese ability holders.

Rem determined that the information he got from a book transmigrator said that Major Zhang’s wife is a space ability holder. The oriental girl in front of him is definitely an ordinary person, so are there other circumstances?

“It’s too dangerous outside, you should take your girlfriend to a safe place.” Rem is frustrated he can’t speak Chinese. This way, he can’t be a gentleman caring about this lady and helping her complain about her boyfriend’s inhumanity.

Zhang YaoJin wanted to pull the guy’s collar and drag him to the side.

He didn’t have to do this job since a man rushed through the crowd,  and harshly pulled on Rem’s dirty shirt collar while shouting in anger, “Stay away from my daughter!”

Rem blinked his eyes.

He understood him. Great, this seemed to be the girl’s father.

“Oh, I’m very sorry. I thought the lady was scared, and I just wanted to comfort her……”

Liang Jun directly punched Rem’s face.

He is more than fifty and not very nimble, but what about it? With his daughter just in front, is he willing to let her suffer?

The beaten senseless Rem almost could not maintain his image. He wanted to push the person away. As a result, he just raised his arm, and got a kick on his calf——Zhang XiaoJie recovered and did not hesitate to hit this strange foreigner.

She had little strength, so Rem didn’t feel much pain, but his face was burning. This feeling of losing face made him angry.

“Major Zhang, do the Chinese help the people who help them like this?”

“We usually deal with the people who have nothing to do with it.” A gentle and elegant voice said.

The words Rem said was a little complicated, but Li Fei still understood it.

Zhang XiaoJie covered her mouth and laughed. Looking down, she found that the rip on her skirt reached her thigh, making her unable to lift her head. Zhang YaoJin quickly took off his coat and covered her.

Rem angrily stared at these people who came to “make trouble”.

The one who beat him is the woman’s father, beside him is the worried face of the girl’s mother and those wearing camouflage uniforms. Who’s this man who looked better than Major Zhang? The girl’s brother?

Jian Hua was once again overlooked as he silently stood behind Li Fei.

When Jian Hua first discovered that Rem is an A-class ability holder, he thought that Rem was with the guys who wanted to rob the gun and stared at him. As a result, this guy ran over to court the victim? The dog blood soap opera staff in Jian Hua’s mind immediately thought that Rem is taking the opportunity to know the girl. When he heard Li Fei say she was Liang Jun’s stepdaughter and Major Zhang’s sister, he is even more convinced of this speculation.

Li Fei did not refute, although he thought it was just a coincidence.

Even if it’s a conspiracy, it’s not necessarily directed at Major Zhang. After all, the identity of being the daughter of Star Entertainment Media’s CEO is more suitable for finding Li Fei.

Rem turned his head, and his angry expression took in the whole scene, including Li Fei with just one glance. At the same time, Li Fei sneered in his mind: Tsk, even if he didn’t get punched, this silly big man wouldn’t recognize him at first sight.

Just like how the Chinese can’t differentiate between foreigners, Western people are particularly face-blind regarding Asians. Facing such gentle five facial features with no three-dimensional facial contours, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t recognize anyone even with a different body type.

Otherwise, how could he not see Major Zhang’s resemblance with his sister?

“Major Zhang, I need to go home. Please arrange it as soon as possible!” Rem said while staring fiercely at Li Fei.

“That’s not a problem. Red Dragon had received a meeting request from the United States, and the Global Security Summit will be held soon……across the Pacific Ocean.”

Rem subconsciously revealed a satirical smile as he said in surprise, “Really? That’s a shame, I heard that the two Chinese S-class ability holders went missing. Did you get in touch with them?”

Rem wanted to get information because he knew that Black Abyss’ Flame Demon is ambitious. Since Li Fei got rid of Red Dragon’s surveillance when he entered the giant spider world, how could he go back? There are too many places in the world suitable for development, for example, the Middle East or some small war-torn countries in Africa. Another example is South America.

What’s the use of Chinese ability holders when a spider could toss them around? All that’s left would be Zhang YaoJin who saw the big picture, but Zhang YaoJin’s ability is more useful in the real world. In the Abandoned World, the others didn’t need guns or hot weapons. Against water or fire abilities, this Major Zhang would be a goner. Zhang YaoJin’s ability, to put it nicely, is called metal control. In fact, it’s limited to disturbing the metal components of a manufactured product, but he can’t lump a bunch of metals and make a tank.

He didn’t say he didn’t have this power, but even if he could, Major Zhang wouldn’t make tanks. If he can shape it in his mind, what would the production line at the military factory do? Can manually-manufactured items compare with high-precision molds?

The ability holders are still humans, they can’t replace other high-tech products.

Why is the Devourer so powerful, because he can “stake claim to a territory”?

Rem gloated at Zhang YaoJin, but Major Zhang kept a straight face while laughing in his mind.

“You don’t have to worry, China has long arranged for these things.”

The Chinese liked to pinch money and hide their treasure, but Rem is the kind of person who determined that the other party is guilty. He didn’t realize who those people just a few feet away are, or else he’d feel the irony in his words. He suddenly felt his feet tightening.

White filaments spread to his side. While these people were speaking, the mushrooms are, of course, looking for new reserve grains.

Rem was shocked and suddenly jumped up, breaking the somewhat fragile mycelium while nervously looking around.

“I’m sorry, I did not pay attention. It just ran to your side.” Li Fei waved his hand. The mycelium on his shoulders also lifted at the same time to “look” at Rem.

Rem’s eyes widened as if seeing a ghost.

He carefully looked, and finally found that the Asian is somewhat familiar.

Balrog, you……”

If he didn’t specifically study, Li Fei wouldn’t understand the English word Balrog. After all, it’s not a common word.

He hooked his finger. The mycelium that Rem shook off soared in the air, stopped, then rushed toward Li Fei——the mushrooms are, of course, not controlled by Li Fei. They just chose the more delicious one.

In Rem’s point of view, the Fire Demon had already mastered some of the mushrooms. This way, it’s impossible to expect the two Chinese S-class ability holders to disagree. Rem cursed in his mind. He’d already heard about the destruction of the branch of Holy Gate organization in China, and how they also obstructed the awakening of Flame Demon. Flame Demon even underwent assassination, but in the end, nothing happened?

Rem was still upset, but a sense of danger welled up in his heart.

It’s very hot, just like standing next to a fire——no, standing next to a crater.

Rem took a step back, watching Li Fei with vigilance and fear. Under the effects of the other’s “field”, which reduced his ability field by more than half, his instinct urged him to escape as soon as possible.

Is this the gap between S-class and A-class?

Rem took a step back again. Saying nothing, he hurried to follow the Red Dragon and left running.

The straight-faced Zhang YaoJin: ……

The enigmatic atmosphere felt like how a beautiful foreign ship proudly arrived on their shores and withdrew with its tail tucked between its legs.

Jian Hua acted as a background and found that the act of intimidating people is flawlessly performed by Li Fei. The movie emperor is really omnipotent when he needs to act.

Liang Jun, who specialized in gossip, had thoughtful eyes as he learned something from this conversation. In contrast, Zhang XiaoJie is still bewildered and confused.

“How’s the house?” Major Zhang turned to comfort his mother.

Liang Jun’s wife was scared by her daughter’s kidnapping, so he quickly let her go home.

“How long will this last? Which place is safe?”

“……not long.” Major Zhang looked complicated.

Li Fei quietly thought about the “Global Ability Holder’s Conference” mentioned by Zhang YaoJin. At sea? In case something happened, can the mushrooms make a boat and drift back to land?

“There are other considerations in this regard.” Zhang YaoJin explained in one sentence.

If a large number of high-order ability holders gather, it’s easy to re-enter the Abandoned World and monsters would swarm no matter where the meeting place is. It’d bring great destruction in the city, so which country is willing?

The S-class water ability holder is dead, so the sea had become a good choice.

“Except for international waters, only the desert can be selected.”

“Desert is perfect.” Li Fei nodded.

Major Zhang gave a look as he whispered in reminder, “There are no A-class earth ability holders in China, nor any A-class wind ability holder.”

In the desert, these two attributes are the most convenient.

Li Fei asked, “So what?”


The mushroom can block the wind and can also be building materials that aren’t afraid of any change in the terrain. It could just grow along with any deformation.

“It’s enough if we have capable space and water ability holders.” Li Fei calmly said. The mushrooms are good for everything, they just can’t eat it.

Watching Major Zhang say nothing, Jian Hua secretly pulled down Li Fei using the mycelium. The latter knew what he meant, so he asked a few questions about Liang Jun’s home. After learning that everything is fine, he left with Jian Hua.

“Why the desert?”

After going out of the crowd, Jian Hua didn’t understand and asked.

“There’s a hole above it.” Li Fei held Jian Hua’s hand while looking complicated, “If something happens, we still have an escape route.”

“I need to see it with my own eyes since it might already be closed.”

If forced into the hole, once he finally got out, it’ll be a serious problem if he couldn’t go back.

“You don’t have to worry about this……have you forgotten the hole above Ganzhou highway?”

Jian Hua heard this and blankly stared. He then reacted. That was one of the earliest voids, and they just had to make sure that the hole still exists. Then, even if they encountered the energy director in the future and were forcefully expelled from the world, there’d be a fixed channel for the mushrooms to get back.

“I understand. We have to find a way to go there and have a look.”

“A board member of Star Entertainment Media had a private jet. As long as we communicate with Red Dragon about the route, it won’t affect the aircraft providing disaster relief, and we could go to Ganzhou ourselves.”

Asking Red Dragon to arrange a pilot and then bringing the “amulet” Corgi is not difficult.

Jian Hua immediately agreed, so he didn’t know until he got on the plane, that it was “expropriated” from Dong Gongzi’s father. When Abandoned World appeared, the father and son went to France to watch Fashion Week and have a beach holiday. Right now, they didn’t know if they’re dead or alive. Li Fei originally wanted to pit this board member but it was useless.


Balrog – this is quite a loose translation. Rem actually said Flame Demon in English which is yan mo in Chinese. Balrog is the other translation that Uncle Google told me aside from that and I just used it to clarify the next sentence. I think the term Balrog came from Lord of the Rings but I’m not a fan so just take it as it is.

STB Chapter 153: Mission
STB Chapter 155: Blackmail

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