STB Chapter 39: Neglect

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With such a fuss, today’s filming is naturally a bust.

Director Lu squatted in front of the camera to study the situation, surrounded by a circle of people.

No matter how they pause, and how many camera angles they see, the man appeared out of thin air.

Two seconds after the gravity-defying posture in midair, the act of landing can be used in a horror movie without editing。

Assistant Director Liu impulsively runs over the actual scene. He seriously suspects that there is be a hook in front of him, with clear lines that cannot be captured by the camera. It was a trick he used in filming to cut cost. The dead bodies are clothed pillows or something. Of course, he eventually found nothing.

The studio is on the outskirts of the Northern suburbs. After driving for three hours, the phone will receive a text message of “Welcome to the Capital”.

Before the ambulance arrives, the crew doctor regretfully sighed, declaring that death of the severely injured person that suddenly appeared.

The actors gathered at the other end of the studio. After hearing the news, some of them screamed that they wanted to go back to the hotel.

“When the police saw the scene, only then can we go! Otherwise, even if you go back to your rooms, you’ll only get a call to come back again.” The speaker is more than 40 years old, with a cigarette in his hand. His eyes narrowed slightly from the smoke. They’re still wearing the clothes they have during filming, a brand-named suit from advertisers, a grey-blue three-piece set with a gold chain on the left side of the collar.

His position in the crowd shows that he occupies an important role.

“Senior is right.” Li Fei approached to add a sentence.

The film and tv circle is ranked according to seniority, whether this person is just debuting or has some awards or years in the circle, in front of Li Fei, there’s just not enough charisma in this middle-aged man who’s exposure rate is lower.

The veteran actor who starred in the movie glanced sideways at Li Fei and said, “Your stuntman has good psychological quality.”

In the group of people who are in the “ghost” scene, not to mention those who trembled or fainted, several had white as paper faces. Only Jian Hua followed the crew to watch the footage from the camera.

“He’s a martial artist, what else would he dare not do?” Li Fei interprets with his concept of a substitute.

The middle-aged man had a profound meaning in his eyes, “You’re so young, yet you intend to cultivate the younger generation?”

The people next to them had their ears pricked. Li Fei doesn’t need to look to know, so he smiled but didn’t answer.

Before the expectant crowd, he had no answer. They didn’t get a word from the movie emperor so this domestic first-line and second-line actors, while struggling not to think about what had happened, immersed their minds in gossip.

“What does the stuntman have to say, about Li Fei’s secret crush?”

“I know you keep it a secret, but how old, long or short hair……nevertheless, give us something!”

They never talked about the gender, but what the words implied is understood by the circle: Li Fei is GAY. If the guy he likes has long hair, he’s probably not an actor, and just doing the other work in the entertainment circle.

“Say it, we might be impressed!”

“Do you really have this person? Don’t embarrass Dean!”

Li Fei is unmoved, putting out his gentle warm smile. Whether they questioned covertly or overtly, he accepted them all. The crowd felt bored after a while and had to talk about the strange thing that happened in the studio.

“……fortunately, I didn’t eat here and did not see the specific circumstance. Xiao Zhao is so scared that he lost his image.”

Xiao Zhao is male lead number three. They don’t know which guy in the studio violated the rules, and unethically putt up a video anonymously on a gossip social forum.

If there’s no weird fall, the body lying across is like part of the script. There’s no sound in the video, and the third male lead just looks like a buffoon, so his image fell.

The people who followed the thread is shocked, how can he win an Award being so ugly?

The actor’s residual brain powder rushed over to curse the Director and Screenwriter for destroying their own idol……in short, nothing on the post brought up the murder in the studio.

The middle-aged man is the only one who thinks that the Li Fei is somewhat wrong.

He looked at this thundering younger generation with the corner of his eyes. Li Fei’s smile is a little stiff, obviously distracted. Although he sat there and didn’t move, his eyes are looking around from time to time. It doesn’t look like boredom. Well, it’s a pretty good cover-up.

——because in Li Fei’s eyes, the studio is doing the pendulum movement again.

The surrounding sounds and scenery are typical for a while but then went into slow motion the next. Looking at it can make people dizzy and irritated.

Jian Hua became the only real existence in Li Fei’s eyes.

“I have a bad feeling.” Li Fei said in a shaking studio. The crowd becomes part of the background. He said in a clear voice, “Your ability brought back this man from the monster attack at the time reality and Abandoned World coincided. I guess the battlefield is not just the studio.”

The corner of Jian Hua’s eyes twitched.

“Those who fell to the Abandoned World fled to the Northern suburbs, ran into the studio and closed the door to avoid a monster attack. When their bodies, or if they’re fortunate to survive, went back in the real world, the overlap points appear again. Guess what will happen around us?”

Instantaneous damage to all things. Cameras and lights would be scrapped, and everyone would be standing among the ruins at a loss.

No, according to the Gingko Avenue tragedy in Huai City, someone will be pressed by the collapsed backdrops, and may also be burned by the collapsed lights that fell to the ground……this is not as simple as a haunted studio!

The Director and crew would be sent to the hospital. The whole crew would be paralyzed and led to the abortion in the middle of filming.

Jian Hua does not want to continue thinking.

“Although I don’t want to meddle, that’s if it does not involve you and me, and our personal safety.” Li Fei calmly analyzes for Jian Hua, and motioned for him to look around, “In your judgment, how many people in the studio are standing in a safe position?”

Imagining a sight of piled debris, he swept over the props, wires, lamps and other objects, Jian Hua’s heart is heavy.

“If I use my ability to support the studio……” With the mushroom growing wildly and piled up into many mushrooms, forming a cushion, even if the studio turns into ruins, can it guarantee everyone alive?

Jian Hua quickly cut off the idea.

The mushroom can be subtly hidden, but you can touch the mushroom! He never wanted to expose his mushroom ability in this life!! If many people know, he can’t expect that no one will publish the mushroom’s existence.

“Open the Abandoned World with my ability, and then we go in and rescue the studio.” Jian Hua made a decision with a dark face.

They have no choice.

“Relax, everything is work. It’s just like working as a hero on a horse.”

The rainforest squid destroyed the eight-figure priced Ferrari. Li Fei said that with no heartache, how can it be?

“If we met a bunch of rainforest squid in the Abandoned World, being a hero is useless. Why don’t we directly buy a tank?” Jian Hua subconsciously rebutted.

“If you can buy it.” Li Fei immediately agreed.

For safety, their life and death at stake.

Jian Hua’s mood is subtle. He couldn’t understand how his talk with Li Fei turned into tanks. Is the pressure into entering the Abandoned World really big enough for him to subconsciously divert his attention?

While thinking that, Jian Hua did not forget to urge his abilities. The result is that the mushroom slowly grew.


Li Fei is also surprised. The black fog is flying everywhere in the studio, but this time, the mushrooms are lazy with no intention to move. What’s going on? Did its nature change?

His sight landed on the once floating body that was on the ground.

With the shocking red pool of blood, Li Fei “saw” the growth of the mushrooms clinging to the walls, it’s easy to think of bad things.

Li Fei suddenly understands the reason for the irritability of Jian Hua.

Is it because the mushroom sped up this person’s death?

“Since it didn’t eat Geng Tian and Zhang YaoJin, of course, it will not take the initiative to eat other humans.”

“When it binds that person, it was stained with blood……” Jian Hua swallowed half his words. He is distressed but how can he lose his vigilance? Because of what Li Fei said, he almost told him what he thought.

Jian Hua’s breath became cold again. He does not want to be too close to people and doesn’t want to explain a lot.

He was just irritable, just in the midst of a crisis. Facing a friend made him momentarily lose his temper.

Li Fei can see Jian Hua’s change with his eyes, and he patiently explained, “You let it hide, how is it soiled with blood stains?”


“It should only be stained on the part it touched. The bloodstains on the ground, can you see the mushroom be interested in it?”

No, the fine white threads also don’t have the intention to bypass that area.

Jian Hua slowly stretches his furrowed brow. He only has one doubt left, “If they are not full, why are they unwilling to move?” They were just excited about the Abandoned World, but now they’re just quietly growing on the walls and floor?

It can kill the rainforest squid, so Jian Hua is a little uncomfortable. If this ability can also attack and absorb human vitality, what is the difference between raising a pet that eats people?

“I guess it has a special reason.” Li Fei slowly said.

Jian Hua looked at him.

They speak across a distance, while the surrounding scenes are vague and illusory.

Staying in place is to prevent this vision from suddenly disappearing, and forcing them to return to reality.

It felt very wonderful. The distance is not a problem because the voices talking to each another is the only coherent existence in this fragment of the world.

Three seconds has gone by in the real world, but they’ve been talking for a long time.

“From the situation in front of your house, even if you don’t enter the Abandoned World, the mushrooms will also grow there.” Li Fei said while receiving an unpleasant gaze from Jian Hua, “but you didn’t find it before.”

“That’s because my ability hasn’t fully awakened yet.”

“We returned to the real world, and there is mushroom only in the corridor. You spent seven days in this studio, and it grew this big.”

It just doesn’t like the real world at all.

Jian Hua’s train of thought almost went around the ditch, “Since it likes the Abandoned World, why now……”

His voice suddenly stopped. Jian Hua forcibly opened the mushroom to open the black hole to the Abandoned World.

The thin white thread is lazy, bringing the slacker attitude into full play. It took about five minutes to get it together, and five minutes more to find a breakthrough. Fortunately, Jian Hua and Li Fei are caught between the two worlds, so they have time to splurge.

Whining all the while, it became slower and slower, and the mushroom starts to slack off.

Jian Hua used his mind to get the mushroom to work. The latter reluctantly condenses, and finally broke through a black hole. The entire studio’s shaking intensifies.


Li Fei ran to the hole without hesitation. On the way, he passed by the place where they just ate and packed the leftover lunch boxes in a plastic bag.

Jian Hua, “……”

When passing through the hole, their field of vision became black.

Jian Hua hurriedly opened his eyes. Fine white threads are in front of him to prevent monster attacks, but his forehead hit a soft thing, as well as his foot.


The studio is entirely different. The highest mushroom reached the ceiling, arrogantly shaking, and throwing the body of the long-armed monkey that’s just killed by the little mushrooms beneath.

Where the eye can see, a large group of long-armed monkeys is madly escaping. The mushrooms continually emerge from behind them, chasing all the way and was very aggressive.

It was growing in a straight line, but also in circles. While chasing and closing them in a circle, the mushrooms did not forget to increase weight, so that the long-armed monkeys can’t escape.

Jian Hua tripped over the mushrooms, and Li Fei almost lost his lunch box.

Li Fei muttered, “Sure enough, it’s been smuggled in and occupied the battlefield.”

“And behind my back.” Jian Hua has a black face.

 The author has something to say:

Here’s the thing——

The mushroom plunged into the Abandoned World, Jian Hua ordered it to come back. The mushroom is unhappy, packed up and brought a person……but there is a part of the mushroom that actually didn’t come back……

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STB Chapter 38: Haunted
STB Chapter 40: Do Your Best

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