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Compared to his voice, Jian Hua was more concerned about Li Fei’s eyes.

“You’re crazy!” Without thinking, the agent hung up and slammed the phone.

Li Fei leaned on the sofa on the first floor of the villa. Assistant Lin advised him to go back and rest, but Li Fei ignored him, thinking about the circumstances of Geng Tian’s disappearance. However, the only clues he had was the suddenly dysfunctional Bentley car and the slowly dissipating dense fog outside the window.

“Who called? Did they find anything?” Assistant Lin anxiously asked.

The security guards of the villa turned over the whole neighborhood before they finally suggested to call the police. However, the two men had just been released by the Secret Services, so the agent insisted on looking first. And even so, an adult must be missing for at least 24 hours before they could even file a report.

“Who knows, a madman, who knew about Geng Tian’s disappearance from nowhere, said that he’s in Huai City.” The broker was angry, except that he couldn’t scold him like the CEO. Still, he had the urge to pull Li Fei’s collar, “How did you get in trouble? Geng Tian was kidnapped, so just tell me what you know, ah!”

Li Fei opened his eyes with a headache, “This trouble is not my fault.”

Of course, the broker didn’t believe it. He wanted to continue talking when the phone rang again.

No matter how irritable, he had to pick it up. His eyes swept through the string of numbers. It was from Huai City and the same person just now. The broker was about to go crazy when Li Fei took a step and got the phone first.

“Geng Tian has been missing for three hours. He’s just a bodyguard, who’s going to cheat you with a fake?”

Li Fei motioned for his agent to calm down. He did think like that, but when he saw the number, Li Fei immediately knew the caller, and silently accused the agent as he answered, “Don’t miss a clue.”

The broker was so angry, but Li Fei had already answered the phone.

“Hello, I just heard……Geng Tian is in Huai City?”

The kindly informing but scolded Jian Hua, sneered while dialing for the second time. Geng Tian was in a dangerous condition and he still had to pay for the treatment in the small clinic. Jian Hua just wanted to save people but didn’t want to be taken advantage of. But the voice that appeared after the phone was connected——made Jian Hua completely unprepared!

“Hello?” Li Fei moved the phone away and saw the full signal bar.

“It’s you.” The voice was distinctly different from the chilling tone of General Wu which made Jian Hua recover her senses.

This was different from a face-to-face conversation. The similarity in sound almost made Jian Hua’s stomach fall. He made an effort to focus, omitted the trouble caused by the Red Dragon and Zhang YaoJin, and told the situation concisely.

“He’s unconscious near your house?” Li Fei deeply frowned.

Sure enough, he fell into the Abandoned World. The time spent in the real world wasn’t equivalent to the time that Geng Tian spent over there.

“Thirst, hunger, stress, and some trauma.” Jian Hua supplemented.

“If the situation is critical, you should send him to the hospital. Someone from my side will take over soon.” Li Fei promised with a gentle tone. The drowsiness and irritability from before flew away, making Assistant Lin stare as he listened.

Take over? Who’s going to Huai City to take over?

Geng Tian was someone Star Entertainment hired to become Li Fei’s bodyguard. Now that he’s missing, shouldn’t the bodyguard company handle it?

Seeing Li Fei hung up the phone, Assistant Lin was preparing to protest, only to find that Li Fei picked up his coat and was about to go out.

“Wait, where are you going?” The broker was surprised.

“Huai City.”


“Not good, he had to go to the hospital! The wound is infected!”

When the nurse cleaned Geng Tian’s wound, she found mud on the bleeding cuts along with obvious purple and black bruises.

Ordinary people who suffer from fever, not to mention trauma to such a degree, wouldn’t usually be given saline and glucose but needed antibiotics. For it to be so severe, a small clinic like theirs could not just prescribe medication.

“You know, right?” Old Cheng came back to ask Jian Hua after calling the 120 emergency number.

Jian Hua sighed, and took out all the change in his pocket, “The rest that I owe, I’ll give you next time.”

“It’s just a few dozen dollars, no rush.” Old Cheng was concerned about the stagnant world, “It happened again yesterday. I’m a little too old to move around. Good thing I have something to eat in my pockets.”

“Prepare a few more……” Jian Hua glanced at the medical equipment in the clinic before shutting his mouth.

Old Cheng’s sharp mind thought of Geng Tian’s wounds, “What’s wrong?”

“There will be monsters in that world. I haven’t seen it, but my sources should be reliable.” Jian Hua roughly explained to Old Cheng the situation of the Abandoned World. At the same time, he realized a problem. Access to the Abandoned World was only to those with potential. Old Cheng was so old, but he’s also a potential ability holder?

The day the Pearl Hotel exploded, the cabinet that automatically blocked the window was not moved by his ability, but Old Cheng’s. Jian Hua looked around then lowered his voice to ask Old Cheng if other strange things had happened recently.

“Why not?” Old Cheng was upset as he turned his head, “I can hear the blood flow in your veins. The old man Zhang next door has hypertension arteriosclerosis. I told him to go to the hospital so that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable hearing it.”


Old Cheng patted Jian Hua’s shoulder with relief, “Young man, you are in good health. The heart rate’s normal and blood flow’s unobstructed. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Jian Hua’s expression became complicated.

“Speaking of strange things, this morning I heard ambulances one after another nearby.” Old Cheng pondered, this was not the season for chronic diseases.

Jian Hua originally thought it was Zhang YaoJin. But on second thought, the two people fainted at his doorstep, and there’s only one floor upstairs. It just so happened that today’s a weekend, so the neighbor and the family of three upstairs didn’t notice these two injured people. What if they fainted in the neighborhood? Despite the fog, they might be found out by the early joggers or the ladies who went out in the morning to buy food……

He hoped that they’re lucky enough to survive.

During the conversation, the ambulance arrived. The veteran Old Cheng immediately said the symptoms, and the paramedics’ words confirmed what Jian Hua just thought.

“This again!”

“Did you use any antibiotics?”

Everyone was busy putting Geng Tian on the stretcher, and someone habitually glanced at the crowd, “Are there any family members of the patient?”

By Jian Hua’s habit, it’s enough to see the ambulance take the man away. But thinking of his phone call with Li Fei, his mouth somehow moved before his brain could and replied, “I’m his colleague.”

Someone needed to pay for the first aid treatment, the cost of the ambulance trip, and in case the situation was not good, family members needed to sign the critical illness notice. The medic didn’t say anything and brought Jian Hua. Then the ambulance roared to the nearest hospital.

Jian Hua took his card and went to the hospital window to pay the fee. When he came back, Jian Hua learned that Geng Tian was sent to the ICU for further observation.

“The wound infection is not a trivial matter, especially the scratches from wild animals. Also, the patient is very weak.” The head nurse sternly said. She glanced at Jian Hua, then handed over several bills.

“Anxious that I won’t pay? I already notified his family.”

Knowing that he would be fine today, Jian Hua put away the receipts. The result was meeting the Red Dragon members that monitored him in the elevator.

The experienced Secret Service agents were embarrassed. The hospital elevators were crowded, so it’s inconvenient to talk. Only when they got out of the elevator did they choke out a “thank you.”

If Jian Hua disregarded the people lying on his front door, acting as if he didn’t see it, Zhang YaoJin’s life would be over.

“How many more have been sent to the hospital?” Jian Hua casually asked.

Knowing that the doctors and nurses would have leaked it, the Red Dragon members did not hide it, “They’re all people who followed the Major to Haicheng.” They didn’t know why they suddenly appeared near Jian Hua’s house.

“Once they woke up, ask them what kind of monster it is.”

“Huh?” This remark was really rude.

Jian Hua frankly said, “Maybe I will meet it too, what if it threatens me?”

The Red Dragon members had complex expressions and said that as soon as the Major woke up, he would quickly be transferred to a military hospital since they couldn’t stay here for long.

At this time, an unfamiliar number called Jian Hua’s phone. The Red Dragon members stretched their necks to peek: Li Fei’s number.

But Jian Hua didn’t know that. He hesitated for a few seconds, before walking away to answer.

“I’m almost in Huai City, which hospital? How much did you pay in advance, and I’ll have Assistant Lin give you the money.” Li Fei was very skilled in asking where Jian Hua was.

“Huai City’s Second People’s Hospital.” After Jian Hua reported the inpatient department floor, he then decided to go back and wait for the money to come.

Li Fei’s ability was very powerful but also very dangerous——Jian Hua’s instincts told him so. But in the face of the threat of the monsters in the Abandoned World, this danger seemed insignificant.

After almost starving to death, they still had to get five shots of rabies vaccine once they left the Abandoned World which almost looked like a crime.

Two hours later, Jian Hua saw Assistant Lin come with a bitter face, and the movie emperor wearing a hat and a mask.

Stuffing the payment slips that Jian Hua took out to Assistant Lin to run errands, Li Fei glanced at the ward. After learning that Geng Tian still hadn’t woken up, he didn’t shy away and sat down directly on the bench.

There were also beds in the corridor of the inpatient department, so the benches were very narrow. The distance between the two was too close, making Jian Hua stiffen as a conditional reflex. He wanted to relax, but the sense of oppression from Li Fei was stronger than last time.

This feeling was mutual.

Li Fei suppressed his discomfort and made his expression appear as normal as possible, so it looked like only Jian Hua was uncomfortable.

“Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for saving Geng Tian.” The sound of his voice was soft and clear. Li Fei’s reputation in the entertainment industry had always been very good. Most people who dealt with him were delighted. Even if he’s just talking, it’s already a joy to listen.

Compared to his voice, Jian Hua was more concerned about Li Fei’s eyes.

This problem started after getting fascinated by General Wu. It’s not so obvious before when they’re drinking coffee with a table between them. But now that the distance was closer, the side of his head heard and felt his breathing. Jian Hua suddenly discovered that Li Fei’s eyes were really different from others. There was a strange feeling that made people feel scared.

There was a big gap between Li Fei and General Wu. From personality to daily behavior, they’re two completely different people.

But these eyes confused Jian Hua, was this the charm effect from the movie emperor Li Fei smiling like a spring breeze?

The dimension between the screen and reality was pierced which resulted in the confusion in his cognition ability, making Jian Hua look straight at Li Fei in a daze.

The slightly unhappy, but couldn’t show a tinge of that emotion, Li Fei:……

“Let’s talk in another place.” Li Fei suggested, breaking the deadlock.

“Ok.” Jian Hua only woke up after agreeing. He could only cover up his own gaffe, “I heard you got invited to tea by the National Secret Services Red Dragon?”

“Heard? What did that person say?” Li Fei immediately reacted, thinking that the other side had also been eyed by Major Zhang.

Jian Hua had no comment on that.

“I didn’t mention you.” Li Fei said word by word.

Jian Hua turned his head to the side. Seeing the other’s stern and solemn demeanor, the guard around his heart softened.

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

STB Chapter 20: Gathering People
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