STB Chapter 80: New Year’s Day

STB Chapter 79: Error
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Li Fei changed to a standard sedan provided by the Red Dragon, went straight to the highway, and returned to Jian Hua’s home in Huai City.

He’s been away from home for nearly two months, so everywhere is covered in dust.

The Movie Emperor rolled up his sleeves and cleaned together with Jian Hua.

——and using no abilities.

Jian Hua’s home is not that big. The white cloth over the furniture is thrown to the washing machine, the glass things are wiped, and the floor was mopped once.

Looking at Li Fei cleaning the mirror in the bathroom, Jian Hua quickly peeled off the poster on his bedroom wall.

Black crow, dead trees, and General Wu with blood on his armor looked at him with sharp eyes ……

Reluctant to throw away the poster, and not wanting to fold it, Jian Hua looked left and right and found no suitable place to put it. He simply lifted the mattress up and spread it on the bed’s board.

After doing this, Jian Hua returned to himself.

Apparently, he is worried that Li Fei will come in and see this poster——the problem is that there is a magazine for this poster and that when he met Li Fei at the coffee shop, the Movie Emperor personally gave it to him! Jian Hua has never concealed the fact that he like General Wu, and having a poster of his favorite character at home is nothing strange. Deliberately hiding the poster is an overreaction.

Jian Hua leans on a chair, despondent as he held his head.

He doesn’t seem to be himself.

Rational people think about the consequence of every change in their lives. Jian Hua sits quietly in his room, and the transparent hyphae on the walls and floor swayed.

This building, no, the entire community is within the supervision of the mycelium and influenced by Jian Hua’s thoughts. They will pay attention to all the people close to here, especially when someone takes out something like a gun, the mycelium will rudely wrap them up to “check”.

Jian Hua returned to Huai City last night, and it’s three o’clock in the morning, so most people are still asleep. Those who have children at home did not know that mycelium has crept into their homes and carefully “checked” their children’s toy water guns.

One of the youths has a mini pistol-shaped lighter. From that day on, he began to believe that he can no longer use his cigarette lighter collection to smoke.

In every gas valve, all are wrapped in hyphae conducting “supervision”.

Every manhole cover in the neighborhood and the nearby two blocks are also covered with mushrooms.

As for those dark corners that are invisible, mushrooms grew wildly, demonstrating their sovereignty over this territory. Smaller mushrooms are born under the window sills, in the grass, on the pine tree in the neighborhood, and even the top of the kiosks they did not let go. They are in the real world, and because of the subconscious of Jian Hua, they are usually transparent and will only be discovered if they are touched.

When Jian Hua has emotional ups and downs, the mushrooms will become very active. Even some of them quietly stretching their bodies in the dark, causing a passing taxi in the neighborhood to suddenly stop. The driver is confused. He didn’t understand why he saw a massive shadow on top of the neighborhood security guard building, like a super large umbrella.

Illusion? The driver rubbed his eyes. He didn’t find anything, so he drove away with a sigh.

The mycelium perfectly hides its own power fluctuations.

They ate all the mice in the community, and throw the dry empty shell into the sewer. From time to time, household pets would be alarmed, crying out one after another.

The cats and dogs were attacked by the mycelium to “threaten” them to shut up, putting pressure on their throats resulting in whining. Their masters would be too sleepy to open their eyes as they turned over in bed, whispering a few words to make their pets sleep well, and sleeping again.

After an “Everything is safe, no problem”, the hyphae would let go of these little pets and look for a place to squat.

Jian Hua doesn’t know the significant achievements of the mushrooms. The feedback he got from his abilities was that the entire community was under the surveillance of the hyphae and that even the sanitation workers who clean the garbage will receive their full attention.

Jian Hua is satisfied with his embarrassing ability for the first time.

Now all he needs is security. What else is safer than the place where your abilities completely dominate?

“Jian Hua?” The bedroom door was gently knocked.

While cleaning the house, there has been no movement in here for a long time. Li Fei came over to look and found that Jian Hua shut the door. After hesitating for half a minute, he decided to knock on the door and ask.

The door opened. Li Fei looked at the room behind Jian Hua where there’s almost nothing done, slightly raising his eyebrow: The furnishings in the bedroom are also monotonous. In fact, you could put a jellyfish lamp on the bedside table, or a custom water projection lights. When turned on, it will make the ceiling and walls reflect blue water with soft light and different shades. It should be in line with Jian Hua’s aesthetics and preferences.

“What are you looking at?”

Knowing that there’s nothing in his bedroom, but Li Fei still looks at it so thoughtfully, made Jian Hua lean slightly to block his eyesight.

Li Fei slightly smiled. There’s no trace of that expression on his face.

“I thought you were too tired and fell asleep.”


Facing the movie-level acting master, Jian Hua can’t tell what the other party is thinking, as well as……whether he has the same feelings. Li Fei once talked about this topic in the parking lot, but in the end, they used the “suspension bridge theory” to explain the rapid warming up between the two. That their relationship being on the verge of imbalance is because of the danger of the Abandoned World.

Now thinking about it, he became aware of this hole within himself that is really hard to describe.

——yeah, he needs to think about it.

Jian Hua did not consider the issue that feelings between friends and lovers are different.

When he looked at Li Fei with new eyes, he didn’t know that his subtle movements have betrayed him to Li Fei.

“When you’re sleepy, go to the living room sofa to rest. Red Dragon wouldn’t find clues so quickly, so wait until they are willing to give us information. It’ll be at least three days after that incident.” Li Fei looks at Jian Hua’s eyes, saying softly, “The room will be cleaned tomorrow morning.”

His voice, when heard by Jian Hua, has a sense that it’s incredibly convincing.

It’s just that his house is only dozens of square meters. Different from Li Fei’s villa, there’s no privacy at all. Realizing that he was attracted to someone, and he had to continue sharing a room with that person, Jian Hua has some headaches. Why is it that when Li Fei drove to Huai City, he did not raise any objections?

At that time, Jian Hua thought that this idea was good.

The places where Li Fei can go to may have been investigated clearly. Even the home of Liang Jun and Assistant Lin is not safe, and the hotel is even less reliable.

There, Li Fei’s words seem to be a foreshadowing, and Jian Hua naturally thought of himself.

The mushrooms were also the most secure site in the first place, which is, of course, his home.

After entering the house, Jian Hua realized how narrow the space in his home is, inadvertently turned around to make conversation, and rubbed onto each other.

When Li Fei came here the last time, he was just a guest staying over. A friend who worked with Jian Hua to deal with the Abandoned World crisis. They lived together in this house for more than two days, but Li Fei was asleep in all that time. Also, Jian Hua did not feel at home when there’s another person.

Now that Li Fei is standing in front of him, his presence is so strong that he can’t ignore it.

Jian Hua unconsciously looks at Li Fei’s eyes. The more he was attracted, the easier it was to be affected by the other person’s emotions. If this crush also has superb acting skills, the other side would be immediately carried away……

The sleepiness he has been pressing down has come up, and Jian Hua also remembers to ask, “So where do you sleep?”

“I don’t have to. I need to see Yang Chao’s reaction to this incident. Useless ability holders should give up as early as possible, and exclude them from the Black Abyss.” Li Fei didn’t say anything. Right now, there must be more book transmigrators on the internet showing flaws, and they can be contacted in different ways. They have to use it when they can, and they can’t sell them all to Red Dragon.

Jian Hua was relieved and fell asleep on the sofa in the living room before he could get a blanket.

Sleeping with wrinkled brows, and an unsettled expression.

Li Fei reaches for the blanket. The mushrooms attached to the sofa legs jumped up, snatched the quilt without any explanation, and securely covered their owner.

Looking up at the surrounding hyphae, Li Fei has an illusion that he was being supervised by a robot butler.

Not to mention taking advantage of the sleeping Jian Hua, he can’t even lean over and kiss him before being dragged away by the mushrooms.

He probably won’t be driven out. Li Fei is very clear about his position with the mushrooms is as reserve grains.

When splitting up with Geng Tian tonight, the hyphae still reluctantly stayed on Geng Tian’s shoulders. Geng Tian is completely unaware, and Jian Hua did not pay attention, so Li Fei’s mood is very complicated.

Previously, Li Fei thought that only he has this treatment. He also believed that it is the result of Jian Hua’s subconscious or a commitment to protect his partner. Seeing them wrapped around Geng Tian, and that the hyphae did not even let go of Red Dragon’s Major Zhang (there are various precision detectors around the latter, so it was discovered), Li Fei has the answer. Although this answer is not satisfactory.

Turning off the lights in the living room, Li Fei went to the bedroom.

Sheets and pillow quilts are still in the cupboard and are not taken out. Li Fei readily opens the wardrobe. The things inside are not full. Looking at it, there are 4 winter clothes and 5 summer clothes, he can’t decide which to pick out.

Li Fei gave some clothes to Jian Hua in the past two months.

He couldn’t help but put Jian Hua in his mind with several branded winter clothes and found a lot that is suitable. Size is not a problem. If Li Fei can wear it, Jian Hua can.

Just for the purpose of “trying”, but Li Fei looked a bit uncertain.

The prevalent theme of this year’s fashion circle is deep and wild. Deep is not a problem, but the latter word……

“Or wait for next year……no, Paris Fashion Week is February of this year.” Li Fei thought that in hindsight, it’s the first day of the year, 3:30 in the morning.

He is at the home of someone he likes.

With no heating, and the air conditioning only has a general effect. The fridge is also empty, so there’s nothing to eat.

——His crush has already fallen asleep, but he can’t be close to him.

Li Fei feels this is very interesting. Just like the beginning of a movie, it’s full of suspense. At the same time, the tension between the relationship has reached the limit: The risk of life and death, the crisis of losing work and abandoning dreams, the longing and ambition deep inside, the feelings of love crushed for several days will soon erupt, and a continuous onslaught of emotions.


There’s a miscellaneous distribution of mycelium on the wall.

The mushrooms are inert. If they stay in one place for a long time, they won’t want to move. That distinctly different rectangular area is like there was something there.

Li Fei walked over and took a closer look. He found a few traces of glue, and his fingers reached out to touch, feeling it actually sticky.

Jian Hua has been out for two months, so the old traces should have been covered in dust. This is what’s left after he pulled off something from the wall.

Li Fei turned and looked around. This bedroom is not very big. There are limited places where things can be hidden.

His eyes fell on the bed, reaching out to the mattress without hesitation.

The Li Fei who stared at General Wu’s look of determination: ……

STB Chapter 79: Error
STB Chapter 81: Secret Love

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