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This book is 1160 years old. It was compiled under Emperor Westoria’s command. The purpose of this book is to tell the life of the people who contributed the most to the development of the modern empire and to tell of their achievements to the future generation.
Asuma Haruto lived from the Dark Era to the Golden Era, a businessman, a politician, and an inventor. The founder of Asuma Shokai and the first President of Asuma Conglomerate. One of the three significant inventors. His last rank is an honorary Earl

Other great person described in this book in the same era……Westoria I, Asuka Takanashi, Rea Asuma

Haruto Asuma invented soap and established Asuma Shokai. He spread soap all over the world. Due to the spread of soap, the Empire’s sanitary environment has been improved dramatically, reducing the mortality rate of babies. He also made a full-fledged cultivation method for soybeans and rice and became able to mass produce it. This caused a rapid population increase and was the direct cause of the Golden Era.

Invented soap, miso, soy sauce, and others. Established Asuma Shokai. Introduced rice and soybeans.

When he was 15 years old, he came from the East (※there are various opinions on this) and moved to Claris. He invented soap and established Asuma Shokai. In these days, he met Roa Asuma (Samaras) who will later become his wife and started living together. About the age of 16, he met Aisha who became his mistress (wife by the desert people’s culture). He contributed to the peace between the desert people and Claris. At the age of 19, he was promoted to become the youngest Congressman. He then became a politician. In the Continental Unification War, soap is sold to the soldiers who stayed in Claris. He had an audience with Emperor Westoria and received an order for soap. Since then, the soap used in the Empire is the one manufactured by Asuma Shokai (Asuma Conglomerate Soap Division).

Battle with Samaras Shokai
When he was 20 years old, he established a branch in Reim. One month later, he branched to Ringa and Alto one after the other and expanded his trade area. When he was 21 years old, a branch office was established in Shufelt. At that time, he fought with Samaras Shokai which holds great power in Shufelt. Samaras Shokai hired the Assassination Guild to attack Haruto Asuma. The President of Asuma Shokai, Reinard Samaras was arrested when his wrongdoings came to light. The President’s position in Samaras Shokai was succeeded by Roa Asuma (Samaras) who was the legitimate successor, and it was absorbed by Asuma Shokai. At this time, many of the Yakuza, and a large number of corrupt politicians were arrested.

The spread of Asuma Shokai
Lack of human resources has always been their problem, but by absorbing Samaras Shokai, it was now resolved. Asuma Shokai developed branches across the Empire. When he was 25 years old, using his connection to the desert people and snow people, he established the Asuma Shokai Mercenary Division. At 30 years old, he became the most influential merchant in Claris and economically dominated the city. At the same period, his daughter Rea Samaras succeeded in nitrating glycerol. She invented dynamite by combining it with black gunpowder whose manufacturing process has been revealed. At this time, Asuma Shokai Explosives Division was formed. At the time Haruto Asuma was 40 years old, he set up a branch in the Capital City and became a global company. At the age of 45, he got the title of Honorary Earl from Emperor Westoria.
He also invented miso soup and soy sauce at this time. Soybean, which is a material of miso and soy sauce, began to be produced on a large scale along with rice which is a type of grain. Originally, due to climate problems, the amount cultivated was small, but with Haruto Asuma’s abnormal passion, the production was multiplied, and eventually succeeded at the end. Simultaneously, his daughter Rea Asuma proposed the improvement of major cereals such as wheat, started large-scale production and made a great success. As a result, they established the Asuma Shokai Grain Division.

Later years
When he was 50 years old, he handed over his President position to Rea Asuma. He traveled around the world with Roa Asuma and Aisha. At this time, he began his research on fairies. He just started writing a diary from this moment on. Around the age of 70, he contracted a heart disease and returned to Claris. At 82 years old, while being missed by his two wives, children, and grandchildren, he died.

Roa Asuma, Aisha (desert people of those days have no surname), nine children including Rea Asuma, twenty grandchildren.

About Roa Asuma and Aisha
Roa Asuma and Aisha is said to have an excellent relationship. Of the nine children, who is the child of Roa Asuma and who is the child of Aisha is not written in the documents. However, it is very likely that Rea Asuma is the child of Roa Asuma.

Liliane Asuma
She is a direct descendant of Haruto Asuma. For more details, refer to the item listed as Liliane Asuma.

Place of Birth
Haruto Asuma is assumed to be from the East and told that soap is a product from his hometown. But soap was invented by Haruto Asuma for the first time in the world. In other areas, there are objects close to soap, but the soap itself doesn’t exist. Therefore, there are multiple theories about his hometown.

Eastern Origin Theory
East refers to the central part of the continent right now. The reason for this East origin theory is from his remark that he came from the east. But the features of Haruto Asuma doesn’t agree with the characteristics of the ethnic groups living in the central part of the continent. Apart from soap, there is also rice, miso, and soy sauce which did not exist before so the theory has been denied.

Kirishia (West) Origin Theory
In other words, him being from the East is a lie. He is fluent in Kirishian language, desert people’s language, Gallian, Romag, Germanis, Equestrian tribe’s native language, and even able to speak the language of the hunting tribes. If he is from Kirishia, knowing the language from the west such as Romag, apart from the language of the desert people, it’s unfounded how he would know the language of the minor ethnic groups. However, his physical appearance and the characteristics of Kirishians does not match, so it has been denied.

Far East Origin Theory
It’s the current prevailing opinion. One of the evidence is that the features of those from the Far East match Haruto Asuma’s description. The second is that rice is a staple food from the Far East. Soybeans are also commonly eaten, and there are also things close to miso and soy sauce. However, it is being questioned since there is no such thing as soap.

Another World Origin Theory
There is also this ridiculous theory. However, it is often advocated. This is because it is written in his diary. (Considering his age when he started writing his diary, even if he has a brain disorder like dementia, it’s hard to say that it’s credible as a source) However, there is also the argument that all the things he did are possible if he’s from a different world.

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DWBS 49: The End
DWBS SS0: Back Setting

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