Maid Chapter 061

Maid Chapter 062

Various things happened, but we succeeded in getting the “Office Room” and two foreign sl*ves as initially intended for the time being.

This is good.

Just that…I’m worried about it: the Hero, the Goddess, and the Temple.

It’s better to collect as much information as possible about this area as well.

By the way, for the time being, I erased a part of the collars of the two sl*ves by [Cleaning] and removed them.

Ah, of course, I did an [Appraisal] and confirmed that there was no risk of an explosion before removing it!

“Iya~, I’m saved. When I heard that I was being sold as a sl*ve, I thought I’d die.”

“That’s true, thank you very much for your help.”

While saying that, the two sl*ves didn’t let go of their hands… he and she, uhm, Miura-kun and Misaki-san are the couple in the Broadcasting Club, who are too close to each other.

The Broadcasting Club only has these two members, and in a sense, it’s perfect for them. Indeed, the Broadcasting Club advisor was a wonderful grandpa who was very mature, and these three would happily do club activities…

Aside from that, it seemed like these two were in the Broadcasting Room when they were sent to this world.

However, when they went out of the Broadcasting Room to search, the local residents stole the Broadcasting Room, and they were sold as sl*ves before they knew it.

I don’t know what that means, but… aren’t you guys too carefree?

“I would never have lived without Miura-kun!”

“If I didn’t have Misaki-san!”



…and then the two of them performed a Romeo and Juliet play, so I watched them act with the pawnshop uncle for a while. Uncle abstained halfway through because of too much sweetness. He retreated to the back.

According to the pawnshop uncle, “To be so young! Damn it!”

“And so, what will Miura-kun and Misaki-san do from now on?”

I explained about collecting the classrooms.

These two are an idiot couple, but their brains aren’t that bad.

It’s helpful that they firmly grasped the main points with just one explanation.

However, somehow, the two of them talked secretly while leaning their heads in. Then, after leaning their heads for a while, they said something.

“Uーn…well, you know, I’m a little worried… can we really go home just by collecting the classrooms? It’s a little different from what Fukuyama-kun said…”


“We were summoned to this world as heroes, he said. So, he said that if someone defeated the cause that was trying to destroy this world, the people in the temple would use ceremonial magic to return us to our original world.”

…okay, wait a minute. Uhm… it’s different from what [Alive Grimoire]-san said… ah, wait a minute! Certainly, what I told [Alive Grimoire]-san that time was, “tell me how to go home”, but I didn’t say, “tell me all the ways to go home”!

That means it’s not strange that there were multiple ways to go home!

…however, you know? Is that really so? Can we trust the people in that temple? Generally, if you use ceremonial magic… can “everyone” go home?

Oh well, after we finish our talk here, I can ask [Alive Grimoire]-san later. Let’s think about it later. While I thought that, the pawnshop doorbell rang.

“George-san, we’re backー…huh? Suzumoto-kun and you guys are back? Thank you for your hard work. It seems like you’re able to rescue both of them safely.”

Utagawa-san and Sagara-kun came back carrying paper bags.

“George-san, I bought what you asked for, so I’ll leave it here, okay? Is that fine?”

“Ohー, that’s fine, leave it there.”

“Wait, who is George-san?”

…even when I said so, somehow, I know. Because none of us was called George.

“It’s me, you bastards. It’s because you guys always call me Ossan, Ossan.”

It seemed like the pawnshop owner, who came back from the back, was apparently George-san.

I seeー, by the way, we haven’t heard his name even after all this time.

I’m sorry, George-san. From now on, George-san, I will call you George-san.

“…well, then, what about you two idiot couple over there?”

“Well, for us, fighting is a bit hard. I don’t want to put Misaki-san in danger…”

“I don’t want Miura-kun to do anything dangerous!”



It seemed like that play will start again, so please refrain from doing so.

“That’s right, honestly, we’re not good at fighting. As for logistical support, even rabbits have horns, so… to be honest, I don’t want to fight monsters if possible.”

Well, if you have a normal spirit, that’s true.

We were born at a time where criticism would flood just by slaughtering animals and eating them.

Living normally, you wouldn’t know how to dismantle one. And if you’re a sensitive person, you wouldn’t fight.

In my case, I accepted it fairly quickly, but I don’t mean to force it on other people, and I think it can’t be helped.

…I haven’t fought much, so I could say something like this.

“Then, stay here to monitor the sl*ve markets, the royal capital, and Deichemall (deichemoru) with Sagara-kun and the others. Is that okay?”

“You’re right, if we can stay here, I’d like to help and find our captured friends… I wonder if Inamura-sensei is here somewhere.”

Inamura-sensei is the advisor of the Broadcasting Club.

“…we came from Northeast 2F… during that time, no one has seen any teachers. Come to think of it, no one has also seen any office staff.”

When Suzumoto said that, Miura-kun and Misaki-san looked a little sad.

Well, that’s right.

Perhaps only the students were sent to this world… although no faculty had been sighted, maybe [Alive Grimoire]-san would know?

“What, will these two live here after all? Well, it’s okay because there’s space…”

George-san was somewhat sluggish but had the attitude like it can’t be helped.

“Thank you for your help!”

“Thank you for your help!”

Poisoned by the couple’s innocent smile and cheerful reply, George-san escaped by cleaning up another storage room.

It looks hard.

After that, we brainstormed a little.

Then, we’re still going to continue collecting the classrooms. Sagara-kun and his friends will stay here to find and help their captured companions. The Broadcasting Club couple will act together with Sagara-kun and the others.

The matter of the temple and the hero… let’s think about it later after asking [Alive Grimoire]-san.

For the time being, this is good for our future policy. Then, for post-processing. I haven’t finished cleaning up in various ways, so let’s end that kind of thing.

“By the way, you haven’t done a performance experiment on the prizes of the gladiator competition yet, right?”

When I pointed that out, Katori pulled out a bracelet and showed it.

Hmm, there are two bracelets with beautiful orange stones. It’s called [Correspondence].

…hmm, it’s a good idea to experiment.

Katori and Hariu equipped one bracelet each and moved to the pawnshop attic and basement, respectively.

Then, they tried using the [Correspondence] skill in the bracelet.

Because it’s called [Correspondence], maybe they could communicate.


The caller consumes a very small amount of MP when calling the other party.

The stone on the other party’s bracelet will shine, so the other party could answer the call without consuming MP. And then, like a communication device, it’s possible to have a verbal conversation.

I see, this is convenient.

Because there’s no such contact method until now, it had been inconvenient so far.

However, it’s human nature to try it more. I used [Transfer] with Katori and headed to Northeast 2F.

Then, from there, we had Hariu, who’s in the pawnshop of Deichemall, use [Correspondence].

Is it possible to connect even at this distance?

When I thought so, the stone on the bracelet blinked for a while before steadily shining.

“Ahー, hello, Katori?”

“Ah, I can hear you. I think we can have a conversation. How’s the MP consumption?”

“Nope, I don’t think there’s anything particular. You?”

“Yeah, I think MP consumption is the same.”

Hoー, then, no matter the distance, the call charge is the same.

I see, I see. Let’s go back to the pawnshop.

“I want Tsukimori-san to copy this bracelet.”

As expected, it became like that.

Yup. After all, I want at least one more pair.

With us, Sagara-kun and the others in the pawnshop, and the Information Room / Newspaper Club group, it’s very troublesome that information cannot be immediately exchanged.

In particular, I don’t even know where the people in the Information Room / Newspaper Club group are right now.

…I think they’re in Northwest 3F.

…and so, it’s late at night today, so I’m going to sleep. We’re going to 3F first thing tomorrow morning to look for Tsukimori-san there.

I think there’s a big difference between having and not having this [Correspondence] bracelet.

Well, since we’re doing that tomorrow, the effect of the rest are… Kadomi-kun’s [Majesty] sword remained that way. It’s the type that will stay active even if you don’t want to activate it. Just holding the sword makes me feel overwhelmed.

Furthermore, when I tried to activate it, I felt even more overwhelmed.

Is it the spirit? It seems that it will increase based on that.

The sword itself was high spec, so Kadomi-kun’s primary weapon became that [Majesty] sword.

Then, the staff with [Increased Thinking Speed] that we got from the Tri Section is also the same.

If you equip it, your head will spin faster. For the time being, there are people here who’s good at experiments, so I tried comparing the time it took to do 100 math calculations with and without the staff. It certainly became faster.

President will equip this. Until now, it was a book, not a staff.

Finally, the mysterious drug (temporary) that we received in the Hexa Section. Not only is this unknown in my [Appraisal], neither President nor Kariya also knew, so I’ll be holding it!

…I might know if I use it as a dye, but that’s as a last resort.

By the way, for dinner, George-san, revised from the Pawnshop Ossan, made it.

The menu is meat! Vegetables! Bread! That’s all.

Seriously, it’s that kind of feeling. For the meat, just grill thick slices of meat until golden brown. For vegetables, just put them in a pot and slowly boil them. He bought the bread.

These dishes are really manly! Although it looked like that, the seasoning was powerful but relatively delicate. It’s a Japanese’s favorite taste. Thank youー.

…it’s a secret that I secretly [Appraised] the meal. You see when you’re bitten once…

We don’t have a place to sleep here (because Sagara-kun and his friends are already packed with 4 people in each room), so we returned to the Northeast 2F. As usual, we brought out a classroom and slept there.

Ah, I’ll be sleeping on Ketorami today. It’s been a long time.

…but before that, there’s something I have to do.

That’s right. It’s a chat with [Alive Grimoire]-san.

I pulled it out of the shelf of the Lab and [Share] while headbutting. Ooh, I feel like it’s been a while.

[Nu! You came! You came! Come often, come often!]

[Alive Grimoire]-san has a high tension because it’s salty.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s not that long for me, but long time no see.”

[Umu, it looks like you’ve grown up. The amount of magical power increased from last time.]

Magical power? Is it MP?

Is that soー, I’ve grown up too for the time being.

“Yup, by the way, I heard before how to get back to the original world, but there are other ways too, right?”

[Nu!? Is that so, you knew?]

When I said that, the letters started to flutter as if it was troubled. Though it’s still letters.

[You didn’t tell me to teach you all the ways.]

“Aahh, yeah, that’s okay. That’s my mistake.”

That’s rightー, if I want to extract information from this kind of thing, I have to ask questions that pay attention to the details.

“So, I was wondering why you taught me the method of collecting the classrooms.”


Somehow, it’s being evasive.

[…you might despise the temple.]

Also, the letters are fidgeting.

“Again, why?”

[Don’t you know why you came to this world in the first place?]


[Hmm… okay. You have fallen to this world because the temple summoned you.]


Maid Chapter 062

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