STB Chapter 164: Wronged

STB Chapter 163: Livelihood
STB Chapter 165: Being Named

After half a year, winter came again.

Snowflakes fell on the streets as the ruins were replaced by new buildings. There are still some projects that had not been completed, but new stores already opened for business. Office workers returned to their cubicles in the city and rushed about for the salary. The fallen billboards were re-arranged where an actress who endorsed shampoos showed off her charm.

“This Xiao YaQin really sought after personal gain.” Assistant Lin rubbed his hand, feeling a bit cold.

He got off the car, bought two cups of coffee, and trotted back.

The person driving the car was Geng Tian. He could have applied to join the Red Dragon through the assessment, but he bluntly said that he had been retired for too long and hoped to live a normal life—— although the role of a film emperor’s bodyguard was nowhere near ordinary, at least the hail of bullets had stopped.

“Xiao YaQin?” Geng Tian turned his head and looked out the window. Sure enough, it’s a familiar face.

The entertainment industry was finally restored. The artists only announced their own situation at the beginning, just to calm down the circle. The state only approved a portion of films and songs to show in disaster relief stations to avoid occupying valuable human resources. Most celebrities are unemployed, and smaller companies have closed down. Although everyone knew that it’s already good enough that they survived, this kind of thing is easier said than done.

Star Entertainment Media let go of half their employees. They had to support their families and need to work. They couldn’t just squat at home unemployed forever. Those who participated in urban rebuilding work could have the priority to move first and even priority in employment after the economy recovered. This attraction was too big, so many people couldn’t refuse.

At the moment, the recovery of business and economy had led to the re-emergence of advertising. This meant that the winter in the entertainment industry had gradually passed.

The celebrity’s worth right now had fallen and fallen again. Even those ads with not much value are basically picked clean. All celebrities were eager to show their faces and were afraid of being forgotten. That Xiao YaQin could quickly take an ad is very fortunate.

“Guangshi hasn’t fallen yet? Not a single monster stepped into their building.” Assistant Lin muttered.

Guangshi Group was the opposite of Li Fei’s Star Entertainment Media, one of the three entertainment giants. After the end of the world, their competitors still survived. This made them feel very complicated.

Assistant Lin found that Li Fei didn’t speak. Finding it strange, he asked, “Li-ge?”

Li Fei, who was looking through the mail on his phone, raised his eyes and looked at the large billboard. It’s impossible to look the other way, but he frankly said, “I have no long hair, how could I shoot shampoo ads? Is there an advertisement for men’s shampoo that you refused?”

“Ah? What long hair? You don’t have……wait a minute!” Assistant Lin realized that he was deflected by Li Fei. He pulled it back to the topic, “I’m talking about Xiao YaQin. Who knows what she’s planning on her side!”

Guangshi Group’s artists have no lower limit and Xiao YaQin was no exception. She followed the evil culture of the entertainment industry. She would first say that she admired a senior, publicly express their good feelings in a program, then post @…… nothing explicit was said, but she behaved like she’s dating Li Fei. She’s a second-line artist, so falling in love with Li Fei has credibility for passerby.

Therefore, the goodwill of Li Fei’s team toward Xiao YaQin was in the negatives and had reached minus 50 or less.

Many people had a scandal with Li Fei. If Li Fei had to mind each and every one of them, he’d be tired.

Gossip was hype. The cast usually exaggerated it to generate waves of interest for their products. Some would maliciously focus on the heat, but none are like this Xiao YaQin. Once was not enough. As long as the heat went on, she would come out again and many ideas were pushed by the company behind her. They would send a post on Weibo alluding to smuggled goods and hinting that Li Fei’s life as the film emperor was not that good. It’d be hinted that he would be too tired from filming without a break, raising a group of dissatisfied fans against Star Entertainment.

“Xiao YaQin?”

Li Fei glanced at the passing billboard, nodded, said that he knew, then lost interest, and continued to watch his phone.

Assistant Lin remembered the fourth person in the car, Jian Hua.

——*sigh* Ah, this attitude of ignoring gossip. However, even forgetting what Xiao YaQin looked like, this is too much, Mister Li!

Jian Hua understood the meaning behind Assistant Lin’s gaze.

Li Fei coughed a little, “After last fall, I was busy in the Abandoned World. It’s said to be one year, but the time we spent in the Abandoned World is far more than that. It’s like it happened in my last life, so who’ll remember?”

It looked like an excuse, but what Jian Hua wanted to ask was not this.

What was Xiao YaQin’s relationship with Li Fei? Outsiders didn’t know, but even Jian Hua had never heard of it?

The question in Jian Hua’s heart, with the presence of Assistant Lin and Geng Tian, was not convenient to say. He waited until this inconspicuous black sedan entered the garage of the building that looked old (the exterior glass hadn’t been scrubbed for a year), then found a gap where the other two couldn’t hear them, and said to Li Fei, “Don’t worry. In fact, there’s long been gossip in the industry saying you’re completely gay.”

Li Fei’s heart went tight because he knew what the second half was.

“……others also said that you’re not gay but sexually incompetent.”

This was really a malicious rumor. From the crew of movies that he had a male and female bed scene, it’s said that the news was very reliable. Bed scenes in movies were probably the least favorite of the celebrities. It looked like they’re burning with passion, but it’s actually under a large bedsheet. There was another blanket between the two people. It’ll be amazing if they could touch the other’s arm.

Tapes are also attached to the body to prevent light, so it’s hot and stuffy. A picky director was also less intense on the actor, even if there was not enough beauty in action. Some young actors didn’t do well since they’re stiff, so the crew had to do a camera trick. Some scenes might even be relegated to the assistant director. Anyway, under the pressure of the lens, the people below are responsible for exposing their hair. The most exaggerated is when the last seconds showed a close up of the male and female actors. The rest was edited, but it’s usually the stuntman, and often two male stuntmen who did the scene. The gimmicks of the entertainment news make a lot of money since fans look forward to it. They would try to see who is on the screen since it was hard to tell.

In fact, Li Fei hadn’t shot that many bed scenes. With his popularity, if it isn’t really needed in the script, it’s not even considered. Many big-name actors would write no bed scenes in their contract, not worried if the crew changed their mind.

Jian Hua followed Li Fei to only one movie, 《Crow》.

《Crow》was barely an emotional drama. When the disease came, the young inn proprietress who loved General Wu took in some of the soldiers who fell ill. When the people who followed General Wu fled halfway, she died through an arrow.

This kind of film has no female protagonist, but considering commercialization, they designed such a character to appear for a short time. Not to mention bed scenes, there aren’t even kisses. There’s only whispering under the dim light and stopping at the back of the inn amidst the setting sun. This was a kind of warm play.

In the《Crow》production crew, Jian Hua didn’t have the opportunity to witness the accuracy of the rumors.

——although he had already confirmed it in another way.

After the mushrooms disappeared, Jian Hua felt like Li Fei ate the wrong medicine. At the same time, he realized that Li Fei was very reserved in bed before, very restrained, and very considerate about the existence of the mushrooms as well as the unsafe surrounding.

If Jian Hua’s physical fitness had not always been good due to his occupation and very suitable for high-intensity sports, he wouldn’t be able to move because of the soreness. He would have to be massaged with medicated oil every time. Although it’s an excellent way to relieve muscle fatigue, with his work as a personal bodyguard and life assistant, Jian Hua probably couldn’t continue.

Reacting with just a glance, it’s really like a peacock.

Under most circumstances, Jian Hua didn’t know how to “tease.” He had been overwhelmed on the sofa/bed/bathroom wall/opaque glass window sill/desk/carpet.

Most of the time, Li Fei wouldn’t go all the way and just enjoy being close with his lover, not by hand, but just waiting for his desire to go quiet, so he didn’t request that frequently.

The negative distance contact total up to three times a week. What made Jian Hua feel numb is the fact that he can’t get up once a month, sometimes twice. The exact date depended on Li Fei’s mood.

Faced with such “self-disciplined”, “sensible,” and thoughtful lover, persuading “moderation” wouldn’t work.

Sometimes Jian Hua preferred Li Fei to come every day and finish it once a day……

Thinking of their negative distance interaction, Jian Hua felt very confused. He’s puzzled by how Li Fei very easily react, although not entirely up, but it’s enough to feel it. What kind of performance does Li Fei have that will lead to this kind of gossip? Isn’t it that during filming, the two lead actors would be several meters apart? Or, did it happen before Li Fei became popular since there’s no stuntman to do the camera trick, so it’s revealed?

Jian Hua was not good at concealing his expressions. Although he didn’t expressly ask, his expression and eyes told it for him.

Li Fei had been with him for so long, his understanding of Jian Hua deepening, so he could guess what Jian Hua was thinking in his heart. He touched his nose helplessly, then whispered, “A total of three times…… I was nervous for the first time. I felt like a shelled lobster on a white plate in a gourmet documentary, so how could I feel anything? The second time was shot after a few months, and I was just doing the positions with the female lead actress. Everyone was very familiar with each other. Looking at the other’s arms, shoulders, and body, I could only think of the crew’s poor food. She was really thin, and I definitely wouldn’t like a skinny person!”

Jian Hua didn’t expect this explanation. He wanted to compose his face, but the corner of his mouth still has a smile.

“The third one is with a very petite woman…… at that time, it happened to be a popular skinny girl on the screen. I could only feel her bones. Fortunately, she’s wearing clothes, but while shooting the bed scene, the entire picture ratio wasn’t coordinated. The director said not to shoot and finally decided to put a plastic model under the sheets.” Li Fei said with no expression, “The director shot three times, but the angle isn’t satisfactory even after adjustments. I was too tired and couldn’t help but lie down on top, so I didn’t know who took the photo at this time.”

Jian Hua looked at Li Fei’s “no love since birth” expression and his smile went deeper.

At this time, Assistant Lin and his old colleagues in the company came back and heard this sentence. It was immediately followed by an angry denunciation, “They were too unruly! That sneak shot was sold to a magazine before the movie was even released!”

It almost caused a stir, and the news headlines read: ‘New Film Emperor vs. New Beautiful Woman Scandal, The Emperor Didn’t Feel Anything, Taking Advantage But Still Avoiding.’

Fortunately, Star Entertainment’s PR department was timely. They paid a sum to resolve things. Otherwise, if it was sent out, it’s going to trigger a fan battle with unpredictable consequences. Whether it’s the female lead or the director, they couldn’t explain to the audience that what they’re seeing was a blood-thirsty drama since several shots were made of Li Fei modeling in a shop window.

The photo’s clever angle showed Li Fei’s face and one could see him only wearing a pair of loose pants. The female body curve outlined below the sheets are not quite clear, but the background looked like a scene still.

“Although the photo was bought, there are still rumors left in the circle.” Li Fei supported.

Plus, the crew of the previous two dramas, after a careful recall, determined that Li Fei didn’t appear too stiff during shooting. In fact, many actors wouldn’t react. Li Fei’s case was not unusual, but this “student who can’t get it up” was still photographed, ah! In particular, the two female stars are the public fantasies that had been held as Goddesses in the past two generations.

Li Fei didn’t respond. He’s not sick or gay!

“There’s nothing worse than this!” Li Fei’s tone was bitter.

Jian Hua looked at him, then said, “The conclusion was correct, so how are you wronged?”


Translator’s Notes:

too stiff… this meant he wasn’t stiff down there even with a beautiful woman by his side.

STB Chapter 163: Livelihood
STB Chapter 165: Being Named

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