STB Chapter 86: Hand in Hand

STB Chapter 85: Psuedonym
STB Chapter 87: Headache

When there are no feelings between two people living under one roof, Jian Hua is satisfied with Li Fei as a sensible guest.

Now is different. Even if Li Fei only occupies the sofa, use a netbook to deal with various things, or a potted plant when asleep, when he woke up, it’s like having a big pet he didn’t have. Jian Hua still feels very uncomfortable.

It’s not superfluous, but he doesn’t know where to “put” Li Fei.

——Because he subconsciously accepted Li Fei as his own possession or a part of his family, and so he has this contradictory mentality. If it’s an unrelated passerby, why bother when they go sooner or later?

Jian Hua never thought that he would like others. Li Fei is a “special existence” that broke that barrier. Jian Hua is so busy thinking about the reasons for this exception that he didn’t even think about “why a man, is he gay” problem.

Even if he thought about it, the answer is obvious. Li Fei can attract everyone’s attention like a magnet, and he is too charming. This charisma, Jian Hua had never seen anything like it. No one can resist it, and don’t even mention gender.

Now, this charm broke through his emotional barrier, forcing Jian Hua to face himself.

Li Fei tempted Jian Hua with an “if you don’t understand, just follow the feeling”. This implication meant that Jian Hua wanted to get rid of the guy who was snooping around and to pull up the distance. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart won’t grieve. But he calmed down and thought about it carefully. It’s hard to find these words are reasonable.

He is not worried about Li Fei leaving!

Just like when the sniper appeared, his heart is full of anger. The mushrooms see Li Fei as reserve grains, is this sentiment also affecting him? Under what circumstances, will you treat another person as your own possession?

Jian Hua already felt far from good, but he still wants to struggle.

Li Fei proposed to set a trap to catch the fish that escaped the net. Jian Hua feels that he seems to be split into two halves, a voice firmly opposed, and another voice agreeing with the idea.

Solving the hitman sent by the Holy Gate organization as soon as possible is good for them.

Finally, Jian Hua listened to the voice of reason.

The attacker died on the spot, and they threw the other two people to Red Dragon. After everything is over, Li Fei even mentioned that he may just close the coffee shop. He doesn’t want people ambushing to learn about this store, lest it ruins his painstaking decoration?

Just for this store?!

What kind of car do you drive! Feel the Northwest wind under the snow in this South!


“……have a cold?” Jian Hua turned his head, motioning to the clothing store by the road, “Go buy a down vest!”

Li Fei’s body is of course not that bad. It’s just that he came out of a warm place, so it’s a normal reaction after being blown by the cold wind for a few minutes.

“No need.” Li Fei has his ability, so his body warmed up very quickly. Also, by the cover of his clothes, he reached out and held Jian Hua’s hand.


His cold fingers were suddenly wrapped with a palm-sized heater. The heat flows into his heart and to his blood vessels.

Jian Hua is in a trance and quickly came back to himself.

He tried to break free. In the end, he couldn’t get rid of it. Jian Hua is not without solution, but moving to break free of the other’s arm in the middle of the street is too exaggerated.

No to mention this cozy warmth is continuously eroding his firm will.

Huai City is a tourist city. Every holiday, the center of the downtown area is very lively. Even now when it’s so cold, there was no exception. Within the crowded streets are two men holding hands, not many people have seen it, so they didn’t even think about it.

One has a strange face, while the other has his face covered, the two of them passed by.

Promotional advertising is constantly being played on store speakers. Only after walking away did Jian Hua discover that he hadn’t listened to any of it.

——Such a bustling world is so superficial.

Li Fei closed his eyes. Everything around him is like a mirage. All are unrelated and have no physical shadow, surrounded by fog, in black and white and hollow. Only the person beside him is clear, his expression when agitated is both subtle and vivid. He almost wanted to smooth Jian Hua’s frowned eyebrows, because he wanted to see other expressions on that face.

But in such an atmosphere, he doesn’t want to say anything and make any unnecessary moves.

Leaving all the hustle behind, they walked through the entire commercial street but did not slow down. There is no scenery worthy of making them stop. From the crowded square to a sparsely populated neighborhood, the only constant is the falling snow.

A Samoyed crossed the street with its hair swaying. It suddenly stumbled and fell at the feet of Jian Hua.

Jian Hua almost stepped on it.

This episode woke him up. He stepped backward, surprised and looked at this big white dog.

The Samoyed nose twitched, its tail shrinking behind. It doesn’t understand why there’s such a terrible atmosphere on the road. A pressure made the ignorant dog press its head to the ground, with trembling paws, and piteously sobbing.

A panting young man catches up, and even have to drag the Samoyed away.

Li Fei bows. He found that Jian Hua had already taken back his hand, and also inserted his palm on his jacket pocket. There’s no second chance.

He regretted and sighed.

Jian Hua’s palm is not soft. It was a bit rough, and there are little dents at the joints and knuckles. It’s just like Jian Hua, not like the surface and not the kind to be bullied.

“How far away from your house?”

“Several stops.” Jian Hua gave a vague answer.

If he wants to stay outside, he can take Li Fei on a detour since excuses are also readily available. Driving directions are not the same as walking directions.

But to do so, he will be exposed in the future.

“It’s almost night, why don’t we find a restaurant to eat a meal and then go back?” Li Fei persuaded Jian Hua.

Because the house is too small.

Last time, his feelings for Jian Hua is not so strong, plus he was too tired, so he slept directly for two days. This time, it’s still the sofa in Jian Hua’s home, and it’s just been three days, even less than a New Year’s holiday, but Li Fei feels that his spirit is being tested.

Fortunately, the South doesn’t have any heating, and Jian Hua’s air conditioner at home isn’t that impressive.

Wearing more clothes means he can’t see the “beautiful scenery”, but also to avoid embarrassment.

However, trouble is coming now. Jian Hua’s hesitant expression softens, and he recognized this subconscious reaction like oil being poured on firewood. An open flame is terrible, and it will soon “explode”.

Li Fei cares about Jian Hua’s reaction. He had hoped to drag this change because he doesn’t want to anger Jian Hua. He doesn’t want to scare this person away, but now he feels like he can’t wait any longer.

“Where do you want to go?”

“There’s a nice Italian restaurant nearby.”

“This is a holiday, is there a place with no reservation necessary?” Jian Hua does not wait for Li Fei to answer, and soon asked, “The price of the restaurant should be very worthy of its praise, okay? You can’t reveal your identity, and it must have a separate private room. I remember that separate rooms in upscale restaurants are beautifully furnished, so there is also a minimum spending amount.”


“I think you should also be clear that you’re semi-employed.” Jian Hua added the last sentence.

They need money everywhere. Just take Black Abyss, it’s a bottomless pit like its name.

China’s largest ability holder’s organization? The most mysterious force in the book? These names are all in the future. The first thing they need to build in an organization is money, a lot of money.

No matter where, with power alone, it can’t cage people’s hearts.

Not to mention that Li Fei is temporarily unable to make money. Even with four movies a year, each with 1 billion if it becomes a box office hit, it’s not enough for him to fill.

“You are paying attention to my finances? Don’t overthink, I just need to come up with the initial stages, as for the rest……if an organization only costs money and has no benefit, why’s it established then? Is it for charity?”

“I don’t understand.” Jian Hua doubts.

Money won’t fall from the sky. Investing in business, in the real world where chaos and even world war will break out, it will not be used at all. Is it necessary to pay an Abandoned World protection fee from Red Dragon, or do you make money for the country?

Certainly not! The country acquiesces the existence of Black Abyss, and it’s already a significant concession.

When he raised questions, Li Fei smiled, “Black Abyss can’t blackmail the country, but it can help the country extort others!”


“Holy Gate organization is excellent. Unfortunately, the US is far away.”

Li Fei made a long sigh. It seems that he’s sorry that he can’t find the other to cause trouble.

“They have carefully planned for many years, and already have an underworld background in America.” Jian Hua seriously reminded.

American gangsters are is different from the triad gangs in China. Drug-trafficking organizations in Mexico are rampant in buying firearms, driving a submarine to fight the government. Every year, countless people died on land.

The book transmigrators can’t be so exaggerated, but in this “unique” environment, China “have an advantage” and this is a reflection on the position of the villain.

“Under normal circumstances, we can’t directly match with Holy Gate, but I have an idea.” Snow fell on Li Fei and Jian Hua’s shoulders, then he pointed to himself, “Aren’t you surprised? According to the latest information of Red Dragon, they have been lurking for more than a year in Star Entertainment Media. Although his activities in the company is limited, and it’s difficult to meet me too, but since the Holy Gate organization has this kind of ability, why not come before the Abandoned World appeared? Why arrange a sniper?”

Jian Hua rudely stared at Li Fei.

Someone who can analyze other people’s stupidity in such a relaxed tone, and say that there are better ways to assassinate him?


“You’re right, this is unreasonable.” Jian Hua silently abandons his sanity in his heart.

His tangled and complicated expression changes, making Li Fei feel happy, thinking of the first he knew of Jian Hua, and how obvious it is to the person in front of him.

There’s nothing more fulfilling at realizing that your sweetheart is changing because of you.

Huai City is developing very fast, but urban planning is not very good. To take a shortcut, they walked into an alley.

At the alley, there’s a high-rise building at the front, and various walls from illegal extensions made the road zigzag. The melting snow makes the road muddy, and no one’s walking on it.

For talking about such sensational things, Jian Hua had to be close to Li Fei, their arms and shoulders close to each other. This was originally a very intimate act, but winter clothes are too bulky, so it’s not what they think.

“I have something to tell you……”

When he heard Li Fei’s muffled voice, Jian Hua subconsciously moved closer. The result is a heavy shoulder. His entire body is trapped between Li Fei’s arms, and behind him happens to be a v-angle formed by two walls.

He does not know when, but Li Fei has removed the scarf covering his face, and it now hangs loosely at the side of his neck.

He determinedly looked at Jian Hua.

Jian Hua had a premonition. He moved his head to the side to avoid and suddenly heard a low, mellow voice close to his ear saying, “Since you played the double for me for General Wu, I was attracted to you.”


What is this bogus accusation?

Jian Hua was shocked. It went dark in front of his eyes, and his lips were being warmed up.

A familiar atmosphere. Jian Hua can easily break away from Li Fei’s hold, and he can also kick him to make an opening, but he didn’t.

The feather-light touch as if probing, soon changed to tasting. The tip of a tongue slides between lips and teeth. Li Fei did not make any excessive plundering and make it difficult for Jian Hua to accept.

The unfamiliar “intrusion” lingered at the upper edge of his teeth. When the warm licking inadvertently touched the palate, Jian Hua couldn’t help shaking a bit. He wanted to make a sound, but the intruder had already entangled him and carefully licked.

From the zipper on the neckline of his jacket, cold wind poured in.

Very cold, and also very hot.

The author has something to say:

Oh, the sweet contents are slightly exaggerated. It’s true that he was attracted at that time, but it’s just a prelude, love has nothing to do with it

This is where we really begin our story. Li Fei just said what Jian Hua wants to hear……


Li Fei has no tips for chasing people. His secret is about the same as a peacock, just walking around and opening a screen (no), showing off his charm and benefits.

Because he’s so charming, he was noticed immediately

Because he’s so charming, he quickly attracted his target

Is that what I look like? Aren’t I better than all the peacocks you’ve ever seen? I think you look good too. Do you want to see my beautiful hair for a lifetime? I’ll tell you a secret. Actually, I want to look at you for a long time →_→ over, get it.

The secret of chasing people that can only be used by male gods

T/N: I’m sorry for being incompetent so I can’t accurately describe the kissing scene. I was confused since I don’t know if LF reached passed the teeth or if he was licking JH’s jaw and going back to the lips. I opted for the first one.

STB Chapter 85: Psuedonym
STB Chapter 87: Headache

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