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“I’m sleepy, so I’m going to bed. Maito, you’re free, right? Go and do a performance experiment.”

Since she said that, it should be an experiment involving everyone.

…no, somehow, I already have an idea, though.

The first is the new red stone bracelet.

This was easy since it’s just a copy of the original. Like the orange one, [Correspondence] is possible.

So the problem is the orange guy that has become three.

The experiment started with me, Hariu, and Katori equipping one bracelet each.

“Hello, can you hear me?”

“I can hear you.”

“Hear, hear.”

“Huh, Hariu can hear me?”

“Eh? Yup, can’t you hear me?”

…and so it went. This is…somehow, its like a chat or something.

If one person activates it, they can connect to everyone holding the bracelet of that same color and have a conversation with them.

Somehow, I have a feeling that this would become very useful!

In other words, if all our members have this, we can communicate with each other even if we’re far away.

I mean, we can talk even at very long distances. If we give one to the Information Room / Newspaper Group and the Deichemall pawnshop group, it will become very convenient… uhm, but before that, I have to wake up Tsukimori-san.

“Haah!? You still want me to [Copy]!? Are you joking!? What do you think my MP is!”

I got scolded. Well, that’s right. After [Copying] four times, it’s already the limit. She got angry when I woke her up from sleep after consuming so much MP, yup.

However, I have some goods here.

“For you, here, mint extract.”

From the hem of my skirt, maid dolls holding bottles of mint extract came out and presented them to Tsukimori-san. Under the hem, not under the sleeves.

“…what is this?”

“If you drink it, you’ll recover MP!”

“Eh, can these dolls drink it?”

Wrong, that’s not it.

When I explained the mint extract and the maid dolls to Tsukimori-san, Tsukimori-san, who was listening to me, smiled and said:

“I understand. I’ll [Copy] as much as you like. But! …please give me one of these dolls.”

While saying that, she already had a doll in her hands.

When the maid doll was lifted, it struggled in the sudden situation, but Tsukimori-san didn’t let go.

…I see, Tsukimori-san, do you like something like this?

“Hmm, this, for the time being, it works because of my skill. You can replenish its MP by giving it mint extract, but it might not work when I leave, you know?”

“Hnn…yeah, that’s fine. Then it’s a deal.”

Yes, negotiations are complete.

And so, about three maid dolls will remain at Tsukimori-san’s place.

Why did it become three…the maid dolls have different hairstyles and faces, so Tsukimori-san was wondering what to do. Since she couldn’t choose between the last three, I decided to give all three of them because it was a good idea.

These dolls can be mass-produced again, and since she liked it, I thought this is also good.

Above all, each maid doll has a subtle personality. Some were hard workers; some liked to play, some wanted to leisurely shop, but…the three maid dolls that Tsukimori-san chose were all strangely maids who enjoyed taking a nap.

I thought they could get along well with this, so the three maid dolls became Tsukimori-san’s exclusive maids.

No, let’s call them her friends.

And so, Tsukimori-san, who ran a marathon of recovering MP and using it all up, entered the futon with the maid dolls and enjoyed a happy nap time.

However, now that I have everything I wanted, all I have to do is hand it out, so I walked out.

First of all, Saegusa-kun.

He seemed to have become the leader of this group, so let him be in charge of communication.

I briefly explained how the [Correspondence] bracelet worked and gave him one of Tsukimori-san’s copy. The orange bracelet is for contacting us, and the light blue bracelet should be used within their group.

Also, I handed the original orange bracelet to Saegusa-kun.

It’s better to have the original near Tsukimori-san, who can [Copy] it, so it became like this.

Moreover, I asked Tsukimori-san to increase the number of [Transfer] hairclips to give some to Sagara-kun and their group in the Deichemall pawnshop along with the [Correspondence] bracelets. It would surely help them.

And that’s all. I can just give it when I go back.

The problem is this. [Can the temple return us to our original world when we erase the cause?] This one.

After doing various things, it seemed that it’s time for lunch, so while having lunch here, I also conveyed the information obtained from [Alive Grimoire]-san.

On top of that, I asked them, “Does anyone know if [the temple can return us to our original world when we erase the cause?]”


Of course, no one knew, including Tsukimori-san.

Or rather, it’s the first time they heard about the Hero, the Goddess, and the temple.

That’s right; the temple’s on 1F while they’re on 3F. It’s at the level that I’d doubt they’re the cause if they knew about it.

Well, it’s okay since I didn’t expect any answers.

Then I heard about the progress here.

Apparently, all the classrooms on North 3F had been collected. That’s early. So it seemed like they’re about to head South.

That was dangerous. I’m glad I met them at this timing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where they went.

…I took it for granted that I could contact them, but it’s actually a precious and wonderful thing.

We, who relied heavily on mobile phones, were remorseful about this point.

We agreed to contact each other occassionally from now on, then I [Transferred] to Deichemall pawnshop again.

There’s the couple from the Broadcasting Club that we bought and stayed in George-san’s place, but well, Sagara-kun’s the one in charge, so I gave Sagara-kun an orange bracelet and explained how to use it.

And then, I handed Utagawa-san the [Transfer] hairclip. This will allow them to move quite freely.

And I asked their group as well. “Among your group, is there anyone who knew [if the temple can return us to our original world when we erase the cause]?”

…yup, here as well. Even if they knew about the temple and the hero, they didn’t know that much.

Well, that’s right…even Hanamura-san ignored various things like how her plants grew, but I expected something a little, though.

“Ah, right, we also heard about it.”

Hoh, Sagara-kun also talked to a strange book?

“…hey, do you know what year is it in this world?”

“Don’t know. …what about it?”

Why did that topic come up all of a sudden?

“I think in this world, it’s Medirefiana Year 118, right?”

If you know it, why did you even bother to ask?

“…it should have been New Year when we came to this world…in other words, Year 118 has just begun.”


“That’s why. We’ve been tending to the store, right? …the gold in the store is mostly made in Medirefiana Year 118.”

At this point, an indescribable silence flowed.

…yup, that… let’s not ask. Yup. I’m about to step into the darkness of this world.

Yeah, let’s say this topic never came up.

“In other words, we might be dealing with count*rfe!t money.”

However, as expected of the mood crusher President. He said it brilliantly.

“But is there such a facility in this store?”

…there’s only the pawnshop here.

This building has a pawnshop on the front half and a residence on the back. Half of the first floor is the store and the warehouse, while the other half is the washroom and dining area. The whole second floor is the living area. This is also luxurious since there are six rooms with about eight tatami mats.

One of them is George-san’s room, and four of the remaining five were where Sagara-kun and his group lived, while the last one was a storage unit.

There’s also the basement, which was exclusively used for food storage.

…so, the money in this world is coins, right? And, as you can see, there’s no space for the equipment used for minting coins, so it’s a little difficult to make counterfeit money.

“There’s also the possibility that you’re purchasing count*rfe!t money from outside, but was there such a thing?”

“No…I don’t know because I’ve only been here for two days…I mean, in this store, where do you keep the money?”

Ha? …no, no, no, no, isn’t that a problem?

“Isn’t it in George-san’s room? I’ve seen George-san go to his room to collect money at the time of purchase.”

Ah, speaking of which, regardless of whether there’s a lot or just a few dresses, it took a while to get the money out.

Well, it might be safer to make a safe in the living area and put it there, rather than leaving such a massive amount of money in the store.

“Ah, I went inside to wake up George-san, but I didn’t see any safe or money!”

O-Oh!? Horrible information came from Hanamura-san!

…th-then, no way, the money…just where is it coming from…?

“Wait! Hanamura-san! That’s no good! For a girl to enter an Ossan’s room!”

“Eehh-, because, I’m confident that if I hit him once, George-san will be blown away…”

“Even so! Even so! You don’t have enough sense of crisis!”

“I-if you say that then that means Maito-senpai doesn’t have any sense of crisis!”

…I thought the two girls were arguing about something over there, but sparks flew my way.

“R-right, Maito-san, I would like to say a word about your sense of crisis.”

“Every morning, everyone gets up on their own, so it’s okay! I’ve never sl*pt with them.”

“That’s right, but what about the opposite! What would you do if one of them come in!”

…well, then just come in… hn, no, make them wait?

“They can’t come in…I’m sleeping outside after all…”

If I use Ketorami as a futon, I’ll end up sleeping under the starry sky.

“Haa!? W-wait a minute! Is that okay!”

“I’m getting help from Ketorami-san.”

When something would approach, it would growl and make them go away. What a high-performance futon!

That’s right. He cautioned me about Minehara-san and even taught me about the big black snake’s memories.

Yup, what a safe futon! It’s too wonderful!

…after that, Utagawa-san told me various things, but in the end, I got over it by saying [it’s okay. Even if something happens, there’s a reassuring futon called Ketorami-san, and there are even eight extra fighters!]

I had a big headache, but… if someone wanted to do something to me while I’m sleeping, they had to break through Ketorami-san first. As soon as Ketorami-san barked, eight fighters would join. Isn’t it impossible to break through them?

Ah, but if they force it, can’t they just use long-range attacks?

Hmm. I hope we can take countermeasures for that.

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