STB Chapter 81: Secret Love

STB Chapter 80: New Year's Day
STB Chapter 82: Propriety

Star Entertainment New Year’s Eve shooting has been the rage recently.

Photos appearing on the internet include bullet holes on a glass window, a messy venue, and a destroyed podium.

The “insiders*” also revealed the concealed weapon in the chandelier. The sensational news came one after the other, and the entertainment community has come forward to attack this vicious attempted murder as the reporters ran all night to get the news.

(T/N: This isn’t talking about the book transmigrators but refers to those people who are actually at the scene and witnessed it.)

Those fans numbering hundreds of thousands had fun gossiping and marketing. They are starting to separate truth from bogus news information and had begun to attack it one after another. Some of them are from the Star Entertainment PR Department, while some took money from the GuangShi Group to pour black water on Liang Jun.

Liang Jun is a relatively low-key person in the industry.

However, he has a successful career, a happy family, and has the template of a winner. Also, he may not be the wealthiest man, but he has a son who doesn’t act out of bounds, and a daughter who is not a big star. Nowadays, everyone’s fan powder don’t even know what the company of their idol is, and did not even know if their CEO is round or flat.

GuangShi Group did not want to be seen as a joke this time. To add insult to injury, they released articles hinting of Star Entertainment’s higher up’s high-class style and illegal money transactions. One of them is about the son of a director surnamed D. It was about the countless number of starlets and small models that he has slept before, and among them, those who are “disobedient” are blocked. One made-up article is titled “Star Dream Broken, Attempted Suicide” about an actress. It also fabricated a boyfriend who abandoned her, parents who cut off relations with her, and to arouse sympathy, every word refers to the black circle of the entertainment industry. At first glance, it had strayed too far from the topic, but it made the masses’ train of thought to deviate!

Star Entertainment executives are not clean→there was an actress who committed suicide in despair→could it be that the victim’s family took a risk out of desperation?

Soon, someone suggested an argument and this awfully wise netizen made all stop and stomp their feet: The victim’s family can even bring in sniper rifles, is this in line with the image of “a desperate victim”?

GuangShi Group found it bad, so they turned the topic to CEO Liang Jun who is unpopular and speculated that it was company infighting. With this kind of thing installed in the chandelier, obviously, only the internal staff can do it!

This crucial point made everyone have no words to argue.

The people on the web have transferred their focus to the waiter who secretly infiltrated the party. The waiter was put on the hat of “having difficulties” and being brainwashed which was argued noisily “why didn’t he try to kill anyone else aside from Liang Jun”. They do not even care where he got the gun, and what the real identity of the waiter is. Anyways, houseflies don’t sting seamless eggs, and this is called a long-standing grudge!

The president of the other entertainment companies has also not been targeted!

Whenever something happens, you find fault with the victim——this fate is the standard for most people who don’t see the value of human life, and the public opinion suddenly became complicated.

Distressed that their idol is frightened, and stampeding on injured fans is also because there’s no news of the murderer which turned their eyes at Liang Jun. Their nature to move emotionally made them scold and abuse, and even the rational and calm fans also feel that Star Entertainment has an unshirkable responsibility. They were crying out to at least change the chandelier. Also, the murderer being able to disguise as the waiter must be because the management is not strict.

With it being so easy to infiltrate and if the grudge against the president today became a brain-dead hatred against their idols tomorrow? Absolutely not! Protest!

Star Entertainment’s security and management are crying.

The cleaning service company responsible for cleaning the chandeliers have been working with them for many years. Because it’s normal that the chandelier might be broken if it was cleaned for the first time, they would be monitored. But after washing for so many times, the results will be accepted even without supervision. Who will supervise how others clean the chandelier? The cleaning service also includes high-altitude glass cleaning. Should they monitor it too and hang out in the wind?

As for the waiter who committed suicide in the hall of the venue, he was not a stranger at all! It’s the company’s supporting actor and backup dancer! This year, the newcomers waiting for a debut are all in one condition. He was ordinary and had nothing special, a young man who can dance hip-hop, basically clean and not stick out. This man has been earning favors for a long time and finally got the opportunity to enter the venue as a waiter. Some people laughed in their hearts, but no one doubted him. Who would have thought that a good for nothing, inconspicuous young man is the killer, and have stayed at Star Entertainment for half a year?

After detecting this, the broker who controls the group of no-name dancers was stunned on the spot. As for whether he has been involved in the case, Star Entertainment doesn’t know because all the relevant personnel including the supervisor of the cleaners were all asked by the police to cooperate with the investigation.

Star Entertainment also can’t tell.

Seeing that Liang Jun is wearing this black hat, and carrying this pot on his back, and when his whole person is about to be drowned in dirty water, people in the PR department finally found an excellent opportunity to turn over public opinion——inspired by the little pink powder fans of the president.

The barrage of abuse on the internet made the president flustered. He rushed out to give an explanation but was taken aback by the vast sea of words, but he kept on fighting despite continual setbacks.

None of them said anything, but Star Entertainment Media has a PR department ah!

A bald spot, and a black and grey face. The photo was taken by the reporter became the subject, and seeing it hurts the eyes! This is definitely not okay. Bringing in the hard-earned resources to the President’s pink powder fans, buying views right away and beginning to grow Weibo “Searched information below reveal no purpose”, “Miracle of regaining one’s youthful looks, years are like knives that can’t cut him”. The forwarding volume instantly exploded.

While clutching the screen, half of the cursing died down, as they ran to appreciate the multi-year collection of the President’s powder fans.

No way, the world looked at his face.

Many photos from Liang Jun opening a door, talking to people in a corner at an Awards show, talking to other film and television giants……the effect is comparable to seeing a professional pose from a studio, this kind of quality is not for everyone.

Everyone went back to past New Year’s Eve speech videos and found that it’s literally dark all around with only a beam of light concentrating on Liang Jun which set a style. Of course, the reporters who took the footage were scolded about the lighting design.

Overnight, the CEO became “popular” and is all over China. His photo is on the headlines of many newspapers.

Nn, he was more popular than the majority of Star Entertainment’s contracted artists! His name became a hot topic in Weibo, carrying the heat of being a victim of a big case. The search rate climbs up, and exclusive entry browsing data has been turned over countless times.

The President’s powder fans are all stunned. They have sat among their cold circle and entertained themselves. No one expected that there would be such a day. Countless people who have seen the long blog rushed in to make little jokes on the hardships they’d had for many years, and with the terrifying writing style, all resources are swept clean.

In another blink of an eye, the earth-shattering pictures became the topic of blogs and discussions.

Food that came too fast is too unreal.

The most terrible thing is, these new people increased at the speed of light, and at least half accepted “Lord Fei”. The output is also concentrated on this pair of CP.

The president’s unspoken rules is with the Best Actor. GuangShi Group did not expect it, and by the time they reacted, they came over and promptly heat it up and turn it darker. As a result, they were stricken. Many people criticized the pair, but there are more people who said that they’re Meng (cute)……the situation is developing towards bizarre trends, and the public opinion rushed towards an unknown direction. They can’t pull back as they’re like a hair among nine oxen.

After Zhang YaoJin heard the rumors, the pen he’s holding was broken on the spot.

As for Li Fei, the Movie Emperor is looking at his fans in a complicated mood. This male god protests at being shot while lying down.

“What Lord Fei! Nonsense! Dean’s eyes are not blind, the President is over 50!”

“Our Dean needs to use unspoken rules, that’s a joke. He can be someone else’s hidden rules!”


Li Fei’s conditional reflex is to look at Jian Hua in the kitchen.

——who is the unspoken rules, Jian Hua probably won’t agree.

At noon, Jian Hua went to the community supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables. There are also daily necessities such as toothbrushes and cups. They have been busy since they came back, so Li Fei is not sure if the other party has seen these rumors online.

Thinking of the National Intelligence Agencies coming to kidnap or assassinate him, and the result is such a follow-up, it is enough.

After half an hour, there’s a table of home cooking in front of Li Fei. He proactively hinted Jian Hua about the “strange arguments” online.

Unexpectedly, Jian Hua has already looked over Weibo and knew this.

The owner of the house used chopsticks to fiddle with the oily shrimp while casually saying, “Who let you publicly announce that you have a secret love, and also said that the other party likes another person!”

Who deserves to be the Movie Emperor’s secret love?

There was a lot of people who guessed it was a married woman at that time, but those who knew the inside story guessed it was a straight guy. Now for a comparison, except for age and gender, Liang Jun fits this condition very well, and there are many people who “suddenly realize”.

“To block Xiao YaQin, you just messed around and casually mentioned it. Now you have to eat this bitter pill……”

Li Fei look at him weirdly, and while feigning doubts, “Xiao YaQin?”

“What? Who else is bothering you aside from her?”

Jian Hua seriously recalled the scandals Li Fei was under. There are many female stars, but not one male artist. Xiao YaQin is one of the most persistent ones, and speculations will burst out every few days to remind the public, but her relationship with Li Fei is different.

After the Pearl Hotel explosion incident, Xiao YaQin implied that she had opened a room with Li Fei. On the third day during the Star Entertainment Media’s press conference, Li Fei exposed that he has a crush on someone. Isn’t this to purge the public opinion and get rid of Xiao YaQin?

Jian Hua is not interested in this matter, so he got down to business, “Is the identity of the sniper and waiter checked?”

“What do you say about this? It wasn’t Star Entertainment CEO that was attacked, nor is the CIA the mastermind of the serial assassination.” Li Fei said it like it was a puzzle to solve. He slowly peeled off a shrimp shell.

The dishes are not on the level of a hotel chef, but by homely standards, it’s already enough.

“You studied how to cook?” Li Fei inserted a digression. Not that he has less chance to cook, not to mention that people in their circle work day and night. So far, Li Fei has only seen female stars cook soups, or bake cookies for dessert.

“Never studied. I can use the cooking class tuition fees to eat.” Jian Hua does not hide that he is poor.

In front of the Movie Emperor’s 8 figure number sports car, most people are poor, and there’s no shortage of people like him.

“If it’s not the US intelligence agency, is it another country that’s fishing in troubled waters?”

“News from the Red Dragon said that the sniper came to China with an American passport. The weapon is also very similar to a CIA agent, but there’s a tattoo hidden by a scorch mark on the shoulder of the body. Analysis based on the residual patterns showed that it resembled the markings of an underworld organization in West Africa.”

Jian Hua who heard this frowned. Having no mood to eat, he asked, “The waiter?”

“Not a regular employee of Star Entertainment, a backup dancer and occasionally pick up roles in MVs. His data registration is from Korea. The ID card is real, but the picture does not look like the actual person.”

When Li Fei said this, Jian Hua understood. He guessed that they used someone else’s ID. As for the appearance, what else can South Korea say? Everyone in the circle didn’t even bother to ask.

The bottom rung people get paid if they have a job. Their income is not enough to pay taxes, so there’s no need to sign them up. Star Entertainment naturally does not know the social security account of the other party. From the diploma to the academic records, all these can be faked. It’s not unusual, and the company will not seriously check for such a small person, so there’s the possibility of an impostor.

“The cleaning service company?”

“The supervisor surrendered to the police. He said there was a reporter who claims to have sneaked in before the Star Entertainment New Year’s Eve party. They claimed to want to install something in the chandelier and brought in two strangers. The other cleaner who went there didn’t see the chandelier but remembered the strangers. He can’t hide it so he can only confess. He also received a deposit of 200,000, and after the job, he’ll receive another 200,000.”

Apparently, they’re not planning on giving the final payment.

“It’s just a link in the serial assassination, but directly throwing away 200,000 on a plan with a low success rate, which country’s intelligence agency is so generous?” Jian Hua thought seriously.

Li Fei smiled and raised his glass, implying that great minds think alike.

But the glass is filled with soy milk……

“Major Zhang told me that regardless of which country, their funding is not so generous. Even with what a special agent can do, they can never spend more than what they expect. Even if there is funding, the dispatched agent must try to reduce expenses, and solve the problems by themselves, then enjoy the money afterward.”

So the CIA is also carrying this pot.

Abandoned World has only come for less than two months, but to bury such a deep chess piece, in regards to time, the National Intelligence Agencies are not enough.

“It seems like the foreign book transmigrators are very promising.” Jian Hua tiredly said.

“Not that they penetrated into the CIA, but that they’ve already been established一a killer organization that attracts ordinary people and their control is so strong that when a member fails, they would immediately commit suicide.” Li Fei caresses his lips, looking thoughtful, “So to say, I suddenly sympathize with the 14-year-old protagonist.”

Jian Hua does not want to pay attention to the life of a foreign teenager.

“It’s true. The secret love thing is true, I wasn’t joking.” Li Fei suddenly said.

Jian Hua subconsciously raised his eyes. He wanted to say that he’s been inseparable from Li Fei for the past two months. The other party is not in love, and he also did not like anyone, so how can he not see it?

As a result, he confronted Li Fei’s deep pupils.

Li Fei is watching him, not laughing, but there are too many expressions in his eyes.

*Pa* (snap).” Realizing what was wrong, Jian Hua’s chopsticks fell.

When the Movie Emperor disclosed his secret love, it was the third day after the Pearl Hotel explosion. It was also on the second day that he met Jian Hua in the coffee shop.

(T/N: This is hell to translate. Sorry for any inaccuracies but I really don’t want to edit this again.)

STB Chapter 80: New Year's Day
STB Chapter 82: Propriety

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