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There were no deaths, even though it wouldn’t be strange if someone died. No, rather, Suzumoto-kun and Hagasaki-kun, who is strangely not dead, and Kariya, who is one of the causes for that strangeness, didn’t wake up even in the morning.

And other people wouldn’t wake up.

That’s right, the sleeping people in the study room.

What should we do with these people? For the time being, they’re all lying in the Principal’s Office. Why there? Because it’s carpeted with only a few things, so it’s reasonably spacious.

“Maito-san, can these people wake up?”

By the way, Katori woke up in the morning. I’m sorry, it must have been very difficult since if Katori collapsed, no one else can heal.

“Should I try it? [Share]”

That’s why, among the people who have been sleeping all this time, I [Shared] with a girl who seemed familiar somehow…I tried and was surprised. I couldn’t do it.

“M-Maito-san? What’s wrong?”

I tried [Share] while head-butting several times, but I felt like I was blocked by something, and I couldn’t [Share] at all! T-that!? Is it because I used [Share] strangely with Hagasaki-kun!?

“Katori, let me check for a bit!”

“Eh, wai-.”



When I tried it while headbutting Katori, I quickly left because of the usual overload of information.

Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be a problem on my part. That means it’s a problem on the part of these sleeping people.

“Looks like it’s no good. I feel like I’m blocked. Something is covering these people, probably.”

When I touched them, it felt like they’re covered with a very thin invisible film. Yeah…I wonder if this is the skill of someone among the sleeping people.

“Erm, that’s fine, but Maito-san, wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop headbutting people so suddenly?”

“Ah, sorry.”

I felt sorry seeing Katori rub his forehead.

Sorry, I thought it was a strange aftereffect of [Sharing] and I was a little flustered. I’m really sorry.

I gathered the people who are awake and talked about this film immediately.

“Film? What’s that? I didn’t notice.”

It seemed like everyone, including Homura-kun, was unaware of the existence of the film. Certainly, aside from being troublesome, it didn’t feel strange to the touch. So I confirmed it again and moved the discussion from there.

“I think it’s someone’s skill. If so, can they stop using the skill?”

If the person could do that, it’d be the quickest way. In other words, it’s like hitting a very annoying boss of a certain RPG. You know, like that one. ○tsuku wa dou*.

*I have no idea what game this is. It’s more like a famous phrase in the game, not the title itself since I’m getting results about a certain good slime. Don’t know if that’s related.

I wish I could use that kind of thing. Then I’m sure I’ll be able to peel off such a thin armor.

Even though I increased my defensive power and doubled my attack power to take magical measures, it’s all ruined by a single wave motion!*

*I’m really sorry but I’m more of a bookworm than a gamer so I have no idea what she’s talking about. I just rephrased it to make it more relatable to the story, I guess.

“Hnn, who had such skills? Pass, I’m a Guardian.”

If you say that, the remaining would be a scientist, a knight, an assassin, a musketeer, and a maid, you know?

“Ah, by the way, what is Homura-kun’s occupation?”

“Eh? Me? I’m a [Warrior].”

Ah, that’s even more useless, isn’t it?

“…can’t Maito just hit them with the duster?”

…ah, that’s right. I forgot my identity. [Cleaning] should be good. Let’s do it for the time being. Alright. [Clean] pofupofu.

…ah, something disappeared? This is?

It’s certainly easier to do it rather than ponder over it.

For the time being, I erased the film of the sleeping person from one end to the other, then [Shared] and woke them up. Because I repeated this work, my MP tanked out. I-I’m sick of this!

But with this, the seven people in the study room safely woke up.

…I don’t regret waking them up.

5 out of the 7 were boys, and of those boys, three were Homura-kun’s friends…it’s more of a classmate than a friend…in other words, the friends got together.

“Akiba, why were you sleeping! I was so scared that you wouldn’t wake up!”

“It can’t be helped, you know? Isn’t there no food? So all we could do was sleep, you know?”

“Or more like, Homura, why are you burning!? I seriously don’t get it.”

“Cool, I want to take a close-up shot but I don’t have my smartphone.”

Okay. It’s really noisy right now. There are many things I don’t understand!

The two girls and two remaining boys seemed to be friends, so they stuck together and won’t leave the other.

“L-let’s be quiet, be quiet!”

However, I wouldn’t be able to confirm the situation at this rate, so let’s quiet them down.

When I started to speak, all of them paid attention to me. …this is quite uncomfortable.

“Uhm, everyone, nice to meet you. We are people from the Chemistry Club.”

And the moment I said that, the two girls put themselves on guard.

…yeah, I often forget since I’m part of it…the Chemistry Club, well, I mean…is very bad especially for some girls.

…Suzumoto-kun looks pretty good, so that’s not the case…uh-uhm, Kariya, and Toriumi, who were in the Information Room, were pushed toward the monsters, but I think the problem’s not there either.

Or rather, I think it’s okay if they did something bad since Hariu already shocked them.*

*I can’t really remember the previous chapters anymore. What happened again? By the way, Maito is justifying that it’s okay to be thought of as bad since the Information Group did something bad to them first.

“This time, we pulled the study room you were in from that flowing lava.”

“Wow, wow!”

“Pachi pachi pachi!” (*clapping sounds*)

O-oh? Somehow, Homura-kun’s friends are strangely nice. I don’t know them, but they’re good people.

“That’s why we evacuated you from the study room to here. Right, how did you survive until now, and, please tell me the skills you used.”

“Wow- wow- wow!”

“Whew! …rather than that, skill? I used it.”

O-oh? Homura-kun’s friend, Akiba-kun, right? Akiba-kun raised his hand and smoothly told us the story.

…it was quite an amazing skill. Instead of getting stuck, they became invincible.

“Somehow, the classroom was swaying and shining… when I noticed, I’m sleeping in the study room, right? When I tried to open the door, it wouldn’t open, and when I looked at the window, it’s glowing red and obviously dangerous, right? But we don’t have food, so we’ll die even if we stayed there all the time. I mean, we were sleeping since there are no other things to do.”

Ah, I see. They survived because they have the skills to siege even without food.

“By the way, what’s your Occupation?”

“Occupation? Aahh, the one written here? Uhm, let’s see. [Seal Sorcerer].”

Oh, so it’s like that. Well yeah, so he didn’t acquire it.

Right-, you really can’t acquire that skill.

“…hey, so, how long do we have to stay here? Can I go home already?”

And a girl attacked. …let’s be honest. I’m not good with girls of this type.

Not only am I being disliked for some reason, I don’t know what to do with them. Since they forced a caste system, I don’t feel like getting along.

However, well, that’s not the case right now.

“I won’t hold you back, but, I think it would be better for us to stay together at least until a plan is decided.”

“What plan? I have cram school today.”

…uwa. Uwaah. Dangerous. I feel a great gap! It’s also the kind that will never be buried!

“Akiba-kun, did you explain to her that there’s a passage of time when using your skill?”

“I did! Don’t say that I’m at fault here!”

No, I didn’t say that you’re to blame…I’m not saying that…

H-hmmm, i-is this the normal reaction? Or did I just adapt too fast? I wonder if that’s the case. Uhmm, yeah. It can’t be helped.

“Uhm, there’s no cram school or things like that right now. As you can see, this is probably a different world.”

“What different world? Aren’t you playing too many games? Is your head okay?”

…yeah, I can’t deny that I play too many games.

“It’s faster to see it. Okay.”

When I opened the door, there’s the flowing lava. Or rather, didn’t you look through the window even once?

“Do you understand?”

“Haa!? What now!? Where is this!?”

“No, that’s why if this isn’t a different world, then it wouldn’t fit.”

“What is this!? Where is the camera!?”

…yup. Let’s say it again. I…I’m not very good at this kind of girl.

“Now, now. Nagasawa-san, Tamaki-san, calm down, calm down. Okay? Okay?”

And here comes our savior, Homura-kun! Aahhh, he looks radiant…


And the girl suddenly became mature. Yea~h, is this, like controlling poison with poison?

It turned out the story suddenly became smooth when Homura-kun and his friends intervened, so he became the interpreter.

…and so, I talked about this world, how to return to our original world, and things like that. Well, I talked about all of that.

Yup. Already, Homura-kun is amazing in this area. Does this guy have a [Translation] skill of his own? I mean, I also have [Translation]…

“Right. There are other people, so it’s possible to join them, and do things with them. I will cooperate if there’s something you need.”

“That’s okay, but, am I acting differently from Maito-san and the others?”

Homura-kun seemed to react differently.

“Maybe, Maito-san and the others are tired of being with me?”

“…o-ou, that’s right, but when told like that…I feel guilty.

“Ah, I didn’t want to say anything. But we just didn’t seem to fit? In that case, we don’t have to force ourselves to live together, right?”

No, I have to change Homura-kun’s perception. It’s too much to be seen like that. Do you have that kind of skill?

“Since there’s Akiba, Orita, and Ishihara. I wonder if we should act on our own.”

“I see. Then, over there…what about Nagasawa-san and Tamaki-san?”

“I think we’ll go with Homura-kun. I hate it if I have to stay with strange people.”

Really! Thank you for that! Strange is fine! Thank you! Thank you very much!

“So what about you two guys?”

“Eh, we…what should we do?”

“What should we do? Oi…ah~…is there a place with a lot of people? If you can put us there, I’d appreciate it.”

Hmm, I should probably ask. It’s [Communication] time with Saegusa-kun.

[Yes, hello?]

“Ah, Saegusa-kun? This is Maito. We~ll, is it okay to go there with two guys? They’re saying they want to go to a place with a lot of people.”

[Yup, that’s fine. This side also increased, so it wouldn’t change with just two people.]

Ah, they increased.

“Thanks. Then, I’ll bring them later. Where is the place?”

[Probably around the north side courtyard atrium, around here.]

“Got it. See you later.”


Alright, it should be fine to ask Homura-kun’s action plan then hand over a bracelet, right?

“What about Homura-kun? Do you want to go around North 1F as it is?”

“Hn~, well, we’ll go wherever.”

Oi oi, are these guys gonna be okay? Didn’t I explain that there’s a danger to their life? Or rather, Homura-kun…didn’t you see it? The two dying people.

“You see~, I think we’ll go around here.”

When I asked, I heard that though some are in the study room, he still has a friend who went to the bathroom.

“That’s why I want to find him.”

Hmm, then it would be better to leave the rest of the first floor to them.

Well, let’s talk about the details later.

That’s because Toriumi was calling for me.

“Maito-san, Hagasaki-kun is calling you for something. He’s in a terrible mood…what did you do? Hn?”

…it came, after all.

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