DWBS 21: Negotiation
DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2

This time, they were gone for a little long。

「That’s why I, Aisha, became Haruto’s fiancee。Best regards for the future!!」

Aisha said so soon after arriving home。


Haruto is confused by not understanding the meaning for the moment。

「Haruto-san!!What do you mean!!」

Roa yells with a crying face。

「No、I don’t know what’s going on……」

「Did you cheat on me!!That’s why you want to throw me away!!I hate it。Don’t throw me away!!」

Roa hugs Haruto while crying。For the time being, asking Aisha while stroking Roa’s head。

「What does it mean?I don’t understand。It’s not funny if it’s a joke」

「No、it’s not a joke。Grandpa told me、that he told you that I will come here to get married。In short, it’s for buying soap and Haruto」

「Will my will not be respected?」

As Haruto speak、Aisha answered。

「If you say you want out then I can only go out、but it’s inevitable that your relationship with my grandfather will worsen?Besides, if I were refused by Haruto, there would be no one who will receive me」

「Didn’t you run away because you don’t want to get married?」

This is putting the cart before the horse。

「If it’s someone I don’t like、I just hate to marry someone whom I haven’t seen the face、it does not mean that I don’t want to get married。I like Haruto, so it’s okay。Haruto also likes me, right?」

Aisha is a beautiful girl。He does not feel bad when a beautiful girl told him that she likes him。Just that it’s another story。

「I certainly don’t dislike you。I may even like you。But I have Roa?」

Looking down belatedly at Roa who is still crying。He can’t abandon her。

「N~(Hmm)?You just have to marry Roa。I am Roa’s friend。Isn’t it a good idea?」

Telling him to suddenly get married just as he was planning to say that there is Roa, so it’s impossible to get married。He didn’t understand the meaning。

「You don’t want to marry me?」

「That’s right。So let’s get married」



Their talks do not mesh。He thought、and Haruto asked Aisha。

「Do the desert people allow polygamy?」

「Polygamy?What’s that?」

「Having multiple wives」

When Haruto explained、Aisha tilted her neck。

「It’s a regular thing that is forgiven」

Haruto held his head。He guessed that this is probably cultural difference。Haruto notes that Claris does not allow bigamy。

「Eh (Huh)?What’s up with that。Strange。So the rich and the poor only have one wife?Then the wealth cannot be redistributed。What about the widow who lost her husband?」

According to Aisha’s story, it seems to be common sense for many men in the desert people who have a lot of money to marry a lot of wives. Instead, for a poor woman, the rich man has to support that woman’s family. Rich people marry a lot of wives, and by giving birth to a lot of children, many children would receive a higher education. You can also prevent the wealth from being consolidated into one by distributing it to many. It seems like an excellent system to him. But here is Claris。

「Unfortunately, Claris has banned polygamy」

When Haruto says so、Aisha answers after a little worrying。

「Then Roa is your wife、how about me as a mistress?In the desert, people living together and giving birth is not a problem since they’re a couple。That’s the solution」

「Such a way!!It’s the opposite。Being a mistress is unhealthy!!」

Roa raised her face、raising a rough voice。

「That’s right。I never intended to make you a mistress……」

The moment Haruto tried to synchronize with Roa、Aisha pressed her body against Haruto。With her chest hitting Haruto’s arm、Haruto involuntarily stopped his words。

「No problem。I’ll take care of that。Besides, with Roa, aren’t you also not officially engage with Haruto?And see、love is not in quantity」

Roa glares at Aisha while grinding her teeth。

「That’s why it’s okay。Haruto」

「Eh?Ma~(well)、best regards……」

「Please don’t push that way against Haruto-san!!」

Roa shouted in a loud voice。


「Roa、I have a gift for you」

When Haruto says so、Roa stares at Haruto’s face。

「I’m not going to fall for that」

「Well, I don’t need this ruby necklace」

Haruto took out the ruby necklace from his pocket、hanging and swinging it in front of Roa’s eyes。

「I, I do!!」

Roa said so and raised her neck a little bit。

「Please put it on me」

Haruto puts the ruby necklace on Roa’s neck。Roa happily stroked the ruby attached to the necklace。Then made a turn with her skirt following。The necklace shakes at Roa’s movement。Roa looks at Haruto’s face。

「How is it?Does it suits me?」

「Ah (Oh)、you look nice」

When Haruto says so, Roa fiddled with the necklace again。

「By the way, where did you get this?」

「The Patriarch gave this to me as a gift for protecting Aisha。Your eyes and hair are like ruby。I thought that it’ll look good」

「Is that so。It can’t be helped。I will forgive you for today」

Roa said so while happily going outside。She drew water from the well、planning to see her own appearance。

「It’s a choroin」

(T/N: CHOROIN = A heroine who seems hard to get at first but is actually easy.)


Haruto and Aisha were amazed。


「By the way, it’s almost January、which means it’ll be New Year」

Removing the necklace、the now calm Roa said that。

「It certainly is now that you say it。Many things have happened」

Haruto had a distant eye。When he thought of it, things happened in the blink of an eye。He was thinking of the same thing a few days ago。

「How do you spend the first day?In my hometown, it’s basically eating a delicious meal and spending time with your family」This is how Haruto spends his New Year。Not all Japanese spend it sleeping。

「So it’s like that around here。I will eat delicious food with my family。It’s like a feast。It was on the day before the New Year……in other words, there is a festival on the last day of the year。One year、to appreciate being alive and healthy」

Haruto turns to Aisha。Aisha said with a laugh。

「It’s the same in the desert」

It seems that it’s normal to spend one day with your family in any country。

「Me、I don’t have a family so what should I do?」

「It’s a coincidence、I don’t have it either」

「Why are making an air like you’re in a funeral?Shouldn’t it be a fun story right now?」

Aisha screams in a loud voice to disperse the heavy air。Haruto and Roa apologize to Aisha for the heavy air。Haruto will take care and listen to Roa。

「By the way, what is a festival?」

「You’re right。Street stalls will line up。Basically, you spend your time drinking and singing until morning」

After saying so、Roa makes a dark face。

「Ma~, it’s a story that had nothing to do with me. I have trouble with what should I eat that day, shaking from the cold and the singing was too loud…… Are you alluding to me!! I watched a girl of the same age as me, who wore fashionable clothes, and her whole family eats something that they bought from the stall. I was wearing tattered clothes while I’m holding hard bread alone. It’s not such a fun image……」

The air freezes again. Roa start speaking in a panic。

「But、it’s a story of the past!I am looking forward to it now。Haruto-san also got me a ruby necklace。I am really looking forward to it!!」

「I-I see。It’s fine。Because you have us this year!!」

「That’s right。Aren’t we like family!!」

Three people are forced to raise the tension。

「So, are there other customs?」

「Now that you mention it……I will decorate。I will make a decoration out of a bundle of wheat straw。It seems to call to God。Please leave this to me。Because my mother taught me」

That moment、Roa was gone after saying that。Haruto raises his voice before the air freezes again。

「Alright、I’m leaving you to decorate. The production of soap is also closed, so let’s give the children some spare time. Also, pass some pocket money. I’m looking forward to it!!」

Haruto say so while laughing, Roa is also lured in and laughed。

「Uhm that……it’s bad to change the story, but I wonder?」

Aisha has an apologetic face, raising her hand。

「So, am I set to be Haruto’s mistress? But if you’re bothered to live together with me, I think I’m going to live on an inn somewhere. Because I don’t have a job……I wonder if you’ll hire me officially?」

Roa and Haruto look at each other. Aisha was working unpaid up to now. But it would be awful after this。

「I understand. I’ll hire you as a mercenary, and a laborer. It’s the same work as what you’ve done up to now, but you’ll fight against enemies once they come. Is it okay if the salary is the same as Pudding?」

Haruto proposes employment conditions, and Aisha nodded easily. The work that Aisha did while carrying the barrels are equal to the work done by 10 slaves, so Haruto thought that giving a higher salary than Pudding’s would be fine if he was asked for a raise. After all, Aisha’s naive。

「Haruto, you’re grinning。What’s wrong?」

「No、it’s nothing。」

Haruto lied。


「It looks like a shimenawa isn’t it!!」

(T/N: Shimenawa = sacred rice straw festoon decorating most front doors of houses and businesses during the New Year holidays. It makes a boundary between this side and the other side where the Gods live, and hanging it on the door means welcoming the Gods and keeping out the evil.)

Haruto shouted involuntarily。

It was a shimenawa。Some detail are different, but the basic structure is the same as a shimenawa。The difference is whether the straw is rice or wheat。

「Eh?So you do know it。It’s a shimenawa」

Moreover, the name seems to be the same。

「Did this came from the Empire’s first Emperor?」

「It has been said so。It originated from the empire。With the expansion of the empire, this shimenawa was also introduced to the region」

The first emperor who founded the empire, King Almus I is an inventor。A number of inventions made by Almus I developed the empire into the world’s largest country。Even Haruto knows some of it, pudding, magic, and even secret medicine, and others.

(T/N: For those who don’t know, Almus is the protagonist in the Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles. It’s from the same author.)

(I guess if it’s a shimenawa it should be black……)

Almus I should be from Earth……it wouldn’t be wrong to think that he’s from Japan in particular。He might have even transferred here the same way as Haruto。It’s possible that he is a reincarnated person.

(There may be  a lot of transmigrators aside from me)

Haruto might even meet other transmigrators that came from another world。Maybe there’s even a method to go home。

Thinking that far, Haruto shook his head。There is no time to do that now。Even if he knows how to go back home, he doesn’t feel like going home。Haruto looked at Roa who was happily laughing。

(Although it’s inconvenient, it’s more fun here)

Since transmigrating to another world, doing his business, falling in love, and becoming a diplomat recently。There is a motivation here that is not in Japan。

「Haruto-san!!Incidentally, I tried making this」

Roa called out to him, and he stopped thinking. He transferred his line of sight to Roa。

Roa had a big white bread。The bread is flat, and there are two stacks of it with citrus fruit on top。

「It’s a Kagami bread」

Haruto seemed to be suffering。She probably means to make a Kagami cake。But because there is no rice cake, they substituted it with white bread。The developer’s anguish comes to mind。

(T/N: Kagami Cake (lit. translation: Mirror Rice Cake) = It is often said that its shape resembles a bronze mirror which was considered a treasure by the ancient Japanese. It is believed that by double-decking such noble items, your fortune will also double. The orange on top is called dai-dai, and it is supposed to give hope and prosperity to the following descendants.)

(T/N: I feel so wrong at posting this when it’s not New Year)

「But there is no such thing as Kagami bread。Isn’t it strange? Don’t you feel that there should be more?」

Haruto thinks about the name, they are hard to name。Even the developers had trouble coming up with a name and wonderfully named it Kagami bread。

「Is that so?Isn’t it normal?」

On the other hand, Roa doesn’t feel uncomfortable。Because Haruto knows the origin, he feels uncomfortable. But this is normal for Roa and the others。

「Well、alright。I also have some free time to become familiar with it」

Haruto gave a bitter smile。


「I think that bed is good though?」

Roa points to the bed, which is at a discount。

「The price is good but……it should be a little bigger。Haruto may also sleep in it」

「Wha、What are you saying!!」

Roa shouted loudly。The surrounding clerks’ eyes landed on Roa. Roa shrunk her body。

Aisha’s new house was bought early on, but there is no furniture。Of course, people cannot live a cultured life without furniture。The personal belongings of Aisha is left in the desert, so she had no choice but to buy。

「Generally, an unmarried men and women sleeping on the same bed, aren’t you ashamed?What!You mistress!!」

「Even if it’s not recognized as a marital relationship in Claris’ registry, in the culture of the desert people, they’re married. Sleeping together in a desert, they’re a couple once they made a child」

Roa blushed at the words child making。It reminds her of the 『how a baby is made』 incident。

「You guys, be a little more quiet。This is a public place。Don’t say child making out loud!!」

When Haruto reminded them、Aisha is somewhat proud。

「Because Roa」

「It’s Aisha who first said it!!」

Haruto wanted to stop the troublesome girls soon, strolling around looking at furniture。Because it’s the end of the year, most of the furniture are discounted。Haruto and Roa also bought some furniture、it was somehow a pity。

「Then how about this?The price is also okay」

「Isn’t it good?Ma~、Haruto-san will not come to Aisha’s place forever」

It seems to be decided。

「Haruto、let me pay by getting an advance on my salary」

Haruto bitterly smiled、passing gold coins and silver coins one by one。

「This is your salary for January。Use it well since you won’t be paid until the end of February。And don’t forget to pay tax」

「I know。I bought a chain to keep my wallet from being stolen」

Aisha shows her wallet with a chain。

「If you lose your money the next time, you’ll become a slave without complaints。Please be careful」

「Yes, yes」

Aisha replied noncommittally to Roa。Roa raised her eyebrows。

「What、that’s not a proper answer!!!」

「Roa、be quiet」

Haruto’s attention went to Roa who rose a loud voice。Roa blushed in a beat。

「I remember。This is a public place。You have to be careful of what you do before you pay attention to me」

Aisha inflamed Roa while grinning。Roa embraces Haruto。

「Haruto-san。Aisha-san is bullying me。Please comfort me」

Haruto strokes Roa’s head。Aisha narrows down her eyes at Roa and said。

「Wait a minute、isn’t that sly?」

Aisha unintentionally raised her voice。Roa removed herself from Haruto、saying so after laughing naughtily。

「Please be quiet。This is a public place」

Aisha’s face distorted from frustration。Roa seems to be a better player。

「Sheesh、be nice。Let’s go」

Haruto pulls apart Roa and Aisha who continues to quarrel。


It became New Year’s eve。The Central Shopping Street has many stalls set up, so it’s very crowded。

「Haruto-san。I’ll be shooting over there」

Roa runs while holding her skirt。He only saw her white skirt before she disappeared。

「I feel blessed」


Aisha look at Haruto with white eyes。

(T/N: White-eye = A look of displeasure or annoyance displayed by maximizing the white of one’s eye)

Haruto and Aisha hurried to catch up to Roa。When they look at where Roa’s finger pointed at、there was a stall with dolls lined up side by side。If you look closely, you can see something like a crossbow。

「You shoot the doll with the crossbow。The doll you knocked down is yours。One round is 200 Doria。How about it?」

The shopkeeper, who is an old woman, told Haruto。Haruto watch Roa and Aisha。Both of them have sparkling eyes。

「Then, two please.」

Haruto said that and gave the money to the old woman。The old woman handed six arrows to Haruto。It should be that one round is three tries。Haruto passed three arrows to Roa first。

「I’m going to hit all three」

Roa is so enthusiastic、taking the toy crossbow。

The first one made a swish sound, and it flew in the wrong direction。

「W, well, the first one is a trial shot」

「I thought you said you’d shoot all of them?」

「N-noisy。Everyone fails」

Roa release the arrows while saying so。The arrow passed right beside the dragon doll。

「A little more to the right。Hang in there」

Roa gets the third arrow with a nervous face。The arrow scratched the right side of the doll。

「You shot too far to the right」

Roa drops her shoulder in disappointment。

「Well then、next is me」

Aisha receives an arrow from Haruto。

「I am a genuine hunter。So, I am good with bows。I can’t afford to play」

Aisha says she’s good but she shoots an arrow with a tense face。

The arrow pierced the ground。

「Aren’t you a genuine hunter?」

「Noisy。It’s different from a real bow!!」

Aisha shoots the second arrow while saying so。The arrow touched the roof made with cloth, and fell down。

「This time, it’s too high。Hang in there」

Aisha does not answer the cheering of Haruto, releasing the third arrow。The arrow flew in the wrong direction。

「It’s regrettable, isn’t it? Are you sure you’re good with the bow?」

To Roa’s words、Aisha raised her voice。

「I’m not as bad as you。This was broken」

Aisha glares at the toy crossbow。Haruto laughed。

「You guys are really bad。Don’t blame the tools」

When Haruto says so、Roa and Aisha glared at Haruto。

「I missed since it’s noisy on my side。Just a little more right and I would have gotten it!!」

「That’s right。Because of Haruto, my concentration was broken。If you say so much, then Haruto should be able to do it, right?」

Roa and Aisha drew closer to Haruto。When it’s said so far、Haruto also can’t back down。

「It can’t be helped。One more round please」

Haruto pass the money to the old woman、then picked up the toy crossbow。

Releasing the first one, the arrow passed through the side of the dragon doll。

「Haruto-san、just a little bit more to the right~」

「Yay~、yay~、I called it!!You’re really bad」

Roa and Aisha respectively inflamed Haruto。However, with this he got the hang of it。Haruto gets a little frustrated and shot the second arrow。

The arrow released from the toy crossbow hit the head of the dragon doll, and it fell back。

「Here you go, dear customer」

The old woman hands the dragon doll to Haruto。Roa and Aisha approached Haruto、complaining with their mouths。

「As expected of Haruto-san。I believed that Haruto-san can do it!!」

「As expected of Haruto!!Ikemen!!」

Haruto looked at the changed attitude of the two people、bitterly smiling。Haruto was thankful for the compliments、and handed the dragon doll to Roa。He didn’t hand it to Aisha because it was outright flattery。

「Thank you very much!!」

Roa held the dragon doll happily。Aisha seems to be dissatisfied。

「Next is to take Aisha’s。Which is good?」

When Haruto says so、Aisha smiles happily。

「That、that sheep is nice!!」

Looking at where Aisha is pointing、sat a sheep doll with a foolish face。It’s expression looks like it’s mocking him。Haruto shoots an arrow toward its face。The arrow hit the corner of the sheep。The sheep staggered。




Haruto, Aisha, and the old woman stared at the sheep doll。By the way, Roa is rubbing her cheek to the doll dragon, not noticing that Haruto already shot the third arrow。

Since the sheep was shaking、it slowly fell down from the platform。The old woman picks up the sheep doll。

「Here you go」

The old woman handed the sheep doll to Aisha。Aisha happily hugged the sheep doll。Haruto cannot understand why the goofy faced sheep is good。

「That’s good。It’s about time for us to meet Rusk and Pudding。Let’s go」

The three people hurried towards Undine。


「Oh!Haruto-kun!!You’re late」

When they arrived at Undine、Rusk and Pudding has already arrived。

「Let’s drink。Aisha, is there something you don’t like?」

「No。I will leave it to everyone for now」

Pudding calls the waiter to order。It was Maria who came。

「Oniichan、oneechan。hello!!Nn?Who is the new oneechan?」

Aisha stood up to introduce herself。

「I’m Aisha。A desert citizen」

Knowing that Aisha is a desert citizen、Maria has shining eyes。

「Then, have you ever killed a dragon or something?」

「Of course。Because we’re dragon killers」


Maria makes her eyes shine more。Aisha tried to further brag、but Haruto lightly cleared his throat。

「Ah、I’m sorry。So what’s your order?」

Pudding orders some food and alcohol from Maria。Maria went away with a trot。

After a while, the food and drinks were brought out。Pudding raised the alcohol and said。

「Cheers to the coming New Year!!」


「Haruto-shan。You’re warm……」

One hour after the party began、Roa was sitting on Haruto’s knee。She has a very happy face。Haruto caressed Roa’s head without thinking。

「Haruto!!Here you go」

The red-faced Aisha tries to pour alcohol into Haruto’s cup。Haruto grabs Aisha’s hand。

「If you drink anymore, you’ll get drunk。Who do you think would bring you home?」

「What~*hic*、are you saying that I can’t drink!!」

Aisha was completely drunk。Aisha has a stronger alcohol tolerance than Haruto, but she quickly got drunk and can’t even hold her own weight。

「Oi、don’t be so intimate。I’ll take your sake」

Haruto tried to pull Aisha。But Aisha’s grip strength is too great。

「Desert people can crush a walnut with their thumb and forefinger。Can’t you just give up?」

Pudding tells Haruto while laughing。Pudding is already drinking twice as much as Aisha, but doesn’t look drunk。

「Why are these guys so drunk!!」

Haruto lamented。Just then、the sound of the bell rang。

*dong dong dong*

「Ah!It’s Joya’s bells。The New Year should be near」

There seems to be a bell for New Year’s Eve。

「Who is Joya?」

Haruto tried asking。

「Who knows?It’s been called that since a long time time ago。That’s just the way it is。Isn’t it because Joya is the one who started it?」

He still don’t know。He wondered if it’s really like that。This custom is a strange thing。Haruto thought。

*dong dong dong*

The bell continued to ring。According to the story, Joya’s bells rang 108 times in the same way as the night bell。

*dong dong dong*

Listening to the sound of the bell、Haruto looks back on his otherworld life。And he thought。

(I’ve probably been looking back too much recently……)

He laughed in spite of himself。Haruto closes his eyes and counts the sound of bells。

(98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 … 108!!)

Haruto opens his eyes and looks around。Four people were drunk, and only Haruto is awake。


Haruto felt sad。

Income: About 19,500,000(39,000 soaps)

Expense Total: 15,610,000

  • 2,000,000(slave maintenance cost)
  • 100,000(store rent and maintainance fee)
  • 60,000(horse-drawn carriage rental fee for 4 carriages)
  • 1,040,000(olive oil, 1500 barrels)
  • 1,250,000(seaweed ash, 1250 barrels)
  • 450,000(mercenary)
  • 10,000(firewood)
  • 10,000(salt)
  • 580,000(sales tax)
  • 1,950,000(income tax)

Income - Expense =3,890,000

Liability: 20,000,000

Balance remaining: 6,780,000

Real Property: -13,220,000

Other Property: 60 Slaves


  • Accounting Officer and Slave Director: Roa Samaras
  • Mercenary: Rusk & Pudding

Warehouse 1 (warehouse attached to the store): 300 pieces soap

Warehouse 2 (warehouse attached to the slave residence): 17 pots, 20 olive barrels, 15 barrels of seaweed ash

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DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2

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