STB Chapter 40: Do Your Best

STB Chapter 39: Neglect
STB Chapter 41: Survival

A groan came from the corner of the studio.

Jian Hua heard the sound, and he used his ability, making sure that the potential ability holder has not yet fully awakened since the fluctuations of power is very weak.

The dead man who appeared in the studio should be this man’s companion.

Thinking of the terrible wounds on the corpse, this person may have also suffered from monster attacks, covered with scars, and maybe even struggling between life and death.

Jian Hua hesitated. He has no medicine, nor is he a doctor. Even in the past, he can’t save anyone.

The eyeful of mushrooms makes the veins on Jian Hua’s forehead throb. He’s afraid that the mushrooms will drag the person over to “present tribute”. In the end, Jian Hua still decided to go to that corner to see.

The height of the studio is eight meters high, and the mushrooms’ wanton growth made the flat ground into undulating “hills”.

Climbing up the “steep slope”, what appeared before Jian Hua is a deep hole deliberately formed by the mushrooms. Inside are a group of long-armed monkeys, some are already dead while some are still screaming and struggling, just in slow motion. The winding white threads are like shackles.

Jian Hua’s mood is difficult to describe in words.

He’s like walking on top of a dungeon, or a prison cell where prisoners are trapped by “walls”. Only the top has no mushroom, like a large net of white threads. Through a grid of white threads that acted like a wired fence, you can see things inside……those dying Abandoned World creatures that gradually lost their lives.

This is no dungeon, but the execution ground, a coffin for the living.

There are only weak whinings that reached the ear past the white fence.

——You are the villain in the last book.

——You want to control the world.

The ridiculous words reappear in his mind. With the power to destroy, Jian Hua felt that he could not breathe for a moment. Everything is being drawn away, appearing distorted, ridiculous, and blurred.

Jian Hua subconsciously looked at Li Fei. The latter casually swept aside the white threads that flew to his shoulder, looked around and not smiling, but there is no fear in his expression.

He somehow felt that something is wrong with Jian Hua. Li Fei turned his head, pointing to the corner of the “mushroom dungeon”, “There’s a person over there.”

He was close enough to smell Li Fei’s familiar scent, and there is also a stabilizing force that held his own arm.

“What’s wrong?” The voice penetrates his confused barrier, exceptionally clear.

Jian Hua, like grabbing a piece of driftwood, turned his hand over to catch Li Fei’s palm. The warm body temperature through skin contact went straight to his heart, dispelling the cold discomfort brought about by the strange scenes and screaming.

Jian Hua heard his own heartbeat again, and the sound of his heavy breathing.

“I don’t want this ability.” Jian Hua’s voice is feeble, but the tone is unyielding.

The group of mushrooms suddenly stopped moving.

The growth and spread are halted. The pits everywhere no longer shook. The long-armed monkey took the opportunity to struggle, and their howling increased several times, they also tried to destroy the mushroom threads that trapped them.

Jian Hua really had enough, this loss of control and the mushrooms’ self-assertion to greedily devour everything!

But he is not used to complaining, so in the end, he swallowed his irritability and grievances.

Li Fei whispered, “Is your ability really that out of control?”

“Not out of control, it’s their instinct.” Jian Hua rubs his eyebrows with his fingers, and wearily said, “I can’t order it 24 hours without sleep to control its behavior. It’s like a real plant. It has no self-consciousness, but there is a persistent survival instinct.”

Like a sunflower, making every effort to grow but it doesn’t affect its nature to face the sun.

The ability to greedily devour is different……

“You see things too seriously.” Li Fei eyed the mushrooms, single-mindedly persuading Jian Hua, “I think it’s dangerous to underestimate the Abandoned World’s danger level, leave them to expand their field.”

They spoke in very low voices, and also mixed in is the long-armed monkeys’ howling, making their sounds vague.

The person trapped at the other end of the mushroom dungeon seems to feel something from the monster’s screams, and desperately called for help, “Anyone there? Anyone, I’m here, these mushrooms don’t seem to move……”

“That voice has more spirit than the long-armed monkey.” Li Fei looked in that direction and evaluated.


“Take my ability, for example, if I want to destroy things, it’s easy. But if I want to kill someone, the required energy to control it increases exponentially. Because such a thing as murder will break through my subconscious’ bottom line.”

Li Fei who wears a British styled coat with a black plaid shirt, even standing in such a beautiful place such as a mushroom heap, is still elegant and calm. Destroying this image is the plastic bag filled with lunch boxes in his hand.

Jian Hua would like to throw the lunch boxes.

He doesn’t mind changing it to a cigarette or something, as long as it matches the style! After seven days of filming, the Director, Assistant Director, and make-up artist tossed Li Fe around, their obsessive-compulsive disorder has been passed to the onlookers.

“As I said, even when you’re not aware of it, these little things did not swallow Geng Tian and Zhang YaoJin. But for the Abandoned World monsters which are more malicious, you’re not stressed at all since your subconscious don’t even have a concept of their existence.” Li Fei indifferently concluded the matter, “Our ability is closely related to ourselves. Your emotions will affect it, and your concept is controlling it. Don’t lose faith in yourself.”

Jian Hua is silent.

It is not the mushrooms that interfere with him, but “fate”.

“Think of it, even if it became troublesome, it would always be conquered by us.” Li Fei threw the thin white threads on his head to the ground.

“It could kill you at any time.” Jian Hua’s voice is cold.

A giant mushroom beside Li Fei suddenly opens its cap, hanging down is a large network of threads, covering Li Fei inside.

“In this case……I guess I’ll either owe you a salary or leave you and escape the Abandoned World, provoke you to hate.” Li Fei seriously said. He had a faint glow, the signs of power fluctuations are clear and conspicuous.

The mushrooms are stimulated, recovering all over.

Jian Hua unconsciously took a step back. The power of Li Fei’s ability is more than anything he had ever seen.

“Even if your ability goes out of control, my chances of survival is still there. I will not take my own life as a joke.”

Flames burst out, burning the large net. The thin white threads shrink first, then fell in a circle around Li Fei’s feet, an apparent retaliation.

Jian Hua waited for a while and found no further action from the mushrooms.

Is the mushroom suddenly becoming a bully influenced by him?

“Let’s go see the companion of the wounded man attacked by the monster.” Li Fei does not give Jian Hua time to think, turning towards the corner of the mushroom dungeon.

The mushroom composed of thin white threads are very soft. The cages are not that deep, and the unlucky guy barely climbed a few steps will soon be pressed back by the impatient mushroom.


When walking on the mushrooms, the vibration will be communicated to the “walls”. The injured person was overjoyed, and desperately called, “I’m here! Help! Watch out for the silk threads on the mushrooms!”

The dungeon’s “pit” depth is three meters.

The trapped person looked up. That layer of silk net opened, showing two people.

The lights in the studio are blocked by the mushrooms, so it’s very dark. Not seeing what the other people looked like, and only distinguishing that there are two men.

“Great! In this damn place, I finally saw a living person!”

The dungeon man wipes the blood on his face and nervously talked about how he went to the toilet in a tourist pit stop, came out and saw that the other people had disappeared, only leaving one other person still squatting in the toilet.

The two people panicked and went to the road to find someone. As a result, they encountered an attack from black hairballs halfway, followed by a monkey, and randomly fled here. They were initially expecting the building to block the monster attack but didn’t think that there are too many vents in the studio. Soon, a monster had rushed in. Seeing that they’re going to die in the hands of cruel monkeys, the studio suddenly shook. There were a lot of white silk threads that came out and dragged his comatose companion away to “eat”.

“God, it was a big black hole! Did you see it? It’s definitely a monster’s mouth, the white silk threads came out from there!”

“……actually, there’s only mushrooms.”

Li Fei pulled a piece of string from the mushroom heap and threw it to the other end of the “mushroom pit”.

“Come up on your own. It’s dangerous here. You have to hurry.” Li Fei said while signing Jian Hua to retreat. The studio is now full of hiding places, pulling a mushroom cap can cover two people.

“Hey, hey, you guys don’t go!”

The person at the bottom is anxious, grabbing the rope and crawling out.

The guy looked to all sides, ears full of the mushrooms’ sounds. The terrible sight of the long-armed monkey being killed on the same pit hole he was in stunned him. He stumbled and without looking back, stepped on the mushrooms.

“Help! Help ah——”

Li Fei looks at the back of the man who escaped, his eyes somewhat subtle.

Two people encounter monsters, one is in a coma due to serious injury, the other one can run and jump. One has a fatal wound to the head and abdomen, while the other one only had a scratch wound on the arm.

“Move out, along with the bodies of those monkeys!” Jian Hua drives away the mushrooms.

The mushrooms filling the entire studio happily went out to expand their field, leaving a messy studio for Jian Hua and Li Fei.


What else can he say, come back and restore it? How much can they do?

Fortunately, the most basic ability is telekinesis, so it’s easy to move things.

Li Fei crouched and studied an overturned camera, finding it a good quality machine, and did not seem damaged.

The long-armed monkeys rushed into the studio for a short time, so there was no damage to the items. And because of the mushrooms, the studio items are covered in white silk threads. The mushroom itself is soft, so although the pieces are squeezed, there is no damage.

The camera is mounted on a stand, crooked items are correctly set……the big pieces are quickly managed by Li Fei. However, there are many small things possessed by the crew which is hard to achieve especially to someone who does not usually pay attention.

Li Fei worried, he felt like he’s participating in a memory test in a variety show. As an ordinary person, he can only remember the outline, and there are too many details.

Worried, he looked back and found that his teammate, Jian Hua, who was responsible for the other half of the studio is like God.

Li Fei is confident on the more massive objects but doesn’t know what to do next. Jian Hua over there is fixing things one section at a time, even stopping to think about the position of a cup. With Li Fei who don’t even know where to put the chair, it was a difference of day and night.

“You remember?” Li Fei is surprised.

“Nn.” Jian Hua tilted his head while placing the plywood, creating the spaces needed for the changing rooms, “Good memory and no food.”

Then he looked at the actress’ dressing room and was dumbfounded.


Li Fei turned around, gracefully putting a pile of clothes in a compartment, throwing it in and said, “I will say it’s because of an earthquake.”

“……don’t litter, what if something is not in the changing room?” Jian Hua stopped him.

“Exclusion method, put what you remember first.”

Abandoned World has no concept of time, waiting until Li Fei finishes eating lunch. The two were dazed at the lipstick, powder box, eyeshadow, and all kinds of brushes, skincare cream, and nutritional oil on the ground.

It was cracked, broken, not to mention……

Inside this pile of things, which one belongs to the crew’s make-up artists, and which one belongs to the actors’ exclusive make-up artists?

It looks so much alike! Even if you insert a wrong brush, it will immediately be discovered by the make-up artist!

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STB Chapter 39: Neglect
STB Chapter 41: Survival

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