STB Chapter 87: Headache

STB Chapter 86: Hand in Hand
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The beginning of the tentative temptation quickly became a request.

Their lips touch, slipping along the palate to the base of the tooth, playing against Jian Hua’s tongue, Li Fei lead the other side towards the sensitive edge of the mouth. The tingling stimulation rapidly spreads along the palate, spreading all the way to the back of his neck, and Jian Hua’s ears quickly dyed with a light red.

Uneven breaths.

Because they were too close, the “field” formed by the S-level abilities themselves, inevitably collided.

The “field” having an abnormal movement, awakened the dormant power in their bodies.

This is an illusion of their powerful ability, projected by the ability holders in their deep consciousness, and possessing the three energies of Chinese medicine making them very lifelike.

The flame beast is commanding, and sprang over to the dark beast that just woke up.

When they became close, the flames of the giant beast became smaller, and he couldn’t help but lift its claws in amazement. That is because he remembers that the opponent in this field, should be evenly matched with it. Why is it that he hasn’t seen it for a while, but the terrifying dark and gloomy atmosphere has increased a lot?

It stepped out of the darkness, stretched its body, and the dark, monstrous beast of darkness greedily looked at the challenger.

Not even bothering to probe, it directly bit and wrestled……


Behind Jian Hua, the illegally built walls of the alley collapsed because of the “leaked” airflow collision.

Jian Hua instantly woke up. Hyphae are emerging from his arm and tightly reining in Li Fei. The mycelium has continuously been burned by the flames, and at the same time, they would absorb the fire and come back again. It was so comfortable like being soaked in a hot spring, and he almost wants to immerse in this kind of pleasure. Fortunately, he came back to himself in time and cut off the mycelium.

Li Fei can’t take care of his own strength being sucked away. The walls collapsing made too much noise, and the nearby residents pushed their windows open.

Not many parts of the walls have collapsed. The two walls that were initially at an angle, propping itself up, is not going to hold anything anymore. The wall fractured, dust flew, and the topsy-turvy canopy fell down along with two or three illegally constructed floors. It severely affected the sight of the resident upstairs, so they can’t see the figures below.

“This way!” Jian Hua pulled Li Fei’s sleeves.

There are many forks along the winding alleys. It connected to the residential areas, and people who are not familiar with the city will be disoriented after making a few turns.

Walking for a few hundred meters, and listening to the noise behind in Huai City’s local dialect, Li Fei had a headache and held his head.

Jian Hua is equally powerless. He didn’t expect that when he was in a trance, such a thing would be possible.

Two high-level ability holders are carrying a portable “field” that unexpectedly oppose each other tit for tat, with neither giving way to the other! Knowing this new information, Li Fei is totally not happy. Does that mean he won’t ever be close to Jian Hua?

Does the Abandoned World want to force high-level ability holders to be single for a lifetime?

“Maybe it’s the ability’s attribute.” Jian Hua blurted out.

After he finished, he regretted it. After being taken advantage of, he even wants to help Li Fei think about the obstacles he will encounter in his future intimate actions?

“Don’t kiss me so casually.” Jian Hua has a cold expression.

Serious consequences lie ahead, so Li Fei looked up to ask, “Should I tell you first?”


Jian Hua refuses to imagine the picture. Two adult men are mentally preparing to kiss. Their abilities fight, and once they found out, they separate?

What is this?

Leaving this point aside, the two involuntarily recalled the taste of the kiss just now.

Like leaves falling into a stream, after the water thoroughly moistened the veins, floating without relying on anything.

The water that smells of greenery penetrates into the heart, following the pulse, the magical emanation energy spreads to every place in the body.

(T/N: I was wondering if all this is a poem or something, but I’m too lazy to research.)

Jian Hua’s palate still maintains that tingling feeling. He couldn’t help but lick those places with his tongue and just imagining it gave him a strange feeling.

The cold wind also failed to erase the blush on his ears, his mind still inexplicably excited. He doesn’t know if it’s because he swallowed “other person’s power”, or some other reason……thinking up to here, Jian Hua is embarrassed.

Li Fei’s eyes stayed on Jian Hua’s lips, and his eyes become a little dark.

He wanted to continue the kiss, wanted to try more, but it’s a pity that heaven will get in the way of one man’s wish. Li Fei thought that he would stop if it comes to it, but he didn’t expect that the thing that would separate them would be their abilities.

“Our power attributes conflict?” Li Fei deeply frowned.

The mushrooms devour, while his fire destroys, they indeed can’t coexist with the other.

The ability can’t be called back to awaken again. They will be in conflict, and can only be controlled by the will of Jian Hua and Li Fei. As S-level ability holder, it’s not difficult to do this, but it’s only limited to a regular exchange! 一Once lost and delirious, with their hearts pounding……the scope of the damage would be significant.

“What your ability’s attribute doesn’t matter, my ability will devour all power.”

Even if Li Fei is not a flame ability holder, once it made contact with the mushrooms, it won’t let go.

Jian Hua is unclear if he feels disappointed when he said that or relieved. Li Fei’s move is too sudden. He crossed the bottom line, but he could not think of a reason to reject the other’s feelings.

Tangled, his lips became warm again.

This time it was only a slight touch. Li Fei quickly left. If not for a residual temperature, Jian Hua almost thought that the kiss was an illusion.
(T/N: In case you don’t know, Boss gave a peck to JH’s lips. I almost confused this ‘slight touch’ to the very heavy kissing they were doing before.)

“Not necessarily an accident.” Li Fei’s voice is slightly low. Jian Hua immediately felt numb at his spine.

They’ve already come this far, how could Li Fei let go, and let the prey fall back into the darkness?

“Although the ‘field’ is automatically formed by ability holders through their power, it’s always something we own. I will count on it to repel bullets in the future, so why is it so disobedient?”


In Massachusetts, United States, the heavy snow has not melted yet.

A black Bentley sedan slowly drove in front of a villa’s driveway. A man in a suit took a thick folder and went towards the door. This is the broker and record publisher of the superstar Federico Morenza. His bodyguards followed.

“Boss, something’s wrong!” The bodyguard went to the broker and said that.

In fact, the bodyguard’s words aren’t needed. The broker also found that the people who were hired to sweep snow in the neighborhood look weird. Each face looks dangerous, nor working seriously. They were always looking around as if looking for something.

When the Bentley stopped, their knife-like eyes were thrown over.

“Which paparazzi do not know the rules?”

The broker has already thought of several ideas to deal with Massachusetts’ tabloid.

When some people squatted in Federico’s home, this is normal. Which famous star is not stared at by the paparazzi?

The relationship between paparazzi and celebrities are hard to describe. Usually, they have a tacit understanding. It’s possible to tail the celebrity, see where the star went, when they go home, determine if the star being tailed will not go out again, then the paparazzi will “get off work” and come back tomorrow. But in this cold bad weather, with Christmas and New Year just passed, where is such a group of strange paparazzi, disguised and going here to be an eyesore?

The broker patted the snow from his clothes and walked into the villa.

Federico is feeding his reptiles in the living room. The lizard in the eco tank looked at the broker, slowly turned and crawled away.

When the broker first saw Federico, he blew up, “My God! What did you do during the entire Christmas holiday? Going to experience the hippie life? Look at that stubble and dark circles. When did you join a heavy metal rock band?”

Federico looked at himself in the mirror and found that his image is a bit bad.

After returning to the real world, he still gives lessons to Johnson, teaching the boy how to kill a monster, and how to survive in the Abandoned World. And most importantly, to carefully distinguish the meaning of other people’s words, so that he won’t trust others so easily!

When Johnson grows up, there will be many transmigrators trying to get close to him. To please him, and make him happy! Use him, deceive him, and even hurt him!

Thinking of this, and looking at his ability to use the brush, the thin teenager who quietly “paints” the sky, Federico feels a headache coming. His responsibility is significant.

After all, the protagonist is the most important person in the world.

Now Johnson is sleeping in a bedroom upstairs. Federico was too busy and worried that he forgot to take care of himself.

——how can he explain to his broker that there’s a teenager on his side?

Not cheating, not abducted, he only picked him up? He’s not a pedophile, and he doesn’t want to have a relationship with those of underage. It’s just that there’s no reason to say it, and that he had to shelter this teenager?

Put yourself in his shoes, and changing position, Federico can guarantee that if he’s the broker, a celebrity who made such a request, would undoubtedly be mercilessly cursed, and suspected that the other’s brain is broken.

Federico made a long sigh, applying shaving cream to shave off his beard.

“People in the whole city are taking photos of animal tracks in the snow, so stupid! What have you been doing recently, there’s a bunch of freaks outside the door!” The broker questioned. He noticed that there were empty milk cartons in the trash can, two sets of cutlery on the sink, stains on the carpet, and there is also a dirty black handprint next to the shoe cabinet at the door, obviously not an adult palm.

The more the broker looks, the more suspicious he is, “You didn’t find anything wrong with the people sweeping the snow outside your door?”

By the laws of Massachusetts, the snow in front of your house must be cleaned. Otherwise, it’s illegal. If someone fell in front of your door, the responsibility will belong to the owner. In the neighborhood where the rich and celebrity’s live, they would hire someone to sweep the snow. In the previous years, they are young people dressed neatly, and many are college students.

This year, it’s a group of fierce guys. They were not even working hard, and give off meaningful glances.

“You should leave here immediately, Federico! Or I will inform your uncle, and let him send someone to protect you!” The superstar’s broker does not have a simple identity of being just a record publisher.

Federico felt that the guy the broker mentioned must have been Johnson. He wants to explain, but suddenly saw the nervous bodyguard staying outside the door

“Not a paparazzi, it’s the people from Holy Gate.”

“What?” The broker was surprised. The Holy Gate organization is mysterious, but people who had dealings with them, naturally know of them.

“Holy Gate should not be here. If they knew that the people from the Morenza family is here, they would be surprised. They said that there was a 14-year-old boy who stole drugs and fled to this block!”

Bullshit, Federico resisted the urge to refute.

“Okay, we should distance ourselves from Holy Gate nowadays. They had an internal struggle some time ago. They’re too busy to think about their outside business, but still want to go to China to make money, simply a madman!”

Federico had his eyes wide open in surprise: China?

Do they want to start with the Flame Demon? Their courage is too big!

Suddenly there was a noise from upstairs. A teenager in pajamas ran down in a panic. Seeing so many people, he was scared and stepped back.

The broker was shocked and looked at Federico.

There was once a superstar who was labeled a pedophile. This kind of thing is big and troublesome, but Federico also took the initiative to provoke?

“Brown?” Federico didn’t have the time to fix the broker’s thoughts. He rushed to appease Johnson. The teenager has always been very obedient, and he clearly told him not to go downstairs, why would he be so bold?

“What happened?”

“……there’s a strong ability holder. He’s outside the house, I can feel it!” Johnson’s face is tense.

The author has something to say:

And like this, it will be mentioned later, but I can spoil you first

Holy Gate organization’s first boss said to monitor Li Fei, and find traces of Jian Hua from him.

The next boss: Kill the man directly!

STB Chapter 86: Hand in Hand
STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion

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