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We talked about various things, and also what we have to do for the time being.

“Then, I’ll be the in charge of [Correspondence]. I’ll bring sewn clothes from time to time.”

“Aahh, thank you.”

I started with that.

As a result of various discussions, it was decided that I’ll have the [Correspondence] bracelet.

After all, if [Correspondence] suddenly comes during a battle, the others might not be able to answer it and it’d likely hinder the battle.

In that respect, I rarely fight, so it’s decided that I’d be the most convenient at such times.

All nine members of the Chemistry Club are wearing light green stone bracelets just in case [Correspondence] comes when I and everyone else was separated. Then… yeah, it’s also useful when I’m kidnapped again. That’d only happen if the equipment wasn’t confiscated though.

Then, I’d use [Transfer] to transport the sewn clothes to this place. We can directly enter the store, so it’s easy.

Now then. From now on, the days of exploration will begin again.

Even if 3F was left to the Information Room / Newspaper Group, we must collect the ones on 1F.

So, if we want to collect it anyway, the South is closer than the North.

And so, we decided to collect the classrooms in the Southwest. Specifically, the Principal’s Office and the Infirmary.

Or, if we go further Southwest, there’s the gymnasium, but…because the Southwest is the sea…I hope there’s land beyond that.

…or rather, before that…the Principal’s Office was next to the Staff Room, but…uhm, it’s in the sea, right? …I want to think otherwise.

I wanted to think that since I really hate being by the sea, but still, we proceeded along the coast.

Of course, with Ketorami-san. …Katori is currently riding Ketorami-san. It seemed like he’s the one who lost the rock-paper-scissors.

And the remaining people were diving to search.

It’d be troublesome if they missed a classroom in the sea, so they decided to go while looking into the sea.

Except for me, the others move awfully well in the water. Well, it’s all thanks to the corrections…

Of course, I don’t have any corrections, so I’m house-sitting with the maid dolls.

It’s not because I’m not good at swimming. It’s because I have no correction.

And there’s an important job for the house-sitter.

That’s right. I’m making clothes.

This is very, very important and will be the lifeline of Sagara-kun and the others when they go and buy the enslaved students in underground auctions. So I have to make it.

After a while, Katori, who was on Ketorami-san, found the [Principal’s Office] and I had everyone go out of the sea and [Transfer].

With the Principal’s Office at the beach, Ketorami-san was playing with the waves, while Katori was in a groggy state. Thank you for your hard work.

W-well, now that we have another classroom, aren’t we doing well?

From there, rock-paper-scissors was held again, and this time, Suzumoto rode Ketorami-san as he ran. The rest went diving again, and I became the clothing craftsman. Katori was in charge of playing with the maid dolls while relaxing.

Somehow, one of the maid dolls kept sticking to Katori.

Although she didn’t do anything in particular, when this maid doll found Katori, she’d always go out of her way to be poked and relax by Katori’s side.

And when Katori stopped touching it, she’d start poking him and became satisfied with that.

…why is this? Even some of the children I left behind Tsukimori-san are very unique… although they’re rare among the maid dolls, they’re still my children… yeah, as expected, they had more ego compared to the beginning.

I wonder why, recently, the maid dolls would randomly act. I mean…it’s like an ego has sprouted…

“…hey, maybe your egos are sprouting?”

When I asked just in case, everyone turned to me all at once, waving their neck and hands left and right, and making faces that said, “no sprout! It’s not sprouting!”

…I think it did, but they’re saying it didn’t, so let’s just pretend it didn’t…

After a while, the light green bracelet glowed, so I received it.

“I can’t do it anymore…please join me.”

It looked like Suzumoto gave up. Thank you for your hard work.

The others also received the message and even brought fish from the sea, so the fishes were thrown into the Physics Lab and we [Transferred] again.

The destination was a tropical beach or something like that.

On the other hand, there are things like mangoes and bananas on the trees. Somehow, it’s light green or reddish-brown!

And Suzumoto, who seemed to have traveled quite a long distance, looked like a drunk as he vomited.

“Geez, so weak, this guy and those guys also.”

Ketorami-san had a disgusted face, but, yeah, don’t bring your standards to humans.

Suzumoto hadn’t revived, so after Hagasaki departed on Ketorami-san, the rest also took a break here. I decided to spend that time collecting the food around here.

When I went outside, something like a crocodile in armor came out, so I quickly withdrew to the lab and quietly sewed clothes.

The maid dolls were [Don’t mind it!] but that kindness hurts.

The maid dolls still worked hard.

Sometimes, there’d be children taking a nap, and some children flying around to play, but, work! When I called them out, they’d still work.

Even now, some of them brought water to Suzumoto-kun and tried to cheer him up with some mofumofu. Somehow, I’m indebted to them. Even though I hadn’t ordered them in particular.

…really, they’d sometimes rest and sometimes work hard. Is it the result of running several MP interval runs?

It’s conceivable that our [pass] has become stronger, or the mint extract had such an effect.

It seemed like Ketorami-san knew something about the [pass], I’m sure.

Let’s ask later.

Then, Hagasaki-kun found a classroom, so everyone [Transferred] again.

Since they started using the Ketorami-riding method, the speed of finding classrooms had increased dramatically. It’s amazing. We found two in half a day.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how difficult it is to secure a classroom that can be found in the Royal Capital. It took 10 days for just 3 of them.

…well, the [Staff Reception] was found outside, and since there might be some that sunk to the sea, I can’t say anything in general.

The classroom found this time was the [Conference Room]. Well, this school has a lot of conference rooms, so I’m not sure how many conference rooms there were or where they were… this conference room is used when guests come. The type with fluffy chairs. Moreover, it’s uselessly wide.

…maybe this would become the bedroom or the dining room from now on.

Because it seemed like we’re continuing, Kadomi went West while riding Ketorami-san.

The others seemed tired of diving into the sea, so they were taking a break.

Suzumoto-kun, who seemed to have a weak semicircular canal, has not yet revived.

(T/N: FYI, the semicircular canal is the one responsible for our body’s balance. It’s part of the ear.)

Even though he’d do inhuman acrobatics during battles.

In the Southwest of 1F, there should be an Infirmary or a counseling room. There should also be a group of classrooms but they’re vague since they’re far away from my normal route. The goal is to find them somewhere around here.

After that…hmm…we’re going South. Should we go to the gymnasium which was detached or go collect North 1F first…a discussion is required.

Suzumoto-kun, who’s in a leader-like position, hadn’t revived yet. Kadomi-kun is also not here while the others are sleeping and not able to talk, so let’s push it to dinner time.

When I became free, I decided to start preparing dinner before Kadomi-kun gave up.

Today I got a big tuna with horns, so I’ll do something about it.

…tuna, I was wondering if it’s a deep-sea fish, so I asked and they said, [when I was in the sea, I scratched myself on the stones on the seabed, and it seemed drawn to the smell of blood].

Isn’t that a shark, not a tuna? Are tunas in this world so active? I’m scared.

For the lean meat, soak it in soy sauce and mirin, then use it to make pickled tuna for tomorrow. Let’s eat the fatty cuts today.

It might be okay to make all of it sashimi, but I think it’s good to have it with the pickled tuna tomorrow, so I cooked the fatty parts on the back and the stomach.

It’s easy to make. Cover the seasoned fatty tuna with breadcrumbs and fry it quickly until the surface is colored.

And done, a fish toro* cutlet with a delicious taste.

(T/N: Toro meant the fatty cuts in a tuna.)

If heated to the point where it’s completely cooked to the center, the fatty tuna will melt and disappear, so the trick is to fry it quickly.

…rather, I’m sure that with such a big tuna, we’d get tired of it just eating the sashimi.

When I was about grill the vegetables first before frying the rest, a [Correspondence] came from Kadomi-kun, and we [Transferred] again.

The [Infirmary] was at our destination. Wow, so fast, so fast. It’s the third classroom today.

But that’s all for today, so let’s eat. By this time, Suzumoto-kun had somehow revived, so we all had dinner. The toro cutlet was popular.

So I discussed what I was thinking while eating, should we go South or North from here?

“I think there’s probably the gymnasium in the South… Even if we go out at sea, the gymnasium might not be there. It wouldn’t be strange if there’s something equivalent to a passageway, like the staircase ruins.”

Even if you use [Far Sight], you can’t see anything that looked like a gymnasium over the sea. In other words, the gymnasium might not be beyond the sea, and if it did, it’s a real hassle to get. We don’t have shipbuilding technology or navigation skills, so we’d like to refrain from doing so if possible. …though, it might become a skill sooner or later!

“Let’s get the counseling room first. If we head North, we should see a library, right? Then, if we go further North, there’s an art room on the Northwest 1F. I think there are stairs near that. Why don’t we take a look at 2F after that?”

And so, we unanimously decided to head North.

…if we could get the library, would [Alive Grimoire]-san be happy to have more friends? …no, not possible. It’d likely say, [A book without intelligence is just a book.]

Maid Chapter 063
Maid Chapter 065

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