STB Chapter 30: Tired Heart

STB Chapter 29: Grim Situation
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About five seconds passed, Li Fei and Jian Hua cannot understand the meaning of this sentence at all.

Book, what book?

If the world is a book, that is to say, we——

“Bang.” Jian Hua finally reacted. The soup spoon fell into the bowl, and the soup splashed on his clothes. Jian Hua didn’t care. He stared at Major Zhang as if he’s looking at a madman.

Li Fei’s ironic smile first expanded, then suddenly froze.

They are all thinking about the same problem: What does Zhang YaoJin mean by throwing out such a ridiculous excuse?Is it to thoroughly provoke them? If so, what’s the benefit of Red Dragon’s Major Zhang?

Jian Hua thought of that young man on a mountain bike carrying a bag filled with food, saying the word “plot”.

Li Fei thought of the conversation he heard in the stairwell of the Pearl Hotel. The mob claimed that it was  “ definitely the recorded day of the outbreak, so it means that we will awaken”. They can foresee that the Abandoned World is coming, and can predict what will happen that day. However, what do the words “definitely recorded” mean?

What records? Is it the kind of prophecy book that is passed down from a millennium ago?

The things that confused Li Fei and the problems that he can’t understand that was put aside have now been brought to mind. The immense sense of absurdity almost swallowed him. Li Fei wants to protest, but he had a terrible feeling for the first time.

The atmosphere in the room became very depressing, the pressure in the air suffocating.

Zhang YaoJin frowns. The young man beside him pressed his hand on the gun on his waist. Major Zhang threw a look to make him stop.

The instrument on the table vibrates, the numbers on display are rising.

“*cough*!” Major Zhang takes the initiative to break the deadlock. He stared at the dangerous atmosphere opposite him that would soon cause a tornado, and solemnly declare, “I know, this sounds very ridiculous……”

Four eyes gazed at him, revealing burning anger: Ridiculous? It’s merely a joke!

Zhang YaoJin understands their mood very well.

The entire Red Dragon is looking at the chat group logs. They were dumbfounded for a long time, and until now, some people can’t accept the contents.

“The National Secret Services can’t even find a good excuse?” Jian Hua has a sullen face.

“Or, at least change the story?”

Zhang YaoJin has been wearing the military uniform for more than ten years. He passed through a hail of bullets many times and faced life and death situations which can’t be counted on two hands.

Knowing how terrible the abilities of Jian Hua and Li Fei are, Major Zhang still held on. His expression as usual, “Our fate has been written on paper. If we know the ending, it’s not difficult to change it.”

Li Fei restores his calm. Folding his hands into a tower, bowing his head, and bending his forefinger to keep his forehead pressed above, he was naturally in deep thought.

Jian Hua closed his eyes. After a long while, he said in a light voice, “Evidence?”

“It belongs to the country’s top-secret files, I can’t carry it with me.”

“But you don’t care at all about throwing out this confidential secret?” Li Fei made a broad smile. When he looked up, his eyes that looked at Zhang YaoJin through his fingers made the nervous young man’s scalp tingle for a second, instinctively stepping backward. When he came back to himself, the one sitting in the chair is still that elegant and gentle movie actor.

——It was definitely not an illusion!

Zhang YaoJin had to use his eyes again to soothe his subordinate. The elegant Li Fei from across the table, how did he became Black Abyss’ BOSS? Even if it’s only on the upper surface and before his identity is exposed, Li Fei himself is an S-class ability holder, and he can quickly suppress many ability holders.

Turning his head, Major Zhang continued to talk to the two big BOSSes.

“I don’t want to reveal such a shocking secret.”

Zhang YaoJin stressed the last four words in the sentence. Li Fei slightly smiled while Jian Hua has no expression.

“……But I won’t since you will know it sooner or later. These insiders are not smart enough. I think you may have met someone who spoke of some strange words to you or someone who tried hard to get close to you.”

On Li Fei’s side, someone who will do anything to get close to the actor can line up from the door to across the road and turn five bends.

Jian Hua is not any better.

He thought of the strange female student who appeared in Universal Studios. He also thought of Lu Zhao’s all sorts of behavior; many disturbing thoughts emerge which has previously been removed from his mind.

No, this is impossible! Why is there such a ridiculous thing?

“You say that again!” Losing control, Jian Hua pressed his fingertips on the table, and white fine silk threads appeared.

Zhang YaoJin’s pupil contracted. With his hands on both sides of the wheelchair, he quickly retreated to the door, putting the young man behind him.

Jian Hua came to himself, “……”

The private room was quiet for half a minute. Jian Hua retracted his hand, and looked at Major Zhang with dangerous eyes, “You know my ability.”

An affirmative sentence.

Zhang YaoJin’s facial expression tangled. He is not afraid of death; it’s just that he’s been poisoned too much by the chat group logs.

——Jian Hua, to maintain his secret, would kill all who saw his ability. He is deeply hidden because the people who know his secret is dead. His savage nature can be seen from this.

“Yes, I know. Many people know.”


Braving Jian Hua’s pressuring eyes, Major Zhang calmly explained, “Factors that have an enormous impact on the world will be investigated. I said this the last time we talked; you will affect China in the future……no, the whole world.”

It’s the first time Li Fei heard this, and his smiling expression congealed.

He quickly recovered, rubbing his eyebrows with his fingers and said, “You said the last time. My self-satisfaction tells me that I’ve already accomplished it, I was working towards that goal way back then. But obviously, what you mean is not on the same level as I imagine.”

Li Fei is a first-rate domestic actor who is about to go international.

But to what effect can he affect the whole world? Maybe Venice or Cannes, but not the entire world which would be a miracle!

“Insiders……they know everything.” Zhang YaoJin spoke slowly and solemnly, “Red Dragon has already arrested some of them, but among the participants in the Pearl Hotel explosion, the leader has not been arrested yet. He is wandering outside and is an unsettling factor in our society.”

He glanced at the unmoved Jian Hua and Li Fei. Major Zhang had to throw a big message,“ Abandoned World not only appears in China and insiders are not just Chinese. As long as it’s not a completely incompetent government, they will find their existence.”

This “they” is the book’s original people, not the ability holders.

“You are very dangerous.” Zhang YaoJin is trying not to be an alarmist.

Jian Hua frowns. He deliberately ignored the unexplained meaning behind Major Zhang’s remark.

Reason tells him that these are an absurd joke, but intuition is telling him that this is the truth. Jian Hua feels a headache coming and needs a quiet environment to think carefully.

“The last time you came, you only spoke about the monsters that will appear in the Abandoned World. You did not mention that squid, not to mention that it’s such a giant, brutal creature!” Jian Hua stared at Zhang YaoJin, thinking that if he already knew, why did he not mention it?

“Because you know my ability and Jian Hua’s. You know that if we are in danger, you will also let us ‘see’ the truth and cruelty of this world?” Li Fei has a moderate tone, but his words are full of hostility.

Zhang YaoJin, of course, does not want to bear this accusation, “No, they should not appear so early! The lowest level hairball that attacks ability holders should appear next spring, the man-eating squid is a full six months ahead of schedule!”

Li Fei’s expression is “You continue to fabricate”. In fact, he is far less assured than he was on the surface.

Is it a lie? Li Fei is shaken.

Major Zhang tiredly continue to say, “With this morning’s heavy fog, the car I was in is on the highway, and almost hit the man-eating squid. A giant monster with tentacles……we are also lucky that time. After waking up at the hospital, I saw the photos of the Gingko Avenue.”

As for the reason why monsters appear in advance, the Red Dragon will need to do further analysis.

They now have a lot of intelligence reports, but their primary source is the chat group logs. The participants were a group of idealistic older children. In addition to imagining how to get an ability, killing monsters, and which side to choose, they also study how to change the plot and how it will affect the characters. Oh right, there are also girls who confessed to being in love with Li Fei.

To extract useful information from the inside, judge true and false, and conclude something from the analysis……is not easy.

“Insiders affected the original event process, and changed the experience of some people.” Zhang YaoJin looked at Li Fei, according to the original story, the actor should be lying in the hospital because of the car accident.

Jian Hua picked up the soup spoon and found that the Brasenia fish soup has already cooled down.

He put down his cutlery in frustration, and asked in a bad mood, “Since Major Zhang encountered the rainforest squid on the highway on top of the Hua river, how did you end up in front of my house?”

Zhang YaoJin seems to want to correct Jian Hua’s name for that squid, but it doesn’t make sense to waste time and breath on such a trivial matter, so he can only ignore it.

“First, we encountered hordes of hairball monsters. With a limited number of bullets, we can only avoid it by being in the car. The long-haired monkeys then eyed us. This monster has wisdom but also very vengeful. We turned around and went back to Huai City which is entirely a coincidence because only the road to Huai City has fewer monsters. Thinking about it, it should be because that squid had just passed, so the other monsters ran.

“We were once again stuck on the highway since the vehicle was severely damaged, and we finally jumped into the river to get rid of those monkeys. After entering Huai City, we picked an office building as a temporary hiding place. It was probably a few hours later when a cat that was like a big hairball broke the glass. It was a tough fight, and everybody got injured. We originally did not carry any food or water, so I feared that on the next attack, we would have no physical strength. In desperation, I decided to go near your home——”

Jian Hua frowns. Does this mean that the fact that his home is a safe place is written in the book?

Li Fei is in a bad mood. He suddenly felt that the secret that initially only he knows has been shared with the world.

“Facts have proved that it is.” Zhang YaoJin spread his hand, eyes calm. “The entire neighborhood is quiet. No monster appears. We take turns to rest since we’re exhausted. I was confused when I heard screams, and I felt something drag me down from the stone bench. I want to open my eyes, but my body is weak. I knew nothing about what happened next, and only heard that I was found in front of Jian Hua’s house.”

“What about Geng Tian?” Li Fei asked.

“According to the report I got, Geng Tian, at seven o’clock this morning——I don’t like saying ‘today’. Well, that morning, when he got off the car and checked for the cause of the breakdown, he went missing in the fog. Our car was not on the highway at seven o’clock. The time we entered is different, and we did not meet in the Abandoned World, and probably would not have encountered each other. It’s just a coincidence that we met at the same place when we returned.”

Jian Hua has a foreboding feeling. Did the mushroom attack Zhang YaoJin and Geng Tian?

He went home from the supermarket and found two people dying at his door. Did the mushrooms growing in the Abandoned World packaged them to become his “delicious rations”?

Li Fei looked at Zhang YaoJin for a long time, suddenly asking, “If the world is a book, who is Jian Hua?”

Zhang YaoJin thinks that this is not a secret and turned to face Jian Hua, “You are the villain in the last volume of a seven-volume book.”


Jian Hua felt his face crack.

In his ear, he heard a different voice that sounds vaguely like a laugh. Li Fei tried to look displeased, pointing to the table, “If that’s so, who is the protagonist in our world?”

“His name is Johnson Brown, an American.”

   The author has something to say:

The main story begins with the completion of this volume ╮(╯▽╰)╭ the next chapter will switch perspectives la~la~

Small Theater——

Li Fei:Who is Jian Hua?

Major Zhang:He is the villain of this book.

Li Fei【smile】:Who is the protagonist?

Major Zhang:His name is Johnson Brown,an American。

Li Fei:WTF!! This script is wrong,shouldn’t it be me?(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

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STB Chapter 29: Grim Situation
STB Chapter 31: Protagonist

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