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Compared to his voice, Jian Hua was more concerned about Li Fei’s eyes.

“You’re insane!” The manager didn’t hesitate and angrily hung up the phone, slamming it down.

Li Fei leaned back on the sofa of the villa’s first floor while Assistant Lin tried to persuade him to rest. Li Fei ignored him and pondered the circumstances of Geng Tian’s disappearance. The only clues they had were the mysteriously malfunctioning Bentley and the slowly dissipating fog outside.

“Who called? Did they find him?” Assistant Lin asked anxiously.

The security personnel in the high-end villa area had searched the vicinity thoroughly, but in the end, they suggested reporting to the police. However, since Geng Tian had just been released by the secret services, the manager insisted on finding him first. Even if they reported it, they had to wait for 24 hours of being out of contact.

“I have no idea. Some lunatic who somehow found out about Geng Tian’s disappearance and claimed he was in Huai City,” the manager said, his anger rising. Apart from the CEO, whom he dared not scold, he even wanted to grab Li Fei’s collar. “Where did you guys get into trouble? Was Geng Tian kidnapped? If you know something, speak up!”

Li Fei opened his eyes with a headache and replied, “We brought this trouble upon ourselves.”

Naturally, the manager didn’t believe him and was about to say something when the phone rang again.

Irritated as he was, he had to answer it. As his gaze fell on the number, indicating Huai City, and recognized it as the same person from earlier, the manager was about to explode, but Li Fei snatched the phone before him.

“Geng Tian has been missing for less than three hours, and he’s just a bodyguard. Who would go through the trouble of fabricating lies to deceive you?”

Li Fei motioned for his manager to calm down. He did think the same way, but upon seeing the number, Li Fei immediately stood on the side of the caller. Without leaving any trace, he subtly reprimanded his manager, “Don’t miss any clues.”

The manager was furious, but Li Fei had already answered the call.

“Hello, I heard that… Geng Tian is in Huai City?”

Jian Hua, who had received a scolding after kindly informing Li Fei, dialed the number again with a cold smile. If Geng Tian was in a bad condition, even if he received treatment at a small clinic, he would still have to pay. Jian Hua didn’t want to be a foolish scapegoat. However, the voice that appeared after the call connected caught Jian Hua off guard—-no defense at all!

“Hello?” Li Fei wondered, moving the phone away to check if the signal was full.

“It’s you.” The voice was clearly different from the cold and tough style of General Wu, making Jian Hua regain his composure.

It was different from a face-to-face conversation, and the similar voice made Jian Hua’s resolve plummet. He calmed himself and briefly recounted the situation, omitting the chaos caused by the Red Dragon and Zhang Yaojin’s interference.

“He’s unconscious near your place?” Li Fei frowned deeply.

Indeed, he had fallen into the abandoned world. No matter how much time had passed in reality, it didn’t represent Geng Tian’s experiences there.

“Dehydrated, hungry, weak, and with some external injuries,” Jian Hua added.

“If the situation is critical, take him to the hospital. Someone will come to take over soon,” Li Fei promised, his voice gentle. The previous weariness and irritability vanished, leaving Assistant Lin staring in astonishment.

Take over? Who would go to Huai City to take over?

Geng Tian was hired by Star Entertainment Media as Li Fei’s bodyguard. Now that he was missing, shouldn’t the bodyguard company handle it themselves?

As Assistant Lin was about to protest after seeing Li Fei hang up the phone, he noticed Li Fei picking up his jacket and preparing to leave.

“Wait, where are you going?” the manager asked in surprise.

“To Huai City.”


“No, we have to take him to the hospital! The wound is infected!”

The nurse cleaning Geng Han’s wound was shocked to discover traces of blood and obvious purple-black swelling.

Even a normal person would suffer when they had a fever from an infection, let alone someone in such a weakened state. Normal saline and glucose solution were not enough; antibiotics were needed. However, with the severity of the situation, a small clinic wouldn’t casually prescribe medication.

“Do you know him?” Cheng Lao, after calling for emergency assistance (120), came back and asked Jian Hua.

Jian Hua sighed and took out all the change from his pocket. “I’ll owe you the rest. I’ll pay next time.”

“It’s just a few dozen yuan, no rush.” Cheng Lao’s concern was focused on the time-stagnant world. “This situation happened once yesterday as well. It’s driving me crazy. I get nervous if I don’t have some food in my pocket.”

“Prepare a few more…” Jian Hua glanced at the medical equipment in the clinic and closed his mouth.

Cheng Lao keenly noticed the wounds on Geng Tian. “What happened?”

“That world can produce monsters. I haven’t seen them, but the source of the information should be reliable.” Jian Hua briefly explained the situation of the abandoned world to Cheng Lao. At the same time, he realized a problem. Those who can enter the abandoned world are all potential ability users, but Cheng Lao, at his age, was one too?

On the day of the Pearl Hotel explosion, it wasn’t his ability that automatically blocked the window but Cheng Lao. Jian Hua looked around and lowered his voice to ask Cheng Lao if any other strange incidents had occurred recently.

“Why wouldn’t there be?” Cheng Lao turned his head in annoyance. “I can hear the sound of blood flowing in your veins. Old man Zhang next door has hypertension and arteriosclerosis. I told him to go to the hospital for an examination so that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable listening to it.”


Cheng Lao patted Jian Hua’s shoulder with a satisfied expression. “Young man, you’re young, healthy, with a normal heart rate and unobstructed blood flow. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Jian Hua’s expression was complex.

“Speaking of strange things, this morning I heard a series of ambulances nearby,” Cheng Lao pondered. It wasn’t the season for a high incidence of chronic illnesses.

Jian Hua initially thought Zhang Yaojin might be involved, but then he realized that two people collapsed right at his doorstep, and there was only one floor above him. It was so coincidental that it happened on a weekend when the neighbors and the three households upstairs hadn’t gone out, so they didn’t notice the two injured individuals. If they had collapsed elsewhere in the neighborhood, even with the dense fog, the cleaning workers or the aunties buying groceries would have noticed…

He hoped they would be lucky enough to survive.

During their conversation, the ambulance arrived. Cheng Lao described the symptoms, and the paramedic’s words confirmed Jian Hua’s earlier thoughts.

“Why does this keep happening?”

“Has he been given medication? Which antibiotics?”

As everyone hurried to place Geng Tian on a stretcher, they instinctively scanned the surroundings. “Are there any relatives of the patient?”

As per Jian Hua’s habit, seeing the ambulance take the person away would have been enough. However, thinking about Li Fei’s phone call just now, he had a momentary lapse of judgment and responded, “I’m his colleague.”

The cost of emergency treatment had to be paid by someone, and the fees for the ambulance service from 120 also needed to be covered. Moreover, if the situation worsened, a critical condition notification had to be signed by a family member. The medic didn’t say anything. Taking Jian Hua with them, the ambulance sped off to the nearest hospital.

Jian Hua went to the hospital window to pay with his card. When he returned, he learned that Geng Tian had already been taken to the intensive care unit for observation.

“Wound infections are not a trivial matter, especially when it comes to scratches from wild animals. The patient is very weak,” said the stern-faced head nurse. She glanced at Jian Hua and handed him several bills.

“Anxious that I won’t pay? I already informed his family.”

Upon learning that payment could be made later today, Jian Hua put away the bills. However, as he was in the elevator, he encountered a member of the Red Dragon group who had been following him.

Even experienced members of the secret service couldn’t help feeling awkward. The hospital elevator was crowded, making it inconvenient to speak. They had to wait until they were out of the elevator before the Red Dragon member managed to force out a “Thank you.”

If Jian Hua had ignored the person lying at his doorstep, Zhang Yaojin’s life would have been in danger.

“There were several others brought to the hospital as well, right?” Jian Hua casually asked.

Knowing that the doctors and nurses had already let the information slip, the Red Dragon member didn’t bother hiding it. “They are all people who went with the Major to Haicheng.” He didn’t know why suddenly everyone ended up near Jian Hua’s house.

“When he wakes up, ask him what kind of monster it was.”

“Huh?” The remark was rather blunt.

Jian Hua calmly replied, “Maybe I’ll encounter it too. Who would willingly let their fate control them?”

The Red Dragon member looked conflicted and expressed that they would discuss it with Major Zhang after he woke up. They couldn’t stay here for long and would soon transfer the people to the military hospital.

At that moment, an unfamiliar number called Jian Hua’s phone. The Red Dragon member leaned over to take a look: it was Li Fei’s number.

Unaware of this, Jian Hua hesitated for a few seconds before walking to a distance to answer the call.

“I’m almost in Huai City. Which hospital are you in? How much did you pay for the expenses? I’ll have Assistant Lin bring you the money,” Li Fei skillfully inquired about Jian Hua’s whereabouts.

“It’s HuaiCity Second People’s Hospital,” Jian Hua replied, stating the specific department and floor. He decided to go back and wait for the actor to come and deliver the money in person.

Li Fei’s supernatural abilities were very powerful and dangerous, that’s what Jian Hua’s intuition told him. But in the face of the threat of monsters from the abandoned world, that danger seemed precious.

Being half-starved was one thing, but having to get five shots of rabies vaccine upon leaving the abandoned world was an added burden.

Two hours later, Jian Hua was greeted by Assistant Lin with a troubled expression, and the actor wearing a hat and a mask.

Jian Hua handed the payment receipt to Assistant Lin for him to take care of, while Li Fei glanced at the ward and learned that Geng Tian had not regained consciousness. Without any reservation, Li Fei sat down directly on a bench by the side.

The corridor of the hospital ward also had beds, and the chairs were very narrow. The proximity between the two made Jian Hua instinctively stiffen. He wanted to relax, but the oppressive sense of danger that Li Fei brought was even stronger than the last time.

This feeling was mutual.

Li Fei suppressed his discomfort, his gaze remaining calm. It seemed that Jian Hua was the only one feeling uneasy.

“Thank you for your help. I’ll thank you on Geng Tian’s behalf,” Li Fei’s voice was soft and clean. He had a good reputation in the entertainment industry, and most people who interacted with him found him very pleasant. Even listening to him speak was enjoyable.

But more than his voice, Jian Hua was concerned about Li Fei’s eyes.

This quirk started after becoming infatuated with General Wu. Previously, when they were sitting across from each other at the coffee shop, it wasn’t very noticeable. But now, with their heads turned and hearing each other’s breaths at such a close distance, Jian Hua suddenly realized that Li Fei’s eyes were indeed different from others. They had an eerie feeling that made his heart race.

Li Fei was vastly different from General Wu. Their personalities and daily behaviors were completely different.

But these eyes perplexed Jian Hua. Was this really the charming actor Li Fei, who always smiled like a gentle breeze?

The boundaries between the screen and reality were broken, and the result of the confusion of perception was that Jian Hua stared blankly at Li Fei.

Li Fei, who couldn’t display any emotions, felt somewhat displeased.

“Let’s find another place to talk,” Li Fei smoothly broke the silence.

“Okay,” Jian Hua agreed, only then regaining his senses. He had to conceal his momentary lapse. “I heard you were invited for tea by the Red Dragon?”

“Heard? Did the person who invited you for tea say that?” Li Fei immediately caught on that the other party had also been targeted by Major Zhang.

Jian Hua neither confirmed nor denied it.

“I never mentioned you,” Li Fei said each word.

Jian Hua turned his head and was surprised to find Li Fei’s serious and sincere demeanor, softening his guarded and vigilant heart.

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

STB Chapter 20: Rescue People
STB Chapter 22: Communication

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