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[This world is an unstable one that is always in danger of collapse.]


[The shape of the world cannot be maintained due to the outflow of magical power. If left alone, it will eventually collapse.]

At that point, I wonder if the magical power kept the shape of the world, but whatever.

[And to stop the collapse, the temple decided to summon a ‘hero’ from another world.]

“The cause of the decrease in magical power, or something like that. Are we supposed to defeat it?”

And once defeated, can we return to our original world?

[If you can eliminate the cause of the decrease in magical power, that’s better, but… more than that, otherworlders have high magical power. That alone will supplement the low magical power of this world.]

…huh, somehow, the situation suddenly became suspicious, didn’t it?

[In the beginning, the purpose was to summon a small number of heroes, and the goddess will grant them armor and knowledge. Their only purpose was to eliminate the cause…. but then, the people in the temple…]

Ah, yeah, I somehow understood.

[Any otherworlder will become a wedge that can prevent the collapse of this world. And then, then… that’s why I don’t like the temple! They are intentionally summoning otherworlders and using their magical power to stop the collapse of this world!]

…in other words, it’s that, right? Its something like you can play hard and not work since you’ll receive more welfare protection than you’ll ever need, right?

…it’s no wonder [Alive Grimoire]-san hates the temple.

“Then, is [Hero] a general term for us otherworlders?”

[It used to be, but now it’s different. …this also has an annoying backstory. Did you get separated when you came to this world?]

Yup. Very much. It took ten days to get all the members together.

[The person who happened to land in the temple is called the [Hero]. The others would then just be called a [Foreigner] …if you aren’t wise, you understand, right?]

“Oh, God! That scares me! You mean, a slave, right?”

[Correct answer. …that’s right. Was it around that time that slavery was established in this world?]

What a profound story this became.

“That [temple]… I don’t think it’s just a facility that summons heroes.”

[Hmm, the temple was originally there to hear the voice of the Goddess. Everyone in the temple initially could listen to the Goddess… now only the high priest hears the Goddess’ voice.]

“Fukuyama-kun said that the ‘Goddess’ gave a mission to the Hero, but does the temple being corrupt mean the Goddess is also corrupt?”

A rotten Goddess. …ah, no, I don’t mean it like that. It doesn’t mean BL.

[I don’t know about that. …if only one person can hear the Goddess, what can that person do?]

“Ah-, you mean, the Goddess’ voice might have been tampered.”

This, is getting complicated.

[Originally, after creating this world, the Goddess became the leader of this world. It’s also quite possible that the corruption of the temple might be due to the Goddess…]

“That mission, can I hear it?”

[If you go to the temple, you might get the mission from the high priest. For the time being, the summoning of otherworlders is also considered a hero summoning. That means all the summoned people are heroes. …are you going to the temple?]

“Why not? We’ll eventually have to go there. We’ll also have to talk to them.”

[Hmm, I don’t recommend it, though? If you have time to go there, it’s better to sleep.]

D-do you hate the temple that much?

Well, I also hate it after hearing the story just now.

…well, it’s dangerous to make various judgments based on the story of one person (although it’s only a book). Whether or not this [Alive Grimoire]-san can really be trusted is quite a delicate matter.

…yeah, but it’s that, after all. I’d like to put it on hold for the time being until after we went to the temple.

There’s no smoke without fire, right?

Or rather, there’s something more important than that.

“But if we can erase the cause, we can go back to our original world, right? The temple could summon us, so that means they can return us, right?”

[Um, they could reverse the summoning, but…um.]

Huh, the letters stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

[Um…there’s someone who knows more about that. Ask that person. Because it’s a little heavy for me to talk about it.]

Eh, is it such a heavy story?

“Who is that person? It should be someone I know, right?”

[Hmm, are you still unaware of it? …didn’t you think it was strange?]

“…what is?”

[Um, then it would be fun to wait until you notice it. Please come again when you know the answer.]

Eh, w-wait, wait, wait! Hey! Somehow, it’s shining even though I didn’t want to go back!? The story isn’t over yet! Don’t make me go back!

[The hint is… right, it’s something you don’t like. Don’t you like “The Law of Conservation of Mass”?]


Yes, I was sent back. [Alive Grimoire]-san sounded very happy.

That means it must be satisfied with the intellectual exchange just now.

And, that guy happily gave me an intellectual problem.

…it would be awkward to [Share] again at this point. Alright, I’ll just think about the answer, but before that, I’m already sleepy, so I’m going to sleep.

Good night.


“…and that’s the story.”

Yes, it’s morning, and we’re having breakfast. Today, I felt like making rice with miso soup and fried eggs.

And while eating, I told the others what I talked about with [Alive Grimoire]-san last night. I hope everyone could understand it quickly.

“Uhm, that means… are we supposed to defeat the cause?”

“In the first place, what’s the cause?”

“Fukuyama-kun said that he would defeat it, but [Alive Grimoire]-san said to erase it. We don’t even know what the cause is.”

Probably. That book is very particular about these sorts of details.

“Then, should we go to the temple?”

“I told you, the book didn’t recommend it.”

The book might have simply disliked the temple.

“…anyway, we should focus on the question the book gave, right? [A person who is familiar with the answer to the question: can the temple return us to our original world when we erase the cause?] …and the hint is, [somone who liked The Law of Conservation of Mass won’t like.]

It seems like everyone thought of the same thing.

“Ah-…Tsukimori-san, right?”

Ah, yeah, she’s a [Copy Witch] after all.

She’s ignoring The Law of Conservation of Mass.

Well, when I came to this world, that kind of thing was really messed up, but I’m getting used to it now. She’s the only one who fought head-on with The Law of Conservation of Mass.

“In any case, we want her to copy the [Correspondence] bracelet, so we’re still going to see Tsukimori-san.”

Hmm, for the time being, I think I have no choice but to earn money.

And so, we decided to go to Northeast 3F.

Of course, [Transfer] was done after [Sharing] their memories because I’ve never been to 3F.

Then from there, we decided to search for the Information Room / Newspaper Group by riding Ketorami again.

“Then, as always.”

And so, the rock-paper-scissors began again.

…excluding Toriumi, who Ketorami didn’t want to carry, and the President and Hariu, who had already been on board.

Then, I saw advanced psychological warfare, and Kariya finally lost after 12 extra times, so after [Sharing] his vision, he set out on Ketorami.

…during that time, we were free, so we were harvesting rice around the area.

Rather, 3F is full of rice. Why?

It’s almost time for my reserves to run out, so I thought I should harvest some from here.

After that, we found them in just a dozen minutes, so I immediately did a [Transfer].

Ketorami-san is fast, after all. However, in reaction to that, Kariya was about to die.

Thank you for your hard work.

“You guys, why are you so free?”

“We’re not as free as Tsukimori-san, okay?”

“I’m the futon guard.”

“How enviable.”

By the way, I met the Information Room / Newspaper Group after a long time, though it wasn’t that long.

They have a slower rhythm than us, so they’re just having breakfast now.

And Tsukimori-san is still sleeping. I’m jealous.

“So, you have something to copy?”

And she guessed it right. Amazing.

“Yeah, this one.”

And so, after explaining the effect, she decided to [Copy] the [Correspondence] bracelet immediately.

“[Copy]. …eh?”

However, something strange happened here.

“Why two?”

…2 more appeared in just one [Copy].

“…no way, I did two at the same time…? This time, I will do only one.”

And so, once again.

“[Copy]. …yeah, this time it’s only one.”

And so, I was given three bracelets. …but it’s a little strange.

“Huh, was the bracelet stone light blue?”

“No, orange.”

That’s right. Two of the bracelets’ stones…have turned light blue.

“…is this thing made two at the same time? …hnn, [Copy].”

Tsukimori-san [Copied] only one of the light blue ones this time.

“Yeah, it’s light blue. …then, [Copy].”

And then, copy two at the same time. …then, there were two red stone bracelets this time.

…w-what does this mean…?

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