DWBS 20: Threat
DWBS 22: New Year

「I feel sick……。」

「Just a bit more, Haruto。」

The two were riding on a camel carriage。Camels are more common in the desert than horses。The desert people use camels。They are aiming for Samarkarud, the largest settlement of the desert people。By the way, Roa is house-sitting。

「Would you like to dispel the mood by looking outside。」

Haruto opens the window curtain a little and looked outside。The view offered nothing but camels、there are mercenaries riding on each camel。But since Haruto is a diplomat, he was riding on a camel carriage。Haruto’s assistant……to be exact, is the one responsible for monitoring him and expecting him to fail。

「Oh dear、I’m not gonna take care of that。」

He heard the desert people’s circumstances from Aisha and thought that it would be unlikely to fail。

「I wonder why you need so many mercenaries?」

「I don’t need it……only for intimidation。After all, to show that Claris can hire so many soldiers!!What about it?」

Besides the gem that will be presented to the chieftain、there are also camels loaded with alcohol。This was to show the financial strength of Claris。

「It’s warlike。But the desert people will not be bothered by this。You have to at least bring 100 fire dragons。Ah!The specialties of the desert people、I’m looking forward to it since roasted fire dragon is delicious。When we return、I’ll definitely give it to you for a welcome。」

「Fire dragon……a fire-breathing dragon。How do you kill something that blows fire?」

Aisha answers Haruto’s question with a smile。

「It’s easy。First crush the eyes with a bow。Then provoke it and make it fall into a pitfall。Then just poke it with a spear。What’s important is to put a spear in the eyes, nose, or mouth。The scales are hard。」

「What do you do if it breathe fire when you try to pierce the mouth?」

「It’s all right。It can be avoided with intuition。」


But as far as you listen to the story, it does not seem to be difficult。

「But this is the story if it went well。The arrow will be burned before hitting、and fire dragons are also not so stupid to enter a pitfall。And most of the men who hunt will run out of patience and will enter mortal combat。They will continue to fight for about three days and three nights。」

「That’s not easy。」

Haruto was amazed by the low boiling point of the desert people。It’s unbelievable to fight without using a trap if a dragon is your opponent。

「But most of the dragon attacks will not hit?Father also fought against three fire dragons and won。」

Is it the fact that the fire dragon is weak、or that the desert people are too strong that I should worry about。

「Even so, it’s hot。It’s winter now。I think you’re crazy. How do you guys live?」

Claris is cold。Snow is rare but it’s usually cold。But as soon as we crossed the Great Forest, it got hotter。Because he was in a cold place since coming here、he felt extra hot。

「Is it so hot?The oasis is cooler than here。」

Haruto has a little hope with those words。

「By the way Haruto。」


「You’re cured of your illness?」

When Haruto heard so, he put his hand on his throat。It’s still unpleasant、but not enough to vomit。

「Ah、it’s healed。It maybe because I got used to it。」

Since his transmigration、he only got to ride horse-drawn carriages many times。He gradually got used to it, and because of that、he’s not to the point of vomiting most likely。

「I see。That’s good。」

Aisha smiled sweetly。Haruto did not think anything of that smile。


It became night。The desert quickly cooled down as the sun goes down、now the delegation has been taught that it is winter。

「Ah、I’m tired。」

Out of the tent, Haruto stretched。They will arrive at Samarkarud tomorrow。He made the final confirmation with the other diplomats。

Among Haruto’s acquaintance、there is only Aisha in this mission。Because one person is lonely、Haruto looks for Aisha。Aisha was sitting by the bonfire alone。

「Can I sit here?」

「Ah!Haruto。I see the meeting ended、cheers for the good work。Go ahead。」

Aisha hits the ground beside her。Dust formed from the impact of being hit。Haruto sat at the place Aisha struck。

「So、how was the meeting?」

「It’s me who will negotiate directly。I had to sign a secret agreement with Eugene。And they don’t seem to be willing to cooperate with me。I wonder if they want me to fail。Oh well、I think it’s okay since I made it that way in order to not get disturbed。」

Haruto’s position as a newcomer is not good。If this case succeeds, then it will be solved。

「Even so, it’s cold。」

「Is that so?Well then、I will strengthen the fire。」

Aisha said so and put camel dung on the fire。In the desert where wood is scarce、camel dung is precious fuel。

「The thing that surprised me the most when coming to the desert is using camel dung for fire。」

「I was also most surprised when I went to Claris、you’re using wood for fire unsparingly。」

They looked at each other and laughed。

Aisha lie down on the ground。It gets dusty。Haruto also lies next to Aisha。

「Look look。The Cross Star can be seen。It absolutely does not move from the North。In the desert, we travel with that landmark。There is a legend that says it’s a guardian angel of every journey。」

Haruto sees the direction where Aisha’s finger is pointing。He can see the stars lined up in a cross shape。It would be like the Big Dipper from Earth。

「I see。This place also has it。」

Haruto murmured unintentionally。It’s been nine months since he came to this different world。No、it can be said that only that much time has passed。That nine months was much darker。

「What are you talking about、Haruto?」

「Nothing、I thought it was different from the star from my hometown。There was no Cross Star from my hometown。」

Aisha didn’t miss hearing Haruto’s slip of the tongue。

「There is no Cross Star?At least on this continent, you can see the Cross Star everywhere。Where on earth did you live?」



「He~(Wow)、a different world。」

「It’s true。Whether you believe it or not depends on you。」

Haruto says so while looking at the starry sky、he regretted his previous slip of the tongue。

「I believe it。」

「Was my pulse stable?」

「It is, also……。Haruto is not a person who would try to lie with something so silly。」

Aisha smiles sweetly。Haruto decided to keep an eye on Aisha。

「It’s useless to reveal it to others。For now, only you and Roa  know it。」

When Haruto says so。Aisha smiles joyfully。

「I guess I’m now on equal standing with Roa?In other words, fiancee?」

「You can’t become my fiancee just by that。」

Haruto retorted with a bitter smile。

「What kind of place is that by the way?The place called Earth?」

「That’s right。There was no dragon, magic or blessings。」


Aisha’s eyes sparkled and she stuck to Haruto。Crouched, he can see the cleavage between Aisha’s clothes。

(It’s quite large。Is it like a D or an E……)

Haruto, while thinking of such lewd thoughts、told Aisha about Earth。


Afternoon of the next day、we arrived at Samarkarud。Haruto and Aisha decided to break up temporarily。She would probably get scolded。

The delegates were welcomed。Specifically with the roasted fire dragon、the cooked dishes looks rough。The intense dance by the women(They can leap for about three meters。)and intense performances by the men(Like shattering a sword。)。The son of the chieftain is thorough……Aisha’s father strangled a dragon in front of me、and then cooked a dish with it。Although he knew it in advance、Haruto was still a bit surprised by this。Some of the other diplomats fainted。

It was a way of negotiation that can only be possible since everyone has the 『Blessing of Conflict』。

(It seems that this threat is not that much。)

Even the mercenaries hired by Claris have also gone down。Though the treasures have an effect。They were genuinely pleased。

Although、Haruto has the『Blessing of Speech』。He can hear the real intentions of the other person。There’s no better advantage than this。Just to understand the other’s intention、the sense of security is uneven。

This day is to purely enjoy the desert people’s welcome、to heal the tiredness from the trip and the negotiations will be tomorrow。


「Patriarch、those guys are pretty scared。」

That was Aisha’s father……Hesaam。When Hesaam strangled the dragon、there was even a person who fainted among the delegates。

「Not everyone。One person、there was a man who felt no fear。Didn’t you know?」

The Patriarch……Umar overlooked his son from a higher chair、saying so in a low voice。

「Is there such a fellow?」

To the words of Hesaam、Umar raised his eyebrow。

「What a joke!I told you that your role is to find a suspicious person in that group。Killing dragons is only one way。」

An angry voice like thunder echoes。Hesaam hesitantly shrugged his shoulders。

「He is a man named Haruto Asuma。Certainly, he protected Aisha。He is welcome for us…but it’s a surprise、I did not feel terror from him。He seemed to be enjoying himself in the second half。It is troubling。We can’t intimidate that guy。」

To intimidate the opponent is their means of negotiation。For example, during the negotiation with the Kingdom, there are 50 heavily armed knights always beside them to intimidate the envoys from the other countries。Before going to the audience with the Empire、they passed through four rooms of extreme luxury、making the Empire’s national strength visible。

Umar’s welcomes…have been negotiating by intimidating the opponent。The opponent would then make concessions。It’s the first time for Umar for the other party to not be affected。

「It looks like it will be difficult。This negotiation。」

In contrast to his words、Umar smiled happily。


「Such hospitality、thank you very much。」

When Haruto had an audience with Umar、he said so politely。Then he continued the pleasantries。It’s to convey that 『Your intimidation didn’t work』。

「I’m also glad to have you。I appreciate the beautiful treasures and the alcohol。」(This boy……is provoking me。)

He seems to be angry even with a laughing face。Haruto observes Umar。The first thing that catches the eye is his height。Close to two meters。With bulging arm muscles。Behind him is a huge spear。He doesn’t look like a human being。He wondered if it was put there for intimidation。He want to believe so。

「Now then、they told me you protected my granddaughter Aisha、I really appreciate it。I need to thank you。」(When intimidation doesn’t work……should I give him something。)

When Umar says so、a woman with clothes that exposed a lot brought a box。Sitting next to Haruto and opening the box。

「This is our gratitude。Please accept。」(How’s this。You will be shaken in this case。)

It was a ruby necklace。Because the origin of the ruby is from the East、it was treated as a very expensive jewel in the West。

「Thank you for this。I will make it my family treasure。」

Hearing the unhappy voice of his real intentions。He definitely had to receive it。Looking at the beautiful red color of the ruby、Haruto thought of giving it to Roa。

「Umu(Well)。Let’s talk about this and cut to the chase。」(Damn、he didn’t even shake even with the rubies。This kid annoys me。)

Said laughingly by Umar。If you look closely, you can see that his expression is a bit cramped。He thinks he’s coming to a head。

「I agree。The normalization of the diplomatic relations between the desert people、that is the intent of the whole Claris’ parliament。」

Claris is a city that flourished with trading with the East。Trade is continuing at a private level now、but in this state, they didn’t know when it’ll be interrupted。Even in the worst case、diplomatic relations must return to normal。

「We also want Claris to be our good neighbor。But if they don’t approve of us using resources, then there’s no room to discuss。」(The Great Forest is our life line。Trade can also be done at a private level、but wood cannot be obtained without the Great Forest。Only this I cannot concede。)

「E~(yes)、I understand。Let’s recognize the possession of the Great Forest。」

Haruto said frankly。Umar makes a face of disappointment for a moment。

「I agree。Let’s define 50 kilometers west from the top of the Great Mountain Range to be considered as the Great Forest。How is it?」

「Well、if so then there’s no problem。」(The talk proceeded smoothly?)

There are reasons why Haruto conceded the territorial rights as well。For Claris, it is true that the Great Forest is a great mountain of resources、but they have an alternative。Moreover, it is necessary to cross the Great Mountain Range to carry the things taken from the Great Forest、so it’s very troublesome。The military power of the desert people is enormous、and they will protect it at all costs。For that reason, the idea that they can cede the Great Forest is prevalent in the Congress。

The problem is from how far from the Great Mountain Range should it be. Although it’s a large forest, it is claimed by both Claris and the desert people。

「However、this has conditions。It’s the resumption of trade with Claris。In that case、I would like you to eliminate the tariffs on luxury goods。As already approved by the Congress、the rest is up to you。」

Haruto advanced strongly。After Umar suffered for a while、he opened his mouth。

「I see、trade will surely become active if the tariffs disappear。We accept。」(It hurts to lose some sources of income……but in exchange, we would have the resources from the Great Forest。And in the long run, it’ll be a gain。)

Listening to those words、Haruto was relieved。It’s Branch who gains the most with the tariff abolition。Haruto could persuade Branch since it’s included in the treaty。Haruto continues negotiation as it is。

「By the way, it seems that mana stones can be mined in the desert。」

「Ah。It’s only recently。Mining。」(Why is such a thing……Aisha!That idiot!!)

He continued to talk while pitying Aisha who would be preached later on。

「Actually, in the West, the need for magic stone is rising with the development of magic tools。I hope that we can develop it jointly……How is it?」

Umar answered Haruto’s proposal。

「It depends on the conditions。What would be the distribution?」(Claris’ merchants are smart。I can’t be careless。)

Haruto has answers to Umar’s question in advance。Claris needs help in technology。It’s basically to employ the desert people. If there are personnel shortages in Claris’s workers(slaves), they would hire them。Part of the sales will be paid to Claris as a technical fee. Mana stones will also be sold preferentially to Claris。And most importantly、the mining reserves can be borrowed from the merchants of Claris。

We had a little dispute with the amount of the technical fee、but we finally agreed。By the way, as for the merchant lending the mining reserve、one person has already been decided。It’s Eugene。40% of the money is supposed to be lent。To have them recover the damage cost by Aisha。

Moreover, as the production of mana stones increases、the sales of the magic tools will rise。It’ll be Adonis who’ll benefit。

「Next is our request。I will not say to abolish slavery。Nor will I say to release the slaves who committed a crime in Claris。But I would like you to strengthen the crackdown against slave hunting。」(There’s a possibility that Aisha can become a slave if she did something wrong。)

It was a possibility but once she became a slave……Haruto was scared for a moment。Haruto’s heartbeat rises。Umar looks suspicious。Haruto is in a panic。

「Yes。It’s a problem even for us。Upon returning to our home country、we will immediately respond。」

Whether he is satisfied, with Haruto not telling a lie、Umar finally nodded。

「Then、let’s decide on the fine details later。」

「Umu(Well)。It was a meaningful time。」

And Haruto suddenly cut in。

「Now then, I would like to talk about private business with you from here.」

Haruto smiled。


It’s outrageous to make a business deal in the middle of diplomatic negotiations with another country。But there is no one who will blame him for it。In addition, the other diplomats aren’t helping since they hoped for Haruto to fail、because they’re not in his position。

(It’s really convenient。)

Haruto loosens his mouth。

「Personal business you say……。All right。As a thank you for protecting Aisha。I’ll listen to your story。」(As expected, he is still a merchant。I feel like he’s planning something from a little while ago……is it an attempt to obtain benefits over the other diplomats。This guy is shrewd。)

Because permission came out of Umar、Haruto started talking。

「Does patriarch know about soap?」

「Soap?Ah!I know that。Is it like the Green Stone that’s been popular in the West lately?」(I can not say it with a loud voice、I’m secretly buying it。)

Unfortunately, he heard it all。But since he knew, it’s too early to talk。Haruto takes out soap from his pocket。

「It’s me who developed that soap。I would like to sell this soap to everyone in the desert。Patriarch (Your Excellency)、no Umar-sama。Would you like to sign a contract with me?」

There are five large families among the desert people。Each clan will produce a patriarch in turns。Haruto is not a chieftain of the desert people、if he wants to sign a contract, it would have to be with the head of the family。

Haruto has not been in business for a year yet。But this success as a diplomat will help Haruto in a good and bad meaning。A merchant who will sweep Haruto’s feet will also come out、and some people would also steal the manufacturing process of the soap。If he can contract with the family of Umar, he can have a stable sales point. A thick connection is also possible。

The family of Umar can also make money。Because he can trade directly with Haruto。Gold is power。So Umar’s influence will also increase。

After Umar is silent、he started to laugh with a loud voice。The surrounding desert people are also amazed by this。

「I see。Is this the reason why you protected Aisha。To eliminate tariffs in order to sell soap。You’re quite a calculating fellow。All right。Let’s unite。」(I like it!!You’re a pretty good lad。This is a pass。)

It seems he passed、Haruto tilts his head for a moment。What exactly did he pass?

「What happened?」

Umar looks strangely at Haruto。He cannot afford to ask what exactly did he pass at、so Haruto glossed over it。

「No、I was only surprised since you laughed so suddenly。There is another contract that I would like you to sign in。I’d like you to supply me with coconut oil steadily。」

「Coconut oil。Certainly, stable supply is difficult unless you directly have a contract with us。All right。」(Coconut oil……from the flow of this talk it should be used in soap。The soap smells a bit of olives……I’m clear on this。Is the raw material oil。Let’s research it here。)

The raw materials have been identified。Oh well、it is well-known that Haruto is buying ash and olive、what can he do about it?

Thus, a deal is made between Umar and Haruto。By the way, it was a secret except for the ones who are involved。


「Aisha。Did you reflect?」

Umar goes to Aisha’s room。Aisha has been imprisoned as punishment。

「Yes。Grandfather。I’m sorry。So I have a favor……。」

「About Haruto Asuma?」

Before Aisha finishes speaking、Umar said so。Aisha’s eyes rounded。


「I can smell him on you。」

That’s right、Aisha stiffened。She’ll begin to smell of him after a while。

「Did you not even notice it?」

「I don’t know my smell……」

That’s why Aisha’s face is red。

「All right。」

「What is it?」

「Get married。」

Aisha’s face became even redder 。

「Well, that suddenly。」

(But this is convenient?It’s painful to lie about going there to research about soap。)

Umar smiled。

「That soap is wonderful。That’s enough to change history。I can connect with the man who can manufacture it。It will convince the others around me。Go over now。」

Aisha’s face turned bright red, thanked Umar and left。

(Asuma Haruto。Perhaps your value is higher than you think。)

Umar thought so and left Aisha’s room。

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DWBS 20: Threat
DWBS 22: New Year

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