STB Chapter 163: Livelihood

STB Chapter 162: Worry
STB Chapter 164: Wronged

Haicheng suburbs.

There are several big pits on the lawn and road outside. The water in the swimming pool next to the villa leaked along the road cracks.

Like the house experienced a small earthquake, items from high places fell to the ground. The furniture shifted while the originally piled up movies and fashion magazines lied together on the carpet, bound by deep emotions. A few chandeliers and pieces of vases were also mixed in.

Li Fei turned around, leaning against the door as he stopped midway.

On seeing Jian Hua’s puzzled look, Li Fei silently stood on the spot for half a minute before reopening the door.

“We have a problem.”

The BOSS who once had the power to “rule” the world, the head of a mysterious organization, the one who experienced thousands of difficulties, the one who participated in the national reconstruction work, the one who once toured the Middle East, the dessert and Europe; after a series of events like traveling to another world, void world and various big adventures, they’d go back home after treating their wounds. When they were about to face all office employees who didn’t want to work, they were instead met with a crucial thing: Tidy up the house and clean it!

The movie star looked around and talked to himself, “Should I call my life assistant?”

“You have two life assistants. One is the staff provided by Star Entertainment. He’s responsible for buying items for you and also a part-time housekeeper. However, right now, the outside is still restoring order. He hadn’t worked for two months, and the status of Star Entertainment is unknown.” Jian Hua paused and slowly spoke, “Your second life assistant and also your bodyguard seems to be me.”


Lying on the sofa and watching his lover wipe the window and sweep the floor without lifting a hand?

Run errands, throw out the garbage, and lightly clean?

Give up and stop bothering about it then just live in the ruins?

——no matter which of the above, there’s the danger of being dumped on the spot!

Li Fei lived in a boarding school for a long time when he was a teenager. Cooking rice, washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning was not a problem. But since he became rich, he didn’t have to do housework for many years.

“How do you think we should we organize?” Li Fei quickly added the subject to show his attitude.

Jian Hua didn’t have to think about it, “Throw away the damaged things first.”

There’s not much dust on the furniture because before leaving the house, the New Year’s shooting incident happened. Their return date was uncertain, so the furniture and electrical appliances are covered with white cloths to prevent dust.

Li Fei obediently rolled the white cloth. When he removed the one over the wardrobe, the white cloths on the whole living room are already gone, piled up in a corner with Jian Hua removing the dust from his hands.

The washing machine was quickly filled up.

After vacuuming the stairs and turning around, they found a small crack on the second-floor wall.

For sorting the collapsed bookshelves, this sort of terrible work, Jian Hua decisively shut the study door and temporarily ignored it.

Li Fei leaned on the cloakroom door next to his master bedroom, looking at the messy things on the hanger. There are also sloping hangers and broken glass cabinets. Inside are watches, cufflinks, collar clips, and other valuables. Everything was broken and in disorder. Even for Li Fei, he felt a peculiar twitch in his heart at the thought of money flying away.

No, wait a minute!

He hadn’t checked his garage yet!

Celebrities earn more and spend more than necessary. During the first few years, Li Fei’s finances are as red as his own lips.

For the sake of his image, a large amount of money was spent on his clothes and accessories. His hands were shaking when he signed the check. Behind the bright and beautiful appearance in front of the camera, the artists, whose hearts were bleeding, were the norm in the entertainment industry. On public occasions, awards ceremony, charity galas…… the clothes were basically single-use. It’s hard to wear it the second time. In private parties, you could be casually dressed, but don’t even think about it when in front of the camera. This was why it’s difficult for artists who were blocked by the company to maintain their lives. They couldn’t get any work and with no income, they’re unable to repay the loan. There would be no way to support the cost of staying in the entertainment industry.

Many reporters loved to talk about hardworking artists. However, if they’re not diligent enough, they couldn’t eat so they could only work nonstop to become noticeable and had to film even when sick. No matter which way to make money, only God knows how they’d end up. If they couldn’t go to the top, they’d always be at the bottom of the pyramid.

Many domestic film emperors wanted to go international and also invested in a lot of movies. With these circumstances, how could the money be enough? Li Fei had never done these before since he wasn’t short of money.

But now——

After entering the garage, Li Fei was relieved. He found himself almost close to bankruptcy.

Only the first car sunk in while the other two vehicles had scratches. Anyways, painted cars are everywhere nowadays. Although the order has been restored, oil isn’t easy to buy, so many gas stations were closed. There were almost no private cars on the street.

Here were the suburbs, and the only community supermarket was closed.

Fortunately, as a precaution to their sudden entry to the Abandoned World, mineral water and canned goods were available under the beds of the master and guest bedrooms. Two or three days wouldn’t be a problem.

“Good news, the microwave wasn’t broken.”

Jian Hua opened a box of canned goods, poured luncheon meat onto a plate, and skillfully cut it with a knife.

Turning around, he discovered that after Li Fei came back, he was absently washing dishes (filled with dust) with his brow wrinkling.

“Did something happen in the garage?”

“No, I was thinking about the protagonists in movies. They’re usually tough guy characters with explosions on their backs, cooly walking out, and ending the scene with a passionate kiss to a beauty. Once the movie ended, would they film them on their homes as a follow-up? Especially the zombie ruined city category, this American doomsday film!”

Jian Hua: ……

The microwave dinged and ended its work.

Jian Hua recovered and moved the plate, a layer of oil slid to the sides as the aroma floated out.

“Don’t move, it’s hot!” Jian Hua warned someone while also scooping rice from the rice cooker. This kind of mood made him slowly say to Li Fei, “You’re talking about the protagonist, isn’t that you?”


Can’t refute.

“What’s the origin of the people we saw today? Would Red Dragon simply let go of Johnson?”

“Federico Morenza, a singer. It’s said that his family is related to the Italian Mafia. This gossip is famous in the American music scene.” Li Fei deliberately vaguely explained Federico’s identity. Anyway, what Jian Hua cares about was not this.

“He’s able to go to China, so is he also related to the White House?”

“Maybe…… can you focus on our dinner and not mention that kid again?” Li Fei complained half-heartedly.

After dinner, Jian Hua decisively closed the door of his room, keeping Li Fei out.

He was exhausted.

Jian Hua just wanted to smoothly finish the shower then rest.

If there were Li Fei, it would be impossible to take a bath. He also cleaned too many things today, so he didn’t want to get up tomorrow morning, pull the sheets off, and continue the shower.

The hot water washed away the dust and tiredness. His body relaxed.

The moment he lay down on the bed, Jian Hua honestly felt that he was back in reality with this long lost feeling of comfort. Abandoned World had disappeared, and everything was over.

No being stuck with mushrooms, no time stops, and hearing monsters roaring.

No worries of falling in the void world after falling asleep, being shrouded in darkness, and unable to break free……

After his mind relaxed, Jian Hua soon fell asleep.

He forgot to pull the curtains, so the next morning, Jian Hua was awoken by the light. He narrowed his eyes, subconsciously turned over and tried to avoid the sun when he suddenly saw a familiar face.

Under the glory of the morning sun and the elegant and beautiful facial contours, that person lazily opened his eyes and unconsciously released a ton of hormones.

“Good morning.”

Li Fei was confused, then reached out and held the other person for a kiss.

“……how did you come in?” Jian Hua raised his hand to block him, surprised at seeing the other person and not being aware of it despite him being so near.

Li Fei was stunned for a few seconds and woke up. He brought the person into his arms first, then reminded him in a satisfied manner, “You forgot, this is my home.”

Of course, he has the master key.

If he had to say that he had no ulterior motives last night, that would be a lie. Li Fei entered the room, found that his lover has fallen asleep, and felt it was very infectious, so he involuntarily followed with a yawn.

The mattress in the room was custom made. In the beginning, Li Fei gave his own body data, and this reflected the benefits of Jian Hua’s career. They were similar in body shape. They couldn’t wear the same high cut suits, but it’s not much of a problem with a mattress.

After the night attack failed, Li Fei calmly climbed into his lover’s bed, no, his own bed.

“When did you come?”

“After showering last night, let me see, it’s not ten or eleven, so maybe twelve o’clock? It doesn’t rule out the possibility of me sleepwalking. I’m confused since I can’t tell if it’s the Abandoned World or my home and went to your room……”

Jian Hua was dumbfounded. This nonsense is not that unreasonable, but he was prepared to break Li Fei’s arm.

The two suddenly froze.

Some kind of biological thing in the morning accidentally rubbed together.

Li Fei, when Jian Hua hadn’t reacted yet, decisively separated Jian Hua’s legs with his right knee, went closer to the other, and ambiguously caused friction several times.

Exciting a lover who has less physiological needs was really a hassle. Jian Hua nursed a wound for two months, so their only experience in those times was their hands. Even before that, the mushrooms would get in the way, so Li Fei had been waiting for a long time.

Jian Hua was ready to give up, but when his mind relaxed, he then felt too comfortable. The little guy who didn’t want to look up rose due to the mood.

The two rolled around in bed. Jian Hua shallowly breathed and instinctively reached out to touch that burning desire.

His hand was held down by Li Fei. Jian Hua opened his eyes in dissatisfaction when his lips were blocked, his words turning into ambiguous moans.

Then his hands were forcibly guided, from the abdomen to where they’re connected, touching the oozing sweat and gradually down the mermaid line……

Perceiving Li Fei’s intent, Jian Hua did not resist. He obeyed the other party’s meaning. The palms of the two men groped and entangled in places that created endless joy.

The viscous liquid slipped through their fingers. Jian Hua felt Li Fei pulling away from his hand, then felt a cold cream smear inside him. He opened his eyes and discovered that Li Fei took something from under the pillow.

“……you also brought this when you sleepwalked?”

“Yes, I’m dreaming now. It was so wonderful that I can’t bear to wake up.” Li Fei leaned on Jian Hua’s ear and deeply laughed.

Irrepressible moans burst inside the room.


“Go up a little bit……” Jian Hua was not used to changing positions.

“Wait a bit.” Li Fei gave Jian Hua a pillow under his waist, “Life without mushrooms, get used to it.”


“All right, let’s continue.”

Jian Hua wanted to kick him, but his knee was pressed down so he couldn’t break free.

Two hours later, Li Fei stepped out of the door then stopped.

——there are still a lot of places to be cleaned in the villa, and he already tired out the other person who could work.

How could he be so stupid!

STB Chapter 162: Worry
STB Chapter 164: Wronged

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