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STB Chapter 19: Fog
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Red Dragon Members: You seem very experienced at this.

Jian Hua was in front of supermarket shelves buying compressed biscuits and canned food.

Now that Major Zhang warned him that monsters would appear in the Abandoned World, of course, he had to take precautions.

——He hadn’t figured out what his abilities were, but he just had to count on it to save his life at the critical moment if it’s reliable.

And so, the people responsible for monitoring him nervously saw Jian Hua drove to several supermarkets, buying boning knives, kitchen knives, hammers, and awl tools. He also purchased a national map at a kiosk, not missing a detailed map of Huai City, Haicheng, and even the North. It’s like he’s about to flee.

Their concerns piled up, but since Jian Hua did not act out of line, they had no reason to interfere.

The tracking team’s techniques were so good that even though Jian Hua paid particular attention, he didn’t find them.

It didn’t feel good to be watched by the National Secret Services. However, the other side was careful and quietly did their job which muted that anxiety.

After adding mineral water to the shopping cart, Jian Hua checked out and left the supermarket.

This purchase removed several pink notes, drying up his pockets and putting him in a dull mood. Jian Hua drove the car tepidly and was continuously overtaken along the way. He only applied even pressure on the accelerator, making him almost pass over a red light.

A young blonde man whistled provocatively in his way, and when he realized that the driver who drove so securely turned out to be a big man and not the imaginary sister, he cursed and sped across the intersection.

Jian Hua didn’t respond.

But the guys in the tracking car squeezed out sweat for the young man: If someone who didn’t have a nice car and drove very carefully was provoked, how do you know that such an honest driver is not a villain?

Villains wouldn’t write it on their faces.

 To swallow a few insults, they’re probably not a nice guy, but a fugitive! The one who suffered and didn’t say anything might not be a doormat, but a psycho killer who’s going to explode one day. Why did no one understand this truth!

Jian Hua appeared in the sixth volume of the book and took over the identity behind the many unresolved mysteries of the previous volumes. Because Li Fei acted as the public figure, Jian Hua had no such concerns at all. The men who tried to challenge him were buried in the Abandoned World. Even the protagonist almost died twice, and such a person was kind?

The Red Dragon members were also depressed.

The group chat records were too ridiculous. But if they didn’t believe in those fairy tales, how would they explain this series of bizarre events? Forget it, it was Zhang YaoJin who made the decision anyway. If Major Zhang said to monitor, then they had to watch him well! And proceed with caution!

In the car ahead, Jian Hua glanced at the phone placed on the dashboard. The caller ID on the lit-up screen displayed “Lu Zhao.” This guy wouldn’t dare call unless he was in a serious emergency because he’s afraid that Jian Hua might dislike him.

Following the unanswered text message at noon yesterday, Lu Zhao waited until now to make a call.

Pressing the hands-free button, Jian Hua listened to Lu Zhao’s familiar and nervous voice with great interest, “Hello, Jian Hua……where are you?”

The hand on the steering wheel pressed the horn. Lu Zhao, who’s on the other end of the phone, immediately calmed down and followed up, “Are you outside? I have an emergency, how about having lunch together?”

He spoke pitifully then stopped before saying, “Jian Hua, don’t you think that what happened recently is not normal? It happened again yesterday. Everyone’s gone. I don’t think it can go on like this.”

Jian Hua said coldly, “I’m looking for a job since there’s no money at home.”

Those words blocked what Lu Zhao was going to say. He almost blurted out: the world is going to be messed up soon, and you’re still looking for a job? Which is more important, your life or money?

With more than 20 years of experience, he suppressed the impulse to shout. Lu Zhao tried his best to sound sincere, “I don’t understand the circle where you work. If you lack money, I will lend it to you. Jian Hua, you and I have been buddies for years, do we even need to talk about this little thing?”

Lu Zhao had never persuaded Jian Hua to leave the film and television industry because of his relationship with Li Fei. He felt that the plot would develop autonomously with Jian Hua knowing Li Fei. Six months ago, when he heard someone was suppressing Jian Hua, he immediately made an excuse to go abroad to do business. He’s afraid that Jian Hua would be desperate and ask him to help find another job.

It’s not that hard to find a job, but what if he missed a very important plot that was not written in the book because of his intervention? Without Li Fei on Black Abyss, his strength would be halved.

“No matter what it is, I’ll give you the money.”

“You do business, so you need capital turnover.” Jian Hua declined.

“I don’t lack this…… well, I mean, there’s no major event recently, so I can give you a few thousand yuan to help you in an emergency!” A few years ago, Lu Zhao made a fortune in real estate. He was not short of money, delicious cuisine, good wine, or a nice car. But in front of Jian Hua, he did not dare show it. Lu Zhao asked himself, if a brother had a fortune while he’s still struggling, this would certainly affect their feelings of brotherhood!

“Hey, I also know how to do business, and it’s a risky one. Now that the economic situation is not good, I’m like a bird squatting by the river, waiting for a chance to fly over and grab a fish. I couldn’t be greedy, and must know my own ability, or watch the big fish slip away……”

Lu Zhao wanted to spit out a bitter complaint. As long as he didn’t see the other person, Jian Hua wouldn’t be that annoyed.

“Then count the money I could have borrowed from you and invest it in something else so we could have a drink someday, OK!”

“OK! We’re brothers! Wait, where are you……hello?”

Jian Hua had hung up the phone. Although Lu Zhao was angry, he’s also helpless because Jian Hua had this attitude to everyone, not allowing anyone to get close to him and wouldn’t give others the chance to live close to him.

Maybe this was the BOSS’s nature.

“Forget it, after a while……” Lu Zhao muttered while flipping through his phone’s calendar. Visiting him now would just make Jian Hua unhappy. But when Huai City became complete chaos, even if Jian Hua didn’t come to him, he had every reason to find the other!

Lu Zhao did not know that this phone call had exposed him.

Under Zhang YaoJin’s order, every call to Jian Hua’s phone would enter the team’s surveillance.

Although it wasn’t so exaggerated as listening to the call, in this era of network information, Lu Zhao’s name came out of the mobile number input system. The order for further investigation was waiting for approval since Zhang YaoJin’s subordinates were so busy that they had no time to find Lu Zhao.

The detention center was holding the suspects for the Pearl Hotel explosion. The people who set fireworks on LinJiang Bridge was charged with obstructing public order. Zhang YaoJin instructed them to dig out the information from the “book transmigrators'” mouths as quickly as possible to verify the messages extracted from the chat groups. Relatively speaking, following Jian Hua was the easiest job——if the degree of danger was ignored.

“Where is he going?” The person who performed that task asked his companion alertly.

After Jian Hua’s car came out of the supermarket, he seemed to be going home, but he suddenly turned a corner just now.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the dense fog hadn’t completely dissipated, and because they didn’t dare get too close to their target, they almost had no time to switch lanes.

“Trying to get rid of us?” The driver speculated to his companions. Even if he had acting talent, they wouldn’t believe it.

After 10 minutes of driving intently, they saw a gas station up ahead. When Jian Hua drove in and lined up, their expressions became awkward.

Pulling out his last few bills and filling the car with gas, Jian Hua went back on the road. He turned on the radio and the host was talking about the highway congestion caused by the fog this morning.

After arriving home without incident, Jian Hua carried his purchases up the stairs.

The surveillance team breathed a sigh of relief. When they were about to find a comfortable place to sit and wait, they suddenly saw Jian Hua come down from the residential building again with a person on his back.

“This is?” The Red Dragon members sucked in cold air.

Jian Hua half piggybacked and half supported a person covered with mud and unconscious.

The military uniform was in tatters, and there were bloodstains on his drooping face. The best identifier was the tear-shaped mole under his eyes.

“Didn’t Major Zhang go to Haicheng? How could he appear here?” The tracking team was stunned.

Jian Hua put the person on the bench, and looked around with suppressed anger in his voice, “Take your Major back, or he will die!”


At this time, should they admit to monitoring the BOSS or pretend to be looking for the Major?

Not waiting for the Red Dragon members to decide, Jian Hua rushed back to the corridor.

Seeing Zhang YaoJin lying unconscious there, the Red Dragon members finally decided that saving him was the first priority. When they got close, they found that Zhang YaoJin had chapped lips and pale face. His whole person was curled up into a ball as if he had a dangerous encounter in the desert.

“Hurry up and get some water!”

Before they could finish, Jian Hua came down again carrying another person.

It seemed more difficult this time since the unconscious person was a bit taller than Zhang YaoJin, but in the same dangerous state: weak breathing and messed up clothes as if cut by a sharp weapon.

“Geng Tian?” The Red Dragon members recognized that this was the bodyguard of the actor Li Fei, and they immediately looked at each other.

Another person who should be in Haicheng.

Jian Hua didn’t want to care about Zhang YaoJin’s life and death, but if something happened to Major Zhang, he’d be in great trouble.

He was carrying his things upstairs when he saw the two people lying on his doorstep, unconscious, and as if they fled from Africa. One of them was a Major from the National Secret Services which made Jian Hua really speechless.

“At the hospital, give them some glucose and saline!” Jian Hua threw Geng Tian into his car, and said without looking back, “You should be good if you say that he was trapped below a mine and suffered excessive hunger and thirst.”

Red Dragon members: ……You seem to have a lot of experience.

Jian Hua stepped on the accelerator and drove towards Old Cheng’s clinic.

“Hey, what is this situation?” Old Cheng was taken aback.

“Save him! He probably hasn’t eaten in days!”

Old Cheng’s eyes widened, then immediately remembered what happened to Jian Hua before. Without a word, he asked the nurse to quickly prepare the bottles. Old Cheng took out a stethoscope and fumbled to see the situation.

“There’s a trauma!”

The gaps in Geng Tian’s clothes looked like it was scratched by some kind of animal.

“Is this a tourist who had an accident in the mountains? Why didn’t you take him to the hospital?” The nurse interjected. Such a big problem, their small clinic didn’t dare accept it.

“First, emergency treatment. We’ll call 120 later depending on the situation.” Old Cheng frowned, then he nodded, “He’s unconscious due to thirst and starvation, as well as fatigue and muscle strain.”

Old Cheng suspected that this man fought with a group of mad cats looking at all the scratches.

“Can’t he go to the hospital?” Old Cheng asked Jian Hua in a low voice.

“This……” Jian Hua thought, before taking out his phone and calling Li Fei’s broker.

The author has something to say:

Jian Hua ⊙v⊙: Tell the movie actor, his bodyguard is in my hands.

Broker: Excuse me?

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

STB Chapter 19: Fog
STB Chapter 21: Hospital

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