STB Chapter 170: Serious

STB Chapter 169: Public Persona
STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package

Xiao YaQin participated in the high profile cast selection and announced her participation in the filming.

After the promotional photos were released, there were five roles including Li Fei’s, but there was no Xiao YaQin.

This was very embarrassing.

Rumors have come out from various quarters. Some people say that Xiao YaQin was eliminated during the second audition while others say that Xiao YaQin offended someone, and all her scenes were deleted.

The second rumor was discussed more and was a very popular opinion. Everyone couldn’t help but think about who Xiao YaQin offended.

The first person they thought of was Li Fei. Xiao YaQin pretended to be his partner to make a scandal, but Li Fei himself publicly said that he had a crush on someone. This person was obviously not the rumored Xiao YaQin. Otherwise, how could he call it his secret crush?

Li Fei’s mystery lover.

No, if the other party didn’t know, then it can’t be considered a lover.

Thinking about it like this, people suddenly felt that the Film Emperor was a little more intimate. Look, even if he’s the Film Emperor with high specs, he still can’t successfully pursue his dream lover.

Every time Xiao YaQin (deliberately) talked to Li Fei in a high profile way to hint at their close relationship, it probably made Li Fei nervous and feared that his crush would misunderstand——imagining the Film Emperor’s psychological state at that time, many people can’t help but give birth to the idea of watching a good show.

Gossip, right, only gossip is the true meaning of life.

However, Li Fei’s reputation in the circle was excellent, so most people didn’t believe that he dug such a big hole for Xiao YaQin while a small number of people drinking beer and munching peanuts just snorted. Li Fei wouldn’t obstruct other artists on the surface. He’d been hypocritical for so many years, how could a Xiao YaQin change his temper?

“If not Li Fei, then is it the person behind Li Fei?”

This was a really good question. Before the disaster, the entertainment industry’s explosive CEO of Star Entertainment was once again dragged out to an “all-around” exhibit.

Regarding Liang Jun’s photos in the past years where the two were in various press conferences, New Year speeches, and other resources, people had said that their computers were broken and they need to re-record. Some people also asked for more hard-to-find photos of Liang Jun X Li Fei.

Some vowed that Liang Jun was the person Li Fei referred to.

“Liang Jun is married, there are even children! Your yy need to have a lower limit, okay?”

“Do you know how old Liang Jun is? He’s an authentic old shoe! Is your family’s home cooking so bad (be careful of your teeth)?”

They taunted and ridiculed, bringing the fans of the male god to laugh together, but it’s bound to trigger a war of words.

Don’t know which good guy dug up a few high-resolution photos of Liang Jun taken in Paris at a dinner party. One of them was when he’s next to Li Fei. Although it’s just a side profile and many celebrities also attended the dinner after the domestic award ceremony. The occasion was luxurious, but the two people in the photo holding wine glasses smiled while talking to each other, making the onlookers feel a relaxed and happy atmosphere. It’s definitely not just a working relationship between the top of the company and the artist, they’re at least good friends.

When the photo was taken, it might have been very late. There were drunk celebrities at the next table, Li Fei loosened his bow tie with shirt buttons unzipped, and Liang Jun simply took off his suit jacket and pulled up half of his sleeves.

There were often some entertaining things in the second half of the party, such as billiards, so this kind of attire was not rude compared to those who were drunk and unable to tell which direction is which. After all, Li Fei and Liang Jun were people who paid attention to their external image at all times.

However, such a standard photo, when thrown in the middle of fiercely scolding people, the consequences could be imagined.

Well, the benevolent saw benevolence, the wise saw wisdom (different views are admissible). The shady ones believed they saw the truth, the fans thought they were fed with candy, this was the case in the world. Whatever their thoughts, the way they looked at things would be biased.

Then the second round of war reignited. One party argued that this was just for the hype: How low must they be to rise in the circle! The other party argued and thought that Li Fei was destroying other families. Some guys hired the water army to remove Li Fei from the entertainment circle, scolding him to change his job and go shout out his true love since the man and the president matched.

Chinese people were are good at bending the truth, clamoring for a while before shifting their focus.

The drunk artist on the photo was ruthlessly mocked. Also unlucky was a female star who can’t beat the gossip just because a waiter who passed by and revealed less than half of their face was a bit like her.

Such dinner parties refused reporters inside since it’s the nature of a party to be like that, so no one expected that such a photo would be released. How many celebrities like Li Fei could stand the test of looking good at all angles? Some artists didn’t dare go to the mirror without makeup. They worked hard every day, but no matter how good their foundation was, it’s almost destroyed. Even a very handsome guy or beautiful girl can’t guarantee that they’d not have a momentary expression distortion. If they slipped and showed emotion, they’d look online and saw themselves rolling their eyes/curling their lips/cross-eyed……this kind of mood was really hard to say.

For various reasons, the insiders had a tacit understanding. Those who released this photo must be prepared for retaliation.

For the former CEO Liang Jun, who’s on vacation, after making an angry phone call, he heard the truth that a director of the company’s board shared the photo with his friends and it was sent out by a junior high school daughter of one of them. The anger was blocked in his heart since he can’t retaliate. He turned to the door, politely knocked on the door, tried to please his wife to let him into the room, and even called his stepdaughter to ask for advice.

Son? He’s working with the country, so can’t count on him.

Compared to Liang Jun’s dire straits, the days of Li Fei were much more pleasant but also……strange.

The Film Emperor stood in the kitchen and seriously looked at a recipe.

Chicken soup stewed on the stove and released its aroma in the air. Li Fei quickly uncovered the lid and spooned the white foam after it boiled.

“Should be……almost ready?” Li Fei talked to himself.

Jian Hua’s kitchen had a limited area. If he wanted to demonstrate his cooking skills, it’s also limited by reality. For example, there was no pressure cooker here and no induction cooker. Stewing the soup needed him on hand because there was no timer.

There’s no whisk to beat the eggs, so he could only rely on chopsticks.

Chopsticks hit the porcelain bowl and sounded in the narrow kitchen. In the beginning, Li Fei was bad at it, but soon he got used to it, and also found the familiar feeling many years ago.

It’s easier to have eggs or something

Li Fei took a look outside. The bedroom door was closed with no movements inside.

——this morning, another “accident” happened.

Before filming, for their own state of health when working and for Jian Hua’s sake, Li Fei didn’t go all the way for more than a month. His lover was around, he could see and eat tofu every day, but still couldn’t eat it casually and had to eat at an inconspicuous part. Not to mention that he couldn’t touch above the neck, even the chest and arms are prohibited areas since he’s doing martial arts moves. With such torture, if not for Li Fei’s willpower, he probably couldn’t hold it anymore.

Flying to Huai City, then falling asleep when they got home. After recharging and waking up, his “willpower” temporarily running away from home was also normal.

Jian Hua’s home in Huai City was safe and sound.

This land had mushrooms stationed in it. Abandoned World lasted for months, but there were no signs of damage on this side. Even the entire Huai City disaster rate was far below the national average, so Huai City, a city originally relying on the film and television base tourism industry, suddenly became the new economic center of the province.

Huai City became the hottest land in real estate market. Whether it’s a new property or a second-hand house, prices have risen and risen again.

The price of Jian Hua’s neighborhood housing prices had doubled tenfold. If not for the relevant state departments paying close attention to it, stopping those boastful advertising, and setting up new guidelines for purchasing houses in Huai City, then more people would come here (since there would be no natural disasters when they live here)  and rob more people of their homes.

Think about it, the ground under their feet, even a dilapidated building where they lived every day, on average would have its price rise every minute. This feeling was really too exciting. Last year, it was still so difficult to rent out the place!

Li Fei hoped that Jian Hua would pay more attention to the price and not go online, because his and Liang Jun’s matter had been spread everywhere.

After enduring so much and with the consistent manipulations of the Guangshi Group, many people in the circle had come out in force.

Li Fei’s mouth evoked a mocking smile.

——don’t they just want to find out his background?

This time, Guangshi Administration had given him an important role, so a lot of people thought to themselves and wanted to fish in troubled waters. According to their ideas, if Li Fei really hooked up with an influential person, from Li Fei’s reaction, they might be able to figure out some clues and find out the situation. Then Liang Jun was taken out as a target regardless of whether he’s Li Fei’s lover, anyway, there was no better person than him.

“I hate to disappoint you, but my so-called backer……is the mushroom that went somewhere.”

Li Fei had a faint smile. He picked up a basket, throwing the drained mushrooms into the pot.

Mushrooms that can be eaten was great.

At this time, Li Fei’s mobile phone began to vibrate. He looked down to see and found that the ordered mattress was delivered—-he really had mixed feelings sleeping on top of his own poster. Oh, he also spent a lot of time with Jian Hua on a cheap mattress on top of that poster. It’s really hard to describe this feeling.

Li Fei could not throw away the poster of General Wu.

That’s why he ordered a custom made mattress and it should be thick enough!

Li Fei turned off the fire, wore a mask and a coat to go out. A large object like a mattress had to be carried up the stairs.

The afternoon sun shined into the window and into the boiling pot. Even if the fire was shut down, the lid was still shaking at a small frequency——no, this kind of vibration was a bit unusual.

“Pa.” The lid was pushed open a slit.

Hot air overflowed and filled the entire kitchen.

After a white fog spread, a mushroom slowly climbed out of the chicken soup and shook its body, followed by a second round mushroom. It left the pot one after another, drilled a hole in a corner, burst into mycelium, then hid.

When Jian Hua woke up, Li Fei was signing the receipt. There’s a mattress in the living room, the kitchen smelled of chicken soup, and the egg in the rice cooker was also done.

“Where did you buy the chicken that it smells so strong?” Jian Hua was doubtful.

How did the whole house smell of chicken soup? Even the bathroom was no exception. The living room smelled like it’s wiped with chicken soup over and over again.

Li Fei’s expression was indescribable. He went back to the kitchen to check and found that the chicken soup was one-third less. There were suspicious water stains on the ground and on the cooking table. Did someone come into the house to steal?

Looking at Jian Hua, who was brushing his teeth, Li Fei thought that the “suspect” could not be him. With Jian Hua’s character, he wouldn’t play this kind of joke at all.

Li Fei used a spoon to stir the soup. Who would steal some soup but not eat the meat and only swallow the mushrooms?

Wait, mushroom?

Jian Hua heard the sound of a spoon falling come from the kitchen.

“Don’t cook if you can’t do it.” Jian Hua mumbled, using water to rinse the toothpaste foam in his mouth. When he turned around to go out, he felt something wrong on his feet, it seemed to be tied up by something.

Bow down.

A white, plump, round mushroom leaned against his feet, smelling of chicken soup.

“Not good, the mushrooms……”

Li Fei rushed to the door then the latter half of his sentence was swallowed back when he saw Jian Hua.

After half a minute, he blankly said, “I’m going to buy some mushrooms that we could eat and come back to finish the soup.”

“Forget it.” Jian Hua subconsciously said. He could still drink chicken soup without mushrooms.

“No, I must eat mushrooms today! I would crush the mushrooms that can be cooked so it couldn’t run away!”


The author has something to say:

Mushrooms return home: Don’t want the chicken soup, want owner.


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STB Chapter 169: Public Persona
STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package

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