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There’s an organization called the Assassination Guild. As the name suggests, it’s a Guild that carries out murder depending on the money. Assassin Guild was born about 150 years ago. The reason is the leadership struggle between Alto and Claris. The City State Union prohibits war between the City States. Therefore, the fight is economical and political, as well as diplomatic. To compensate with their economic disadvantage, Alto secretly made an assassination organization and started to assassinate Claris’ Congressmen. The congressmen of Claris became suspicious, started a misunderstanding, and eventually, Alto won the battle. The assassination organization then became obsolete and left Alto’s hand, becoming independent. They began to play in the dark parts of the City State Union.
The headquarters of the Assassin Guild is in Shufelt because of this history. It would be suspicious if it’s in Claris, and it’s too far if placed in Alto. Shufelt is geographically optimal and has a reasonably large population like Claris.

The Assassin Guild 6th Guild Master, Roro Amus, had a mysterious boy visit him about 25 years ago. That boy was 14 years old at that time.

Few people know the existence of the Assassin Guild in the first place, and fewer people ask for work. Even in organizations that belong to the so-called darkness, such as gangs, only people with roles of more than executives have contacts to the Assassin Guild. Roro, at first, wondered if something’s wrong when a 14-year-old boy visited him, so he inquired the organized crime group officials about the boy. The reply is that it’s not a mistake and that they’re not joking either. He was introduced because he said he needed the Assassin Guild for a purpose. It was reported that he’d become a force of his own.

Roro is a little distressed. He thought he’d listen to the boy’s story since he won’t know what kind of person the boy is if he doesn’t listen to the story, and he doesn’t know if he deserves trust.

While the boy acted nicely on the table, he was talking about bringing together the defects of the neighborhood and selling drugs. And he wanted to be the leader of the gang, so he seems to have entered a group. He also said that he has a big success in drug trafficking among gangs.
Of course, Roro was wondering why he was so successful in drug trafficking to that extent. Smuggling of drugs is not a simple matter. It’s not what a 14-year-old boy can do. In response to that, the boy bragged.
That his name is the second son of the Samaras Shokai, Reinard Samaras. And while pretending to help transfer bubble-berry, he was secretly transporting drugs.

Roro had a little doubt when he heard the story. Samaras Shokai is a relatively large business. You can live a life of luxury without drug trafficking. There’s no such thing as a success in transporting drugs. Shufelt’s policemen are not so incompetent.
When listening to that, Reinard smiled ambiguously. There is something else he’s hiding. But Roro didn’t ask questions. Because there are secrets that people can’t talk about.
Roro and Reinard deepened their friendship over a year. When Roro has begun to trust Reinard to some extent, Reinard finally requested Roro for a job.

The content is killing his parents, and after that is killing his older brother. A request to kill your family is unusual, but not entirely without precedent. Roro accepted it willingly.

First of all, he killed the parents disguised by falling rocks. It was easy to prepare a big stone on the way and drop it. Next time, he tried to kill the older brother Rivas Samaras, but Reinard told him to wait.

「I was carrying a dumb fucking debt. Change of plans. I’ll push it all on my brother」
As the assassination was still in the planning stage, he was able to withdraw.

Reinard seemed reasonably shocked that he was not able to acquire the Samaras Shokai inheritance. After that, he immediately began his career as an executive of a gang group. Because Reinard frequently sold drugs to Roro cheaply, Roro has entirely started to trust Reinard.

Five years flowed by, and talk of Rivas Samaras fully repaying the debt entered Reinard’s ears. Reinard also brazenly returned to Samaras Shokai. It’s not that he broke up with the gangsters, Roro, and Assassin Guild. Instead, it strengthened their ties. Reinard frequently used the gangs and the Assassin Guild, raising his position at Samaras Shokai by bringing them together in business negotiations as he grabbed their trust.

Ten years have passed since Reinard returned to Samaras Shokai. Reinard made a request to Roro again.
「Kill Rivas and Helen」
Roro refused the request. He has not awakened to a heart of goodness. It’s because it’s dangerous. It’s Reinard that will gain the most if the Chairman and his wife died and will be suspected of betrayal. Moreover, Helen’s parents’ family is that Albertini family. There is a risk that the Assassin Guild will be crushed in the worst case scenario.
When Roro said so after refusing, Reinard laughed and said.
「I know you killed the former Guild Master to reach that position. In the Assassin Guild, isn’t killing another member taboo? 」

Roro takes out a knife from the sleeves of his clothes, swinging it on Reinard’s neck. Did Reinard anticipate it? He stopped it by grabbing the blade with his bare hands and told him.
「When I die, I told my subordinates to distribute this information to the Assassin Guild. Is it okay? 」
「Damn you……」
Roro saw Reinard as the leader of a gang, and he felt like he found the reason for how he’s trafficking drugs. Grasp their weakness, and threaten them.
Roro also values his life. Because he has no choice, he killed the two people and disguised it as if they were attacked by bandits. Thus, the Assassin Guild became the private property of Reinard. At the same time, Reinard was promoted as the leader of the gang. Reinard has Samaras Shokai, Assassin Guild, and the gangs, these three at the same time.

Roro headed for Samaras Shokai to receive the reward with his men. It’s because he had decided that he would take the remuneration only.

「Here, the reward as promised. Thanks. I’ll be counting on you again」
「Eehh, I certainly received it. By the way, is the suicide note really okay? It’d be easier if you became the heir」
Ba~ka, then it’ll be too suspicious. This is all right. It’ll still take time for the kid to become an adult. It’s enough if I completely take over by then. Can I count on you if I want Roa killed? 」
Uuu, it’s okay since you pay good money. I’ll accept it any time. Best regards in the future, Danna
The men raised vulgar laughter.

And the next day, Roa Samaras disappeared.

It was pleasant seeing Reinard upset at that time. Luckily due to that upset, it was ironic seeing Reinard be suspected as the killer.
After that, Reinard with the gangs, Assassin Guild, and Samaras Shokai, began to dominate Shufelt. Reinard’s world laster for about five years.

Reinard first came up with setting a branch in Claris. There’s also a branch office in Alto and Ringa, and he finally got a branch in Claris. But that failed because of Asuma Shokai. To reassess, he researched soap and aimed for the further improvement of quality, but the sales of Alto, Reim and Ringa began to fall rapidly.
Roro can’t see the decline of the Samaras Shokai with indifference because the Assassin Guild, gangs, and Samaras Shokai adhered to each other that they can be called a Trinity.

And it was discovered that there’s a spy in Samaras Shokai, Reinard headed towards Claris. That was three days ago from today.


When Roro is tasting a steak, Reinard opened the door and came in.
「Roa Samaras is alive! Moreover, she seems to know that we killed the Chairman and his wife」
Roro unexpectedly dropped the steak. Because he thought that she died a long time ago. But when it became a fact, it will be tough.
「Understood. What should I do? 」
「Can you kill her now? 」
Roro sighed. Murder required various arrangements. However, it’s a matter concerning life and death even for Roro.
「Two hundred million」
「I understand. I’ll pay」
Thus, Roro took four men and headed to Claris.

The place of residence of Haruto Asuma and Roa Samaras was found on the first day. It took two days to get a sketch, and a week to understand the behavior patterns of the two.
It’s safe to get rid of them outside the walls, but these two people don’t go outside very much. He decided on attacking at night since he had no choice and disguise it as a robbery.

Sneaking into the mansion was easy. In no time, they arrived at where the two are sleeping. The two seem to be sleeping while wrapped under a blanket, there was a bulge on top of the bed. Roro who has a knife stabbed the sheet. That moment, a loud alarm resounded.

「You caught them at last」
「Good grief」
「You’re late」
Haruto, Roa, and Aisha were in the bedroom next to the room that Roro attacked. They knew from five days ago that someone was spying on them. So they changed their bedroom and instead lay a magic tool that sounds an alarm when a shock is applied. He hid the mercenaries and desert people around the mansion.
「It immediately became a mouse hunt」
Haruto says so while holding a crossbow for self-defense.
Ma, I think they’re already caught」
Aisha opens the door while saying so. Sure enough, the assailants have already been found. The attacker saw Haruto appear and struggled for a while, then he sneeringly laughed.

「Dangerous! 」
Pudding screwed a knife into the mouth of one of the attackers trying to close his mouth. That moment, the other assailants foamed at the mouth.
「To put poison at the back of their teeth……they’re professionals. Aisha-chan, please take care」
Aisha puts her hands into the mouth of the assailant and pulls out the back tooth. The assailant gave a pained groan.
「Damn it, there are five desert people……this is impossible! 」
He regrets to tears.

Since they have to deliver him to the police, they made the assailant stand up through his tied hands. The others carried the corpses of the other attackers. When they went outside, they heard an out of context laughter.
Iya, I was told to watch over you just in case. I didn’t expect you to go back this way, I was surprised」
A man with unkempt hair appears. The man has a dagger in his right hand and a big sword of over one meter on his left.
「You are? 」
When Haruto say so, the man with unkempt hair said pleasantly.
「You have to tell your name before you ask for someone else’s name! I’m just saying……there’s no way attackers would give their name. Understood. I’ll introduce myself. I am the sword saint Serius. A mercenary who loves money. My motto is my fate ends when gold ends, nice to meet you. For the time being, that person there ……why don’t you return Roro-san? 」
Serius said that while giddily laughing.
「Are you stupid? Die! 」
The young desert people slash at Seri. Serius knocked down the young desert people with his broadsword.
「Then how about with the two of us! 」
That said, two more desert people jumped in. Pudding also knocked an arrow and shot at Serius.


Serius noted so and flicked the bolt with his dagger. He brandished his broadsword, hitting the two desert people with their swords. The two defended against the sword with their spears. The sound of trees breaking sounded out. The desert people were blown away like balls, but they gained their poise in the air and landed.

「I’m quite strong even if I’m like this. Although I’ll die as expected if I fight with all of you guys since I don’t feel like dying after killing the Chairman and that redhead over there. After all, even my life is precious. So as an exchange condition. Could you let Roro-san go? Then I’ll go back」(I have not heard that there are six desert people. I’m really going to die. Well, if I swing my sword, I can kill those two, but I’ll be stabbed after that)
Haruto is troubled. If they hand over Roro now, the evidence they went to the trouble of getting will be gone. But as long as he listens to Serius’ real intention, he knows that he’s serious. Haruto said after worrying.
「Aisha, break the leg of that Roro fellow. He will not be able to fight if you break his legs. And then throw him to Serius after that」
「Are really okay with that? 」
「Aahh. Nothing can replace life」
Aisha threw Rora to Serius. Serius lowers his head.

「Thank you for this. It’s a wise decision. Well then, I’m leaving」
Serius left right after saying that.


Fumu. He recovered Roro」
Millie muttered while looking through distance glasses. She came to watch Serius.  Reinard does not trust Serius.

「Actually, I wanted him to take down Roa Samaras……but you can’t expect much from mercenaries」
Millie muttered.

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DWBS 45: Meeting
DWBS 47: Shufelt

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