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It’s a pity that until now, they’re still strangers with a shared secret.

When you attach importance to a problem and find that someone treated the matter more seriously than you, you’ll recognize that person from the bottom of your heart——Lu Zhao hadn’t brushed up his favorability score for more than twenty years, but Li Fei accidentally touched it.

Jian Hua did not expose Li Fei to Major Zhang.

Li Fei didn’t do it either, and when Jian Hua vaguely misunderstood, he immediately clarified the point, as if in this matter, he has no other choice.

In the future, he might have to depend on the movie emperor to eat, so Jian Hua consciously gave up the right to speak. He followed Li Fei to the inpatient department on the first floor, through the atrium, and on a tree-lined trail around the hospital. Nearby is a flower garden where the patients, accompanied by their family members, can amble slowly.

“What I used to call you just now was my mobile phone number.” Li Fei suddenly said.

Jian Hua was wondering what’s the relationship between the Abandoned World, ability holders, and monsters when he suddenly heard such a sentence and was a little late to react.

The sunlight shone, casting shade on his face through the trees. His thin lips revealed a slightly warm color with the shadow of his nose making a long, narrow arc. His eyes woke up from contemplation, and the light at that moment was particularly moving.

Jian Hua wasn’t particularly good-looking in the entertainment circle where there are many handsome men and beautiful women. He neither had an aggressive beauty nor a handsomeness that made people want to scream. If he’s a competent actor, his looks would just be a bonus. But if he’s an idol star, his appearance could only be counted at eighty points, better than some, but worse than others.

But among celebrities, Li Fei had seen too many people who had excellent public support but had a terrible foundation on the whole.

Even if he didn’t close his eyes, in Li Fei’s opinion, Jian Hua was different from most people.

Jian Hua didn’t have much emotional change. He was always calm and quiet, but not without his own opinions. He had clear ideas and his own set of opinions regarding things that others find difficult to change.

Like his favorability where you wouldn’t know whom he’ll give it to.

Li Fei certainly considered whether the coffee shop was a familiar enough environment that could make him relax that day. But Jian Hua has an unknown power in his body. It caught his attention and made him feel curious and wary. Not to mention, the Jian Hua in his eyes was distinctive and was the only one that didn’t look like a shadow of nothingness, further interfering with his senses and judgments.

He wanted to see Jian Hua again, but with a “have gone back to calm down for a few days, this time has to use rational judgment” mood.

At the press conference, Li Fei was just giving lip service with a third of it an exaggeration.

But now, Li Fei felt all the rocks he lifted hit his head.

——every sentence was so appropriate.

It’s a pity that until now, they’re still strangers with a shared secret.

Jian Hua naturally took out his cellphone and made note of the number.

Looking at the plain words of Li Fei, the actor’s mood was unspeakable. He couldn’t help but stop him, “Do you just write the names directly? If you lose your phone, it’ll be bad.”

In the entertainment circle, many people would find excuses to peek at other people’s phones. This has led to many celebrities playing some small tricks so that even when sweetly chatting with people, others can’t read the screen.

Not changing the name, of course, meant it’s a very formal working relationship.

Li Fei insinuated, but Jian Hua didn’t feel it and casually said, “Nicknames are also not good. A nickname should be worth mentioning and will reveal your view of that person. It’s not very reliable, is it?”


To have a crush on someone who gave no loopholes made him suffocate.

Jian Hua put his phone away and put his hands in his pockets, then leisurely strolled around the garden trail. “What’s the ability of Geng Tian?”

“He did not say but Geng Tian once removed the latch from the door. He might have telekinesis, but——” Li Fei lightly snapped his fingers and a few fallen leaves at his feet, as if blown by the wind, floated and gently fell at a distance.

Telekinesis was just the basic.

It seemed that every ability holder possessed this ability. Jian Hua remembered the cabinet moved by Old Cheng in the clinic.

“How much can you do?”

“Minding the weight of the object or the distance?” Li Fei looked at the drifting leaves then smiled, “I care more about how subtle it can be.”

As they spoke, they passed a random bike locked on the roadside. Li Fei slowed down as if he was just looking at the bike, but five seconds later, Jian Hua heard a slight “click”.

The lock popped open but still hung on the bicycle.

“This is?” Jian Hua has a new understanding of the movie actor, would an ordinary person study how to pick a lock?

“According to the internal structure of the lock, I used my ability to toggle it.” Li Fei put it lightly, but in fact, they must first have a pair of eyes like his to do this.

Jian Hua came up with the idea of changing his door locks.

He did not want to go home next time and see an injured person lying on his living room floor.

“It’s not hard if it has a keyhole but it takes a different amount of time. There’s no way to use this ability on mechanical or electronic locks.” Li Fei turned around and recalled the building at Haicheng Military District, “For example, at the National Secret Services’ Red Dragon branch, all doors have mechanical locks.”

Jian Hua was relieved. It’s because of this “drinking tea” experience that Li Fei pondered over this topic.

——actually, this is Li Fei’s explanation to maintain his image.

At that time, Zhang YaoJin did not lock the door at all, so Li Fei didn’t need to unlock it.

Jian Hua recalled his own treatment: Red Dragon’s Major Zhang personally came to his door with a good attitude and didn’t take him away, nor did he make him stay in a cold detention room overnight.

In contrast, Li Fei’s experience deserved sympathy.

“I still don’t know what my power is.” Jian Hua tried to control the fluttering leaves, but half of them floated up, and the other half was torn to pieces by an invisible force.

Without a strong desire or drastic mood changes, it’s not that easy to dictate his ability.

They walked side by side on the tree-lined trail which wasn’t that long. After circling the inpatient building, they could see the crowded hospital entrance from afar which was blocked by various taxis and food stalls.

Jian Hua subconsciously touched his stomach. He waited too long in the hospital that he missed lunch.

Acting as a stunt double is hard work. Sometimes, he could only eat one meal a day. Jian Hua was accustomed to this irregular life, but ever since the Abandoned World, Jian Hua never dared to let himself go hungry.

Suffering from hunger and thirst, infinitely approaching the shadow of death……

“Have lunch with me?”

With those words, Jian Hua was surprised and followed Li Fei’s gaze, but his face slightly changed. “The noodle stall at the hospital entrance is probably not very hygienic.”

“There is no such thing! The roadside stalls are all the same.” Li Fei smiled.

Jian Hua decided to tell the truth, “I’m afraid you can’t eat it.”


The world’s least appetite-friendly profession is modeling. The difference between an actor and a model is probably a hell of the seventh level and the third level, respectively. It looked a lot better, but in fact, it’s still hell.

People like Li Fei had to make a tough call, and be stared at by their assistants on the weighing scales every day. When shooting a movie, fattening up and being ugly is fine, but years of careful selection and strict diet made exclusively by dietitians made Li Fei’s stomach completely spoiled.

Jian Hua is okay when eating at roadside stalls, but Li Fei might not.

Being around the cast all year round, Jian Hua saw these situations and even more during hot weather. The boxed lunch will be sent to the celebrities and they’d be on IV drips the next day. Because the rest of the crew is fine, people who didn’t know would think actors loved to play the wealthy life but in fact, there’s no such thing as a noble life. Because of the too finely picked diet, their internal bacterial resistance was reduced. Who doesn’t want to sit on a roadside stall, drinking beer and eating skewers?

Thinking of those hot pots at final banquets, Jian Hua deeply sympathized with the celebrities who dared not eat it and could only take a picture to post on Weibo, pretending that they’ve eaten it.

Li Fei thought that his elegant, personable mask was about to be torn.

——Jian Hua really has no acting talent. His expressions and movements all indicate that he’s thinking about whether to find an excuse to leave Li Fei and go to the street stalls alone to fill his stomach.

“Assistant Lin should have paid the fee, so let’s go see Geng Tian’s situation. Huai City is so big, you can eat anywhere you want to eat later.” Jian Hua casually comforted. The movie actor would be his boss for the next year, so he didn’t want something to happen to Li Fei.


Fortunately, Jian Hua eventually chose the movie actor over his stomach.

But this wasn’t something to be happy about because Li Fei could see that Jian Hua wavered in the selection process. Li Fei couldn’t be sure if Jian Hua eventually chose himself, or it’s because of the employment contract between them.

It’s probably the latter.

Li Fei was sober and sensible, although he hated himself a little at this time.

His acting talent is superb so no flaw could be seen during this series of emotional changes. Jian Hua did not notice, still walking around while thinking of topics to drive the hunger away from his mind. “About the Abandoned World, how much did Major Zhang tell you?”

“He’s monitoring a lot of potential ability holders who can appear in the Abandoned World, and these people told him a lot of things.” Li Fei leisurely talked about his own guess.

“Same feeling.” Jian Hua stopped, repeating a sentence from the documents he read, “Abandoned World, according to an insider, is a particular kind of parallel world.”

Li Fei frowned, he did not think the Abandoned World counts as a parallel world. It didn’t meet that definition at all and was more like an abnormal space no matter what.

He didn’t talk to Jian Hua about the classification issue but followed Jian Hua’s meaning. He gently smiled, “Insider, just what kind of person can be considered as an insider, and why would they know the truth?”

No matter how ridiculous, Red Dragon is the one who collected the data——Li Fei thought of that strange “Intimate Relationship Table.” Even if he didn’t know the other people listed, to consider CEO Liang Jun and him having unspoken rules still angered the movie actor.

“One can observe the signs of a volcanic eruption by relying on the analysis of technical instruments. But these people knew what will happen, but didn’t know how it works. It’s illogical.” Li Fei pondered this matter for a long time.

“In fact, not only do they know the secrets of the Abandoned World and ability holders, but they can also predict the coming disaster.” Jian Hua turned to look at Li Fei with a solemn expression, “Monsters will appear in the Abandoned World. I suspect Geng Tian’s wounds are caused by monsters.”

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

STB Chapter 21: Hospital
STB Chapter 23: Hairball

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