STB Chapter 41: Survival

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STB Chapter 42: Warehouse

“I heard that inside a makeup artist’s kit, they filled it with their belongings.”

“……you’re right.” Li Fei held his forehead, picking out a few familiar bottles in a mess.

All the things in a makeup artist’s kit can add up to six figures, even though it’s only a variety of small objects.

“Fortunately, most can be saved, just messed up.” Jian Hua said uncertainly.

Li Fei sighed. Fortunately, this is a commercial film crew. The mirrors that have a red corner is basically a makeup brand that is sponsored. Counting the losses, it won’t make the makeup artist collapse.

Li Fei silently thought about how much money should he give to his own makeup artist to subsidize.

——On the Abandoned World full of danger, the most terrifying thing is eating money.

Jian Hua’s telekinesis is originally not very skilled, but with the completion of this large DIY project, he’s already good enough to be able to put a screw in a bracket, while simultaneously controlling a few pieces of wood to quickly build a closet.

He worked, quite satisfied. Li Fei is not such a case. The movie emperor is bored enough to play a few magic tricks.

With a snap of his fingers, the things that fell apart floated in front of Li Fei and automatically assembled.

Snapping the fingers doesn’t help with ability control, it just looks pretty.

Jian Hua almost threw a “you’ll be thirty next year” to Li Fei’s face. But thinking about it later, even in a different career and he’s 40, he’ll still be cool and handsome in front of the big screen, fit to be a standard male model.

“Perfect.” Li Fei walked back to his own rest area, lied down in a chair, and he closed his eyes. This time in the Abandoned World is the most tiring and killed a lot of brain cells. He pulled a coral velvet pillow, tearing it down into a blanket and covering himself, “I’ll trouble you to be the lookout, call me when you come back.”

Not waiting for Jian Hua to answer, Li Fei has already closed his eyes to sleep.

The first few days of the cast were tiring, plus Director Lu deliberately hastened the pace to catch up, so Li Fei really did not rest well.

Li Fei sees the Abandoned World as a good time for sleep. Jian Hua has experienced it last time. What Jian Hua did not expect was, after seeing the murderous nature of the mushrooms, Li Fei still dared to fall asleep in front of him.

There’s only one chair in the lounge. The table originally had small items such as cosmetic cases and cups. But now, disguised as an earthquake, all are piled up at the bottom of the table. Jian Hua doesn’t care and jumped to sit on the table. A variety of complex moods alternated, but it eventually settled down.

He looked at Li Fei.

Li Fei sleeping is very quiet, and also motionless.

Lazily wrapped in a blanket, a side of his face stuck to the recliner. The originally elegant silhouette, with his cheek literally pressed into a circle, destroyed his image as the Movie Emperor.

If he did a candid shot and send this photo to a microblog, it is estimated that it will soon become popular. The modern entertainment circle would call it “gap moe”.

Jian Hua came back to himself, and soon found his dangling right foot a little numb. Looking at someone sleeping for such a long time——he quickly turned away, what so good about watching a man sleep?

Nothing in the studio can help Jian Hua pass the time.

The last time Li Fei slept on his sofa, Jian Hua turned over a book that he bought but could never find the time to read.

Waving the mushroom in the rest area, Jian Hua quietly went out. He first walked in a circle around the studio, checking if there’s something he missed. Then the hunger in his stomach caused Jian Hua to look at the plastic bag of lunch boxes that Li Fei brought.

There’s only the Hang pepper steak and a little bit of rice left.

Jian Hua hesitated for half a minute, and firmly put the lid back on.

——food is precious, so he’ll leave it for Li Fei. He can devour, so he can go out and find prey.

The energy swallowed by the mushrooms can only sustain their rapid growth. Jian Hua can’t feel anything. He remembered that day when he killed the rainforest squid, and some of his expression changed.

To catch prey, he had to drain the other party in close range……

The former is not a problem, but the latter creates a psychological barrier.

The vents, windows, and doors in the studio have mushrooms. When they noticed something close, it will slowly rise, making tentative attack preparations.

Jian Hua frowns and tears the white silk threads on the door, not surprised at the huge, plump mushroom behind the door.

With one hand pressed against the cap, he roughly pushed it to the side. The mushroom shook twice and quickly made a narrow passage to Jian Hua.

Walking while being overshadowed by the mushroom caps, with the sun up and the wind on his cheeks, made him feel like he’s returned to nature.

Through the tall mushroom forest……except for little girls who love fairy tales, no one would be happy.

The path opened up by the mushrooms for Jian Hua is not a straight line, it was a winding trail. Occasionally, dry black hairballs can be seen in the soil where the mushrooms are rooted, as well as the scattered body of the long-armed monkeys.

Jian Hua forced himself to look at these, people always have to face reality.

Escape is a momentary weakness, it’s human nature, but always refusing to admit, that’s a coward.

Jian Hua calmly squeezed the mushrooms. He noticed that the height of the mushrooms in front of the “small road” gradually dwarfed, it seems to be the end of the field occupied by the mushrooms?

Carefully distinguishing between the original terrain, Jian Hua recognizes a road in this direction leading to a Hot Spring Resort, there are several scenic spots. The film’s base, where the crew gets the necessary materials, is nearby. Only that the street signs are covered by the mushrooms.

There are voices in the distance, and Jian Hua stopped.

The sound came from more than ten potential ability holders.

His ability allows Jian Hua to have his own scanning and positioning capability in the Abandoned World, but will not always work on monsters. Black hairballs are good at hiding and have low strength, so it does not show up. The rainforest squid is a master at ambush so it can deceive his scanning ability. However, this scanning ability is very useful for humans. Jian Hua hasn’t found anyone who can escape the scan.

These dozen people, with their weak energy scattered and unstable, are probably potential ability holders who haven’t awakened yet.

Their threat, all together, cannot beat up Jian Hua.

Only that their actions are strange, are they going to die when running into the mushroom forest?

Jian Hua quietly hid through the mushrooms, sneaking up to their side.

What appeared in front of his eyes, surprised Jian Hua——

Among the low and sparse mushroom bushes, a group of people carefully holding bamboo poles, someone even has a golf club, hooking it onto the dead body of a long-armed monkey.

As if getting a piece of treasure, but also not daring to pick it up immediately. It was still on the ground and was gently moved with the stick. At the same time, took a step backward, spotted a place to stay, and not even daring to step on the mushrooms, depended on a single leg.

Their careful appearance is like standing in a minefield.

Jian Hua: “……”

Facts have proved that this caution is necessary.

Jian Hua soon saw an accident. After pieces of dead bodies were dragged out, fine white silk threads grabbed the clubs, and the mushroom took their “unfinished” food back.

The guy with the club is pale, quickly letting go.

He did not run away. His whole person froze and didn’t dare to move. The mushroom rushed over to him, then slowed down its speed, and did three laps around the person. It seems to be evaluating him.

No threat, and no value as food. The mushroom regretfully shrank back.

The man looked like he was spared his life, and with stiff hands and feet, slowly retreats.

“Phew! So close!” After leaving the mushroom bush, he immediately gasped for breath.

Jian Hua does not understand what these people are doing, responsible for cleaning trash? The monsters do not appear in the real world.

An Audi car slowly drives from far away. The window glass is broken, and the person who came out is dressed in rags. Limping, he loudly asked on this side,  “What are you doing? Does anyone know what’s going on? ”

“Keep it down!” The man who was nearly grabbed by the mushroom angrily glared.

The new person looked at the kilometer of mushrooms, and was frightened, “Is this also a monster?”

“Don’t touch! ”

“Not the mushrooms?” The new arrivals are full of wonder, “I was attacked by many monkeys. I managed to get rid of them, but what about the police? Does your cellphone have any signal?”

“Abandoned World has no police.”


Jian Hua’s heart moved. He deliberately went around, close to the group of people cleaning the food residue by the mushrooms.

“……hey, you, stay away from the mushrooms! ”

Jian Hua turned his head. The young man who mistook him from the mushroom heap solemnly said, “Do you know what this is? ”

“Mushrooms?” Jian Hua raised his eyebrows.

“Haa-, you’re looking down on it, this is the mushroom that will eventually occupy the entire world.”


The young man is satisfied at seeing Jian Hua amazed expression, he kindly waved, “You go back, leave the mushrooms and I’ll tell you. ”

Jian Hua heeded the advice and followed.

Fortunately, these people are only active around the edges of the mushroom field. The mushrooms here are low and sparsely distributed. If they enter the dense zone, they would definitely find a winding trail inside the mushroom forest. This would be difficult to explain.

Jian Hua is neatly dressed with only his hair a bit messy. His male lead costume is sponsored by big brands, so he looked like upper class. Standing together with the awkward Audi driver, he was exceptionally conspicuous.

“All right, today’s harvest is almost done!” The leader looks like a white collar female. To facilitate action, her high heels are replaced by sandals, and she ordered the others to load the long-armed monkeys’ corpses into the tricycle. She nodded and said, “Hurry, after a period of time, that gang of looters will come!”

Jian Hua does not know what she’s talking about. He saw this group of people vigilantly holding knives and clubs as weapons, like in a costume drama, and they escorted the tricylce.

Doubting faces are on the newcomer. The white-collar female worker casually explained,  “No one knows how long we will be in this world. The body of monsters is the food we have!”

The Audi’s owner squinted his eyes, “Are you crazy?”

“Okay, stay with us if you want, don’t want then fuck off.” The white-collar female worker impatiently said.

Watching the group of people pushing a tricycle full of monkey bodies, the Audi owner finally said “you’re sick”, and drove to another direction.

Jian Hua did not comment from beginning to end, queitly keeping up.

“How long have you been in this shithole?” The white-collar female worker looked at him.

“I hid for a while, heard something on this side and came over to take a look.” Jian Hua evasively said.

“No requirement, just understand the rules. =” The white-collar female worker’s eyes are very toxic. She opens her mouth to ask, “You practice martial arts?”

Jian Hua did not hide. People who understand this kind of thing can see it, his walking and standing posture, and his habit of being alert, all are flaws, so he nodded in recognition, “Learned some.

“Very good.” The white-collar woman turned her head, and then no longer spoke.

Everyone maintains a viglant attitude. After walking along the road for at least half an hour finally arriving at a poorly concealed warehouse.

The warehouse is very strong, but it was very dark inside since the windows are in a high position.

On the walls are blankets, towels, toothbrushes, cups, and piles of clothes and shoes. These things, seen at a glance, has an uneven quality. They didn’t even rip the label off.

The body of the long-armed monkey is cut open. Removing the fur, cutting a piece of meat, washing it clean with mineral water, and with nobody cooking it, eating it directly.

Many people frowned. They were relunctant to look at them, but there is no other way.

This scene lets Jian Hua wonder how long they’ve been in the Abandoned World.

“Food must be collected by yourself. You can take a break. We’ll pick up food in a few hours.” The white-collar woman, as the leader of the team, looks very prestigous, and no one contradicted her.

But, this kind of food was given to Jian Hua, so he can’t get his mouth shut.

“You just said, this is called the Abandoned World?” Jian Hua inadvertently mentioned.

The warehouse was suddenly dead silent. Nobody ate anything and just stared at Jian Hua with odd eyes. The latter sits comfortably, and although he could not act perfectly like Li Fei, his acting skills went off charts to get information. However, such a small group can clearly estimate the vigilance of the newcomer, and Jian Hua is not so bad.

“You don’t know?” The white-collar woman squinted her eyes.

“Nn?” Jian Hua is puzzled.

“Looking at your calm appearance, I thought you were an insider.”

Jian Hua’s eyelid jumped. Meanwhile, his ability scans a group of people getting close to the warehouse.

The tin door of the warehouse thundered, it was apparently kicked, and there was a loud noise from outside, “You bastards, you run fast today ah! You won’t give me the food, so don’t blame us if our knives don’t have eyes!”

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STB Chapter 40: Do Your Best
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