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Canteen dishes are known to be the ninth largest cuisine in China, the type that is difficult to describe.

The food in the Red Dragon base is not unpalatable, but it’s also not easy to eat. The buildings here had the style of the last century, how can the canteen food be an exception?

There are obviously different dishes, but the taste is almost the same. The minced pork tofu had a strong feeling of soybean paste, the stir-fried eggplants also had the flavor of soybean paste. The green cabbage boiled in water is so soft that even an old lady with no teeth could eat it, but the nutrition is roughly sufficient. If the soup is poured on the rice, it will make the hard rice grains easier on the mouth. If you casually scooped from a large vat of soup, although it’s said to be a cabbage leaf soup, there’d be no more than two leaves in a bowl. To be honest, drinking this is no different from any green leafed soups since you’ll only taste salt and oil.

After staying in the Abandoned World for four months, even such canteen food is incredibly delicious in the eyes of the ability holders.

The people in the Red Dragon base can still taste salt, but the base also studied how to enhance the taste of various monster materials on a daily basis, or else, their mouths would become bland or jittery, unable to taste anything else.

And now, tasting the food in their mouths, the taste of chili sauce is very delicious, and they can’t help but want to eat three bowls.

With the corgi’s special status, it can have delicious unsalted pork ribs. It happily chewed, tired of the usual canned dog foods even though it’s flavored——even the dog didn’t like those days in the Abandoned World.

Li Fei did not give TuanTuan any preferential treatment.

The army’s canteen food, even if the taste is not good, should be up to standard with the health code……

Li Fei didn’t have much time to hesitate. As the smell of food drifted over, he decided to fill his stomach first. He was initially reluctant to return to the Red Dragon base, but thinking about the mess outside right now where you can’t even eat any hot dishes, not to mention a few dishes with soup, complete with meat and vegetables.

Johnson held back and didn’t eat, he was always cautious.

But this is not the Abandoned World where the “meat” would deliver itself to the door. Red Dragon base is also heavily guarded with armed soldiers everywhere, making Johnson immediately shrank back.

The disaster relief scenes across the country are displayed on the TV on the canteen with experts also waxing rhetorics about the cause of this disaster.

Johnson didn’t understand Chinese, but he could understand the images. The teenager isn’t stupid, so it soon dawned on him that this disaster had spread all over the world. The people here didn’t lie to him, he really can’t go back in a short time.

He looked at the food in front of him, scooping vegetables with a big spoon but putting it back. It wasn’t long before Johnson looked at it again. The skinny Zhao Wen, who happened to be in the canteen, saw it, then quickly scooped some.

A foreign kid suddenly appeared in the Red Dragon base. Zhao Wen found it strange but looking at Johnson just watching even with a growling belly and even shrinking behind the pillars, reminded him of the poor kids he met in Myanmar during his drug enforcement days.

Johnson didn’t dare eat. He watched for a long time before his eyes fell on the steamed bread.

——this thing looked a bit like bread.

The skinny man picked a plate of steamed buns and brought it to the empty seat next to Johnson. He broke the bun in the middle showing the two pieces of oily pork belly stuffed inside. There were also slices of sweet tomato and leafy green vegetables.

Johnson took a bite. The taste of this “sandwich” is strange, but this one is more acceptable for him.

When he heard Zhao Wen ask him something, the protagonist just looked while still holding the steamed bun.

The skinny man’s English is not half-baked. He’s an undercover agent, so he knew a few languages. He’s mainly familiar with Southeast Asian languages, especially the Golden Triangle. Of course, not to mention English.

He patiently asked a few questions, and Johnson’s eyes gradually lit up. He finally met someone who can understand him in this foreign country, this is not easy.

He knew he’s in China and that he can’t go back for a while. Johnson thought again in his heart that he didn’t want to say Mr. Morenza’s name. If conditions permit, he’d even change his name to hide his identity.

However, Li Fei and Jian Hua is on a different table not far away, so hiding it is useless. Johnson honestly said his name.

“*Cough cough*!” Zhao Wen almost choked.

Wheezing, his eyes slid to Jian Hua. Holding the protagonist in China, this is a masterpiece.

This is a hot potato, ah. He cannot throw it back, nor let go of it, and still, he had to take care of it……if news leaked out, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter. It’s weird that the United States can even sit still.

Letting the teenager eat at ease, Zhao Wen wandered over to Jian Hua and Li Fei’s side and said in a serious tone, “You really did it, ah, catching such a big fish. Say, did you kidnap him to deal with Dr. Mad?”

Jian Hua, who is used to blaming the mushrooms, dismissively said, “Dr. Mad is dead.”


“Right, Red Scorpion from the Holy Gate organization also died. I asked Geng Tian to pass this information to Red Dragon. Major Zhang hadn’t confirmed it yet, so you didn’t know.” Li Fei also laughed lightly, making Zhao Wen’s fist become a little itchy.

“Can’t confirm because there’s no body?”

“Somewhat. One died in a volcanic eruption, and the other one was blown to pieces.” Li Fei seemed to unintentionally turn his chopsticks in a particular direction and just happened to “point” at Zhao Wen’s half empty plate.

In there was shredded minced meat and tomato soup.

Zhao Wen: ……

If it weren’t for his excellent mentality, this hint would be bad for the appetite.

Red Dragon’s staff created seven to eight plans to specifically deal with Red Scorpion and Dr. Mad, which is probably all scrapped. Things are changing too fast, so Zhao Wen decided not to mind it.

The next day, Zhao Wen received a new order.

——go accompany the predestined, but probably no chance in this life, Savior of the world.

It’s best to let Johnson have a good impression of China. Even if there are no good feelings, at least make him oppose the war. If the double system S-class Hulakan became a pacifist, that would be great.

The instructions also included that he had to help Flame Demon and Devourer improve their favorability with the Savior! There’s an excellent reason for doing so, try to think of the S-class ability holders as nuclear weapons, and they’re in China and United States. If the US nuclear weapons refused to explode and unwilling to go against China, many things would be solved, then Colonel Lu could grasp the opportunity to negotiate!

Zhao Wen, who shouldered this heavy responsibility, turned to look for Jian Hua to talk. Turns out that even though it’s already ten o’clock in the morning, the door is still closed.

He didn’t want to know what happened last night.

Zhao Wen wanted to have a good talk with Zhang YaoJin about Flame Demon’s attitude towards Red Dragon: this is a secret military base, not an express hotel with three meals delivered!

Hotel or what not, Zhao Wen can’t say it out loud. The last century styled building with green painted walls, plastic peonies, and enamel water pipes is, in fact, more like a guest house.

Zhao Wen also found a dog at the door of the room.

After viewing the latest files of Red Dragon with his authorization, Zhao Wen felt like he had to add a piece of content to the conversation outline: even if you provide accommodation, it didn’t have to come with a pet, does it?

However, this conversation is doomed to be unsuccessful since Zhang YaoJin’s rank is higher than Zhao Wen. Also, to rebuild Haicheng, to maintain order, to cooperate with Haicheng’s government to distribute materials, and to protect the public, Major Zhang is too busy to even return to the base. How could he have the time to listen to Zhao Wen’s comments?

Zhao Wen was confused when the door was still closed. He felt weird waiting here with the corgi, besides, he still had to perform his new mission: taking care of the protagonist, and acting as a translator and “brainwasher”.

Zhao Wen intentionally lingered in the canteen for half an hour until Johnson’s lunch version of a sandwich was finished. He didn’t see those two men.

When he went back to take a look, Li Fei and Jian Hua had already left the base with the dog.

“They didn’t eat?” Zhao Wen dared not believe it. Those who have just returned from the Abandoned World would actually refuse to eat and nibble on dry food?

“The rescue team began to be dispatched in groups this morning with the last wave leaving at noon. Those two only returned in the middle of the night yesterday, and it’s said they’re going to the east today……”

At this time, Li Fei is already in the car.

Martial law is everywhere in the city. For safe traffic control, a car with no military or police license plates can hardly pass.

Different from what Zhao Wen thought, the two didn’t do anything extra last night, all they did was sleep. It was a rare pleasure since starting from when they fell in the giant spider world, there had been no safe place to do so. In Kabadusia Plateau, the mushrooms occupied a territory where they can rest safely, however, the cave buildings in the underground city only had stone beds and benches. F***, even for pillows and blankets, they have to rely on the mushrooms.

The feeling of lying in a bed after so many days, not to mention how comfortable it is, with the presence of a familiar person next to you, they accidentally overslept.

Since yesterday, they’ve been cooperating with Red Dragon for publicity, so the place where Li Fei went today is already decided.

——Star Entertainment Media’s CEO Liang Jun’s home in Dongcheng District. Major Zhang is so busy that there should be no time to go home and visit.

East of Haicheng had many landmark buildings and commercial buildings. This is the first place to be repaired to avoid casualties, but the style is difficult to control afterward. A few trees in the middle of the famous TV tower were uprooted. The towering buildings are missing glass windows, and appeared to be riddled with holes. Some buildings have even changed in appearance. From a distance, the city looked like a crumbling sand sculpture.

Two trucks are parked on the park’s open space with people waiting in line to receive food and mineral water.

“There are fewer people.” Jian Hua thought that the team would go around the park for three laps, but it turns out it’s not that crowded.

“I guess some stayed in their homes, not daring to come out.”

There are many cats and dogs in the park. Some are brought out by their owners, while some are lost after the accident. These pets are very nervous, afraid to get too close to the crowd.

However, a certain corgi walked around after getting off the bus.

The nearby terrain had changed. The fountain was filled in, and only the sprayers and statue awkwardly thrust out of the dirt. From the traces on the ground, there had been potholes here, but during the repairs, the earth ability holders filled it out without looking carefully.

At first glance, there are no collapsed buildings, so this made Li Fei feel relieved.

“Which way is his house?” Jian Hua casually asked.

The car from Red Dragon base is parked there, so they could only walk the rest of the way.

People here come and go while others pitched tents, treating the wounded inside.

Because the TV stations aren’t repaired, the phones are unusable, so only the radio from the trucks played the scope of the disaster and information from the government.

Li Fei and Jian Hua are still in camouflage’s uniforms, so when they passed through the crowd, very few people paid attention.

Jian Hua inadvertently saw a few ability holders in the registration area. At first, he didn’t think much because he didn’t recognize all the people in the Red Dragon base.


Jian Hua looked back. Several people knocked down the soldiers next to the registration area, trying to take their guns.

The other soldiers reacted by raising their guns, aiming it over there and shooting a man without saying anything.

They didn’t continue shooting since an ice ability holder picked up a scared young woman next to him, and put an ice cone directly on her neck.

A few succeeded in stealing a gun. They grinned and pointed at the crowd while screams erupted all around.

“Put the gun down.”

“Give us a car filled with oil and a box of banknotes……”

“Shut up, don’t delay.” The lead ability holder restrained them. With a gun, he signaled his companions to drag the hostage to the truck’s side.

“Whoever dared to block us, I’ll let a river of blood flow here!” He screamed, threatening the police and soldiers, “You kill me alone, I’ll let these two die with me.”

After that, he pulled the trigger——

A jeep suddenly pulled up, the door opened, and Zhang YaoJin got off. He saw this scene, which made his face all black.

The one being held is not someone else, but his sister and Liang Jun’s secretary.


The gun in the hand of the leader made a strange noise. It jammed, and he looked down in amazement.

The stopped bullet suddenly shot out, creating a bloody hole on his head. The muzzle then swayed uncontrollably, shooting another round, and hitting the back of the head of the ice ability holder.

Zhang XiaoJie was frightened and fell to the ground. The ice cone stuck to her dress, and the clothes ripped when she pulled it hard. She was too scared to move after that.

The ability holders who tried to make trouble were quickly captured by the Red Dragon.

In the chaos, a foreigner was pushed beside Zhang XiaoJie. He smiled and helped her.

Zhang XiaoJie suddenly saw this person. She hadn’t recovered yet, and subconsciously reached out……

“Rem!” Major Zhang strode over, wanting to pull the A-class ability holder away from his sister.

Rem exaggeratedly spread his hands, “Zhang, I didn’t know it was your girlfriend.”

Major Zhang’s face became even darker.

STB Chapter 152: Important
STB Chapter 154: Escape Route

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