STB Chapter 89: Prototype

STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion
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One month later.

Frequent accidents happen around the world, such as buildings collapsing, roads collapsing, and chain car accidents.

The most significant accident happened in a famous European commercial street where more than a hundred died. The most baffling one is in Greece. Two tsunamis occurred in the Meditteranean in just five days. Because of the timely evacuation warning, there are not many casualties except for economic losses. However, the Meditteranean is an inner sea. Tsunamis of such a scale is very weird. The Greek government is unable to make ends meet for many years, relying on the support of the tourism industry, but due to the tsunami, the number of tourists sharply declined, and the economy collapsed.

With the increase in these incidents, in the process of investigating the truth, more and more countries come to know the secret of the Abandoned World.

Our world is a book……this is too upsetting.

Some people don’t want to believe it, but all kinds of signs force them to face reality.

Because this world is a famous fiction novel, there’s a limited degree of cultural penetration. Book transmigrators don’t appear in most African countries, only those Outcast, so the most significant blow to this two-fold secret is that people in the underdeveloped areas are still in the dark.

Radicals in the government are actively demanding all ability holders be sent to African deserts or Pacific islands. Let them fend for themselves or kill among themselves.

If there are only a few dozen ability holders, or a few hundred, this proposal may be enforced.

But with the stability of the Abandoned World, more and more people fall into the Abandoned World. Among the hundreds of thousands worldwide, or even millions of ability holders who have awakened or about to be awakened, book transmigrators are only a small part of them.

Some ability holders have very high social status, and there are also rich people. They certainly won’t let the radicals pass this resolution.

A million, this number sounds enormous. But in fact, a global average of one million people die every year from war. At the same time, millions of people die every year from AIDS, and more than tens of millions of people die every year from hunger.

Compared to these silent deaths, those who are lucky enough to survive will make an uproar on the Internet.

All of a sudden, a variety of strange religious doomsday theories prevailed.

Many people dare not tell the truth, but more people have simple brains, taking the Abandoned World as an interesting adventure. Book transmigrators, in particular, boasted of their bravery.

Seeing more of this kind of statements, the public is also beginning to feel bad, questioning the government’s claim that “terrorist organizations frequently smash public facilities”.

On the other hand, ability holders spontaneously form small groups, and actively looked for someone similar.

Because meeting in groups tends to open the Abandoned World, they use the Internet. Many people have exposed their identity, entering the government’s control and surveillance.

For the ability holders, the ecstasy of gaining power won’t last long. The despair of the Abandoned World quickly crushed them. They have to fight monsters to survive. Not being bound by moral or legal restraints, many people exposed hideous faces, snatching food, humiliating women, murder and even more outrageous things quietly happened.

Naturally living in a civilized society, and prosperous times, but it was like being thrown into hell.

People with self-control go to mental hospitals, psychiatric consultation, and even confessing in Church. More people can’t escape the influence of the Abandoned World, and with no convergence when they’re back in the real world, they would commit serious crimes.

The various governments, while badly battered, aimed their sights to the East.

Even if the “protagonist” is in the US, China actually has two S-class ability holders, or “extremely dangerous” characters. How the story ended, the governments are not interested. All they feel is a real threat.

There are a total of four S-class ability holders in the world. The information of their identity is the clearest, and the easiest to find is Li Fei.

Li Fei has been missing since the New Year’s Eve shooting.

Although they are more interested in the “Devourer”, wanting to find the existence of this person. However, the Chinese population is too much. The book was also translated into multiple languages, and some even have two different versions of translations in one country. Everyone knows the final boss is the “Devourer”, but as to what the Devourer’s name is, 70% of the book transmigrators speak in their own language.

The rest of the book transmigrators used the original American version.

Trouble is coming. It is said that the Chinese version of the translation is not accurate since “Jian(简)” may also be “Qian(钱)” but there was no objection in Hua(华). Foreigners have heard that this is one of the Chinese’s claims, so the default is probably this word.

By trying to access the national census, all parties are ready to find the “Devourer” which is like a needle in a haystack and started wasting their time on this.

——Red Dragon has taken away the files of the high-level ability holders from the National Census.

Not to mention Jian Hua, there aren’t even records of Guan Ling.

They also made up a program, monitoring someone who read relevant information for 24 hours.

Red Dragon has a lot of good luck with the agents they caught. The presence of the Holy Gate organization also shocked the CIA. They were busy making a thorough investigation, and it turns out that Holy Gate has existed for twenty years. They were hiding an enormous power, recruiting many criminals, controlling them with drugs relatives, and also using religion to brainwash some people. On the surface, Holy Gate organization is a large group of bounty hunters, but are killers in private, involving the underworld.

In many States of the United States, bounty hunting is legal. Many members of the Holy Gate organization don’t know the truth.

Bounty hunter is a profession that captures wanted criminals. Sometimes private hires are also accepted to resolve kidnappings. The risk of this career is high, but the money is fast. Members bring their own equipment and weapons. They are organized by specialized training, and every time they complete a task, the organization and leaders will be commissioned.

Holy Gate organization privately recruit criminals. Their contacts is based on the information network of the Bounty Hunters on the bright side. There are many bounty hunters in the US, a lot of organizations, and the Holy Gate is not the most eye-catching.

Legal income and underground trading, among those book transmigrators, more of them are not breaking the law and are unsuspecting ordinary people.

Holy Gate organization is very rigorous. Issuing orders is also a single-line mostly verbal contact, leaving almost no evidence. If a fight didn’t occur among the Holy Gate organization higher-ups, it would be hard to find about them.

This is known worldwide, and the greatest force formed by book transmigrators.

——not many people know, but it has fallen into the hands of an A-class ability holder.

What happened on the other side of the ocean? China is unable to temporarily notice. What makes Major Zhang feel wary is that Black Abyss increased in scale almost overnight. Even if it’s still a prototype, it’s not to be underestimated.

Abandoned World’s ability holders escape to survive and were saved by mushrooms. Their focus is to naturally stay on top of these brutal mushrooms. Black Abyss starts from this point. In fact, it started first as a science group that research “how to use the mushrooms to survive”.

With years of experience in the entertainment business, he can create hype, and make the ability holders willingly distribute the news. After having enough “secret science team members”, Black Abyss does not need Red Dragon’s information to update Abandoned World’s information in a timely manner. By using the “submit your real identity information” approach, dividing them into different scopes of authority, members have permission to read more posts and know more on how to survive in the Abandoned World.

Although the information from the Red Dragon is free to all ability holders, it requires the ability holders to contract with the country. They will then be sent to the military training bases of various regions by the Red Dragon. But among those people, a majority are uneasy and simply believe that the government can’t be trusted. They would instead find their own channels.

If netizens say a word, it’ll be 100 more times believable than the doctor/family/police.

The virtual network gives people a virtual sense of security, and this is a widespread mentality.

The “Science Group” asking for real identification met with a lot of protests, but who is Li Fei ah!

Playing in the entertainment circle, guiding public opinion, and spraying the objections into the horizon, let the people see that they’re more experienced and feel it was justified. They would argue, “Who knows whether a good or a bad person, even if you were to pay, it would be reasonable. These experiences are something that others have risked, so they know what they’re talking about. If you are afraid, don’t look at it. No one will force you.” After a few rounds of argument, the ability holders turned and started to steal the identity information of family, acquaintance or friends, and was able to read some content.

Unfortunately, this authority is not enough.

However the ability holders have tasted the benefits, so they were even more tangled.

The next level of authority is a video dialogue with the administrator. They have to prove their ability, and was even asked to “meet face to face”.

In the book, Black Abyss was formed in three years and took ten years to develop to that scale. Now, that progress has accelerated by countless times. Li Fei doesn’t bother to recruit more underlings after a long time assessment to confirm the authenticity of the “registered ability holders” because there’s the Red Dragon.

Through the cooperation of Black Abyss, Red Dragon caught the criminal ability holders. Colonel Lu is worried about the scale of the Black Abyss, but one side can’t do without the efficiency of the Black Abyss. Li Fei also showed no antisocial tendency, but the number of mushrooms is disturbing.

Major Zhang YaoJin endured and endured. Finally, on behalf of Red Dragon, he gave a call to Jian Hua,

“Please control the behavior of the mushrooms occupying the sewer!”

Jian Hua who answered the phone is a bit stunned. Except for ambushing the killer from the Holy Gate organization last month, and putting the suicide attacker in the manhole cover, he did not pay attention to where the mushrooms grow.

Such a dirty, and stinky place……

Jian Hua had long ago found that the mushrooms eat mice, and he determined, except for the mushrooms that he recruited to monitor the surroundings, he will not remove from the other mushrooms! The mushrooms that grow out are spilled water (something that can’t be retrieved)!

Zhang YaoJin doesn’t know what Jian Hua is thinking, he filed a complaint with righteousness, “Huai City and eight nearby cities fall under their territory, a radius of hundreds of kilometers. If we observe through our gadgets, it will become a city of mushrooms! And now Haicheng is gone! How many people do you think is in Haicheng? Do you know the pressure on the city’s water pipe network?”


“The sewage does not have hyphae, but they exist like human blood clots! The mushrooms thicken the inner wall of the pipe, seriously affecting the flow to a degree. The staff of the city’s engineering maintenance network is about to collapse! I’ll trouble you to make them smaller! S-ma-ller!!”

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STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion
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