STB Chapter 79: Error

STB Chapter 78: Threat
STB Chapter 80: New Year's Day

Jian Hua was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

Listening to what he said……does Li Fei mean that he’ll give his life to him?

The mushrooms are not omnipotent. Jian Hua can’t foresee the danger, and this “obedience” is equivalent to blind trust. Jian Hua doubted his hearing. At this time, the arms on his shoulders made their presence known.

He can’t see Li Fei’s face. He can only hear the other man’s voice.

With clear articulation, the sound is mellow when it’s deliberately lowered. Every word has a hefty weight, pressuring him down.

Jian Hua is somewhat lost. When he came to his senses, he felt something wrong. Whether it was his former anger and anxiety, or the distraction at that moment, all have an unusual meaning.

——He was attracted to this man.

In all aspects, whether it’s Li Fei’s superb acting in front of the camera, or his confident stance in front of danger.

This is a complicated man. He wore a gentle and elegant appearance and was always in a spotlight among the crowd.

He’s good at dealing with problems, made reasonable decisions, and has sharp words. Those pits that others will fall down and those unexpected dead ends, to Li Fei here, with just his relaxed atmosphere and open-mindedness, he can freely cross it.

Simultaneously, this man on the other side of his life is no good at all.

Quick to sleep, waking up automatically at the smell of food, burning a few hundred skewers of meat……his many habits and subtle movements, Jian Hua can recall it effortlessly.

His inaccurate heartbeat and this feeling like he’s not allowed to avert his eyes, these long-ignored matters made Jian Hua found that his eyes have become inseparable from someone.

After realizing this, the way he looked at Li Fei’s eyes is not right.

“……click. ”

At this time, the hyphae that grew freely “touched” the pistol in a potted plant in a corner.

Jian Hua consciously ordered the mushrooms to find such things. The mycelium wound up when climbing, “searching” through everyone’s clothes, and no objects like guns were found.

Now that the mushrooms found it, strong feedback is sent to Jian Hua’s mind.

“The shooter threw the gun in a potted plant.” Jian Hua took down Li Fei’s arms, pointing him in a direction.

“Don’t move! I’ll go and see.”

With the light extinguished by the hyphae, no matter how long ago it was, there are limited things that can be done in the dark. The shooter dropped the gun and mixed into the crowd. At this moment, he may not be far from the potted plant.

“Who said that he’ll listen to me just now?” Jian Hua asked.


Jian Hua walked over. The soles of his shoes stepping on the shards of broken wine glasses. A layer of hyphae intervened, and the crunch of debris being stepped on sounded out, making people feel creepy.

“Don’t scream! What sound do you hear?” Someone trembled and asked.

This quieted the crowd. The sound became harsher, it seems like a beast chewing food.

“The-……there’s something going through me!” The person talking seems about to collapse.

There was another commotion at the venue. Jian Hua has already walked to the potted plant. The hyphae wrapped around his palm, and he picked up the gun, the barrel is still heated.

This means the shooter simply threw away the weapon, apparently not worried about leaving fingerprints in the gun.

Is the man with gloves……no, he may have taken off his gloves because, after the shooting, the residual smoke would get on the back of his hand and on the clothes.

“No need to look.” Li Fei suddenly came over.

Jian Hua doubtfully turned his head.

Li Fei looks at the ground a few meters away, the mycelium covers a figure that protrudes from below, “He’s already dead.”

The mushrooms are not interested in dead humans. Jian Hua realized his negligence. Controlling his abilities to re-explore the entire venue, he soon found others who’ve stopped breathing, people without the characteristics of life.

“The sniper discovered by the Red Dragon committed suicide.”

“A killer who’s not alive……” Li Fei talks to himself.

Jian Hua tilted his head. Opening the micro communicator that Zhang YaoJin handed him in the parking lot, “Found the gun. The person who shot the gun is dead.”

Zhang YaoJin listened to the reply and sighed. He looked at the dark entrance of the venue similar to a horror film, and raised the gun for a warning shot, “Police! All hands up, don’t panic!”

This shout is like a shot in the arm, making the flustered people surprised and happy.

At this time, the Red Dragon has total control over the building. They also found the control room for the lights in the venue.

The bullet broke some of the circuits, but there are stage lights in the hall and wall lamps to set the mood and other sources of light.

In the dark venue, lights began lighting up one after another.

People felt their bodies lighten, and they hurriedly bowed down, found that they couldn’t see anything that might have held their bodies down. There’s no strange white silk on the ground, and through the floor to ceiling windows, they can see the lights from building next to them.

In the end, what happened?

When the Red Dragon team came in with the Haicheng Police, the frightened people is still unable to return to their senses. Their feet became soft and gave out. Some clung to the police, desperately saying that there’s a ghost. There’s also some who vowed that there are mushrooms eating people. Only a small number of people focused on the shooting incident.

On the ground of the venue are high heels, glass shards, cufflinks, bow ties, and small objects decorating the ladies’ evening gowns.

Some bodies are half-squatting. No one noticed at first because there’s a lot of people who fainted all around.

When the Red Dragon members turn people over, they found a black and blue face with blood oozing from five holes.

When the hyphae disappeared, Geng Tian was free to look for Li Fei with a bitter smile. Assistant Lin did not faint, but his face is white like a porcelain plate. His voice trembled as he asked Li Fei if he was injured.

“No, let’s go back right away!” Assistant Lin held his head. He looked up and saw Jian Hua. There’s no doubt that Jian Hua was not in the venue before, so how did he appear so suddenly.

Liang Jun’s forehead has a cold sweat. The police came, and the danger has passed, but in his eyes, the public relations crisis of Star Entertainment Media has just begun.

“What’s the problem?” The company’s board of directors has been questioning Liang Jun.

Looking at the chandelier wreck on the ground, a timid person wouldn’t want to stay here for a minute. God knows if there are other problems in other areas, or they may be someone from a secret assassination agency hiding somewhere.

The hole in the glass where the sniper’s bullet passed through is shining brightly over there!

“The reporters will come soon. Let the artists leave quickly! No interviews are allowed!”

All of Star Entertainment Media’s signed artists attended the party. The CEO’s speech is still good. They can reject making comments, but regarding gossips, who could stop it? With so many people present today, who knows what words will slip out of who’s mouth?

The crowd looked at the disheveled hair of the actress Wen Tong and turned their gaze to Li Fei whose coat was stained with wood chips and wine stains. They finally felt that Liang Jun is more likely the assassination target.

The artists show their face all day long. Every year, there would be an accident caused by fanatical fans, but is it necessary to install a crossbow in the chandelier? Such careful planning, and arranging this assassination for a long time, they thought that the target would be CEO Liang Jun who didn’t make any public appearances.

Liang Jun carried this big pot in his back with his beaten head and scorched brow*.
(T/N: beaten head and scorched brow = beaten black and blue; in trouble; in terrible shape; hard pressed; overwrought)

——his hair even has a bald spot.

The CEO’s Secretary Zhang XiaoJie was pushed down by the crowd at the time of the incident. There are a few bruises on her face and arms. Zhang YaoJin came in after replacing his Star Entertainment Media security guard outfit and seeing this situation, his face is dark.

“All of you get out. The person involved in the incident will be asked to cooperate with the investigation. Look for the host’s secretary!”

Zhang YaoJin borrows his position to “rescue” Liang Jun and Secretary Zhang XiaoJie out.

“Who are you?”

“Armed Police Department!” A Red Dragon member in casual clothing said.

It really is the armed police department who came with reinforcements, fully armed and wearing riot suits, they did not deny it. The Red Dragon member wearing casual clothes is, of course, “authentic”.

“This is a vicious case. The shooter is dead, and we need to conduct a further investigation of the personnel of your company, financial transactions, and your own personal grievances!”

Zhang YaoJin’s eyes swept the crowd. The directors who have been prosecuting Liang Jun suddenly did not speak. Who’s going to misbehave in front of the police with the “victim”, are they full of grievance?

Liang Jun finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He is not in the mood to say hello to Zhang YaoJin. He first went to care about Wen Tong, then look for Li Fei. Avoiding his gaze, he whispered a quick warning, “You will leave here quickly, but don’t go home! Your home address is not in the company profile, but people who know that are more than ten. Plus the security around the villa area……”

“Wait, you mean, Li-ge won’t come with us?” Assistant Lin had an expression like he would faint.

Liang Jun slammed the urge to ask Li Fei about the truth. He looks at Geng Tian, and also at Jian Hua. He feels that the two bodyguards won’t be able to stop the killer. He hinted, “Not really. You go with them. There are people in the military among them, so it’s going to be fine.”

“Go in the police station to do what? If this spreads out……”

Assistant Lin did not finish talking since he was stopped by Geng Tian’s gaze.

Li Fei did not agree with Liang Jun’s words. He did not explain and just said, “I’m very sorry.”

Even the CEO almost lost his life. Star Entertainment Media is facing a mess that will not stop, so the company’s stock price will probably plummet by a few points. There’s a good chance that next year’s momentum will be suppressed by the other giants.

“Even if the shooter is coming at you, it’s not you who should apologize.” Liang Jun impatiently waved his hands, like catching flies, “Before things are solved, don’t show up.”

This is what Li Fei wants to say.

If he suddenly dropped from public attention, it will make people connect these two things together, but reducing exposure can still be done.

“This issue……is hard to solve.” After Li Fei hinted, he said directly, “After filming 《Black Bamboo》, except for the endorsement, I may not pick up a job next year. Regard it as me having a semi-retired status. The company is still training new people, or go poaching!”

Liang Jun did not care about this. Money compared to life, which is more important, of course, it goes without saying.

“You’re afraid that I won’t have a money tree? Ai, I wanted to find a reliable broker for you, now it’s no use!”

He left Wen Tong with Li Fei. Liang Jun finally has the mind to think about what to do. Looking at what Li Fei hinted at, the police and Secret Services may not be able to handle it.

After half an hour, the photo of the CEO’s bald spot was taken by reporters and sent online. The netizens who were attracted by the incident have been talking about it. The CEO of an Entertainment giant was attacked, and the shooter used a sniper rifle. This is more exciting than a TV drama, how could they not pay attention?

As for Liang Jun’s powder fans, not only are they scared, they are also crying in front of the photo.

For the powder fans of Liang Jun, seeing him is already very difficult. They’ve been counting on the annual New Year’s Eve party, but their idol almost died.

They were indignantly discussing the matter on their own sites, and two of the messages were very weird.

“CEO? Isn’t the one attacked someone else?”

“Is it true love? Even carrying this pot?”

The president’s powder didn’t understand and asked questions. However, those two accounts began to play dead and did not reply.

These accounts are old ones. The number of people in this cold circle comes and goes. Even those familiar with these two accounts are mystified. Everyone is wondering, then thought again. These two people always love to ship Liang Jun x Li Fei in the circle.

So that someone refers to Li Fei?

The rot in your brain is too excessive!! The forum manager became too angry that she sent out a warning to the two accounts. This ended up with no conclusion.

On the other hand, Liang Jun who has dealt with the reporters is in the office. A Red Dragon member has just finished asking him questions, so he finally has the opportunity to ask his stepchild, who did Li Fei provoke?

“Logically speaking, this is confidential. I’m not allowed to tell you.” Zhang YaoJin glanced at him.

The gossiping CEO knows there’s a loophole when he hears it. He immediately stated his position: “Paper can’t wrap fire (the truth will come out). If I understand the situation, I can also clean up the mess and help you make a cover-up press release.”

“No need, maybe this thing can’t be concealed for long.”


“According to the information available now, at least four countries want Li Fei dead.”

Liang Jun look blankly.

Wait, four countries, not four companies?

He squinted hard, having a strange expression, “Can I know which four countries?”

“Can not.” Zhang YaoJin sternly said, “the information was to convince you and to let you understand, Li Fei is very unsafe. Star Entertainment Media should stop all his work, or consider his retirement.”

“What reason should I use to convince the board. The Movie Emperor is being chased by the FBI?”


“So you’re telling me the truth?” Liang Jun was shocked.

The never joking Major Zhang: ……

STB Chapter 78: Threat
STB Chapter 80: New Year's Day

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  2. Thank you for the update and your hard work 😊. Well this create more time with wifey

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