STB Chapter 78: Threat

STB Chapter 77: Chaos
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The venue was dark, and the air was filled with the smell of the splashed cocktails.

The ground was covered by lush mushroom bushes. The soft cap is like a cushion, trapping people between them.

People who did not faint breathed heavily and restless people yelled the name of their friend, agent, or assistant. Some responded. In this state of “being in trouble but not just me”, many people are forced to calm down and return to their senses.

In the end, there are only a few with the mental endurance. Most can’t even think at all, and some are still hysterically screaming.

Liang Jun had a buzzing sound in his head from the screaming. Touching his hair in anxiousness, black ash covered his hands.

The lights in the corridor look very far away. It was too quiet and strange.

The door has not been blocked yet, so why is it that even if a group of people yelled, no one is running outside? Liang Jun is wondering, then suddenly saw a figure appear from the doorway.

It was a man. He walked into the venue with his back to the light. The figure’s shadow is elongated, somewhat blocking the light source from the corridor. He was surprised.

He walked in like this with no words to indicate his identity and didn’t come up with something to intimidate anyone.

Not the police, nor the accomplice of the shooter. They waited for the stranger who didn’t talk. The figure walked into the dark room from the bright source of light and gradually disappears. Everyone knows that “he” is in the venue, but they didn’t know who he is, and what he’ll do.

The sound and wheezing and gasping echoed one after the other.

No one dares to speak, especially Liang Jun. He’s still not sure who the shooter is, and wasn’t sure if their aim is Li Fei. Anyway, it’s not Wen Tong. When the movie queen was speaking, the atmosphere is excellent. The accident occurred when she was going down the steps and when Li Fei came up.

The question is, what kind of deep hatred, for heaven’s sake, do they have that they actually used a series of assassination!

The entertainment circle is a vanity fair, dressing up the hidden dirt and a bunch of things that can’t be said. But this is not Hong Kong in the XX era, nor is it like in the movie where the entertainment industry is tied to the underworld, and assassination would play out if you don’t agree with each other.

Liang Jun looked at himself. He’s been falsely accused of trying to cook the books or trying to trick an artist into having a drug addiction. On the family side, he’s been charged with trying to make a good impression just deceive them, and so on! But he’d never faced death. A bullet had grazed his head and flew past, he almost got a hole in his head.

This is too big! Liang Jun did not even suspect his old rival, GuangShi Group.

——There’s not enough intelligence and ability for assassination!

He thought of the event when Li Fei was taken away by the Secret Services. There was a vein in Liang Jun’s forehead, he doesn’t know how to answer the public tonight. Suppressing the talks is impossible. All the artists of the Star Entertainment Media are here, and if all their fans stir up trouble, it’s almost enough to crash the company’s website.

Liang Jun did not dare to attract the attention of the “killer”. He doesn’t understand what is wrong with the person who shouted ‘a ghost’ until his back went against the wall, and he felt something soft held him.

It took a considerable will to swallow back his scream. Touching the back of his hand are bizarre fold lines, not like a blanket.

Then Liang Jun can’t move. The mycelium wrapped around his wrist and fixed his shoes to the ground.

The same thing happened to Wen Tong. Because they’re not far from Li Fei, the mushrooms did not attack them at first. But when finding that “they want to run”, the mushrooms aren’t polite.

——Master’s orders, everyone in the venue is not allowed to leave!

An A-class ability holder, Geng Tian, got the special treatment: Being bundled like a dumpling.

The mushrooms used to put this reserve grains at the door of Jian Hua’s house, but now, they brought it to him upside down.

Jian Hua: ……

The silence in the venue did not last long. The people’s mobile phones began to shake one after the other. Because there are people who escaped before, someone has sent the news to social networking sites.

Fortunately, because the party just started, it’s still in the speech stage. Even if the mobile phone is not in flight mode, they would be set on vibrate, so there are no all kinds of ringtone sounding out in the hall.

The screen automatically lits up, letting the dark site have pieces of light.

Unfortunately, no one can move. The phone in their pockets can only illuminate a small area. However, there are quite a few phones dropped during the panic and lying on the ground, shining towards the ceiling, and was very conspicuous.


Screams echoed in the venue, shocking the Red Dragon team in the corridor.

Everyone clearly saw the surrounding scene: Mushrooms are everywhere. Magnified versions of the oyster mushroom, a clump of them freely growing, and the various illuminating lights from the phone screens make them look hideous.

Jian Hua just stood in front of a table.

There’s a cellphone light in the hanging tablecloth. He opened it, and a pale fat face came into view.

Jian Hua is slightly surprised. He did not expect to see this person: Letting him not get a job for half a year, and making him almost retreat, Dong Gongzi.

Under the low table is Dong Gongzi. His back is firmly against the table, making the four table legs off the ground. The hyphae entangled him again, and Dong Gongzi is now like a turtle carrying the table and ready to go forward. When the tablecloth opens, his eyes rolled, and it looked like he fainted.

“……” Jian Hua throws away the tablecloth with no expression.

The mycelium jumped up, quickly pasting on the phone screen. The light source gradually disappears, and the venue became dark again.

Li Fei walks towards Jian Hua. He can see Jian Hua’s every move, and he can also feel the beast full of anger in the dark. The mushroom’s tendency to attack is evident, and they’re tough on anyone who dares to resist.

He slowly approached Jian Hua. There’s no noticeable change in the mycelium. This confirms that Jian Hua is not dominated by anger, and his ability is still within Jian Hua’s control. Li Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

With the sound of screaming and crying all around covering it up, Li Fei whispers to Jian Hua’s ear, “I’m not injured.”

Red Dragon members are posing as security guards in the venue. The sniper missed, the crossbow in the chandelier only smashed the podium, and the gunman just shot three times. The last shot destroyed the venue’s main lights. Jian Hua heard about it from the communication channels of Red Dragon. However, he did not see Li Fei with his own eyes and didn’t hear Li Fei speak, so Jian Hua is still seriously disturbed with anger and anxiety.

There is no blood in the hall, and the mycelium that has been wrapped around Li Fei quietly returned to Jian Hua’s hand.

——Li Fei is really not injured.

“The men from Red Dragon are outside?” Li Fei has been thinking about the meaning of the text message from Jian Hua.

The attack took place in the hall, the opposite of the warning from Jian Hua. Jian Hua will not deliberately harm him, so the information that Jian Hua got is wrong.

Who can make Jian Hua believe him, and not doubt the authenticity of the information?

No doubt, Red Dragon.

“What did Red Dragon find outside? They were actually attracted by the smoke, ignoring the real attack?” Li Fei couldn’t help but satirize. As someone who experienced the accident just now, he can’t keep being normal. This negligence is a bit big.

Seeing Li Fei is fine, Jian Hua’s anger has faded a lot. No longer angry, he told the facts explained by the Red Dragon, “Not smoke, it’s a couple of people! Agents of various countries want to kidnap or kill you. The two people from the CIA was caught by Major Zhang, and the one from MI6 ran away.”

The impact of this news is the same horror as when Li Fei saw the bullet from the sniper rifle flying towards him.

Even after knowing they’re in a book, and understanding the future danger of the Abandoned World, still, Li Fei did not prepare himself to be the chief assassination target of secret agencies in various countries.

“Are they crazy?”

Li Fei in the book has not left China. Compared to other S-class ability holders and the remarkable “achievements” of A-class ability holders, Li Fei’s name only has a series of “instigation”, “behind the scenes”, and “stirring up the war of ability holders organizations” crime to them, instead of “burning the White House” or “destroying the London eye”.

High-level ability holders in the 《Outcast》 have an “if I do not destroy a world-famous landscape or landmark building, I would be embarrassed saying that I have a strong ability” style.

Compared to the Mad Doctor who is murderous and the Red Scorpion that likes to eat people, the threat of the Flame Demon is not so active at the beginning of the plot. Everyone knows that the war of ability holders will break out, and they also know the changing trend in the Abandoned World, so there’s no way to stay behind the scenes.

“They’re not crazy. It’s because of you and me. Even without establishing the Black Abyss, it’s because there are two S-class ability holders in this country!” Jian Hua said those word for word in a cold tone.

They were surrounded in all directions by horrific screams, cries, and calls for help.

The Red Dragon outside must suspect that the two *oss did something to the people inside. However, Major Zhang did not give any orders, so they had to wait outside.

In fact, if Red Dragon entered the venue, they can only search through the guests.

If the public figures refuse to cooperate, with the shooter’s identity unknown, Red Dragon also has to explain the mushroom issue. In the face of noisy protests, Major Zhang will also have a headache. Since there’s no better way to deal with it, Zhang YaoJin certainly won’t rush in to find trouble.

“All of you be quiet, and wait!”

“Major, there are reporters outside the Star Entertainment Media building.”

“Maintain blockade, what about our reinforcements? The riot police can’t stop the reporters?”

“They can stop them. It’s just that the Haicheng Police Station want us to talk to the public afterward.” Red Dragon member supplemented.

“Reply to them, wait for your superior’s instructions!” Zhang YaoJin has a headache. These CIA guys poked the hornet’s nest ah! Their dishonest ways from the start have a terrible ending. Everyone started assassinations, killing high-level ability holders, killing the vital plot characters in the book, and preventing other countries from inventing the survival spray. In addition to the threat of competing for interests, they fought to the bitter end. At the end, who will deal with the Abandoned World’s monsters?

“Even if you didn’t establish Black Abyss, even if you’re not Li Fei, even if you contributed to the survival of mankind to the Abandoned World, even if you’re a good man with the perfect character——they will kill you too!” Jian Hua tightly held Li Fei’s arm. This kind of emotional exposure made him lose his former calm.

“Because you’re an S-class ability holder, an actor, a no good cheat, someone not easy to trick, and an S-class ability holder that can’t be abducted!”


Li Fei suddenly laughed silently.

Different from Jian Hua who can’t see his surroundings, he accurately reached out and wrapped his arms around Jian Hua’s shoulders, trapping the person in the middle of his arms, and tried to talk in a low voice.

“Is that so? No one can kill me……I promise. I won’t be as careless as today.”

“You can’t guarantee that!” The weird feeling in Jian Hua’s heart only appeared for one second. His mind focused his entire attention on the conversation, “A dead man isn’t qualified to say that he didn’t make any mistakes!”

“Then before my death, I will listen to you.”

STB Chapter 77: Chaos
STB Chapter 79: Error

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