DWBS 36: Battle

DWBS 35: The Beginning
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「Has the hill been taken……we can’t lose the ground advantage」
Friedrich glared at the Imperial Army that is proudly lined up on top of the hill.

It was the day after they received the report that the Zaltran Castle has been captured that the Kingdom Army left the Capital. After 4 days, they arrived at the Geria plains. When the Kingdom Army came, the Imperial Army has already settled on the high ground of the Geria plains.

「It hurts to get deprived of the control of the seas」
Friedrich bitterly muttered.

If the Empire didn’t take control of the seas, they would have to rely on land routes for logistics. If the logistics don’t get there in time, the Empire can’t advance deep into the Kingdom and can only do short-term decisive battles. Afterward, they can crush their logistic line with their cavalry’s mobility, and they could make a surprise attack by taking the geographical advantage.

Ma, it can’t be helped if it already happened. And my army is centered on cavalry. This Geria plains is the perfect place to use the cavalry」
Friedrich said with a defiant attitude. Even if they lose through numbers, they could make up to it with skill. Friedrich has confidence in winning.

「So nostalgic. In the Fourth Empire-Kingdom War, we defeated the Empire in this plains, and I got the throne」
Friedrich thought of the past.


「Still, they’re late. The Kingdom Army. I’ve been waiting for the whole day」
Westoria said while looking at the Kingdom’s forces. His expression is calm.
「The Kingdom’s highways are not well maintained. And if you think about it, they still have to gather supplies」
Marx answers.

「Well, how many are the force of the enemy? 」
Westoria looks at the Kingdom Army with distance glasses.
「About 100,000 infantry, 30,000 heavy cavalry, 50,000 light cavalry, and 200 dragoons」
In other words, a total of 180,000. Considering that the Imperial Army has 270,000, they have quite the number advantage.
「How about it? Can we win? 」
Westoria listens to Marx. Marx nodded.
「We lost in quality, so let’s cover it with numbers. It’ll be quite tough since the enemy has more than 20,000 cavalries 」
When hearing Marx’s answer, Westoria has a happy face.
「Be sure to win. If we win this battle, it’ll be our victory」


The Imperial Army has 200,000 infantry in the center, 20,000 light cavalry on the right side, and on the right side, there are 10,000 heavy cavalry as well as 10,000 equestrian tribes. It’s a lineup wary of the Kingdom’s cavalry attacks from the sides. There are 50 cannons behind the infantry as well as 30 trebuchets. The infantry is divided into the front and back row. In between are 300 desert people, 500 war elephants, and 30,000 heavy infantry. Westoria and Marx is surrounded by the heavy infantry.

Friedrich who saw this is in the center of 100,000 infantry, 30,000 heavy cavalries on the right side, and 50,000 light cavalries on the left side. This lineup shows the Kingdom’s confidence in its cavalry. The infantry also created a gap in the center, placing the dragoons in the back. The Dragoons destructive power is equivalent to 20,000 of the Empire’s forces.

The Kingdom army slowly moved forward.

The battle that will be later called as the Battle on Geria Plains is about to begin.


As the Kingdom’s army started advancing after a while, they entered the range of the cannon and the trebuchets. Rocks and shells rained down on the Kingdom’s army, and a spattering of gunpowder struck.
Rocks and shells crushed the horse, pottery shards cutting through the horse’s flesh. It’s a one-sided attack by the Empire.

「Let the cavalry charge! 」
To stop the one-sided attack of the Empire, Friedrich orders the Kingdom’s cavalry to make a charge. The Imperial army attacked the Kingdom’s cavalry, but the cavalry’s momentum did not wane.
The Kingdom’s cavalry tried to loop to the side of the Empire’s army, and the Imperial cavalry tried to stop it.

「The right wing is dominant while the left wing is antagonistic……」
The Kingdom Cavalry’s right wing is pushing the 20,000 Imperial Light Cavalry. The heavy cavalry is superior to light cavalry regarding the force of a charge. With the difference in the degree of training, the Kingdom’s cavalry with its superior numbers is advantageous.

Meanwhile, the left wing of the Kingdom’s cavalry is being pushed back by the Empire’s heavy cavalry and 10,000 equestrian tribes. Although the Kingdom is twice in numbers, the heavy cavalry has high defense power. Even more troubling are the arrows of the equestrian tribes. The light cavalry is lightly dressed compared to the heavy cavalry, so they’re vulnerable to arrow attacks. After being blocked by the heavy cavalry, they would be shot by an arrow.

「If there are 10,000 more light cavalries, then the war would lean on our side……」
Friedrich glared at the equestrian tribes on the side of the Empire. Initially, the Kingdom’s light cavalry is 60,000. However, as the equestrian tribes showed disturbing movements, it was necessary to send 10,000 Northeast.

More than the fact that the equestrian tribes sided with the Empire, the alliance between the Empire and the equestrian tribes are definite. Perhaps attached to it is a treaty of dividing the Kingdom’s territory.

「Let’s add pressure to the side. We can break in from the center. ……Move the dragoons!! 」
Finally, the Dragoons began to move.


Fumu, the right wing is losing, and the left wing is pushing back. The infantry in the center……it’s dominating. Well, it’s natural since the infantry is double in number」
Westoria spoke while looking through his distance glasses. For now, it’s going according to calculations.
「The next one is either a temporary withdrawal or moving the dragoon cavalry. With Friedrich’s character, retreat is impossible」
Marx says while placing a hand on his chin. Both of them are calm.
「Ah! The infantry in the Kingdom moved」
Westoria said while looking through the distance glasses.

The Kingdom’s infantry is divided into the left and the right, creating a gap. The Dragoons showed up from there.
「Oohh! As expected, Dragons are cool. Why has it been abolished……」
Westoria looks happy while looking at the Kingdom’s dragoons. While Westoria and Marx continued their conversation carefreely, the dragoons continued to advance, assaulting the Empire’s infantry.

「It has terrible destructive power……」
「The infantry won’t be able to hold on……」
Impatience begins to appear in Westoria and Marx’s faces. The Empire’s infantry escapes like scattering clouds in the face of the Kingdom’s dragoons.

「Front row is destroyed!! 」

Someone’s voice echoes.

「The front row should have 100,000……」
「It will not be broken by only 200 dragoons. They’re not that sloppy」
Westoria and Marx said with a nervous face. The dragoons of the Kingdom are soon closing in.

「Come on, Faris. I’m relying on you」
Westoria glared at the approaching Kingdom Army.


「It’s no big deal. The Imperial Army!! 」
The Dragoon Cavalry Captain, Colonel Ahim cried out. When the Dragoons led by Ahim attacked, the Imperial Army collapsed in no time. Some of them had the bad luck of being shot down by arrows, but it’s not such a big deal.
「No matter how many thousands of people there are, the Dragoons cannot be stopped. We’re not like the Empire’s wimpy soldiers!! 」

Dragons can run twice as fast as a regular horse. Its weight is also several times that of a horse. The destructive power is different from a cavalry charge. Also, the skin of an Earth Dragon is tough. It’s not something that can be pierced by a spear-wielding human. Unlike cavalry charges that can be prevented to some extent by a dense formation of spears, it’s impossible to prevent the assault of the Dragoons.

「Nn? Is that an elephant. Did you really think that an elephant can prevent our charge? 」
Ahim snorted. When a dragon gets trampled by an elephant, no one will survive it. But that’s the story if it gets stomped. He cannot imagine that an elephant can follow the speed of a dragon.

「Slash the elephant’s nose and legs!! 」
Ahim gave instructions. The slashed elephant will run out of control. Thinking of the catastrophe that the Imperial Army will taste, Ahim laughed evilly.

A while passed after crossing the front line of the Imperial Army. Once he reached the center, it’ll be as good as collapsed. The Dragoons led by Ahim tries to assault the Imperial Army headquarters that is protected by only 500.

「Nn? 」
Ahim stared at his eyes. The infantry is lined up in front of the elephants. The number is about 300. They all had spears as big as an adult’s arm. The color of their skin is brown, you can see that they’re neither Romano, Gallian, nor Germanis. They stared straight at the Dragoons and did not move too much.

「So there are also brave soldiers in the Imperial Army. However, our dragoons cannot be stopped by the power of man! 」
Ahim aimed his Earth Dragon at the 3-meter man among the infantry who seem to be strong.

「「Die!! 」」
Their voices overlapped.


「Captain, the Earth Dragons came」
A desert man told Faris. Faris lightly nods while staring at the dragon.
「You guys, it’s been a long time since you hunted. Don’t go overboard」
The desert people laugh at Faris’s words.

The Dragoons raised their speed to overrun the desert people. The head of the Dragoons attacked Faris.

「「Die!! 」」
Faris said so and leaped at the Dragoons. He struck the spear he had at the dragon. The scales of the Earth Dragon shattered like glass, it’s body lifting from the blow.
「Even if its fast, no matter how tough its fangs are, if you knock them down from the top, you can kill a dragon」

As if Faris killing the lead dragoon is the signal, the desert people attacked the earth dragons.

It was a slaughter. The desert people killed the dragons one after the other. The Earth Dragons fell from the desert people who is not even half their size.

「Die! Monsters!! 」
A dragoon attacked a girl from the desert people. The young girl avoided the dragon’s fangs as if it were easy, and it got blown by a spear. The rider who lost his dragon was scared and ran away.
「Everyone is too excited. If you kill the rider instead of the dragon, it’ll be easy. Well, I know how you feel」
The girl sighs.
「It’s an enemy!! 」
「I’ll kill you!! 」
Two dragoons attack the girl again. The Dragoons tried to corner the girl from the left and the right.

The girl jumped up with a tsked. The Dragoons collided due to momentum.
「It’s not gonna happen, you lizard bastard!! 」

The girl shouted so and wields her spear towards the Earth Dragon. Two Dragons are blown away along with their riders. The blown away Earth Dragon got scared and runs away while crushing its rider.

The Dragon who lost its rider runs away only to be chased by the desert people. The direction it escaped to is towards the Kingdom’s infantry. The Earth Dragon which recklessly moved towards the enemy lines was attacked.
The Kingdom’s infantry did not expect things to happen this way.

As if receiving a signal, the war elephants charged. Giants that covered 40 kilometers accelerated across 5,000 kilometers or more and assaulted the Kingdom’s infantry.

The war situation is leaning to the Empire.


「As expected of Faris!! Well done! 」
「I’m really glad we brought him here」
Westoria and Marx said with excited faces.

Initially, if the dragoons weren’t stopped by the 100,000 infantry, they were supposed to use the cannons and secret fire. But if it couldn’t be stopped by the 100,000 infantry, the defeat of the Imperial Army is definite. So Westoria hurriedly brought the desert people together.

「Even so, Emperor Anders I defeated 300 dragoons with only 30,000 infantry……our infantry can’t even prevent 200 dragoons even with 100,000. Our soldiers have become so much weaker」
Westoria sighed.
「Still, the war situation has tilted in our favor with this. Our opportunity is now. Let’s charge」
「Does Your Majesty really want to lead the assault? 」
Marx helps him wear his armor, the treasured Dragon Killer Sword on his waist but he still looks anxiously at Westoria as he straddled a horse.

「Aahh, they’ll say that I’m only accompanying you if I don’t do something flashy. If you think about it later, I have to earn points in these kinds of places. Don’t worry. Since I have an Arrow Blessing and Sword Blessing」
「That’s true……Don’t push yourself too hard」
Marx pays close attention to Westoria. Westoria lightly nods.

「Here we go, let’s charge!! 」
Westoria shouted so, he led the infantry from the back row and engaged the Kingdom Infantry.

The Kingdom’s infantry is battling with the riderless Earth Dragons and was greatly confused due to the desert people. The vast army of 130,000 charged. The Kingdom’s infantry was destroyed. Their main infantry forces were destroyed, so the Kingdom started withdrawing. The Kingdom cavalry who fought advantageously against the Empire’s cavalry must also obey the withdrawal, and received the intense pursuit of the Imperial cavalry.


「Your Majesty!! You worked hard」
Claire found Westoria and cried out after pursuing the Kingdom’s troops.
「As expected of Claire. I owe you one」
While laughing, Westoria stroked Claire head while operating the horse with one hand.

「Your Majesty!! 」
Hearing that familiar voice. Westoria and Claire turned to the sound, and there was Faris.
「What happened? Do you want me to pat your head too? I don’t have the hobby of stroking the head of a man……」
Westoria said in a good mood. He’s glad that the Empire has attained victory and was in a relaxed state.
「That’s wrong!! It’s dangerous here. I think that it’s better to return soon」
Faris advise Westoria.

Iya, hasn’t no one found the enemy general yet? I can’t go home empty-handed」
Westoria complains.

「Your Majesty!! It’s an Earth Dragon!! 」
One of the heavy infantry shouts. An Earth Dragon was approaching Westoria when he turned back. Westoria hurriedly manipulated the horse, dodging the dragon. The dragon looked backward while snorting, it once again pounced on Westoria.
「It’s a good thing you’re alive」
Westoria laughs, jumping towards the Earth Dragon. The dragon became violent but, when Westoria talked to the Dragon, it became calmer.

「Your Majesty!! That’s a dangerous thing!! 」
Faris said with a pale face. Westoria ignores him.
「Faris, you can ride my horse. That’s an order」
He cannot resist Westoria’s order. Faris straddles Westoria’s horse.

「According to this guy, Friedrich seems to be moving west from here. He probably strayed to the melee. Claire, Faris. We’ll go together to kill Friedrich. If you don’t follow me, I’ll go alone」
The two people sigh at Westoria’s words.
「Geez, Your Majesty. It can’t be helped」
「I understand. Stopping you would be useless. I will at least protect you」
To their reply, Westoria nods, satisfied.

Three people headed west.


Friedrich and his guards are pushing their horses to their full speed. Because it’s in the middle of the battlefield.
Friedrich was in the back row of the infantry. But since the infantry was destroyed by the war elephants, the camp was destroyed. Friedrich got stuck with the main force while running away to not get stomped by the elephants.

「Your Majesty!! You have to leave the battlefield soon」
「Aahh, really. How did it become like this ……」
Friedrich muttered. The Kingdom was dominating on the first half. But it completely collapsed at the defeat of the dragoons.

「Let’s hurry up and return to the Kingdom so that we could reorganize the troops. Only the Kingdom’s Capital has to be protected, gahh
The Knight who was running beside Friedrich moaned and fell off his horse. An arrow was stuck to his back.
The knights who protected Friedrich was shot dead one after the other. When Friedrich panicked and looked back, a young man was straddling an Earth Dragon with two cavalries. One of the cavalry carries a bow.

「Friedrich V, prepare yourself!! 」
The young man straddling the Earth Dragon shouted. In a hurry, the knights turned back and repelled the three people.

「「You won’t stand in the way of His Majesty!! 」」
On the other horse, a young man with a spear the size of an adult’s arm blows off the knights, and the other one carrying a bow shot at a Knight.

「Thanks, Claire, Faris!! ]
The young man straddling the dragon approached Friedrich while saying that.

「What is your name? Young man」
An idea came to Friedrich, and he turned around to face the youth. The young man laughed.
「Westoria I, the Empire’s Emperor. Your life, let it become my stepping stone」
Saying so, Westoria pulled out the Empire’s treasured Dragon Killer Sword. A sword that glows beautifully from the sunlight approached Friedrich’s neck.

Thus, the battle in Geria Plains ended with the Empire’s victory.


The Kingdom lost, and the news that King Friedrich V died was spread to the Kingdom that day.

「Wh-what to do, Marshall!! 」
The Kingdom’s Crown Prince seek an opinion from the Army Marshall. The Marshall answers while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

「Let’s first stop the Imperial Army’s advance as much as possible with the cavalry to reduce the damage. Since there are many places suitable for an ambush on the East of the Geria plains. In the meantime, let the Prince call the order to reorganize the troops, and be crowned King. Most of the Empire’s soldiers are conscripted. If the battle is prolonged, they will miss their hometown, and morale will fall. We can only aim for a truce……」
「Urgent message!! 」
A voice echoed, interrupting the Marshall’s words. The Marshall glared at the soldier who raised his voice.

「What? Right now, we are having an important meeting with His Highness? 」
「I apologize, Your Highness. But this should be heard by His Highness as soon as possible!! 」
The soldier said while breathing hard. The Crown Prince let the Marshall fall back, allowing the soldier to speak.

「30,000 equestrian tribes defeated 10,000 light cavalry of our country, they have crossed the border! They are heading south while plundering. Also, Earl Dreis, Marquis Reifels, and Duke Hanol staged a rebellion! They are advancing their soldiers towards this Kingdom!! 」

The Crown Prince fainted.

Imperial Army

Infantry      150,000(loss of 50,000)
Heavy Infantry      30,000(almost none)
Heavy Cavalry      9,000(loss of 1,000)
Light Cavalry      15,000(loss of 5,000)
Equestrian Tribes      10,000(almost none)
War Elephant      500(almost none)
Desert People      300(almost none)

Kingdom Army

Infantry      40,000(loss of 60,000)
Heavy Infantry      20,000(loss of 10,000)
Light Cavalry      30,000(loss of 20,000)
Dragoons     (Extinct)



Equestrian Tribes      30,000
Revolting Noble Army      20,000

DWBS 35: The Beginning
DWBS 37: Kingdom Capture

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