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Author’s Note:

There are some painful descriptions, so please be careful if you’re not good at it.

Now then. I tried to share my life, but what kind of shape does life have in the first place? Rather, can you even share it? I wondered and for some reason, I arrived at a fragmentary space, similar to when I [Shared] my consciousness to wake up a sleeping person.

However, unlike before, this space is very small.

And there’s nothing. In this space, there’s just something that looked like a large wine glass.

It’s beautiful workmanship, and extremely delicate.

Somehow, it looked about to break if touched poorly.

And then, aside from that person-like glass, something mercury-like was falling from the ceiling (?) and sinking into the glass.

That clear, light blue liquid then spilled and made a puddle at the foot of the glass.

That mercury-like liquid occupied more than three-quarters of the glass, and currently flowing out…the flowing speed increased a bit, but then decreased once more.

Somehow, I understood this as the effect of Katori’s [Cool Breeze]. I wonder why I can understand it.

As far as I could see, the liquid on this delicate glass is life, so if the mercury-like liquid is flowing out, does that mean the person was injured?

…hmm, I think this is something I imagined. There’s no need to make life more complicated. In various ways.

Well, it’s easier to do something simple. Cheers to my simple imagination.

Then, if this is the case, I think it’s better to stop the mercury-like liquid from flowing out.

It seemed like the [Share] skill doesn’t work up to that point. Then I have no choice but to do something about it. Alright. Let’s do it by hand.

However, when I tried to catch it for some reason, it slipped through my hands and still flowed out of the glass.

…hmm? I can’t seem to touch it.

Uhm, what should I do? However, if this keeps flowing out, the contents of the glass will be gone.

Then, I thought of something, and gently grabbed the delicate glass. I tried to move it gently, but the mercury-like liquid seemed to have a homing signal and still fell into the wine glass with precision.

…then, let’s think about it from here. Let’s assume that this glass is the life of Hagasaki-kun.

Or rather, it’d be awful if that’s not the case.

Right. If life takes this form, then, at least in this space…my life should be here too, right?

When I looked around for a moment, there was something like glass right behind me. Or rather, it might be closer to say that it suddenly appeared when I became conscious of it.

…somehow, it’s a glass with a loose design. A game-like glass that looked like a round…teacup…?

How should I put it? The overall delicacy is just right. Hagasaki-kun’s is slender, beautiful, and delicate. Well, let’s leave it at that.

That mercury-like liquid slipped through my hand, but got into the wine glass. In other words, this glass is…life. I think I should think of it like that.

Then, let’s move it if I have time to think about that. I lifted my cup and put it on top of the delicate glass.

And then, after a while, the falling mercury-like liquid soundlessly fell into my cup.

When the pure white liquid in my cup spilled, somehow, I felt pain and indescribable anxiety at the same time. A feeling of fear also came up. What a scary thing.

…huh, what’s this? On the contrary, I think this also supports my hypothesis so far. Yeah, think positively.

Hmm, the mercury-like liquid is still flowing out. If more liquid leaks from Hagasaki-kun’s glass, I feel like it’s going to be dangerous, so I can’t help but take it quietly.

By the way, about a quarter of mercury-like liquid was left on the glass.

The liquid spilled until that point, and somehow got weaker.

I was wondering what to do next, but out of nowhere, a pear-colored liquid came floating and stuck to the ceiling (?).

It seemed to be closing the gap. Is this the [Miracle Drug]? Hmm, I see, it seems to be working. That’s good.

Then, the mercury-like liquid stopped falling, and I could see Katori’s [Cool Breeze] gradually stopping the flow.

…that’s good. Yup. This mercury-like liquid should stop flowing. It should be fine now, but…the amount of liquid the glass originally contained…didn’t increase.

When I looked at it for a while, I finally found that the pool below the delicate glass was gone.

And in the glass, there’s a light blue liquid up to a fifth of it, but…is this not enough?

This was different from blood. If it’s human blood, you’d need at least half of it. Does that mean he didn’t have enough? …before I could think, I instinctively knew that this was bad! I felt like that. I wonder why. That’s strange.

Even when I took a closer look, there’s no sign of the contents increasing at all. Ah, by the way, the mercury-like liquid falling decreased. This liquid naturally dripped to my cup (what’s this cup made of?) and the original pure white liquid inside gradually increased.

Hmm, this is probably because I can recover on my own, but Hagasaki-kun doesn’t. The amount of recovery seems to increase when the amount of liquid is large.

…uhm, this is bad. I’ve been worried for a while now.

My cup was on top of Hagasaki-kun when I was catching the dripping mercury-like liquid. In other words, this liquid…should have entered Hagasaki-kun’s glass.

Isn’t that dangerous? I thought so…but as far as I can see, I think it’s okay like this.

The contents of my glass are a pure white liquid with no transparency, but the light blue transparent liquid on Hagasaki-kun was clear with no murky elements.

…as a test, I put a drop of white liquid into Hagasaki-kun’s glass.


…ah, amazing. Although it was pure white before entering, it became a transparent light blue the moment it entered the glass. Hmm, this, is this how the glass worked?

…hmm. Then, is it dangerous to mix the contents of the glass? But it should be okay since they didn’t mix, right? Would chlorine come out? It’s not like it’s bleached.

Uhhh, fine! This is so troublesome! Let’s just do it!


Yes, I put the contents of my cup into Hagasaki-kun’s glass.

But…uwehh, this is bad, this is really bad! It’s dangerous if the contents on mine are reduced! It’s dangerous! I’m not sure what’s wrong, but my instincts are warning me that this is bad! However, I’m human! A creature that can move with reason! So I managed to calm my instinct and succeeded in transferring the contents little by little.

At the same time, I also understood that the delicate glass is gradually returning to its normal state. Ah, it seemed able to increase the contents by itself. I could see the light blue liquid gradually increasing.

…but when the contents of my cup were reduced, I became sleepy. I at least wanted to see Hagasaki-kun when I leave, but…I’m so sleepy that I can’t, so I went to bed.

Good night.


When I woke up, it was on a futon.

…huh, my body feels heavy. It’s as heavy as when I caught a cold.

Because it’s a pain to get up, I moved my neck a little and looked around. I saw Suzumoto-kun sleeping right next to me.

…come to think of it, this guy almost died that time, is he okay? I couldn’t just stay in the futon because it’s troublesome, so I got up and took a look. He’s breathing normally.

…ah-, that’s good.

It seemed like Suzumoto-kun was worse than Hagasaki-kun…really, Kariya is amazing.

Kariya was sleeping on the other side of Suzumoto. I think he ran out of MP. Thank you for your hard work.

Then, Hagasaki-kun was sleeping on my other side.

After confirming, he has normal breathing and pulse.

He was burnt all over, but now he’s all healed like it’s a lie.

Katori was sleeping next to Hagasaki-kun’s futon without even laying a futon. Aahh, this guy also did his best.

Thank you for your hard work. I laid the futon I used on the side, rolled him on it, and tucked him in.

When I went out of the Chemistry Lecture Room, Ketorami-san rushed to me first.

[Oi, are you okay?]

“Hn? Am I okay? Maybe, I just ran out of MP.”

[I asked Hunter, but you seemed to have done something ridiculous.]

Eh, is that so? When I was looking at Ketorami, Hunter popped out from his furs.

[Maito, it’s flowing steadily.]


When I reached out, Hunter ran down my arm and settled around my shoulder.

[You see, Maito is flowing out.]

…u-uhm, ah, I see. Did Hunter feel that?

“Well, I’m okay now, so it’s fine. Uhm, what about the others?”

[All the fallen guys seemed to be in the lecture room. Isn’t the rest in the lab? I don’t know since I went to eat until a while ago.]

I was told to show my face quickly, so I went to the laboratory immediately.

“Sorry for the intrusion.”

“Ah, Maito-san, are you okay?”

Only Hariu responded, while the others were…sleeping. When I looked at the clock…ah, yeah. It’s 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. Ahhhh, you slept a lot, me.

“I’m okay. What about you guys?”

“Our injuries were healed by the maid dolls, so it’s okay. …or rather, we weren’t injured that much.”

…I feel like I heard something that I couldn’t ignore for a moment, but that’s for later… or rather, I should ask the maid dolls.

“What happened while I wasn’t there?”

“Eh? A huge lizard.”

“I’m sorry for peeping. [Share].”

It was troublesome to listen to the explanation, so I decided to have him show me his memory directly.

…hmm, when all the sleeping people were taken out of the study room, a weird thing between a big lizard and a dinosaur came out of the lava.

And then, when Suzumoto-kun stabbed it after a smooth battle and it finally stopped moving…it exploded and burned the surroundings…then Suzumoto-kun and Hagasaki-kun, who was beside him, ended up like that.

And, of course, Suzumoto-kun was the one in more danger, so…yeah, honestly, I regretted looking into that memory.

It’s a grotesque image. This is a truly grotesque image.

Hagasaki-kun was also badly injured, but this level is way beyond that.

…no. Down from the belly. And above the belly are all carbonized.

…how is he still alive!

Well, that’s also thanks to Kariya.

He recovered from that dangerous line and it’s good that he’s starting to recover, but it seemed like the existing skills were not enough.

And so, when he got a new skill and used it…Kariya fell due to running out of MP.

It seemed like they called me to increase the number of recovery personnel as much as possible.

It seemed like all of them were injured, but there were no deaths, so I have no choice but to feel relieved for the time being.

It’s a miracle that everyone was alive.

Maid Chapter 069

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