STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion

STB Chapter 87: Headache
STB Chapter 89: Prototype

“What?” Federico’s broker failed to understand the words ability holder. He’s sick of those kids who haven’t graduated from high school, impulsively make trouble, worship their idolized comic hero, and hearing strange words coming from their mouths.

Federico heard something else from Johnson’s panicked words.

Base on the teenager’s character, it means it’s too late to hide from strangers, but how can he casually say the secret of the “ability holder”?

“Get down!” Federico shouted.

Then a loud noise, and a water pipe burst.

A water column came from the bathroom, kitchen, and also from underground.

The bodyguard behind the broker was pushed by a water column with strong water pressure. He screamed and fell to the ground, severely wounded, and his blood filling the floor along with the water.

The tank in the living room’s eco-tank also exploded. Glass fragments flew and plunged into the couch.

Federico hastily opens his hand, wanting to expand the space to protect everyone, but his abilities are not moving at all. As if being pressed by something, the power in his body screams. He just manages to bring out a weak strand, but it soon disappears.

His eyes seeing sharp glass fragments flying towards them, and Federico’s pupil contracted.

“Boom!” There was another loud noise.

Glass fragments stopped in front of Federico.

The spewing water column and all the moving furniture became stagnant, then it floated up as a stream of air appeared inside the house. It continues to grow, and in just a few seconds, it became a black whirlwind visible to the eye.

It rolls up the water and furniture debris, as well as glass fragments on the surface of the cyclone. The whirlwind crashed to the floor to ceiling windows and went straight to the lawn outside.

The broker is stunned as he looks up at the road grazed by the tornado.

——the tornado’s wind is too strong and took the wig from his head also.

Federico knows the attribute of Johnson’s power. He turned around to look. The teenager clung to the second-floor handrail, his face red.

“*kacha* (snap)!” Lightning flares outside the broken window, reflecting the white face of everyone inside the house.

The thunder gouged a big pit on the lawn.

At the same time, Federico felt his body became light. The suppressed ability easily came out, and he covered himself, the agent and the two other bodyguards.

He also wants to take in Johnson too, but black lightning wrapped the teenager’s body. His space ability refused to move closer.

There is a dark unidentified object on the lawn outside the window. It’s a two-meter tall cylinder, with electric sparks floating on the surface continually emitting bright arcs.

The mess of things that the whirlwind rolled up is piled up next to it, including the golden wig of the broker. The area around here has been overturned and miserably soaked in water.

The “cylinder” moved straight towards the room.

“Don’t, don’t move!” Although the broker said that through chattering teeth, it still prevented the bodyguard from pulling the trigger in time.

They are all under Federico’s space, looking outside through a layer of film. The villa’s living room is beyond recognition, and when the cylinder “walks” in, the current burns through the wet carpet, emitting black smoke.

“That was a beautiful piece of work, little demon!”

A shrill, harsh sound came from the cylinder, like a knife scraping on the glass.

Federico’s eyelids jumped. He remembers who this “cylinder” is.

Obviously, this is also a space ability holder and was able to block Johnson’s two attacks (whirlwind, lightning). Moreover, Federico could not use his space cover before, and the sight of the water pipe bursting. Just knowing the contents of the 《Outcast》, even if there’s no memory of the plot, this special attacker is not difficult to guess.

——Abandoned World’s strongest space ability holder.

The only one that is at A-level but with a fighting power comparable to S-level ability holders, Red Scorpion.
(T/N: It means the only space ability holder that is A-level)

No wonder Johnson will wake up from his sleep. Red Scorpion will definitely include the entire villa under his domain, and only until Johnson used thunder to force this space open did Federico become able to use his ability.

But, how could this person be found here?

Strong doubts came to Federico’s mind. At the same time, he was tense. His space cover, in the eyes of the other party, is more fragile than balloons and can be easily punctured.

The one in danger the most is Johnson standing in the living room! He is the target of the attacker!

The teenager loosened the hand that grabbed the railing. The gust of wind made his face red. He subconsciously glanced at where Federico originally is and found that Federico has been “hidden”. Johnson subconsciously straightened his back. He shakes his hand and a golden snake wrapped around him.


A harsh sound mentions the God of Storm, Thunder, and Lightning. The person inside the cylinder makes an unpleasant laugh, “A naive little demon will become the strongest in the world…… to not let this joke happen, I have to solve it myself!”

Johnson doesn’t understand what he’s saying. He tried to look through the cylinder, and restrain the fear in his heart.

Mr. Morenza said, this world is full of danger, and fear can’t solve the problem. Johnson took out his courage to confront him, not stepping back.

“How can you run away from your savior’s home, naughty little demon! Poor Katie is sad ah! She hugged my leg, weeping bitter tears and saying that we shouldn’t be optimistic about you. Letting you get lost on Christmas Day, she assured me that I’d find you!”

Federico’s scalp tingled. He felt like he was pegged by a poisonous snake, and knows that his position has been exposed.

Red Scorpion’s words made him feel somewhat wrong. According to what he heard from Johnson, Katie and Charlie are both transmigrators with ulterior motives. They took the protagonist from the Southern State to this city, so he should be a rare commodity, but how could he spit this secret out? Those two are probably dead!

People falling into the hands of the Red Scorpion face something more terrible than death.

Federico forced himself to calm down. He took a gun from the bodyguard.

Bullets cannot pass through the barrier of space ability holders, so he can’t kill Red Scorpion, but in times of crisis——

The cylinder moved to the side. A strong force directly broke Federico’s space, and the film-like transparent barrier was instantly smashed. Federico and the others appeared in the living room.

“How about I kill them?” Red Scorpion demonically laughed.

The broker, bodyguards, and Federico were crushed to the ground by an invisible force.

The bodyguard with the heaviest injury already fainted, and a bloody smell filled the living room.

Such a big movement, but not one resident in the same block came out to see. They may be hiding behind curtains, and they might also call 911.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have much time, so I can’t let them whine and die slowly.” Red Scorpion can, of course, see the teenager standing on the stairs and trying to restrain his look of fear. His joy can be felt through his shrill voice, “Just pick one. Is it the bald, middle-aged man, or the man with the pretty good figure? His muscles when he struggled looked really attractive, why don’t you show it?”

The button on Federico’s shirt suddenly flew, and opened to both sides.

Thin beads of sweat are distributed on a healthy honey-colored skin. It has smooth and graceful lines, and with the body taut from an invisible pressure, muscles rippled, showing distinct abdominal muscles.

“Oh!” Red Scorpion strangely uttered a voice of admiration, and there’s a clear, undisguised, sound of swallowing saliva.

Knowing what will happen next, Federico did not hesitate to use his ability on his right hand to break free of his control, as he rapidly lifted the gun to his own temple.

“Mr. Morenza!” Johnson exclaimed.

Air current slammed into him. Federico’s hand moved, and the bullet fired from the gun hit the wall.

Federico sighed in his heart, wanting to blame Johnson, but not able to open his mouth. He can only smile and think, sure enough, he’s still a child. He doesn’t know if getting away from death is a relief.

Red Scorpion has the strongest, most offensive space ability. Whoever the Red Scorpion want to kill, he can use his ability to take people away. He can swagger right under the police’s nose and get Johnson unless they have the eyes of the Flame Demon. Otherwise, they can’t find the “space for hiding people,” or Johnson could flatten the entire neighborhood and split each space once until the Red Scorpion come out.

——The protagonist is only fourteen. The mastery of his abilities is not high. Even if he can do it, Johnson will then become a felon wanted by the US government.

“Little demon, what did you just say?”

Red Scorpion is surprised for a moment. He forcibly dragged Federico to his side. Of course, Johnson refuses, but the two are in a stalemate. The broker almost got blown to the second floor by the wind.

When the attack occurred, Federico is shaving his beard, so the lower half of his face still has remaining shaving cream. Red Scorpion first looked at the body, so he didn’t see Federico’s face at all. Only after hearing Johnson’s voice did he notice.

“Damn!” Red Scorpion angrily cursed, his voice full of unwillingness.

He “caught” someone from outside the villa.

This guy is wearing a thick coat, look fierce, but there is no snow on his body. He doesn’t look like the guy who’s just shoveling snow outside.

“Why didn’t you tell me that there are people from the Morenza family?”

“W-we didn’t know!” The person who was caught trembled nonstop, “Katie and Charlie said that he was in this direction. We spent money on all the surveillance and police stations nearby, until we saw a modified motorcycle entering this block! Others said that that vehicle is in this neighborhood, so we……so we……”

“Waste! Idiot!”

“No no, you’re too hasty this time! All the people living here are rich people, so we didn’t even know the owner of the house. We will definitely recheck it next time……” The man hurriedly spoke as he was engulfed by the cylinder, begging in a panic until his voice suddenly disappears.

Johnson took the opportunity to grab Federico.

“Oh! Little boy, don’t worry!” Red Scorpion snorted, sighing with regret, “You’ve proven your strength to me……although weak, but to kill you gently, I have to pay the price. Delicious food, also have to sample life. Although I’m very much in favor of strangling the danger in the cradle and removing the people who can threaten me as soon as possible. But if I can’t kill it, I also have to be serious! For what reason do you fight and kill, this much is no good!”

The teenager’s legs trembled, but he still step forward, standing in front of Federico while shaking.

Red Scorpion grotesquely laughed, “I will not kill him. Federico Morenza, King of Pop Music……Wolf Morenza’s nephew. Our respected Mr. Morenza warned everyone to stay away from his nephew. I am no exception. Send my greetings to Mr. Morenza, truly a shame!”

The black cylinder suddenly expands, letting out thunder.

“Wait, are you the new leader of the Holy Gate organization!” Federico stared at the cylinder.

“Ah, isn’t it obvious?” Red Scorpion issued a harsh laugh, “Someone came over a few years ago, wanting to cage me. I think this game is exciting, so I have been playing with them for a long time. I didn’t expect something more would happen! Abandoned World is so wonderful, isn’t it? Instead, after they lost their mysterious disguise, they became stupid. Since there is such a fortune in front of us, with such a large organization they can control, why not get rid of them and do it myself?”

Federico’s face paled. He thought of Katie that Johnson told him about, and also thought about the recent trends of the Holy Gate organization.

“Our superstar seems to know me. So decisive to suicide, tsk tsk! Are you the same as them, how interesting ah. If our respected Mr. Morenza knows his only nephew, is in fact not his nephew, what will happen?”

Johnson didn’t understand. The broker and bodyguard also don’t know what it means.

Federico is not at all confused. He was sure that Red Scorpion wouldn’t do anything, so he asked calmly, “You sent someone to China, so you started with the Flame Demon?”

“I can tell you. Anyway, you’ll hear the news soon. The Flame Demon escaped two assassinations. What a thrilling opponent, I’m excited to go and see. Unfortunately, the latest news from China tells me that the Devourer has appeared near the Flame Demon. Someone saw the mushrooms.”

Red Scorpion uncannily laughs. The cylinder suddenly collapsed and disappeared without a trace.

Federico’s face is ugly. He has a heavy heart. The teenager sat down as his legs collapsed. He unconsciously rubbed his arms. His thin figure trembling obviously showed he’s terrified.

“It’s all right, he already left!”

“I know, I can feel it……” Johnson’s face is paper white.

He is just young, not stupid.

Who Red Scorpion is, Johnson doesn’t know, but he can’t understand the words. He’s clearly aiming for Johnson.

How did Red Scorpion find him? When he heard Red Scorpion and the snow sweepers mention Katie and Charlie, Johnson understood. That unmarried couple is dead, and they died a miserable death.

He couldn’t help but hug Federico. There was the siren from police cars outside the windows.

STB Chapter 87: Headache
STB Chapter 89: Prototype

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