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After sleeping, waking up, and eating, we left again.

Today’s goal was to collect classrooms on Northwest 1F, right? It’s a wonder if we could go that far, but Ketorami-san was so fast that nothing should happen. Ketorami-san’s part of our family. …no, I didn’t mean anything else by that!

Everyone except Toriumi and I suffered from riding Ketorami-san. I was rejected because I didn’t have the strength or endurance to be listed, but Toriumi was told by Ketorami-san to refrain because of his heavy equipment.

…well, what happened was that today’s first Ketorami-san rider was Toriumi with his equipment removed. Amen.

Meanwhile, Hagasaki-kun and Katori were with the maid dolls while I continued sewing clothes. I don’t have to sew at high speed, so I sewed moderately. I’ve been relaxing since yesterday, and maybe I’d made about 10 dresses?

Then, it might be better to leave it at Sagara-kun’s place. If we don’t give them money, they won’t be able to work in the city.

…come to think of it, if it’s between the staff room and broadcasting room, there should be something like a reference room.

And…I think it’s around the Royal Capital.

We got it because it’s at the auction last time, but if the owner said that they would not sell, it’d be extremely difficult to secure a classroom.

So, I can expect that the reference room would be like that.

…I’m sure it’d be hard just looking for it. Good luck, Sagara-kun!

Before being contacted by Toriumi, Toriumi himself returned with a [Transfer]. As expected, he’s weak all over. Ketorami-san said, [didn’t I limit it to 80% of my full speed?] I’m sure they’ll die if he sprinted at full speed.

So, while being tired, Toriumi took all of us and [Transferred].

Uwaa, don’t take a maid’s job, even though you’re already exhausted!

The destination was the library. Yeah, this was as expected. Searching inside the library to find the jewel would take a long time. Only when we went outside with the jewel will the [Library] be collected. Yeah, it’s refreshingly straightforward.

By the way, the jewel had fallen behind the shelves of an encyclopedia section in my area, so I found it first. Ufufu.

From there, they rode Ketorami in turns and moved forward. We then reached North 1F safely.

…but, the problem was from here. There’s [Correspondence] from Kadomi-kun who was on Ketorami-san. Did he find a classroom? I answered while thinking that.

[…something…uhm…I don’t know what to do, so join us at once.]


[I think it’s faster to have you come here…]

Well, seeing is believing, so we joined him with one [Transfer].

When we arrived, it was in a scorching environment.

It suddenly became really hot. I mean, it got hot. Looking closely, steam was rising from the cracks in the ground. I can see a volcano over there. Somehow, it felt like an active volcano. …until a while ago, it’s clearly an ordinary tropical forest area! What’s going on with this otherworld!

…everyone has [Heat and Cold Resistance]. That’s why it’s only a little hot in the desert.

I’m screwed…it’s really [hot] and the resistance didn’t seem to work on [fire] itself.

That’s why it’s hot in here. It’s really hot. So hot, hot.

But I’m still okay with it. After all…someone else was wearing armor, right? It’s hard on you…

“My nightmare is coming back…it’s useless, withdraw…no, is it better to give up and just acquire the skills…?”

Everyone started to get tired all at once. It’s because of this heat.

[You guys are so weak.]

“Don’t make as the same as you, Ketorami-san.”

Also, Ketorami-sam seemed fine. Or rather, he’s stepping on a crack in the ground where steam would normally come out. He said, [It’s better than a dragon’s breath, right?] Have you ever received a dragon’s breath? …I’m scared because it seemed likely.

And the conclusion. As long as Ketorami-san is okay, we’d take the same search method as before. In other words, the remaining Ketorami-san riders would suffer.

And so, the others also aimed to acquire skills here!

Just for that!

That’s why the President went on a journey. Good luck.

And, for more than ten minutes, the patience tournament was continuing over here. There was a [Correspondence] from President earlier that he got the skill.

[I found someone. Please join us.]

For the time being, I borrowed President’s vision to check. …uhm. Uhmm, t-there’s a possibility that President might be having hallucinations so let’s confirm it.

“Is that really a person?”

[It’s a person. This is my classmate. Please come soon.]

…I don’t remember there being a flaming student at school, you know?

Even when we joined President, that person was still on fire.

Or rather, he’s wearing armor made of flames.

Well, I wonder if this is also a skill.

Yeah, that’s right.

If you start from a place like this, it’s difficult to live unless you have such strange skills…

“Therefore, he’s Homura, a classmate.”

“I’m Homura! Nice to meet you!”

During this greeting, he’s still burning. It’s so hot that everyone couldn’t get close to him, and it made me want to look at him from a very long distance.

“He might be like this, but he has a good head.”

“Uwah, President, isn’t that terrible? Isn’t this guy just terrible?”

Correction. Even if it’s not hot, I think I’ll still want to go a little further.

“Uhm, for the time being, Homura-kun, right? Are you okay? Why are you burning?”

I asked for the time being. I think it’s a skill, otherwise, it’d be strange.


“Eh!? Why are you with a maid!? It’s a maid, dude! Hey hey, what’s your name?”

He approached so I had no choice but to retreat.

“Ah, I’ll correct it. I said that he has a good head, but that’s a lie.”

While thinking that it’s unusual for President to have distant eyes, I had no choice but to also have distant eyes.

“This seemed to be called [Flame Manipulation]. When I fell into the sea of fire, somehow, I can control fire?”

It sounded like a foreign language, so I wondered if we could communicate. When Homura-kun calmed down, the story was fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Hmm, as for his head…it seemed lacking.

No, not really lacking but more like overloaded.

“That’s why I’m confident that I won’t lose to a lizard-like guy who spits fire or a moth-like guy made of fireー”

I see, well, when it comes to the moths made of fire and since he can control the fire, it wasn’t an enemy.

“Homura-kun, when you came to this world…no, where were you before?”

Suzumoto rephrased it as if idolizing [Alive Grimoire]-san’s way of speaking.

“Ahー, I think it’s somewhere in front of the study room.”

Hmm, then that means there’s a study room near here, right?

“Then, did you find the study room?”

“Eh? Huh?”

Ah, there’s a problem before that.

“…Homura-kun, have you never seen a classroom?”

“Eh? Is there something like that? I didn’t know.”

…u-uhm…at the very least, we wanted information about a sighting…

That’s why I asked him to extinguish the hot and burning flame armor, then served tea in the Chemistry Lab.

When the classroom expanded, it’s a shame that he got overloaded again, so it’s difficult to calm him down…it’s all good. It’s just that he couldn’t say much…

“…that’s why we’re collecting classrooms.”

President patiently explained to Homura-kun the outline of our actions.

Somehow, the others were already feeling the heat and becoming exhausted. I wonder if this person, who didn’t seem to get tired, is a different species. It’s not that I think he’s bad, I just felt that he wouldn’t get along with us.

“Heー…then, isn’t it difficult? The study room might be inside the lava and you’re not good with the heat, right?”

…hoh, you mean that river of lava.

“…eh? Huh? Lava? Really?”

“Eh? Yup. When I came here, it was around here, you know? Then I went around, but there aren’t any study rooms?”

…e-excuse me? I don’t want to think about it, but what if? …if the study room was deep inside the lava, it wouldn’t exist in this world anymore…u-uwa, I don’t want to think about it! Then, do we really have to go to the temple and erase the cause!?

For the time being, I want to see the lava in question.

“See, that.”

Yeah, there’s a stream that glows red in the distance. I had to take a look, so everyone went a little closer and took a look. I just borrowed Hariu’s field of vision, I’m sorry.

“Uwa, it’s hot.”

However, the area was naturally hot. Only Kadomi-kun and that guy Homura-kun, who have [Flame Resistance] could come close.

“Ahー…yup, yup…I don’t know if it sunk.”

Even if the classroom was made of a material that would survive the lava, we have no idea how to take it out.

And so, they came back to the lab and had lunch before the strategy meeting.

It seemed like they lost appetite because it’s so hot, but yesterday’s tuna was still there… If we had sashimi in a room with air conditioning (thanks to Hagasaki-kun), it’s barely passable.

“Eh, this is tuna?”

“It’s tuna.”

“Why tuna?”

“I got it from the sea yesterday.”

“As in the sea!?”

Homura-kun, who had only eaten the fire-breathing lizard meat all this while, was very impressed by the tuna. …yeah, yeah, he’s pitiful no matter how you think about it.

There was no seasoning and he’d just eat the roasted lizard meat as it is. He lived on that all this time…yes, yes. I don’t care if you’re a little disappointing. Eat a lot.

“…so, if the classroom was sunk in the lava and still safe, how can we take it out? Or rather, how can we be sure there’s a classroom inside?”

An unreasonable demand and a devil’s proof, huh. Maybe it’d be easier to get a related skill…

“I think Homura-kun should dive into the magma and search for it.”

“Hey, even that’s too much for me! I’ll die! I’ll seriously die!”

“You can control fire, right?”

“Fire and magma are different!?”

Ah, is that so. How useless, this guy.

“Isn’t it caught by Toriumi’s [Search]?”

“Eh, yeah, I’ve been trying since a while ago… hnー, but it doesn’t work.”

Well, using [Search] on what’s in the lava took considerable MP.

“Why don’t we stop the lava and wait for the lava to decrease?”

I see. Then, somehow…

“How would you dam it up? It will melt even if you use rocks or metal.”

That’s right, the opponent was lava, not water.

After that, we talked a lot, but other than getting a related skill, there were no other decent ideas.

“Ahー, damn it. If only there was no lava.”

“If it disappears, we won’t have such a hard time…”

When everyone was lying down on the table, suddenly, my side was poked.

When I looked down…


The maid dolls carried a huge duster and poked me with the handle.

…I see, shall we try it?

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