STB Chapter 73: Cohabitation

STB Chapter 72: Brother and Sister
STB Chapter 74: Graffiti

The case of the unknown giant spider did not let Jian Hua worry.

Because for him, regardless of being the Abandoned World, the mushroom ability, or the National Secret Service Red Dragon and book transmigrators, all are uninvited guests who suddenly entered his life, just add another spider. There’s already too much that he didn’t worry about it.

Driving out of the congested area was difficult. Finally, they arrived at the Movie Emperor’s garage. Jian Hua went to the guest room to take a bath and rest.

He fell asleep until the next day at noon. When Jian Hua opened his eyes, a ray of sunshine slip through a gap in the curtains onto the teak flooring. The mycelium, lying on the edge of the bed, moved sluggishly. When there’s no food nearby, they’re usually like their namesake.

With the clock hand nearing the Roman Numeral 11, Jian Hua doesn’t want to get up.

If there’s anything in Li Fei’s home that makes Jian Hua happy, it’s definitely the bed.

The mattress in the guest room is haute couture, and Jian Hua did not know about this. All he knew is that when lying down, he could barely feel his weight. His back is supported by the mattress, and also below the waist. There’s no need to look for a comfortable rest position at all since you will soon be able to fall asleep. When you wake up, the muscles that are sore before will be relaxed, and full of energy.

The bed sheets clinging to the skin has a pale monotonous color, but it feels very good.

You can’t even pick out a problem with the pillows.

Someone with a character like Jian Hua is infected with the problem of staying in bed. He’s willing to lie down even if he’s not sleeping, letting the tight muscles and nerves relax.

Needless to say, the price of this mattress must be very expensive.

Jian Hua did not insist on returning to his home mainly because of this mattress which made a significant contribution.

——However, he couldn’t sleep in the guest room of Li Fei’s villa for a lifetime.

Thinking until here, Jian Hua forced himself to get up.

There’s a bathroom in the room. After washing, he changed into his pajamas. When Jian Hua pushes open the door, he found that the upper and lower floors are very quiet, and guessed that Li Fei hasn’t woken up yet.

Jian Hua walked to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and thought for a moment.

The Movie Emperor’s house is cleaned up by the life assistant hired by the Star Entertainment Media. Compared to Jian Hua who’s just in name, the company’s life assistant is doing practical things. During the days when Li Fei is living at home according to his itinerary, the assistant would buy fresh fruits and fill the fridge with food.

Whenever Li Fei wanted to, the life assistant would put breakfast on the table, and Assistant Lin sometimes comes to freeload on a meal. There’s no movement in the villa today, and the mycelium did not “report” any strangers entering the house to wake up Jian Hua, letting him sleep peacefully until noon. It’s probably Li Fei’s intention the day before that didn’t make people come.

Since receiving a double paycheck, he can’t say that not working is justified.

Jian Hua knows that his cooking is much better than Li Fei, which is carbonized n times. Besides, it’s not difficult to make breakfast.

Hot milk, salad, fried eggs and bacon stuffed into whole wheat bread.

This is Jian Hua’s first time of using a toaster. This thing is not too complicated, and it’s easy to get started. Looking at the soft, toasted bread to be made into a sandwich, Jian Hua quietly ate one in the kitchen first.

Putting breakfast on a plate and serving it on the dining area, Jian Hua became aware of a problem: Li Fei’s house is too big, the smell of food does not reach the upper floor.

——he can’t put the tray on Li Fei’s bedroom door!

Jian Hua is forced to knock on the door of the master bedroom.

There was no movement inside. He turned the handle and found that it’s not locked.

The white threads that are everywhere in the villa spontaneously drilled into the keyhole, wrapped on Jian Hua’s wrist and the door handle, and very simply “helped” the owner open the door.

Jian Hua, “……”

He pulled the heavy, black lacquered pieces curtains. He doesn’t know where the light scent of vegetation came from, assaulting the nose but not too oppressive.

“……what happened?” A half-awake voice sounded, somewhat ambiguous, but the nasal tone is very heavy.

Jian Hua’s ears slightly twitched. A strange feeling of numbness spreads from his ears to his mind. Jian Hua almost wants to let Li Fei talk.

“Nn?” Li Fei half closed his eyes. There are only two people at home, and he certainly knows who came in.

He was sleepy and closed his eyes. Even if it’s Jian Hua, Li Fei did not have it easy. He first dealt with the matters regarding being an actor in the real world. After that is building the Black Abyss. This includes contacting Geng Tian and arranging Yang Chao to supervise the first batch of Black Abyss future members. Finally, he thoroughly studied the top-secret document 《Abandoned World Monster Handbook》 sent by Red Dragon Major Zhang at five in the morning.

The result is that he dreamed of the rainforest squid.

Li Fei cut the rainforest squid into pieces in his dream, and finally baked the squid rings. Waiting for him to wake up is Jian Hua who stood at the door and looks like a dream. The bedroom has carbonized piles of failures, he is determinedly cooking the squid rings, but why is his arm in a quilt?

After waking up, Li Fei finds that this dream is absurd! The squid ring is fried, but it looks baked!

Besides, the squid ring will not have the smell of a bacon sandwich……nn?

Li Fei quickly sits up. With years of experience in the entertainment industry——he does not need a mirror, he can use his fingers to sort out his bed hair in seconds, also arranging his collar and buttons.

However, Jian Hua did not turn on the lights, did not walk up and pull the curtains. He stood at the door and faintly said, “I’m waiting for you at the dining area.”


The scent of the breakfast goes with his footsteps.

It can be seen that Jian Hua is just holding a plate when he went to the master bedroom.

Li Fei, who is busy for a while, almost went back to bed.


Ten minutes later.

The rare winter sun shines through the floor to ceiling windows of the dining room. Two blue cornflowers stick out from a long-necked porcelain vase, and a stack of fashion entertainment magazines are on the couch. There are also a few scattered on the wool carpet.

The table in the dining room is not big, in fact, the size of Li Fei’s villa is very common. Some celebrities can host large parties, and there’s a big difference between a villa and a mansion.

A lawn in front, a small garden with an atrium, and there are two floors in total.

Living room, billiard room, kitchen, these rooms are in the front half of the villa. The master’s living room, study, dining room and second bedroom are in the second half. The second floor is not connected to each other, and you need to pass through the atrium from the first floor.

Speaking of the garden, in fact, it is only a place where flower pots are placed, and there is no dirt on the ground. Above is a two-story roof. The roof above the atrium is transparent and can be partially opened. Its okay to stand there even if it rains.

The dining room has floor to ceiling windows, just in front of the atrium.

But there’s nothing worth watching……

Because Li Fei does not spend much time at home during the year, it’s not much of a person’s home. The beautiful iron decorative flower stand is empty, and there’s only a pot of prickly cactus, even the thorns are falling out.

A normal person’s vision is like this, but in the eyes of Li Fei, his garden has been occupied by mushrooms. For the safety of Assistant Lin and his life assistant, Li Fei can only lock the two doors to the atrium, letting people in and out through the dining room and kitchen.

Even so, every day while eating breakfast and looking at a yard filled with mushrooms is a mental test.

The most terrible thing is, in fact, the whole villa is under a more massive mushroom’s umbrella cover——

They are the same as the mushrooms attached to the wall, transparent, and ordinary people can’t see it. That is if Jian Hua, who is sitting in the dining room, looked up, he can see blue skies and white clouds above the atrium, while Li Fei saw the folds under the cap of the mushroom.

If his acting is poor, he wouldn’t be able to hide his expression.

Li Fei looks away, pushing the tablet in his hand to Jian Hua, “This is the Abandoned World monster information given by Major Zhang, Red Dragon Internal Information version. It’s a more complete one than the one given to Geng Tian which is provided to other ability holders.”

Jian Hua flipped a few pages at random, looking severe.

Poisonous bee, lizard, python……aside from these, there are actually even plants! Vampire vine, what’s with this cannibal flower?

He continued flipping and discovered birds. The monster in the concept sketch is not big, with claws on the wings, like the birds in the Jurassic Period, dragging a long tail, and a mouthful of teeth, looking grim.

“Corpse Crow, social creature, strongly aggressive.” Jian Hua read the text next to the picture, “Very sensitive to blood. If you are injured, please enter the building as soon as possible to avoid. Avoid being alone. Avoid exposing yourself outdoors. The corpse crows will fly in groups to attack. Also, pay attention when hunting Abandoned World monsters as rations, cut the meat at the fastest speed, and quickly evacuate. Otherwise, you and your prey will become the corpse crow’s dinner.”

Jian Hua can imagine, after this bird appears, the ability holders will be in dire straits in the Abandoned World.

Originally after killing a monkey, it’s enough for two or three days. But now, they only have time to cut two pieces of meat, and all the rest are for the Corpse Crow to eat.

In particular, there’s a supplement with the following information: Large number, rapid reproduction.

“The corpse crow is not the most terrible monster in the Abandoned World, but it’s the biggest factor that’s limiting the various ability holder organizations in all countries.” After Li Fei got the information, same as Jian Hua, he treated the Corpse Crow as a key target of attention.

“To be honest, if we don’t control the population growth of the corpse crow, the low level ability holders will not have a way to live.”

“Can’t we interfere with their sense of smell?” Jian Hua asked.

“In the appendix, it tells that in the book, there are things that are the ability holders’ essentials for survival in the Abandoned World. There is a spray can, in addition to removing the bloody smell, it can also cover up your smell, reducing the possibility of being attacked by other monsters.” Li Fei uses his finger to open the screen, pointing the paragraph to Jian Hua.

“Constantine Survival Spray, made in America.” Jian Hua’s face is expressionless.

Li Fei laughed, “Don’t worry, this is just the author’s setting.”

When the plot develops to a particular stage, this spray will be invented. But at the beginning of the plot, especially when the corpse crows has not appeared yet, even the United States does not have this spray.

“Because the author is only responsible for thinking about an item, he won’t even write the ingredients, and how to make it.”

Even the book transmigrators can only be dumbfounded.

Or else make it yourself, otherwise, expect the government or scientific research institutions to invent it……

“If we want to make it, is it difficult?” Jian Hua is not clear about this knowledge.

“This depends on……how high is the corpse crows sensitivity to blood.” Li Fei put down the tablet and admits that he’s also not good at this, “If it’s easy to make it, actually, you don’t need any American made spray, just go to the supermarket and find a bottle of seasoning, or alcohol, even perfume can cover it.”

Jian Hua sharply grasps the critical point, “That’s to say, even with the information we got from the book transmigrators, and the government working hard to develop this spray, but is there any effect? Do we have to wait for the corpse crows to appear before we can verify it?”

Li Fei spread out his hands, “That’s about it.”

STB Chapter 72: Brother and Sister
STB Chapter 74: Graffiti

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