Fish 009: The Shining Sun and Moon

Fish 010: All Houses Moved

Abduction and counter-abduction routine.

Mo Li bent down and carefully stretched out his hand towards the white dumpling.

As soon as his fingertips touched the outermost layer of fluff, all the water droplets sticking to the white mouse were vaporized. The little round thing immediately rolled on Physician Mo’s shoe. With its belly facing upwards, its four claws were resting comfortably on its side.

——a spiritual animal that can survive in the cave and even practice by itself!

Mo Li finally found someone of the same kind, so he was happy. The more he looked at this white mouse, the more he loved it, and he wanted to give it something to eat. As a result, he was too anxious to enter the mountain that he didn’t bring anything this time.

Mo Li tentatively poked the mouse’s belly.

It’s soft and warm.

The white mouse didn’t resist and even hugged Physician Mo’s fingers with its small paws.

Spiritual power flowed from Mo Li’s fingertips and quickly received a response. Although the chubby white mouse’s aura was incompatible with this cave, it had no problem accepting the spiritual power given by Mo Li. It even shook Mo Li’s finger twice, as if asking for more.

“Where are you from?”

Mo Li didn’t tease this chubby mouse anymore. If it’s of the same kind, the other had probably awakened its wisdom.

He guessed that a few days ago, it was this white mouse that sneaked into the cave, knocked down the medicine basket, and stepped on the ice. As a result, he jumped out of the water after being startled and frightened the little guy.

Mo Li touched the delicate paws of the white mouse. Since it’s a mouse, it should have the ability to dig.

He inspected the entire Qi Mao Mountain that day, but he never looked underground.

Besides, the aura of this little thing was too weak.

Mo Li couldn’t help holding the chubby white mouse to his eyes, evaluating its strength. Although they’re all spiritual beings, there’s a gap between a tiger demon and a rat demon. Take Mo Li himself; his original body was a fish. More than ten years ago, the torrential rain in Qi Mao Mountain continued and filled the cave with water. As a fish, he swam desperately to the bottom of the pool but was still washed out by the mighty flood. He had struggled all the way to get away, but what can a fish do? His aura couldn’t stop the flood. Even if he struggled to jump out of the water, he’d still be carried away by the current.

When Mo Li hugged a small piece of wood, he found himself subconsciously transformed into a human form.

The driftwood wasn’t big and could only bear the size of a child.

——then, I was picked up by Elder Qin.

At that time, Mo Li couldn’t even speak, much less walk. He didn’t know how to read, let alone the dangers in the world. If someone had discovered his true identity, the consequences would have been disastrous.

“My luck is good, and it seems that your luck is also good.” Mo Li reached out his hand and poked the chubby white mouse’s nose. The latter tilted its head and glanced at him, then balled itself up again.

“Go back with me?” Mo Li poked the ball again and discussed it with the chubby mouse. 

The white mouse shook its head.  

Doctor Mo pondered: “That’s right, the spiritual energy in the cave is greater.”

But he always felt that the aura of this white mouse was incompatible with the cave here. Even if this soft ball was lying on the palm of his hand, Mo Li had the illusion that the other party might disappear at any time. Remembering the recent anomaly in Zhushan County, Mo Li asked tentatively: “Do you know about the dragon vein?”

Unexpectedly, the white mouse nodded.

Even with its hairy ball-like body, the nodding movement was far less evident than the shaking of its head.

Mo Li was startled as he held the white mouse at eye level: “Do you really know about the dragon veins? There are dragon veins in Qi Mao Mountain?”

The chubby mouse nodded confidently again.  

Mo Li couldn’t help lowering his voice as he asked: “Then, where is the dragon vein?”

The chubby mouse stepped on Mo Li’s palm.  


Probably realizing that its body size couldn’t fully express the correct meaning, the chubby white mouse turned over and raised its paw to point at the ground.

“Under our…feet?” Mo Li had never imagined that the so-called dragon veins were hidden under this cave.

It made sense once he thought about it. This was where Qi Mao Mountain had the most spiritual energy.  

The white mouse swung a paw towards the pond, then made a long line and pointed to the entrance. After it was done, it seemed to feel that it wasn’t enough. The two front paws were like holding a pine cone as it showed the largest space it could cover.

“Is it the spiritual pond? The whole cave? Qi Mao Mountain?”

When Mo Li said the last words, the chubby mouse nodded its head heavily.

Doctor Mo sighed. The dragon vein was so big that it spread all over Qi Mao Mountain. This is the worst. Such a large mountain couldn’t be moved, nor could it be covered. How then could it be protected?

Master Li said that natural calamities and man-made disasters would cause the dragon veins to appear, but there were no changes in this cave. Since he entered the mountain, he had seen no abnormalities all the way. Is the dragon vein an intangible thing that its existence and passing couldn’t be seen or touched?

It shouldn’t be, ah.

Humans might not be able to feel it, but he’s a spiritual being. Could even he not find it?

What kind of existence was this dragon vein?  

The chubby white mouse saw Mo Li frowning. Its little claws moved and clumped up quietly, then its whole body floated and tried to hit Mo Li’s eyebrows directly.

Its speed was very fast. When Mo Li reacted, the white mouse was already close.

Mo Li evaded in a hurry, feeling a bit inexplicable. The white ball missed and it collapsed, turning into a thick mist and engulfing Mo Li.


The pool water surged and made a tall water column.

The water even passed through the gap in the roof of the cave and jetted out.

The silver moonlight continued to shine on the water, following a faint golden light, as it became brighter and brighter. The gold and silver light filled the entire pool while the cave vibrated and the snow melted.

This was just the beginning. Qi Mao Mountain began to shake slightly in a radius of three hundred miles.

The people fled their homes in a panic, shouting that the dragon is turning over.  

The tragedy of their house being destroyed and them dying didn’t happen. Although the shaking was noticeable, the amplitude wasn’t large. The people standing on the ground could only feel their feet shake, and they couldn’t help trembling.

After shaking for a full quarter of an hour, the vibrations stopped.  

The people held their heads, looked around tremblingly, and found that their house was still intact. There was no crack in the ground, and there’s nothing broken in the house.

It’s just that everyone was covered with snow.

The crushed ice even injured some very unlucky people.  

Qin Lu held Tang XiaoTang in his arms, his face black as the bottom of the pot. He looked in the direction of Qi Mao Mountain and couldn’t stop worrying.

And in the cave of Qi Mao Mountain, Mo Li’s consciousness was sinking into an empty void. Looking up was a dazzling light, and looking down, he couldn’t see his body, as if he had turned into the wind or became like a cloud.

He didn’t know how long it took, but he suddenly saw crisscrossing houses and squares under him.

There were mountains in the distance, and a river ran through the city.

There’re faint lights in the city, and Mo Li wanted to see it again, but his “body” involuntarily floated forward. In front was a magnificent palace with red walls and glazed tiles with the entrance sometimes winding and sometimes straight, and built against the mountain like a long snake.

The halls and pavilions were shown, row after row.

In the middle of the palace, there were ten squatting beasts of different appearances on the long eaves.

“This is…” Mo Li exclaimed.

Master Qin taught him that there could only be nine on each pole. There’s only one place in the world with ten squatting beasts on the roof. That’s Wanhe Hall, the place where the sole Emperor sat on the north and faced the south while holding a court meeting and being worshipped by all.

Although there’s great chaos nowadays where any cat or god could claim the throne and proclaim themselves Emperor, if they want to build such a big city and such a grand palace, they couldn’t do it with just money.

So this must be the Great Capital Xianyang.

Xianyang is the capital of several dynasties, also known as the Great Capital because every dynasty and every generation liked to change the Imperial Capital’s name, which led to very confusing records. Moreover, when reading books and learning about the Capital, it’s very confusing, and there’s taboo at every turn, so it was nicknamed the Great Capital.

That’s good and all, but how did he suddenly arrive in the Great Capital?

Mo Li was at a loss. At this time, an extremely powerful aura enveloped the entire capital, and he was stuck in it, unable to break free. Mo Li looked up instinctively, and the dazzling golden light suddenly became a lot milder. He saw a huge beast entrenched in the sky above the Great Capital, and the beams of Wanhe Hall would only be worth a scale.

Dragon, a golden dragon, was there.

Mo Li opened his mouth uncontrollably because he felt the dragon’s aura was precisely the same as the little chubby mouse who squatted in his palm just now.

“Who are you?”


The Golden Dragon slowly bent its head. Its body was too large and its eyes were like two suns that suddenly lit up the night.

Mo Li felt strange. He felt “himself” being held by the dragon’s claws, and the Golden Dragon took a light breath. Mo Li instantly felt the sky spin, and when he recovered, he seemed to have a body.

He lifted his paw inexplicably.

Wait, where did the paw come from?

Mo Li looked down at “himself” and was stunned.

He had a long and thin body with shiny black scales, sharp claws on his belly, and a long beard was fluttering on the sides of his face.

——it doesn’t look like a snake, let alone a lizard.

Mo Li looked up and saw a reflection of “himself” in the Golden Dragon’s dazzling pupils.

A pocket-sized black dragon, so thin that people suspect it’s malnourished.

But why does it feel so familiar? It seems that something similar had happened before—— Mo Li suddenly thought of that chubby white mouse that squatted on his palm just like this, soft, looking harmless and well-behaved.

He was cheated.

Mo Li became expressionless. The Golden Dragon raised another paw, pointed at itself, and then pointed at Mo Li again.

“Come to me.” The voice was like a muffled thunder in the sky and accompanied by countless echoes.


Mo Li thought, why is he talking to a dragon that deceived him.

“You are a dragon vein, and I am also a dragon vein. Protect yourself.” The Golden Dragon turned its head and gently pushed Mo Li with its paw.

“Wait, what did you say?”

Mo Li was shocked as he instinctively asked, but this gust of wind drove him up and down. When he could finally open his eyes, he could see the surging spiritual pool filled with golden light.


The water flowed back into the pool, and the splashing drops of water splashed all over Mo Li. He stepped back and leaned directly against the cave wall, breathing heavily.

There were no dragons nor a chubby mouse in the cave, and that strange breath had disappeared completely.

Mo Li wiped his face, and he soon discovered that his body had never left the cave. The scene just now was just what he saw in his own consciousness, just like how he would occassionally use his spiritual power to explore Qi Mao Mountain.

Dragon vein, Great Capital…

Golden Dragon, Black Dragon…

Mo Li sat on the ground blankly. So he’s not a spiritual being?

The author has something to say:

The chubby mouse squatting on Mo Li’s hand squinted its eyes, then changed its body and held Mo Li in its palm: This is how it feels. Is it fun?

Mo Li: …

Throws a punch.


Mo Li couldn’t help lowering his voice as he asked: “Then, where is the dragon vein?”

The chubby mouse stepped Mo Li’s palm: You.


I thought about the protagonist while writing this. With an old father’s mentality, while holding white ginseng, a white fox, and a giant snake, suddenly a little chubby mouse fell from the sky. He happily picked it up and prepared to raise it, but the sky spun and a huge golden dragon looked at him with a smile like an old father.

Protagonist: …

Protagonist: Where’s the author? I want to strike! I’m actually not a spiritual being!

Fish 010: All Houses Moved

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